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Anthony Reid (Australian academic)
Anthony Reid (historicus uit Australië)
Reid, A.
Reid, A. J. S.
Reid, Anthony
Reid, Anthony J.
Reid, Anthony J. S.
Reid, Anthony John Stanhope
リード, アンソニー
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Computer file
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writer of accompanying material
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Asia Research Institute Singapur Affiliation (see also from)
Asian Studies Association of Australia
Australian National University Affiliation (see also from)
Center for Southeast Asian Studies Los Angeles, Calif. Affiliation (see also from)
Chambert-Loir, Henri (1945-)
Chirot, Daniel
Daly, Patrick T. (1975-...)
Feener, R. Michael
Hirano, Hideaki (1932-)
Ito, Takeshi
Marr, David
Morgan, David (1945-)
Tran, Nhung Tran
Tran, Nhung Tuyet
University of Washington Press
平野, 秀秋 (1932-)
田中, 優子 (1952-)
Aceh and Indonesia : a stormy marriage
Aceh setelah tsunami dan konflik
Asia Tenggara dalam kurun niaga 1450-1680 Jilid I: Tanah di Bawah Angin
Asian freedoms, 1998:
Asian travel in the Renaissance
Australia and Indonesia's struggle for independence
Australia dan perjuangan kemerdekaan Indonesia
Blood of the people revolution and the end of traditional rule in northern sumatra
Bouwkunst zonder architecten : een mondiale gids over volksarchitectuur
Charting the shape of early modern Southeast Asia
Chinese diaspora in the Pacific
Contest for north sumatra : atjeh, the netherlands and britain 1858-1898
Daikōkai jidai no tōnan ajia : 1450-1680nen.
Dari ekspansi hingga krisis : jaringan perdagangan global Asia Tenggara 1450-1680
Dealing with diversity.
Eastern Islamic world, eleventh to eighteenth centuries
Engraved bookplates, European ex libris 1950-70
Essential outsiders : Chinese and Jews in the modern transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe
From harbour autocracies to 'feudal' diffusion in seventeenth century Indonesia : the case of Aceh
From the ground up : perspective on post-tsunami and post-conflict Aceh
Habib Abdur-Rahman az-Zahir (1833-1896)
Handmade houses and other buildings
"Heaven's will and man's fault" : the rise of the West as a Southeast Asian dilemma
Historiographical reflections on the period 1750-1870 in Southeast Asia and Korea
history of Southeast Asia critical crossroads
How to hold a tiwah : the potency of the dead and deathways among the Ngaju Dayaks
Illegal entry!
Imperial alchemy nationalism and political identity in Southeast Asia
Indonesia rising : the repositioning of Asia's third giant
Indonesian fishermen detained in Broome : a report on the social and economic backround
Indonesian frontier Acehnese and other histories of Sumatra
Indonesian heritage
Indonesian national revolution, 1945-1950
Indonesian serials, 1942-1950, in Yogyakarta libraries : with a list of government publications in the Perpustakaan Negara, Yogyakarta
Indonesian studies at the Australian National University : why so late?
Indonesië : Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Sumatra
Islamic legitimacy in a plural Asia
Island of the dead : why do Bataks erect Tugu?
Japanese experience in Indonesia selected memoirs of 1942-1945
Jewish-conspiracy theories in Southeast Asia : are Chinese the target?
Kuasa leluhur : nenek moyang, orang suci, dan pahlawan di Indonesia kontemporer
last stand of Asian autonomies responses to modernity in the diverse states of Southeast Asia and Korea, 1750-1900
making of an Islamic political discourse in Southeast Asia, The
Mapping the Acehnese past
Memetakan masa lalu Aceh
Mengelola keragaman di Indonesia : agama dan isu-isu globalisasi, kekerasan, gender, dan bencana di Indonesia
Menuju sejarah Sumatra antara Indonesia dan dunia
Merchant princes and magic mediators outsiders and power in Sumatra and beyond
Modernising sacred sites in South Sumatra : Islamisation of Gumai ancestral places
Mosque below the Winds Religious architecture in the Malay world, The
nationalist quest for an Indonesian past, The
Negotiating asymmetry : China's place in Asia
new Cambridge history of Islam, The
[Over: Nagtegaal, Luc. Riding the Dutch tiger: the Dutch East Indies Company and the northeast coast of Java, 1680-1743. Leiden: KITLV Press, 1996]
Palestine and Near East annual, including Transjordan, Syria, Cyprus, Rhodes, Iraq and Persia
Potent dead ancestors, saints and heroes in contemporary indonesia
pre-colonial economy of Indonesia, The
Pre-colonial state systems in southeast Asia : the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Bali-Lombok, South Celebes
precious Dutch map of Aceh, c. 1645, A
Remembering and Forgetting War and Revolution
Remembering our dead : the care of the ancestors in Tana Toraja
revolution in regional perspective, The
rise and fall of Sino-Javanese shipping, The
Rural unrest in Sumatra, 1942. A Japanese report
Sejarah modern awal Asia Tenggara : sebuah pemetaan
Sixteenth century Turkish influence in western Indonesia
Slavery, bondage, and dependency in Southeast Asia
Sojourners and settlers : histories of Southeast Asia and the Chinese
South Sulawesi
Southeast Asia before 1800
Southeast Asia in the age of commerce 1450-1680 Vol. 1, The lands below the winds
Southeast Asian consumption of Indian and British cotton cloth, 1600-1850
Southeast Asian population history and the colonial impact
Southeast Asian studies : Pacific perspectives
Southern Vietnam under the Nguyễn : documents on the economic history of Cochinchina (Đàng Trong), 1602-1777
structure of cities in Southeast Asia, fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. J, The
Therole of a Javanese burial ground in local government
Trade and state power in the 16th & 17th century Southeast Asia
Trade and the problem of royal power in Aceh : three stages: c.1500-1700
Understanding Melayu (Malay) as a source of diverse modern identities
unitary heritage of the Southeast Asian revolutions, The
Verandah of violence : the background to the Aceh problem
Việt Nam borderless histories
Voyages and travels to the East Indies 1653-1670
Witnesses to Sumatra a travellers' anthology
Witnessing the creation of ancestors in Laboya (West Sumba, Eastern Indonesia)
Writing the history of independent Indonesia