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Max Steiner
Max Steiner (American composer)
Max Steiner (Amerikaans dirigent (1888-1971))
Max Steiner (amerykański kompozytor muzyki filmowej pochodzenia austriackiego)
Max Steiner (compositeur de musique de films)
Max Steiner (compositore austriaco)
Max Steiner (österreichisch-amerikanischer Komponist)
Maximilian Raoul Steiner
Steiner, M.
Steiner, Max
Steiner, Max R.
Steiner, Max Raul
Steiner, Maximilian
Steiner, Maximilian Raoul
Steiner, Maximilian Raoul (Vollstaendiger Name)
Steiner, Maximilian Raoul Walter
Μαξ Στάινερ
Стайнер, Макс
მაქს შტაინერი
מקס שטיינר (מלחין אמריקאי)
ماکس اشتاینر
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Berman, Pandro S. (1905-1996)
Bogart, Humphrey (1899-1957)
Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
Curtiz, Michael (1886-1962)
Epstein, Philip G. (1909-1952)
Ford, John (1894-1973)
Haller, Ernest (1896-1970))
Huston, John (1906-1987)
Lai, Francis (1932-)
Naxos Digital Services
Rains, Claude (1889- ))
Sauvé, Georges (1905-1980)
Selznick, David O. (1902-1965)
Steiner (Familie : 18. Jh. -; Mitglied; see also from)
Steiner, Max (1888-1971)
Warner bros
Warner home video France
Worek, Michal (1989-)
Young, Victor
松坂, 直美 (1910-)
$400 Down
20 Million Miles to Earth: Evil Deed
7th Cavalry, The
Abenteuer von Mark Twain: Hauptthema, Die
Aboard Ship
Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance
Aboriginal Sacrificial Dance
Achilles and Hector/The Wooden Horse
Acrobats, The
Adopting a Royal Escort
Adventure Begins, The
Adventures Of Don Juan/Arsenic And Old Lace
Adventures of Don Juan, The
Adventures of Mark Twain
Aeroplane/Finale, The
After Dobbs / Dobbs Is Killed
After Dobbs / "The Man in the Hole" / Arrested
After Fight
After the Party
Afternoon Nap
Alessandro Challenges Dardo
All Hollows Eve - Lotis Song - Springtime - The Carousel
All This And Heaven Too, Main Title
Allison’s Theme (Piano Concerto)
Alone in the Attic
Alternate Entr'acte
Alternate Finale
Alternate Main Title
Ambush of the Caravan
American Dream (The Land of Freedom), The
Angels with dirty faces
Anges aux figures sales, français, Les
Arrival At Skull Island
Arrow Hits Ethan
Arsenic and Old Lace (Bonus Track)
Arsenic et vieilles dentelles
As Long as I Live
Ashley and Melanie (Love Theme)
Ashley and Scarlett
Ashley & Dr. Meade-Frank's Death
Ashley Returns to Tara from the War Prison
Ashley's Return from the War
At the Bazaar
At the Campfire
At the Depot
At the Gate
At the Lancers Ball
At the Movies
Atlanta in Flames
Attack of the Suristanis
Attack on the Indian Village
Attack on the Train
Autant en emporte le vent
Ave del Paraíso
aventures du Capitaine Wyatt
Ball: Charleston Heel and Toe Polka / Irish Washerwoman / Garry Owen / Southern Belle Waltz, The
Ball: Charleston Hell and Toe Polka / Irish Washerwoman / Garry Owen / Southern Belle Waltz, The
Ballroom Waltz
Band of angels
Bandits Arrested
Bandits / Outnumbered / Federales
Barbecue at Twelve Oaks, The
Barbecue (extended version), The
Barrier, The
Baseball a la Brooklyn (alternate)
Battle cry
Battle in the Castle
Battle in the Dungeon
Battle/Lovers, The
Battle Montage
Battle with the Press Gang
Be sensible
Bedtime Story
Believe in Love (A Star Is Born), I
Belle Watling / Bonnie's Death / Rhett Butler / Bonnie's Theme / Ashley and Melanie (Love Theme) / The Oath / Return To Tara
Berries, Anyone?
