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Alfred Myumen
Alfred Newman
Alfred Newman (American composer)
Alfred Newman (americký hudební skladatel)
Alfred Newman (Amerikaans dirigent (1901-1970))
Alfred Newman (amerykański kompozytor filmowy)
Alfred Newman (compositeur de musique de films, chef d'orchestre et pianiste)
Alfred Newman (compositore e direttore d'orchestra statunitense)
Alfred Newman (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Alfrēds Ņūmens
Newman, Alfred
Newmann, A.
Ньюман, Альфред
ალფრედ ნიუმენი
אלפרד ניומן
آلفرد نیومن
앨프리드 뉴먼
ニューマン, A.
ニューマン, アルフレッド
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
20th century-Fox
Fonda, Henry (1905-1982)
Ford, John (1894-1973)
Fox vidéo
Goldwyn, Samuel
Hathaway, Henry (1898-1985)
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
Kinel, Mario
Monroe, Marilyn (1926-1962))
Naxos Digital Services
Newman, Alfred (1901-1970)
Newman, Lionel (1916-1989; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Newman, Thomas (1955-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
PFC Vidéo
Rodgers, Richard (1902-1979)
Rodgers, Richard Charles (1902-1979)
Shamroy, Leon (1901-1974)
Toland, Gregg
Zanuck, Darryl F
駿河, あきら
20 th Century Fox CinemaScope Fanfare
20th Century Fox CinemaScope Fanfare
20th Century Fox Fanfare (1953 recording)
20th Century Fox Fanfare (1954 recording)
20th Century-Fox Fanfare And How to Marry a Millionaire (Street Scene)
20th Century Fox Fanfare (Cincinnati Pops Orchestra feat. conductor: Erich Kunzel)
20th Century Fox Fanfare / Hugo Friedhofer - Lifeboat: Disaster
20th Century Fox Fanfare (National Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Charles Gerhardt)
20th Century-Fox Fanfare (with CinemaScope extension)
23rd Psalm [Stereo mix], The
5 hors-la-loi
61 J Capsule / The Red Sub / Up at Sub
Access To Refineries
Ada Quonsett Stowaway
Advice From Dad
After-Dinner Waltz / The Paddle Boat
After the Duel
Aiding The Runaway
Airfield, The
Airport: Airport Love Theme
Airport (end title)
Airport Love Theme #2
Airport Love Theme (aus "Airport") Percy Faith and His Orchestra 1970
Airport (main title)
Airport Original Soundtrack
Akhnaton / One Diety
Akhnaton (The One Deity)
All about Eve (1950)
All About Eve / Leave Her to Heaven
All About Eve: Main Title / The Award
All About Eve: Suite
All About Love
All the Eves (stereo)
Alternate Main Title
Alternate Trailer Score
Am Heathcliff…, I
Am I Mad?
Am Pharaoh / Horemheb’s Victorious Entrance, I
Am the Essential Guest, I
Am the Son of God / Jesus Before Pilate / Crown of Thorns, I
America Has but Two Choices
American Soldier - French Girl
American West, The
Anastasia (Alfred Newman, Piano—Previously Unreleased Recording)
Anastasia (Main Title)
Anastasia (Music From The Soundtrack)
Anastasia Waltz
And the Word Was God / Trumpets Announce the Dawn / The Three Magi
Angharad and Mister Gruffydd
Angharad With the Minister
Annapolis Chapel/Eternal Father
Annie Laurie
Another Waltz
Apartment, The
Arènes sanglantes
Ash Ritual
At the Ballpark
At the Dance
At the Inn
Atom Bomb (revised), The
Attack On The Town
Attempted Assassination
Attempted Suicide
Audience With Caligula
Audition, The
Auditions, The
Award, The
Axel Nort
Bail Out – End Title
