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Carol, Lewis
Caroll, L.
Caroll, Lewis
Carrol, L.
Carrol, Lewis
Carroll, L.
Carroll, Levis
Carroll (Lewis)
Carroll, Lewis (author)
Carroll, Lewis (English author, mathematician, and photographer, 1832-1898)
Carroll, Lewis (pseud)
Carroll, Ludovici
Carrollu, Lewisu
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
D. C. L
Dodgson (C. L.)
Dodgson, Ch.L.
Dodgson, Charles L.
Dodgson, Charles L. (Wirklicher Name)
Dodgson (, Charles Lutwidge)
Dodgson (Charles Lutwidge; 1832-1898)
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (Wirklicher Name)
Dodgson, Charles (Wirklicher Name)
Dodgson, Lewis Carroll
Holiday, Henry
Ka luo er, Liu yi si
Ka luo er, Lu yi shi
Kaloer, Liuyisi
Kaluo'er, Liuyisi
Kaluo'er, Luyishi
Kāral, Lūyis
Karol, L.
Ḳarol, Luis
Karōl, Lūyi
Karoll, Levis
Karrol', L.
Karrolʹ, L.
Kārūl, Liwīs
Kārūl, Lūwīs
Kerol, Li︠u︡is
Kerol, Luis
Kerōl, Lūyī
Ḳerol, Luʾis
Keroli, Luis
Kèroll, L.
Kerols, Lūiss
Kerrol, L.
Kerrol', L'juis
Kėrrol, Lʹjuis
Kerrol, Liuis
Kėrroll, L.
Kėrroll, L'juis
Kèrroll, L'ûis
Kėrroll, Lʹi︠u︡is
Kėrroll, Lʹjuis
Kėrroll, Li︠u︡is
Kėrroll, Ljuis
Kyaroru, Ruisu
Lewis Caroll
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll (britischer Schriftsteller, Mathematiker und Fotograf)
Lewis Carroll (britisk matematikar, skribent, fotograf og poet)
Lewis Carroll (britisk matematiker, skribent, fotograf og poet)
Lewis Carroll (brittisk matematiker, författare, fotograf och poet)
Lewis Carroll (diácono anglicano, lógico, matemático, fotógrafo y escritor británico)
Lewis Carroll (écrivain, mathématicien et photographe britannique)
Lewis Carroll (Engels schrijver, wiskundige, deken en fotograaf)
Lewis Carroll (English writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer)
Lewis Carroll (pisarz, matematyk, logik i fotograf)
Lewis Carroll (scrittore, matematico e fotografo britannico)
Liu yi si Ka luo er
Liuyisi Kaluo'er
Lu yi shi Ka luo er
Ludovicus Carroll
Luis Kerroll
Lūiss Kerols
Lutwidge Dodgson, Charles
Luyishi Kaluo'er
Oxford chiel
Qārôl, Lû'îs
Qerōl, Lūʾīs
Λιούις Κάρολ (Αγγλος συγγραφέας και φωτογράφος)
Доджсон, Чарлз Латуидж
Доджсон, Чарлз Лютвидж
Карролл, Лувис
Керол, Люис
Кэррол, Льюис
Кэрролл, Л
Кэрролл, Льюис
Кэрролл, Люис
Луис Карол
Луис Керол
Льюис Кэролл
Льюис Кэрролл (английский писатель, математик, логик, философ и фотограф)
Льюіс Кэрал
Льюїс Керрол
Люис Кэрролл
Чарлс Лудвиг Доџсон
Լուիս Քերոլ
דוג'סון, צ'רלס לוטויג'
דודג'סן, צ'ארלס לאטוידג'
לואיס קאראל
לואיס קרול
‏קאראָל, לואיס,‏
קארול, לואיס
קראל, לואיס
קרול, ל
קרול, לואיס
קרל, לואיס
لوئس کیرل
لوئیس کارول (ریاضی‌دان، نویسنده، عکاس، و شاعر بریتانیایی)
لويس كارول
لویس کیرل
लुइस कैरल
लुईस कॅरोल
লুইস ক্যারল
ਲੂਈਸ ਕੈਰਲ
லூயிஸ் கரோல்
ലൂയിസ് കാരൾ
ชาร์ล ลุดวิทซ์ ดอดจ์สัน
루이스 캐럴
カロル, ルーイス
キャロル, L
キャロル, ルイス
卡洛尔, 路易士
卡洛爾, 路易士
卡罗尔, 刘易丝
卡罗尔, 刘易斯
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Andrea, Pat (co-author)
Anglada, Lola (1892-1984)
Barnathan, Amélie (co-author)
Bobin, James (co-author)
Bridge, George (co-author)
Bué, Henri (co-author)
Burton, Tim (co-author)
Carroll, Lewis (Relation allgemein; see also from)
Christ Church Oxford Affiliation (see also from)
Dodgson, C.L. (see also from)
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (1832-1898; see also from)
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (Relation allgemein; see also from)
Enzensberger, Christian (1931-2009)
Furniss, Harry (1854-1925)
Geronimi, Clyde
Hayano, Michiyo (co-author)
Holiday, Henry (1839-1927)
Jackson, Wilfred
Jurkić-Šunjić, Mira
Kerloc'h, Jean-Pierre (co-author)
Lacombe, Benjamin (co-author)
Luske, Hamilton
Morgan, Christopher (co-author)
Mullenheim, Sophie de (co-author)
Nothomb, Amélie (co-author)
Ojeda, Jaime de Ojeda Eiseley
Papy, Jacques
Parisot, Henri
Parisot, Henri (co-author)
Parreño, Fran (co-author)
Reedijk, C. (1921-2000)
Reedijk, Cornelis (1921-2000)
Riot, Elen (co-author)
Runnquist, Åke (1919-1991)
Rushton, William
Skoumal, Aloys (1904-1988)
Słomczyński, Maciej (1920-1998))