Beyond the forest
Big Sleep 1946, The
Big Sleep: Love Themes, The
Big Sleep: Main Title: Big Sleep / Walking, Flirtation / Marlowe / Carmen, Sternwood, The
Bird of paradise
Blowing Up the Fortress
Boat House, The
Boat in the Fog, A
Bonnie Blue Flag
Bonnie's Birth
Bonnie's Death
Bonnie's Fatal Pony Ride
Bonnie's Theme
Bos’n Whistle
Brad Dies
Brewster Bows Out
Bride For Kong, A
Bridge from "For Whom The Bell Tolls", The
Bridie Theme
Bright Dreams / The Garden
Brilliant Shot, A
Bringing in Doolin
Bronte / Log Sequence, The
Brothers Again
Brothers Reunited
Bucky and Bridie
Bucky Fights
Buffalo Herd / Buffalo Drums
Buffalo Herd/The Iron Horse/Rendezvous
Buggy Ride
Build a Better One
Ça cartonne
Cabin Raising Song, The
Caine Mutiny, The
Call for Help
Call, The
Cam Recovers
Camp at Night
Camp by the Lake
Campfire / Up There / Water Trough / Gold Digging / Cave / In / Rescue
Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me (Instrumental), I
Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me (Vocal), I
Cape et poignard
Carriage Ride
Carrier Pigeons / Calais
Casablanca (ending)
Casablanca (main title)
Casablanca (second studio medley)
Casablanca "Suite"
Catherine the Great
Caught / Escape / Juan's Entourage / Processional
Cave, The
Cecil Returns
Chance by Moonlight, A
Chapel / The Loyalists Gather, The
charge de la brigade légère, français, La
Charge of the Light Brigade: Forward the Light Brigade, The
Charge of the Light Brigade (The Comple Max Steiner Score), The
Charles Hamilton Challenges Rhett
Children/Abbie's Theme/The Fight/Little Harry/Dodge City, The
Christmas at Aunt Pitty's
Christmas During the War in Atlanta
Christmas Party / In the Kitchen
Classic Film Scores of Max Steiner, The
Cloak and Dagger-Overture
Close Shave / Leporello is Unsettled, A
Closing Theme
Coach to Paris / Pursuit
Cody's Letter / Texas Memories (reprise)
Colis express
colline des potences
Colonel Campbell Annoyed / Lady Warrenton
Comanches / Edwards' Ranch at Sundown
Come Next Spring
Comet's Return
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer
common slut / Molly Found, A
Constance’s Deception
Count de Polan's Ring
Count de Rochefort’s Plan
Courting Time
Covered Wagons/Oh Susannah/Sunrise/Abbie's Theme, The
cri de la victoire
Cryptic Shadows
Custer Arirves - Trick
D’Artagnan Discovers Buckingham / The Queen and Buckingham
D’Artagnan’s Assignment
D’Artagnan’s New Apartment / Planchet
Dangerous Waters - The First Landing of the U.S. Marines
Dardo's Hanging
Dark victory
Darn Coat Tails
Death of a Scoundrel: Kelly Blues
Death of a Scoundrel: Mother, Mother
Death of a Scoundrel: Opening & Closing Themes
Death of a Scoundrel: Stephanie
Death of a Scoundrel: Waltz
Death of Bonnie, The
Death of Duke de Lorca / Don Juan Bids Farewell to Margaret / The Road to Lisbon
Death of King Kong
Death of Melanie, The
Debbie at the Tombstone
Debbie Refuses to Leave
Decoying the Judge
Demonstration Theme
Denham's Escape
Deserter, The
Dispensing with Formalities
Distant Drums-Main Title/Prologue/Lt. Tufts' Mission
Distant Trumpet - Main Title, A
Doctor Zhivago
Dodge City and the Oklahoma Kid
Dodge City It Is!
Don Juan's Reputation
Donna Elena's Advances
Donna Elena's Advences
Drunken Father
Du plomb dans la cervelle
Duel With de Lorca
Duel with de Rochefort
Duel with the Musketeers
Dugmore's Discovery / Avalanche
Dying Declaration - Finale
Elevated Train Sequence
Ellen’s Theme
Elsa's Waltz
End Cast (Garry Owen)
End Credits
End Title / End Cast
Entr'acte Music
Entrance of Billau / Trek to Kor
Entrance of Kong / The Sailors / Stegosaurus
Escape From Atlanta
Escape, The
Escaping the Sheriff
Escort Jacob
Ethan and Aaron
Ethan Joins the Posse
Ethan Returns From Scouting
Ethan's Dummy Ruse
étoile est née, français, Une
Evading the Palace Guards
Evergreen (Max Steiner)
Examination, The
Exit Music
Fall of the South, The
Fanfare 1, 2, 3
Farewell Son / The Voyage from "America, America"
Father & Daughter
Father Pietro Rescued
FBI Story, The
Feel at Home Colonel!