Ball of fire
Banquet, The
Bar Harbor
Barbara and Sidney
Bathsheba/Bathsheba's Destiny / David and Bathsheba
Battle of Gilboa, The
Battle of New Orleans, The
Battle of Rabbah / The Israelites, The
Beau Geste: A Viking's Funeral
Beau Geste: Battle
Beau Geste: Blue Water Sapphire / Farewell
Beau Geste: Chasing a Mouse
Beau Geste: Final / End Cast
Beau Geste: March Out
Beau Geste: Prelude
Beau Geste: The Early Years
Beautiful World, A
Becoming A Traitor
Beginning, The
Ben And Isabella Reunited
Ben Captured At The Inn
Ben Claims His Woman
Ben Escapes
Ben Fights His Uncle
Ben Hur
Ben Is Whipped
Bens Triumph
Bereavement and Fulfillment
Bertrand’s Visit
Best Of Everything (London Calling), The
Beth and Morgan
Betrayal, The
Bicycles To The Rescue/Long Journey
Bigler, The
Bite, The
Black Swan Main Title, The
Bless 'Em All
Blood and sand
Blue Tahitian Moon
Boarding The Ship
Bola de fuego
Bomber is Destroyed - Parts 1 & 2 / Homeward Bound, The
Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, The
Bound for Berlin / Reception in Berlin
Box of Candy, A
Bravados (Main Title), The
Bridal Veil / Goodbyes
Brigham Young. March
Brother of the Lash
Budding Romance, A
Buffalo Stampede (Buffalo Stampede / Aftermath)
Burial At Sea / Finale
Burning The Ship
Burning The Ships
Bus / Romanza, The
Bus stop
C.U. Lockwood / As Fortunate as Others
Cablegram, The
Cafe Juke Box: “The Best of Everything”
Cafeteria, The
Caligula (extended version)
Caligula's Arrival
Caligula's Departure
Camaign Speech Montage
Campaign Parade
Cape Cod
Captain Falls Ill, The
Captain From Castile: Conquest
Captain from Castile. Selections
Captain From Castile / Snake Pit
Captain From Castile - Symphonic Suite
Captain From Castile-The Classic Film Scores of Alfred Newman
Captain From Castille (Pedro and Catana; Conquest)
Captain Jones / Sub Through Choppy Seas
Captain Joy's House
Captain Of Your Heart
Captain's Cabin
Captives, The
Caravan to Jerusalem / Nathan, the Prophet / Absolom
Carousel : banda sonora original de la película
Carriage of the Cross, The
Cat Tracks
Catacombs / Hope, The
Catana's Dance
Catanas Happiness - Da Silva Returns
Cathy Jumps Up
Cathy's Return
Cathy’s Theme
Certain Smile, A
Chaînes conjugales, français
Champ Clark Victory Parade
Champagne Waltz and Lover Medley (Pre-Recording), The
Chant for Dead Pharaoh
Chapel, The
Chase, The
Cheyennes (Cheyennes / Indian Fight) (extended version)
Chez Allain
Child Is Born - And Dies, The
Children, The
Chin Lee's Burial
Cholula Hostages/Ominous Drums/Catana Is Enciente
Church of the Presidents, The
cinq hors la loi
City lights : a comedy romance in pantomime
Civil War, The
Classic Film Music of Alfred Newman: The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Beau Geste / All About Eve, The
Cleve Van Valen (Cleve Van Valen / Wagon Train / Morgan, Lilith and Aggie / Cleve and the Mule) (extended version)
Climb a Higher Hill (extended version)
colline de l'adieu
Colman and Flavia in Carriage Band (Rassendyll and Flavia in Carriage Band)
Colman and Flavia Walk Inside (Rassendyll and Flavia Walk Inside)
Colman Walk (Rassendyll Walk) / All in the Family / Everybody Sleeps
Come share my life (2 min 13 s)
Come Unto Me
Comin' Through the Rye
Command From the Queen