Tenniel, John (1820-1914)
Tenniel, John (co-author)
Walt Disney
Walt Disney company (isRelatedTo)
Zwerger, Lisbeth (1954-)
אמיר, אהרן (1923-2008)
Advice from a Caterpillar
Alenka v kraji divů a za zrcadlem
Alice au pays des merveilles manuscrit
Alice au pays des merveilles première publication 1865
Alice au pays des merveilles texte intégral
Alice de l'autre côté du miroir 3D
Alice de l'autre côté du miroir le roman du film
Alice do outro lado do espelho
Alice hinter den Spiegeln
Alice i Eventyrland
Alice im Spiegelland
Alice im Wunderland
Alice in Spiegelland : hoorspel
Alice? Ja?
Alice musste also wieder wachsen
Alice nel paese delle meraviglie
Alice racontée aux petits
Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Selections
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Through the looking-glass, the hunting of the snark
Alice's adventures under ground. Alice's adventures in Wonderland. MSS
Alice's Evidence
Alice stand in einer großen Küche
Alice was not a bit hurt...
Alicia en el pais de las maravillas
Alícia en terra de meravelles
Alicja w Krainie Czarów
Alisa u zemlji čuda
All in the Golden Afternoon
annotated Alice, The
Arched Doorway, An
As Long as the Moon Can Shine
At the Table
avonturen van Alice, De
Beaver's Lesson, The
Bedside book
Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky, A
Briefe an kleine Mädchen
canne du destin, La
Caucus-Race and a Long Tale, A
chasse au Snark, La
Cheshire Cat, The
Children of the Sky
Correspondence. Selections
Da haben wir den Schuldbeweis
door led right into a large kitchen, The
Down the Rabbit-Hole
Dum and Dee Dance
Eight or nine wise words about letter-writing
Es waren viele seltsame Dinge
Escapade, The
Euclid and his modern rivals
Fainting in Coils
Fairy Tale
first thing she heard..., The
Fushigi no kuni no Arisu
Games and puzzles
Games, puzzles, & related pieces
Get to your places!
Great Art of Riding', Said the White Knight, 'The
Humpty Dumpty
hunting of the snark
Ich überlegte, ob ich
In Memory of a Summer Day
It's My Own Invention
Jabberwocky and more nonsense
Juego de la lógica y otros escritos, El
kleine Alice
l'autre côté du miroir, De
L'intégrale Tim Burton édition limitée
Les aventures d'Alice au pays des merveilles
Les aventures d'Alice sous terre
Lewis Carroll beyond wonderland : a documentary volume
Liisa Ihmemaassa
Lion and the Unicorn, The
Little birds
Lobster Quadrille, The
Logique sans peine
Mad Tea-Party, A
Matemática demente
Mathematical recreations of Lewis Carroll : Vol. 1-2
Midnight Smoke
Mock Turtle's Story, The
Nonsense Madrigals: I. Two Dreams and Little Bat
Nonsense Madrigals: V. The Lobster Quadrille
Nonsense Madrigals: VI. A Long, Sad Tale
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": Fury Said to a Mouse
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": How Doth the Little Crocodile
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": Mockturtle Soup
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": Oh! 'Tis Love
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": Speak Roughly to Your Little Boy (The Duchess's Lullaby)
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": The Queen of Hearts
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": They Told Me You Had Been to Her
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": Will You Walk a Little Faster
Nonsense Songs From "Alice in Wonderland": You Are Old, Father William
Novels. Selections
nursery Alice, The
O tym, co Alicja odkryła po drugiej stronie lustra
Obra selecta
Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll
Phantasmagoria and other poems
Phantomwise (demo)
Pig and Pepper
Pig Must Die, The
Plötzlich sah ich
Poems. Selections
Pool of Tears, The
Principles of parliamentary representation
Queen Alice
Queen's Croquet Ground, The
Rabbit sends in a little bill, The
Rectory magazine, The
Rectory umbrella, The ; and Mischmasch
Snooker Song, The
So, Alice, jetzt kannst du
So they began solemnly dancing round and round Alice...