Fencing Drill
Fencing Master / Hall of flags
Fight at the Territory Saloon
Fight with the Natives
Fighting for Freedom
filthy Word, A
Final Goodbye, The
Finale: A Very Precious Love
Finale - End Cast
Finale ("It Was Beauty Killed the Beast")
FInest Man I've ever Known, The
Fire Aboard the Train
First Battle Sequence
Flame and the Arrow (Original Soundtrack), The
Flame of Life, The
Flaming Tapestry
Flashback / Finale
Florida Cypress Gardens Sequence
Flotsam and Jetsam
Flying down to Rio
Follow the Fleet
For conspicuous Gallantry
Forging the Order to Advance On Balaklava Heights
Forgotten Island I, The
Forgotten Island II, The
Forgotten Island / Jungle Dance
Forgotten Place
Fountainhead, The
Four wives. Symphonie moderne
Frank Kennedy Asks for Suellen's Hand (extended version)
Frankenstein Main Title - Bonus Track
Frightful Sight at the Window, A
Frustration and the Return of John Vincey
Frustration, Dreams & Loneliness from "America, America"
Funeral Chant
Fur Inspection
garden of Allah, The
Gathering of Forces, The
gay divorcee, The
Geoffrey Bids Farewell / Trek to Buy Horses
Geoffrey Warns Perry
Gerald's Death (extended version)
Getting Ready for Bed
Gila Monster Uncovered
Gold Rush
Golden Sword, The
Gone With the Wind (main title)
Gone with the Wind: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Gone with the wind. Selections
Gone with the Wind "Tara’s Theme" (Autant en Emporte le Vent)
Gone With the Wind: The Original Sound Track Album
Gone With the Wind (The Selznick International Orchestra)
Goodbye Ethan
grand sommeil
Grazioso - On the Train
Greenwald Takes Case
Growing Up
Hall of Flags / Meeting With de Lorca, The
Hall of Kings Part I, The
Hall of Kings Part II, The
Hall of Kings Part III, The
hanging tree
Harlot of a mother
Haste - Civil War
Hasty Marriage and Finale
Hawk Dies / Finale, The
He’s A Jolly Good Fellow
Helen of Troy/The Fight/Helen and Paris
Henriette - Armida Overture
Hey Look Out! It's Kong, Kong's Coming!
Hiding Among the Rocks
His Majesty the King
Holding hands at Briarwood
Homecoming / End Title
homme canon, L'
homme et une femme
House of Burgesses
Humphrey Bogart. 6705965 (Warner bros France)
I'd rther hoped for some Action!
I'll Never Be Hungry Again!
Ilderim And Edith / The Banner is Stolen / Richard Challenges Kenneth to Mortal Combat / Fight to the Death / Kenneth in Ilderim's Camp / Refugee From the Castilian Fortress / Ilderim is Saladdin !
Ilderim Meets Richard / The Power of the Talisman / The Wound is Seared Ilderim's Song
Impostor is Arrested, The
In the Garden with Perry / Convoy Returns
In the Library
In this our life
Indian Celebration
Indian Theme
Indian Visitors
Informer, The
Intermission Music
Invitation to the Dance
Island / The Railing, The
"It's Come At Last" / Noble Gesture
It's Over!