Commission Convenes (Alternate)
Confession, The
Conquest March
Conquête de l'ouest, La
Contact, The
Corraling Horses
Corsage, The
Cortez On The March
Cortez Returns From Villa Rica/De Silva Reappears
Count Arrives, The
Counterfeit Traitor, The
Country Club Dance #1 (“Personality”)
Country Club Dance #2 (“Easy Living” and “Lover”)
Country Club Samba
Country Market, The
Crash, The
Crocodile Inn / Thebes
Crown Us Gently, Gently (The Tri-U Song)
Crucifixion (Orchestra Only), The
Cry Baby
Cumbres borrascosas
Da Silva Murdered
Dad and Huw
Dance, The
Dark Discovery
Date With Peter
David and Bathsheba. Love theme
Day Begins, The
Dead Miner and Emma / Josefa, The
Deal Concluded, A
Dearness of You, Peter, The
Death and Burial of Lincoya
Death of Akhnaton, The
Death of his Excellence
Death of Merit (alternate), The
Death of Pharaoh
Death Plot
Declaration of War
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Demetrius / Rescue
Democrats Defeated
Denise Enters / World Broadcast
Desperados Ride Off / Death and Desolation, The
Destiny and Sorrow
Destroying The Armada
Deteined By The Gestapo
diary of Anne Frank, The
Directives, The
Diving For Pearls
Doctor's Suspicions / Dementia, The
Doctor Zhivago
Dominique’s Collapse / Disillusionment
Dominique’s Decision
Don't Fence Me In
Don’t Leave Me, Francoise
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
Down To The Sea In Ships (Hornepipe)
Down to the Sea in Ships: Main Title & New Bedford Harbor; Hornpipe; Jed; End Title
Down To The Sea In Ships / Twelve O’Clock High
Dragonwyck Ball
Dragonwyck. Selections
Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, I
Drug Treatment
Duel, The
Duel With De Silva and Escape
Duel / Zapt and King / End Title and Cast
Duell With Da Silva
Duke's Entrance, The
Duke's Offer, The
Dungeon, The
Early Dawn
Easy Living and Lover Medley (Pre-Recording)
Edgar and Cathy Entering Living Room
Eldorado Country / Eldorado Frontier
Emergency Landing!
Encore (stereo)
End Cast
End of Play
End of Term / Finale
End Title—Anastasia
Epilogue: I Still Believe, People Are Really Good at Heart
Eric Insults Max / Ingrid Leaves Eric
Erie Canal (playback version), The
Escape and Love
Escape From Breetholm
Escape From Denmark
Escape From The Hotel/The Letter
Escape From The Ship
Escape From Traitors
Escape Through the Swamp
Escape to Sweden
Esos tres
Espionage / River Rendezvous
Estate Dance
Eternal Father / A Mighty Fortress
Eurasians, The
Eva al desnudo
Eve's Dream
Eve's Narration
Eve's Photo
Eve's Success
Execution and Aftermath Parts 1, 2 (unused) and 3
Execution At The Refinery
Execution Orders
Exile and Death (alternate)
Exit Music I
Exit Music II
Faith and Recovery
Families in Hiding (The Secret Annex)
Family and Bronwen, The
Farewell to Eddie
Farewell to the Island
Farewell to the Sea
Fate of Uriah, The
Fateful Confessions, A
Father's Promise, A
Feast, The
Feel I Bore Your Majesty, I
Festival of Spring
Film Music of Alfred Newman, The
Finale (alternate orchestra)
Finale / End Cast
Finale / Hallelujah
Finale (orchestra only)
Fiorello!: Gentleman Jimmy
Fiorello!: Little Tin Box
Fiorello!: On the Side of the Angels
Fiorello!: Politics and Poker
Fiorello!: 'til Tomorrow
Fiorello!: When Did I Fall in Love?