Sylvie and Bruno. Selections
Symbolic logic
tangled tale, A
These were the verses the White Rabbit read...
They had not gone far...
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There
Through the looking-glass. Selections
Tout Alice
través del espejo y lo que Alicia encontró al otro lado, A
Un-Birthday Presents
Unicorn With His Hands in His Pockets, The
Univers de Lewis Carroll
Valentine, A
Vanishing, The
Vieux et le Jeune, Le
Vogt Dig for Kloppervok
Walrus and the Carpenter, The
While the Dutchess sang...
Who stole the Tarts?
Works. Selections (2014)
עליסה בארץ הפלאות
Contributed to or performed: 
'Tickets Please,' Said the Guard
'What a Curious Feeling,' Said Alice
'What a Curious Helmet You've Got On,' She Said Cheerfully
'Which Reminds Me,' The White Queen Said
„Weißt du überhaupt, warum der Schellfisch ‚Schellfisch’ heißt?“
„Wie viele Frühbeete haben die eigentlich?“
Aberwitz und 5-Uhr-Tee
After a Minute or Two, They Began Moving About Again
Alice blieb vor dem Pilz stehen
Alice deckt die Karten auf
Alice Had Not Gone Much Further Before She Came in Sight of...
Alice Had Seated Herself
Alice im Spiegelland
Alice im Wunderland
Alice im Zeugenstand
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Alice in Wonderland, Volume 4
Alice konnte das Baby kaum halten
Alice Looked On With Great Interest
Alice Never Could Quite Make Out How it Was That...
Alice Sprang Across the Little Brook, Just in Time to See...
Alice Thought She Had Never Seen Such a Curious Croquet Ground
Alice Waited a Minute to See if He Would Speak Again
Alice Was Beginning to Get Very Tired Of...
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
All This Was Lost on Alice
And in Another Moment, Alice Was Through the Glass
And Now for the Last Brook
Angeklagte Maus
As She Said These Words, Her Feet Slipped
As She Said This, She Came Upon a Neat Little House
Aufregung im Kaninchenhaus
Beratung durch eine Raupe
Can’t Stand This Any Longer, I
Cats, Cats, and More Cats: 29 Cat Tales From Great Writers
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 - The Lobster Quadrille
Chapter 11
Chapter 11 - Who Stole the Tarts?
Chapter 12
Chapter 12 - Alice's Evidence
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - The Pool of Tears
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - A Caucus Race and a Long Tale
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 - Advice from a Caterpillar
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 - Pig and Pepper
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 - A Mad Tea-Party
Chapter 7: A Mad Tea Party
Chapter 8
Chapter 8 - The Queen's Croquet Ground
Chapter 8: The Queen's Croquet-Ground
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 - The Mock Turtle's Story
Disneyland: Remember the Moments
Eighth Square at Last!' Alice Cried, 'The
ergreifende Geschichte, Eine
Erziehung einer falschen Suppenschildkröte, Die
Fantasyland Darkride Suite
First Came the Shawl
For a Minute or Two Alice Stood Looking at the House
geht doch gar nicht!, Das
gepfeffertes Ferkel, Ein
Greif, der vorne wie ein großer Adler aussah, Der
Hinab in das Kaninchenloch
Hummer- Quadrille, Die
Hummertanz, Der
Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall
Im Gerichtssaal herrschte Totenstille
Im Haus der Herzogin
In Another Moment, She Felt the Carriage Rise...