Joe Clemens Murdered
John Paul Jones / Parrish
Johnny Belinda
Jonathan Becomes Disagreeable
Journey Commences, The
Juan Eludes Rodrigo and His Men
Juan Exposes Duke de Lorca
Juan Presents Himself to the Queen
Juan’s Rescue
Juan's Victory / Finale
Judy and Quincy
Jungle Dance
Just Look in the Window Seat
Just One Girl
Karnock - Shopping Tour
Keg Awakens
Keith Meets Navy
Ken and Sylvia's house
Ken visits Molly at Briarwood
Kenneth and Edith / Ilderim in the Desert / Ilderim Fights Kenneth / Sharing Waters at the Oasis / Caravan / Ilderim Sees Edith / Ilderim Fights The Guards
Kenneth Becomes the Saracen Ambassador / Edith Overheads the Term of the Treaty / Murder of the Saracens / Edith Abducted / News of the Abduction / Kenneth Rides Out
Key Largo 1948
Key Largo: Main Title / Moanin' Low
Kid Investigates, The
Kidnapping the Count de Polan
King Kong: Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance
King Kong: Cryptic Shadows
King Kong: Forgotten Island / Jungle Dance
King Kong: King Kong Theatre March
King Kong: Kong Escapes / Aeroplanes / Finale
King Kong: Kong! / The Cave
King Kong: Main Title: A Boat in the Fog
King Kong: Sailors Waiting
King Kong: Suite
King Kong: The Bronte / Log Sequence
King Kong: The Entrance of Kong
King Kong: The Return of Kong
King Kong: The Sea at Night
King Richard and the Crusaders - The Complete Original Film Score
King's Portrait / Juan's Arrival at the Palace, The
Kong Attacks The Village
Kong Escape / Aeroplanes / Finale
Kong Escapes
Kong In New York
Kong / The Cave
Lady de Winter’s Secret
Laurie and Martin Argue
Laurie Warns Martin
Leaving Chukoti Undefended
Leaving Home / Adventure on the Road
Leo Asleep
Leo Wakes
Letter 1940, The
Letter: Main Title: Hammond / Plantation / Native, The
letter to Johnny, A
Libby - Civil War Montage
Light Brigade Rides Again Promotional Trailer, The
Little Big Horn
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Little Monkey Escapes, The
Little Prema and Geoffrey
Locket for Debbie
Log Sequence, The
London / Arrival at the Inn
London Processional
Long Distance Call
Lost Paravane
lost patrol, The
Love In The Valley
Love Scene & Finale
Love Theme
Lovers Must Learn
Lucy’s Theme (Piano Concerto)
Lumber Mill, The
Madness and Murder / Indian Village
Main Theme from “Gone with the Wind” (Tara’s Theme)
Main Theme / Ice-Cream Parlour
Main Theme / The Engagement
Main Theme / The Troop Train Leaves
Main Theme / Walk in the dark
Main Title / A Boat in the Fog
Main Title / Balcony Rendezvous
Main Title / Baseball a la Brooklyn
Main Title / Forward / Dardo Returns
Main Title/I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me (Vocal)
Main Title / Palace of Surat Khan
Main Title - The Desert / Crusaders in Battle / Warring Factions / King Richard is Wounded / Richard Lives ! Sir Giles Named Vice Marshall / Conspiracy
Main Title / Time Passes
Main Title - West Point
Majority of One
Making a Vacancy
Making Due in the Forest
March-out - Sioux
Marjorie Morningstar
Mark Twain Is Discovered
Martial Law/Revenge
Martin Dragging His Saddle / Burning Ranch
Martin to the Rescue
Maryland, My Maryland
Massacre / A Debt is Paid
Matt Cole's Funeral
McConnell story
Meet Keg
Meet Martin
Meet Queeg
Meeting Father
Meeting General Grant
Meeting With the Black Men (Punia! Casco!!)
Melanie and Mammy
Melanie and Scarlett Tend the Wounded
Melanie in Labor
Melanie's Death
Melanie's Theme
Memory Pool / Cremation, The
Mental Disorders
Merry Christmas / He will come Home
Merry Christmas Mama !