Firing Squad, The
First Day, The
First Kiss, The
First Meeting (alternate version)
First Plane to Berlin / Wansee Garden Restaurant
First Whale, The
Fish and Chips
Fisherman’s Wharf – San Francisco / The Picnic / The Cable Car
Fitch’s Hideout
Five Month Lost
Flashback Chicago
Flicka Calls
Flicka Hurt (Alternate Version)
Flicka Is Sick
Flicka Limps
Flicka Rebela
Flicka's Saddlebag
Flight Into Egypt
For Old Time's Sake
Foreign correspondent
Forgive Me…
Fortress, The
Fortune in Pearls, A
Fortune Teller, The
Forty Years Ago
Fox Fanfare • Anastasia—Paris—Russian Easter
Fox Newsreel
Friend's Letter, A
Friendship Begins, The
From Her Very Depths
Fulfillment in the New World
Funeral / Germany at War, The
Gallio's House
Game Ends, The
Gant (Desperado)
Garden (alternate), The
Garden of Gethsemane/Aram, the First Witness
Garden Sequence Waltz / Nothing Your Highness
Gates of Jerusalem / The Ark of the Covenant, The
Gentleman's agreement
German Dance
German Headquarters
German Oil Commission / Train to Hamburg
Gestapo Headquarters
Gestapo Raid
Get Out of My Way / Sir Roger De Coverley
Getting to know you
Gifts of Jade
Gilboa/The Battle of Gilboa
Girl Upstairs I, The
Girl Upstairs II, The
Give Me Your Hand
God Has Been Good (Finale)
God the Father
God Without Mercy, A
Godspeed Eve (Godspeed Eve / The Rapids)
Going Home
Going West
Gold Wagon, The
Good Fortunes
Good News For Ken
Goodnight, Peter Darling
Gordons Death
Governor Wilson
grapes of wrath
Great Journey, The
Greatest story ever told. Jesus of Nazareth
Greatest Story Ever Told: The Great Journey, The
Gregg (New York)
Gregg's Dementia
Grotto, The
Grr Arrgh / Fox Logo
Guerreo's Goodbye
Gunga Din
hauts de Hurlevent
have dreamed, I
He Knew My Background (unused)
He's Gone Away (outtake)
He's Linus' Boy
He Speaks for the Party
He Walks to Bed
Healing of Demetrius, The
Heathcliffs Curse
Hell and High Water
Hello Katherine
Helping Thorndike
Her Name Was Merit
Her Name Was Merrit
Hermitage, The
Hidden Microphone / Hazards in Hamburg
Hidden Microphone, The
High Hill, The
High Places
His Own Price for Dying
His Predecessors
Home in the Meadow (alternate version), A
Home in the Meadow (playback version), A
Home On The Range
Home Schooling
Home to Claim His Herritage
Horemheb, the New Pharaoh
Hospital Scene (Lullaby)
Hour Has Come, The
House of Bamboo (source)
House on the Hill / Gossip, The
How Green was My Valley (1941)
How Green Was My Valley: The Family and Bronwen / Finale / End Title
How the West Was Won (1962): Prelude
How the West Was Won (From "La Conquête de L"Ouest")
How the West Was Won: How the West Was Won
How The West Was Won: Suite
How to Marry a Millionaire: Overture
How to Marry a Millionaire: Street Scene
Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Woman Has Bewitched Me, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Clopin Calls Charge, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Clopin on Ground / Hallelujah (reprise), The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: End Cast, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda in Bell Tower, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda's Dance, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda Walks Up Steps, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Garbage at Gringoire, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: In the King's Box, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Main Title and Forward, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Thank You Mother of God, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: The Dance of Death, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: The Festival, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: The Gypsies, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Victory at Notre Dame, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Whipping, The
Hunter (Main Title), The
Huracán sobre la isla
Huw Finds His Father
Huw's Lesson / The Mine Tragedy
Huw’s Theme
Huw Walks Among the Daffodils
Hymn for the Dead
Hymn to Aton
I'm Alone – Parts 1 and 2 / Pogo's Farewell
I'm bound for the Promised Land
I'm Busy Tonight
I'm Sad and I'm Lonely (outtake)
I’ve Never Seen the Sea / Fulfillment
If the Englishman Dies First
If With All Your Hearts
Ill Be Your Wife…
Ill Pay Him Back…
Ill Wait for You
Im Master Here Now…
Immaculate Conception
Immigrant, The
In His Service
In The Foxhole
In the Ship’s Cabin
Inauguration Reception
Inez-Lost Forever
Inez' Theme
Inquisition - Pedro's Cell
Inquisition - Pedros Cell
Inquisition, The
Insult, An
Interior Dungeon
Into Battle
Into Thy Hands
It’s a Gas
It's Just That / Invitation to Ball/King's Entrance
J'ai le droit de vivre, français
Jamie Fights Red Beard
Jamie Is Tortured-The Rescue
Jamie’s Plans- Lady Margaret Arrives
Jamie Tries To Be A Gentleman
Jed Goes Bow Oar
Jed's Confusion
Jelly Rolls
Jerusalem, Jerusalem / Jesus on Lazarus' Porch / Matthew the Tax Collector
Jesse and Samuel
Jesus and His Mother
Jesus Christ the Lord/Alma Mater
Jesus Leaves Nazareth
Jesus of Nazareth
Joanna's Death
Joe Patroni Plane or Plows?
