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Hooker, G.J.
Hooker, Gulielmus Jackson
Hooker, W. J.
Hooker, W. J. (Sir)
Hooker, William J.
Hooker, William Jackson
Hooker, William Jackson (Sir)
Hooker, William (Sir)
Jackson Hooker, William
Uilyam Cekson Huker
William Hooker (botanical illustrator)
William Jackson Hooker
William Jackson Hooker (botanico britannico)
William Jackson Hooker (botaniste)
William Jackson Hooker (britischer Botaniker)
William Jackson Hooker (Brits botanisch illustrator (1785-1865))
Ουίλιαμ Χούκερ
Вільям Джексон Гукер
Гукер, Уильям Джексон
Уільям Джэксан Гукер
უილიამ ჯექსონ ჰუკერი
ويليام هوكر
ویلیام هوکر
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Manuscript language material
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Arnott, George Arnold Walker
Baker, J.G. (1834-1920)
Baker, John Gilbert (1834-1920)
Baker, John Gilbert (1834-1920))
Bentham, George (1800-1884)
Fitch, W. H. (1817-1892)
Fitch, Walter Hood (1817-1892)
Hooker, J.D. (1817-1911)
Hooker, Joseph Dalton
Hooker, Joseph Dalton (1817-1911)
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green
Oliver, Daniel (1830-1916)
Smith, James Edward (1759-1828)
Taylor, Thomas (178.?-1848)
Wilson, William (1799-1871)
Bot. misc.
Botanical miscellany.
Botany of Captain Beechey's voyage
botany of the Northern parts of British America
British flora comprising the phaenogamous or flowering plants and the ferns
British Jungermanniae : being a history and description, with colored figures, of each species of the genus, and microscopical analyses of the parts
Companion to the "Botanical magazine" being a journal containing such interesting botanical information, as does not come within the prescribed limits of the magazine ; with occasional figures
Curtis's botanical magazine
encyclopaedia of geography, An : comprising a complete description of the earth, physical, statistical, civil and political, exhibiting its relation to the heavenly bodies, its physical structure, the natural history of each country, and the industry, commerce, political institutions, and civil and social state of all nations
English flora of Sir James Edward Smith., The
Exotic flora, containing figures and descriptions of new, rare, or otherwise interesting exotic plants : especially of such as are deserving of being cultivated in our gardens : together with remarks upon their generic and specific characters, natural orders, history, culture, time of flowering, &c. ...
Filices exoticæ
Flora Boreali-Americana. -
Flora Londinensis : containing a history of the plants indigenous to Great Britain, illustrated by figures of the natural size.
Flora Nigritiana
Flora scotica; or, a description of Scottish plants, arranged both according to the artificial and natural methods. In two parts.
Fuci, sive, Plantarum Fucorum generi a botanicis ascriptarum icones descriptiones et historia
Garden ferns or, Coloured figures and descriptions with the needful analyses of the fructification and venation, of a selection of exotic ferns adapted for cultivation in the garden, hothouse, and conservatory
Genera filicum or Illustrations of the ferns, and other allied genera
Hooker's exotic flora
Icones filicum ad eas potissimum species illustrandas destinatæ, quæ hactenus, vel in herbariis delituerunt prorsus incognitae, vel saltem nondum per icones botanicis innotuerunt. Figures and descriptions of ferns, principally of such as have been altogether unnoticed by botanists, or as have not yet been correctly figured.
Icones plantarum (or Figures, with brief descriptive characters and remarks of new or rare plants) [Selected from the author's herbarium]
introduction to the study of botany, An
Journal of a tour in Iceland in the summer of 1809
Kew gardens, or, A popular guide to the Royal botanic gardens of Kew
Letter from Michael Pakenham Edgeworth to Sir William Jackson Hooker, apologising for giving him the trouble of searching for his flowers and mentioning his descriptions of species
Leuchtenbergia principis. Noble Leuchtenbergia
Musci exotici. - 1818 -
Musci exotici, containing figures and descriptions of new or little known foreign mosses and other cryptogamic subjects
Musci Nepalenses, or Descriptions of several new mosses from Nepal
Muscologia britannica : containing the mosses of Great Britain & Ireland, systematically arranged and described; with plates illustrative of the characters of the genera and species.
Niger flora, or, An enumeration of the plants of Western Tropical Africa
Paradisus Londinensis, The : containing plants cultivated in the vicinity of the Metropolis
Report on the progress and condition of the Royal Gardens at Kew, during the year ...
residence at Nagasaki and Hakodate in 1859-1860. With an account of Japan generally., A
rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya being an account, botanical and geographical, of the rhododendrons recently discovered in the mountains of eastern Himalaya, from drawings and descriptions made on the spot, during a government botanical mission to that country, The
second century of ferns being figures with brief descriptions of one hundred new, or rare, or imperfectly known species of ferns from various parts of the world, A
sketch of the life of Dr. Vogel
Some account of a collection of arctic plants formed by Edward Sabine during a voyage in the Polar Seas in the year 1823.
Species filicum; being descriptions of the known ferns, particulary of such as exist in the author's herbarium, or are with sufficient accuracy described in works to which he has had access : accompanied with numerous figures
Supplement to the English botany of the late Sir J. E. Smith and Mr. Sowerby the descriptions, synonyms, and places of growth
Synopsis filicum, or, A synopsis of all known ferns : including the Osmundaceæ, Schizæaceæ, Marattiaceæ, and Ophioglossaceæ (chiefly derived from the Kew Herbarium), accompanied by figures representing the essential characters of each genus
Travels in the island of Iceland during the summer of the year MDCCCX.
Victoria regia, or, Illustrations of the Royal Water-lily, in a series of figures chiefly made from specimens flowering at Syon and at Kew