Message for Richelieu, A
Mildred Pierce 1945
Mildred Pierce: Main Title
Mink Fun
Minuet / Diana Recognizes Don Juan
Miss Pop / The Letter, I
Missing in action / The Family Album
Mission Begins, The
Molly Runs Away
Montage (The Cabin Raising Song)
More Squirrels
Mortimer's Ghastly Discovery / The Prodigal Son Returns
Most Dangerous Game : Agitato, The
Most Dangerous Game : Escape - Finale, The
Most Dangerous Game : Incidental Music, The
Most Dangerous Game : Main Title, The
Most Dangerous Game : Misterioso Dramatico, The
Most Dangerous Game : Night, The
Most Dangerous Game : russian Waltz, The
Most Dangerous Game : The Approach, The
Most Dangerous Game : The Chase continues, The
Most Dangerous Game : The Count Approaches, The
Most Dangerous Game : The Fight, The
Most Dangerous Game : The Iron Door, The
Most Dangerous Game : the Waterfall, The
Most Dangerous Game : The Wreck, The
Mother Meets May
Motion picture music. Selections
Mule-Digging-Cave In, The
Murder/Surrett's Theme/Necktie Party, The
Music For Bette Davis Films All This, and Heaven Too - A Stolen Life
My Own True Love
Mysteries of Life
Mystic Teapot - Owl
Myth of Troy, The
Narange Dolce
Neck Tie Troubles
Nes Comes Looking for Jim
New Enemy for the Duke de Lorca, A
New Orleans Honeymoon
New Store, The
News of Bill's Death
News of Debbie
Nice Offer
Nicked/Pushing On
Night and Distrust
Night / Cave In
Night / Distrust / Gila Monster
Night to Remember for Louise, A
No Bonfires
Noel and Marjorie's Decision
Now voyager
O'Hara Family, The
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Oath, The
Of human bondage
Off To Target
Off to the Hideaway
Old Folks at Home (Swanee River)
On The Bible
On to Calais!
On to Chukoti
Opening Theme
Orders to Withdraw the Light Brigade
Orgy, The
Original Theatrical Trailer
Our Objective is Surat Khan !
Ouragan sur le Caine
Outside the Examiner Newspaper Office
Overture from "The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie"
Overture: Marjorie Morningstar
Packing Up / Indian Visitors
Paddock Scene
Paige’s Theme (Piano Concerto)
Paige’s Theme (Reprise)
Palace Guards on Patrol
Paragon Among Queens
Pardners Dance Band Arrangement
Pardners Harmonica Solo
Paris' Farewell
Parrish: Allison's Theme (Piano Concerto)
Parrish: Ellen's Theme
Parrish: Lucy's Theme (Piano Concerto)
Parrish (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Parrish: Paige's Theme (Piano Concerto)
Parrish: Someday I'll Meet You Again
Passage to Marseille
Passion discovered
Patriots Vie for Freedom, The
patrouille perdue
Pedro and His Family
People of the Caves, The
Perry and Elsa
Phone May
Piccolo Delivers a Message
Piccolo Hates the Hawk
Pine Island Off the Port Bow
Pint-sized Decoy
Plaque, The
Polan's Capture is Discovered, De
Polka - Mazurka
Pont de Crimée
Posse Rides
Prayer, The
Prelude / He went away, The
Prelude/The Storm
Prema Tries on a new salute
Press Gang, The
Princess Captured, The
Princess in the Forest, The
Princess' Plan, The
prisonnière du désert
Przeminęło z wiatrem
Public Shame
Queeg Rants
Queen Margaret of Spain
Queen’s Pledge of Peace, The
Queen / Tanya in Bed, The
Quincy Wyatt
Remanded to the Dungeon
Rescue from the fortress
Rescue/Helen's Decision, The
Rescue Troops to Chukoti
Retreat to the Barracks
Rett's Remorse
Return From Russia - Finale
Return of Kong
Return, The
Return to Tara
Returning Home
Reunion and Understanding - Springtime Again - Henrietta
Reunion in Boathouse
Reunion of Ethan and Debbie
Reunion on the Beach
Reunion with Constance
Rhett and Bonnie
Rhett and Scarlett on McDonough Road
Rhett Butler Theme (Gone With the Wind)
Rhett Returns
Rhett's Departure
Rhett & Scarlett's Fight
Richard coeur de lion
Richard in the Saracen Camp / Rescue of Edith / Death of Sir Giles / Saladdin Returns to his own People / Finale
River Pilot, The
Riverboat in Fog
RKO Radio Beacon (original main title)
Rock Cucaracha
Romance Remembered
Rome Adventure
Routing the Cardinal’s Guards
Royal Chapel, The
Rudy Captured
Ruins, The
Rushing to a Dying Duke - The Duke - Final Farewell
Saber-Toothed Tiger, The
Saddle Up
Safe Passage / Bernajou’s Treachery
Sailing/Arrival in Troy, The
Sailors, The
Sailors Waiting
Santa Fe trail
Saratoga trunk
Scandal !