Josefa (End Title)
Joseph And Lockwood
Journey’s End / Finale
Juan Tells - Of The New World
Judas and Caiaphas / Judas Leaves Caiaphas
Jug Room Theme (alternate)
Jump Off Point, The
Jungla en armas, La
Just Testing (Kitchen Scene)
Justus / Death
Kaptah’s Dilemma / The Garden
Karen's Decision
Karen's Guilt
Karen's Resignation
Katrine Hears Azilde
Ken Talks With Mom
Kermess Part Two
Kevlock Island / "Your Record, Captain" / The Enemy / The Killing
keys of the kingdom
Kife Attack
king and I, The
King David
Klara Holtz / The Little Nazi
Lady, A
Lady Luisa - Catanas Warning
Lady Luisa - Juan the anventurer - Wonders of the New World
Lady of the Manor
Lament for Saul and Jonathan / Ark of the Covenant
Lazarus Come Forth
League of Nations Battle
Leave Her to Heaven / Take Care of My Little Girl
Letter / Bertrand’s Visit, The
Letter for Stokes, A
Letter From Max, A
Letter to three Wives (1949), A
Lewisohn ("My Love, My Life")
Lilies of the Field
Lincoln Memorial, The
Little Thief/Burning The Letter
Live for Our Son
Liz and Joe
Load Well Your Guns
London Calling
Lonely Prairie, The
Looking For Whales
Love Denied
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing: Main Title / God Has Been Good / Finale
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (source)
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing / The Seven Year Itch
Love Scene / Shepherd and Lamb
Love Theme From “The Robe”
Loyalty and Courage / The Holy Trinity
Lullaby in Blue (Demo)
Made This / 20th Century Fox Fanfare, I
Mademoiselle And The Captain
Madonna Imprisoned
Madonna's Portrait
magic Ring - Fears of Persecution - The Compassionate Priest
Main Title and Foreword
Main Title and Prologue
Main Title - Down To The Sea In Ships
Main Title (How the West Was Won)
Main Title / Huw's Theme
Main Title / Indian Music
Main Title Meeting Collins
Main Title / Night Camp
Main Title - Twelve O'Clock High
Mairsie Doats
Man Alone, A
Man Called Peter, A
Man hunt
Map of Jerusalem, The
Marcellus / Farewell
Marcellus / Redemption (original damaged version)
Marcellus Returns to Capri
March And Finale
Margaret’s Suspicions
Margo and Bill's Reconciliation
Marianna (demo recording)
Marianna’s Guilt
Marie (In the Middle of a Night in June) — Version 1
Marie (In the Middle of a Night in June) — Version 2
Mark and Han Suyin
mark of Zorro
Mark's Letter
Market Place, The
Marriage Proposal, The
Marriage / The Honeymoon, The
Martydom of Merrit, The
mascotte du régiment
Meeting Jerry
Meeting Of Hearts
Meeting, The
Mel and Tanya
Men of Harlech (Main TItle)
Mephisto Waltz: Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (1953 version), The
Message for the Old Man, A
Michal and Absalom
Michal and Absolom
Michal and Bathsheba
Mighty Fortress, A
Mine Tragedy, The
Miners on Street
Miracle, The
Miranda Accepts Nicholas' Proposal
Miranda's Yearnings / Table Grace
Miss Bailey's Ghost (playback version)
Mission Chapel / The Padre’s Parable, The
Mississippi River Boat
Misty Night / Trimuphant Return to Capernaum
Modern times
Mom Asks To Give Ken A Colt
Montezuma (Part II)
