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Owen, Rich
Owen, Richard
Owen, Richard (Sir)
Ricardus Owen
Richard Owen (Biolegydd Cymreig)
Richard Owen (biolog angielski, anatom i paleontolog)
Richard Owen (biologo e paleontologo britannico)
Richard Owen (britischer Anatom, Biologie und Paläontologe)
Richard Owen (Brits conservator (1804-1892))
Richard Owen (English biologist)
Ρίτσαρντ Όουεν
Оуэн, Ричард
Ричард Овен
Ричард Оуен
Річард Оуен (британський зоолог та палеонтолог)
Рычард Оўэн
ריצ'רד אוון
ريتشارد أوين
ریچارد اوون
रिचर्ड ओवेन
রিচার্ড ওয়েন
இரிச்சர்டு ஓவன்
ริชาร์ด โอเวน
리처드 오언
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Belcher, Edward Sir, 1799-1877
Bell, Thomas (1792-1880)
Bell, Thomas (1792-1880))
Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)
Darwin, Charles Robert (1809-1882)
Galván y Candela, José María (1837-1899)
Gould, John (1804-1881)
Gould, John (1804-1881))
Hall, Brian Keith (1941- ))
Hunter, John (1728-1793)
Hunter, John (1728-1793))
Orr, William Somerville -1873
Palaeontographical society GB
Richardson, John Sir, 1787-1865
Royal College of Surgeons of England. Museum
Taylor, Tim
Vigors, Nicholas Alyward (1785-1840)
Antiquity of man as deduced from the discovery of a human skeleton during the excavations of the East and West India dock-extensions at Tilbury, north bank of the Thames
Description of the skeleton of an extinct gigantic sloth, Mylodon robutus, Owen, with observations on the osteology, natural affinities, and probable habits of the megatherioid quadrupeds in general
Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the fossil Reptilia of South Africa in the collection of the British museum.
Dinosaur studies commemorating the 150th anniversary of Richard Owen's Dinosauria.
Dinosauria (Iguanodon)
Essay on Owen's position in anatomical science
Essays and observations on natural history, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and geology.
Experimental physiology, its benefits to mankind : with an address on unveiling the statue of William Harvey at Folkestone, 6th August 1881.
Fossil Mammalia
Geology and inhabitants of the ancient world,... described by Richard Owen,... The animals constructed by B. W. Hawkins,...
history of British fossil mammals and birds
History of british fossil reptiles
Hunterian lectures in comparative anatomy, May and June 1837, The
impact of relevance feedback on web-based information retrieval for horizon scanning applications, The
Inaugural address of Professor Owen ... on the opening of the new philosophical hall, at Leeds, on Tuesday, the 16th of December, l862.
John Hunter's observations on animal development
journey to Ashango-Land, and further penetration into equatorial Africa., A
Leicester square; its associations and its worthies.
Life of Richard Owen... T. II
Matthew (Gran Inagua) (Surgidero)
Megalosaurus Bucklandi
Memoir on the pearly nautilus (Nautilus pompilius, Linn.) : with illustrations of its external form and internal structure ...
Memoirs on the extinct wingless birds of New Zealand, 1879:
Memoirs on the extinct wingless birds of New Zealand with an appendix on those of England, Australia, Newfoundland, Mauritius, and Rodriguez
monograph of the fossil Reptilia of the Liassic formations III, A
monograph of the Ramphastidae or family of toucans, A
Monograph on the aye-aye (Chiromys madagascariensis, Cuvier)
Monograph on the British fossil cetacea from the red crag I
Monograph on the reptilia of the Kimmeridge clay and Portland stone
Oeuvres complètes
On Dinornis (Part IV) containing the restoration of the feet of that genus and of Palapteryx : with a description of the sternum in Palapteryx and Aptornis ...
On parthenogenesis : or, The successive production of procreating indivduals from a single ovum. A discourse introductory to the Hunterian lectures on generation and development, for the year 1849, delivered at the Royal college of Surgeons of England
On the anatomy of vertebrates ...
On the characters of the aye-aye, as a test of the lamarckian and darwinian hypothesis...
On the classification and geographical distribution of the M̲a̲m̲m̲a̲l̲i̲a̲, being a lecture on Sir Robert Reade's foundation, delivered before the University of Cambridge ... May 10, 1859. To which is added an appendix "On the gorilla," and "On the extinction and transmutation of species."
On the classification and geographical distribution of the mammalia : being the lecture on Sir Robert Reade's Foundation, delivered before the University of Cambridge in the Senate House, May 10, 1859. To which is added an appendix "On the gorilla" and "On the extinction and transmutation of species"
On the fossil Mammals of Australia. Genera Macropus, Osphranter, Sthenurus, and Protemnodon
On the Labyrinthodon of Wirtemberg and Warwickshire
On the nature of limbs : a discourse
On the zoological significance of the cerebral and pedial characters of man
Orr's circle of the sciences : a series of treatises on the principles of science, with their application to practical pursuits.
Osteological contributions to the natural history of the chimpanzees (Troglodytes, Geoffroy) : including the description of the skull of a large species (Troglodytes gorilla, Savage) discovered by Thomas S. Savage.
Palaeontology or a systematic summary of extinct animals and their geological relations
Pliosaurus grandis I
Précédé de "L'ordre des successions"
Principal forms of the skeleton and the teeth as the basis for a system of natural history and comparative anatomy
Principes d'ostéologie comparée ou recherches sur l'archétype et les homologies du squelette vertébré
Researches on the fossil remains of the extinct Mammals of Australia : with a notice of the extinct Marsupials of England
Sketch of Hunter's scientific character ... 1874.
Sur le gorille (Troglodytes gorilla). Sav
Tablas de latitudes y longitudes cronométricas de varios lugares en los océanos Atlántico é Indico, principalmente en las costas occidental y oriental de Africa, costas de Arabia, Madagascar, etc.
Transactions of the Zoological Society of London
Webbased horizon scanning : recent developments with application to health technology assessment
Wellington Caves (correspondence relative to exploration of), presented to both Houses of Parliament, 1870.
Zoology for students : a handbook
zoology of Captain Beechey's voyage;, The
zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle during the years 1832-1836, The
zoology of the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle ..., The : during the years 1832-1836