Scandalo Al Sole
Scar's Tepee
Scarlet O'Hara
Scarlet's Agony
Scarlett and Rhett at Tara
Scarlett and Rhett Rebuild Tara
Scarlett Gets Tipsy
Scarlett in Shantytown
Scarlett in the Mist / Rhett Leaves
Scarlett Makes Her Demands of Rhett
Scarlett Prepares for the Barbecue
Scarlett & Rhett's First Meeting
Scarlett's Fall Down the Staircase
Scarlett's Fall / Rhett's Remorse
Scarlett's New Wardrobe
Scarlett's Nightmare
Scarlett's Promise (extended version)
Sea at Night / Forgotten Island
Searchers (1956): Suite, The
Searchers / Cavalry Crosses the Snowfield, The
Searchers / Indian's Grave, The
Searchers / Indians Surround the Posse / Death Chant / Indians Charge Into the River, The
Searchers / Martin Shoots Scar, The
Searchers - Opening Theme, The
Sebastian Pleads for Don Juan
See Halsey
Seeds of Treachery / Count de Polan Captured
Seminole Patrol/Capture of the Fortress
Sent Home to Madrid
Sentenced to Exile
Sergeant York
Sets Broken Leg
Shacking up
Sharpe - Gold
Sharpe - Troops - Battle No.2 - Band Medley
She (Complete Score to the 1935 Film)
Sherman's March Through Georgia
Ship At Night, The
Shirt Tail
Short-Lived Reformation / End Title, A
Silencing Elaine / Operating on Mortimer
Silent Night
Since you went away
small Prayer, A
Smile of Hypocrisy, The
Snake / The Bird / The Swimmers, The
Soldier’s Horse, A
Soldiers in Retreat
Soldiers on Parade
Someday I'll meet you again
Son of Kong : An offer of help, The
Son of Kong : Campfire at night, The
Son of Kong : Chinese Chatter, The
Son of Kong : Finale, The
Son of Kong : Finger Fixings, The
Son of Kong : Fire!, The
Son of Kong : Forgotten Island, The
Son of Kong : In Dakang, The
Son of Kong : Johnny get your gun, The
Son of Kong : Main Title, The
Son of Kong : Memories, The
Son of Kong : Quicksand - Little Kong, The
Son of Kong : Runaway Blues, The
Son of Kong : Ship at Sea, The
Son of Kong : The Black Bear, The
Son of Kong / The Most Dangerous Game, The
Son of Kong : The Old temple, The
Son of Kong : The Styracosaur, The
Song at the Inn
souffle de la violence
South Wind Blues
Southern Lullaby
Spellbound, Theme from "Spellbound"
Squirrel-Livy, The
Stagecoach Robbery
star is born, A
Stay With Me Theme from "The Cardinal"
Sto najljepših filmskih melodija
Stolen Life, Main Title - Sailor's Hornpipe, A
Stolen life. Petite valse
Stolen Life - Twins, A
Stolen Love/Humorous Ape
Stolen Love / The Cave
Storm - Aftermath
Storm Warning
Suicide / The Anniversary Ball
Summer Place '76 (The Theme From "A Summer Place")
SUMMER PLACE: Main Title & Arrival at Summer Place, A
Summer Place: Theme From "A Summer Place", A
Sur les toits de Paris
Surat Khan Proposes a Truce
Surrender, The
Swamp, The
Symphonie moderne
Talbot and Confrontation
Tanya's Unrest
Tara’s Theme from ‘Gone With the Wind’
Tara's Theme / Invitation To The Dance / Melanie's Theme / Ashley / The Prayer Bonnie Blue Flag / Scarlett O'Hara / Scarlett's Agony / War
Tara Theme / Main Title (Including David O. Selznick's Trademark)
Terrace, The
Texas Memories / Finale
Theater Scene
Theatrical Trailer
Theme from “A Summer Place”
Theme from The dark at the top of the stairs Warner bros. pictures presents The dark at the top of the stairs
There's a boy Watching me !
They died with their boots on
They Made Me a Criminal
They're Dead ! They're All Dead!
