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Stuckeley, William
Stukeley, W.
Stukeley, William
Stukeley, William (English antiquary and archaeologist, 1687-1765)
Stukley, William
Vilijam Stukli
William Stukeley
William Stukeley (antiquario inglese)
William Stukeley (Brits antropoloog (1687-1765))
William Stukeley (englischer Antiquar)
William Stukeley (English antiquarian)
Вилијам Стукли
Стьюкли, Уильям
ويليام ستوكلي
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Burl, Aubrey
Gale, Roger (1672-1744)
Gale, Samuel (1682-1754)
Gucht, Gerard Van der (1696-1776))
Kneller, Godfrey Sir, bart., 1646-1723, [from old catalog]
Lukis, William Collings
Moll, Herman (d. 1732)
Mortimer, Neil
Piggott, Stuart (1910-1996)
Society of Antiquaries Affiliation (see also from)
White, A. Hastings
Abury, a temple of the British drujds, with some others, described. Wherein is a more particular account of the first and patriarchal religion; and of the peopling the British Islands. Volume the second. By William Stukeley, M.D. rector of all-saints in Stamford.
account of a large silver plate or antique basso relievo, Roman workmanship, found in Derbyshire, 1729, An
Account of a Roman temple, and other antiquities, near Graham's Dike in Scotland
account of Richard of Cirencester, monk of Westminster, and of his works, An : with his antient maps of Roman Britain, and the itinerary thereof
Anatomy of the elephant
Catalogue of the gold and silver coins of Carausius
comment on an Ode of Horace shewing the Bacchus of the Heathen to be the Jehovah of the Jews
family memoirs of the Rev. William Stukeley, M. D., and the antiquarian and other correspondence of William Stukeley, Roger & Samuel Gale, etc., The
Geographia classica : the geography of the ancients so far describ'd as is contain'd in the Greek and Latin classicks in the maps of the Old World and its several kingdoms and provinces ; wherein the chief places mentioned in Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Lucan, Eutropius, Cornelius Nepos, Justin, Quintus Curtius, Sallust, Livy, Cæsar, Plutarch, Xenophon, Herodotus, and many other ancient authors are describ'd. To which is added, a map of the places mention'd in the Old and New Testaments. A collection long wanted and now publish'd for the use of schools.
having been sollicited, by friends who are pleas'd to approve of Stonehenge, to publish the further description of the temples of the druids in the Brittannic Isles: ... This volume will contain that other very extraordinary work of that sort, at Abury in north Wiltshire, ... I propose to deliver the book in sheets sometime in the year 1742., I
healing of diseases, a character of the Messiah Being the anniversary sermon preached before the Royal College of Physicians, London; on September 20, 1750., The
Itinerarium curiosum: or, an account of the antiquities, and remarkable curiosities in nature or art, observed in travels through Great Britain ...
letter from Dr. Stukeley to Mr. Macpherson on his publication of Fingal and Temora. With a print of Cathmor's shield., A
medallic history of Marcvs Avrelivs Valerivs Caravsivs, Emperor in Brittain ... By William Stukeley., The
Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's life
National judgments the consequence of a national profanation of the Sabbath A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's, Westminster; on the 30th day of January, 1741-2. ...By William Stukeley.
Of the gout in two parts. First, a letter to Sir Hans Sloan, Bart. about the cure of the gout, by oyls externally apply'd: secondly, a treatise of the cause and cure of the gout. By William Stukeley.
Of the spleen, its description and history, uses and diseases, particularly the vapors with their remedy, being a lecture read at the Royal college of physicians, London 1722, to which is added some anatomical observations in the dissection of an elephant
On the spleen
Origines Roystonianae
Oriuna, wife of Carausius ...
Palaeographia britannica, or Discourses on antiquities in Britain ...
Palæographia sacra. Or discourses on sacred subjects. By William Stukeley
Philosophy of earthquakes, natural and religious, or, an inquiry into their cause and their purpose
philosophy of earthquakes, natural and religious. Part III By William Stukeley., The
Stonehenge, a temple restor'd to the British druids
Stukeley's 'Stonehenge' an unpublished manuscript, 1721-1724
Twenty-three plates of the coins of the ancient British kings
William Stukeley : an eighteenth-century antiquary