In dem Augenblick spürte Alice etwas
It Was a Queer-Shaped Little Creature
Just at This Moment, Alice Felt a Very Curious Sensation
Keine Einladung zum Tee
King and Queen of Hearts Were Sitting on Their Throne, The
Kirjailijan huomautus
Königliche Croquetpartie
Large Rose Tree Stood Near the Entrance of the Garden, A
Liisa Ihmemaassa
Little Voice Sighed Deeply, The
Luku 1: "Pudotus kaninkoloon", osa 1
Luku 1: "Pudotus kaninkoloon", osa 2
Luku 1: "Pudotus kaninkoloon", osa 3
Luku 10: "Hummerikatrilli", osa 1
Luku 10: "Hummerikatrilli", osa 2
Luku 10: "Hummerikatrilli", osa 3
Luku 11: "Kuka varasti tortut?", osa 1
Luku 11: "Kuka varasti tortut?", osa 2
Luku 11: "Kuka varasti tortut?", osa 3
Luku 11: "Kuka varasti tortut?", osa 4
Luku 12: "Liisan todistus", osa 1
Luku 12: "Liisan todistus", osa 2
Luku 12: "Liisan todistus", osa 3
Luku 2: "Kyynellampi", osa 1
Luku 2: "Kyynellampi", osa 2
Luku 2: "Kyynellampi", osa 3
Luku 3: "Junttajuoksu ja mutkikas tarina", osa 1
Luku 3: "Junttajuoksu ja mutkikas tarina", osa 2
Luku 3: "Junttajuoksu ja mutkikas tarina", osa 3
Luku 4: "Kani pistää Villen asialle", osa 1
Luku 4: "Kani pistää Villen asialle", osa 2
Luku 4: "Kani pistää Villen asialle", osa 3
Luku 4: "Kani pistää Villen asialle", osa 4
Luku 5: "Toukka antaa neuvoja", osa 1
Luku 5: "Toukka antaa neuvoja", osa 2
Luku 5: "Toukka antaa neuvoja", osa 3
Luku 6: "Possuja ja pippuria", osa 1
Luku 6: "Possuja ja pippuria", osa 2
Luku 6: "Possuja ja pippuria", osa 3
Luku 6: "Possuja ja pippuria", osa 4
Luku 7: "Hullut teekutsut", osa 1
Luku 7: "Hullut teekutsut", osa 2
Luku 7: "Hullut teekutsut", osa 3
Luku 8: "Herttakuningattaren krokettikenttä", osa 1
Luku 8: "Herttakuningattaren krokettikenttä", osa 2
Luku 8: "Herttakuningattaren krokettikenttä", osa 3
Luku 8: "Herttakuningattaren krokettikenttä", osa 4
Luku 9: "Vilpikonnan tarina", osa 1
Luku 9: "Vilpikonnan tarina", osa 2
Luku 9: "Vilpikonnan tarina", osa 3
Meanwhile, We'll Drink Your Health
Nation’s Favourite Children’s Poems, The
One Thing Was Certain...
Pfeffer und Pfannen
Poetry Speaks to Children
Proporz- Wettlauf und eine weitschweifige Geschichte, Ein
Pustend und atemlos drängten sich alle um ihn
Raupe und ein Rat, Eine
Reden wir von was anderem
Shall See the Garden Far Better,' Said Alice to Herself, 'I
She Had Got All the Pegs
She Thought She Had Never Seen
She Thought She Had Never Seen Such a Strange-Looking Soldier
Should Like to Buy an Egg Please, I
Sie war gerade ein bisschen eingeschlafen
Spiel der Königin, Das
Sudden Gust of Wind, A
Teil 01
Teil 02
Teil 03
Teil 04
Teil 05
Teil 06
Teil 07
Teil 08
Teil 09
Teil 10
Then He Called Out, 'Silence!'
Then I Hope Your Finger...
They Very Soon Came Upon a Gryphon, Lying Fast Asleep...
They Were Indeed a Queer-Looking Party
This Sounded Nonsense
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass (disc 2)
Through the Looking‐Glass and What Alice Found There
Tränensee, Der
Tränenteich, Der
trockene und eine lange Geschichte, Eine
Tweedledum and Tweedledee Were Standing Under a Tree
Tweedledum Spread a Large Umbrella Over Himself...
Unsichtbare Lachkatze
Völlig normal
Völliger Unsinn
Vote the Young Lady Tell Us a Story!, I
Walrus and the Carpenter Were Walking Close at Hand, The
Was kommt da den Kamin herab
Was Thinking, I
Weiße Blüten
weiße Kaninchen, Das
Wer ist der Dieb?
Wer war der Tortendieb
Wetter heute
What a Beautiful Belt You Have Got On
What’s the Time Now
White Queen, The
Wütende Taube
You Seem Very Clever at Explaining Words, Sir
Zum Mittelpunkt der Erde
Zurück auf der Erde