This Is Cinerama: End Credits
This Is Cinerama: Our National Parks & Monuments
Those Calloways
Those Endearing Young Charms
Three Challenges
Three Musketeers: Carriage Ride, The
Three Musketeers / D’Artagnan’s Introduction, The
Three Musketeers: Fight Behind Palace, The
Three Musketeers: Finale, The
Three Musketeers: Love Theme, The
Three Musketeers: Night Time / Pigeons, The
Three musketeers. Selections
Three Musketeers: To Paris / Fencing Demonstration, The
tigre du ciel
To France - The Caretaker - The Duke
To have and have not
To The Barn
To the Northern Rim / On to the Sugul
Tomorrow is Another Day / Finale
Tony's Farewell
Tony's Return / Colonel's Birthday Party
Top hat
Top To Bottom
Town Soon to Be Tulsa, A
Toy Shop
Train Depot (extended version)
Tranferring the Prisioner
Treachery Revealed/Finale
Treachery Under a White Flag
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The
Tree Scout
Trek, The
Trek to Kor
Trial/Attempted Jailbreak, The
Twelve Oaks in Ruin / Scarlett Comes Home
Twenty Inches!
Ulrich the Hawk Enters
Uncle John's Vision
Uncle Samson's Death
Unwelcome Visitor
Unwilling Caretakers
Up There!
vallée de la peur
Valley Forge
Very Precious Love, A
Victory - Trojan Horse
vie d'Emile Zola
Virginia City
Vom Winde verweht: Taras Thema
Vriess Leaves, De
W.B. Fanfare & Prelude
Wade and Abbie Go Riding
War Is Declared / The Death of Charles
Warner Bros. Fanfare
Warner Bros. Logo / Prelude
Water Trough
Weasel in Jackpine Valley
West Point Graduation - Punishment Guard - Haste - Escort
West Point Montage
What price Hollywood
White Heat 1949
White Heat: Main Title / End Title
Wild Geese Theme
World Tour Begins
World Tour Continues
Yellow Streak
You Were Meant for Me
Young Love Scene
Young Samuel Clemens Finds His Place
Мелодии мирового кино, 2000:
Contributed to or performed: 
"Mighty Joe Young" (and Other Ray Harryhausen Animation Classics)
"This Is Cinerama" at the movies
100 ans de musiques de films
21 Kino Hits: 1895–1995, 100 Jahre Kino
50 Years of Classic Horror Film Music
Academy Award Winners
Adventures of Mark Twain, The
Auntie Mame / Rome Adventure
Best Film ...Ever!, The
Broadway Collection: Top Songs From Musicals, Part One
Broadway Collection: Top Songs From Musicals, Part Two
Captain Blood - Classic Film Scores for Errol Flynn
Captain Blood: Classic Film Scores for Errol Flynn
Casablanca - Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Casablanca (first studio medley) Includes As Time Goes By and Perfidia
Casablanca- Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Cinema Classics
Classic Film Themes, The
Crime Scene USA: Classic Film Noir Themes & Jazz Tracks
élections de la musique de film, Les
Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood
Fanfare in C / The Shop / The Little One
Film Music Collection
Flight Across America
Gone With the Wind
Great Film Themes
Great Movie Themes, The
Greatest Classical Movie Album, The
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra & John Mauceri: Greatest Hits
Incredible Film Music Box, The
Kino De Luxe: Der Soundtrack: FOCUS Edition
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Klassiker (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 5)
Ladies & Gentlemen, This Is Cinerama
Love Movie Themes
Magic Film Hits
Main Theme from “Gone with the Wind” (Tara’s Theme)
Max Steiner's Classic Film Score "Gone With The Wind"
Micmacs à tire-larigot
More Music to Spy By
Movie Classics zum Entspannen und Geniessen
Movie Memories: A Golden Age Revisited
Murder Is My Beat: Classic Film Noir Themes and Scenes
Music From Hollywood
Parrish (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Plus Belles Musiques de films, Les
plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Volume 2, Les
Popular Piano Concertos of the Great Love Themes from "Parrish"
Romance Classics
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 1
Rózsa: The King's Thief / Young: Scaramouche / Korngold: Captain Blood / Steiner: The Three Musketeers
Sound of the Movies, The
Star Wars / 2001: A Space Odyssey / Classic Symphonic Film Music
Stereophonic Sound Demonstration
Streetcar Named Desire / Since You Went Away / Now, Voyager / The Informer, A
Summer Place '76
Symphony on the Green
Telarc Collection, Volume 1, The
They Died with their Boots On
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The
True Grit: Music From the Classic Films of John Wayne
Wild West, The
Лучшая Классика В Обработке