Moon Festival, The
Moon of Manakoora, The
Moonlight Bay
Morgan Is Discharged
Morgan’s Offer
Morning After, The
Mother and Huw in Broken Ice
Mother's Love, A
Mother's Prayer (Finale), A
Mr. Lincoln
Mrs. Van Ryn
Mrs. Wilson's Sickbed
Murder in the Underground
My Friend Flicka
[My Struggle IV] I Made This / 20th Century Fox Fanfare
Nathan, the Prophet
Native Dance
Nativity / The Infant Massacre, The
Neesa, the Indian Girl
Nefer’s Return
Nevada Smith End Title
Nevada Smith Main Title
New Bedford
New Commandment, A
New Pharaoh, The
New York
News Of The Expedition
Next Morning, The
Nicholas Asks for Miranda's Hand
Nicholas Attacks the Doctor
Nicholas Is Shot
Nicholas Returns From New York
Nicholas' Tower Room
Nido de víboras
Night Comfort
Nightmare, The
No Goodbye (demo)
No Goodbye (outtake)
November In May
Nubian Drums
Nursing His Wounds
O Rest in the Lord
Ocean Floor, The
Of Peasant Birth
Officials, The
Oil Tank Explosion
Old Briny
Old Maine Bell / Home Town, The
Old Maine Bell - stereo, The
On the Terrace
One Week Later
Onward March
Ophel Quarters
Otto Holtz
Our daily bread
Our New Chaplain
Overture / Main Title
Overture to All About Eve
Padre's Parable, The
Painting, The
Palace Dance
Palm Sunday (Part I - Chorus Only)
Palm Sunday Part One
Palm Sunday Part Two
Palm Sunday (PartsII - Orchestra Only)
Panic in the streets
Park Avenue Escapade
Party, The
Passing of Judge Hutton, The
Passover / Palm Sunday
Past, The
Peace Conference Newsreel
Peace Treaty Signing
Pedro and Juan
Pedro and Luisa
Pedro Attacked
Pedro Captured By Inquisition Guards
Pedro Is Captured
Pedro Meets Catana
Pedro Moves To Recover The Jewels
Pedro On The Ship
Pedro's Confession
Pedros Confession
People will talk
Personality (Pre-Recording)
Peter Heals Demetrius
Peter's Death
Pharaoh, Akhnaton, The
Phoebe's Arrival
Picnic With Robert
Pied Piper, The
Pilar’s Death and Burial
Pilar, the Cajun Girl / Second Meeting
Pillow Case, The
Pinky (1949)
Pleasure of His Company (Demo 1), The
Pleasure of His Company (Demo 2), The
Plebes, The
Pledge of Love
Plus grande histoire jamais contée
Pogo Poole
Pointing Finger, The
Polars film noir. GCT 775 (Carlotta films)
Pony Express, The
Port Royal- Lady Margaret s Room
Portraits From the Past
Posse Rides, The
Prayer by the Jordan
Prayers for Peter
Prelude and Early Dawn
Prelude (from How the West Was Won)
Prelude / Lullaby in Blue
Prelude / Main Title (with Slates)
Prelude-Pedro De Vargas
Prelude / The Israelites
Prelude ("The Marines' Hymn" / "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" / "Semper Fidelis" / "Over There")
Prelude To Gordons Death (Cut From Film)
Presidency/The Death of Rachel, The
President's Lady, The
Presidential Convention
Prince of foxes. Selections
Prison Song, The
Prisoner of Zenda. Selections;
Prologue- The Sea
Prophecy, A
Proposal / The Cedars Waltz / The Way of Love, The
Put Them in Chains / The Throne Room
Putting Out To Sea
Qu'elle était verte ma vallée
Race Track, The
Racers: Viendras-Tu Ce Soir?, The
Rachel’s Illness
Rachel’s Letter
Racing Horses -The Stampede
Radio, The
Rag Doll No 1
Rag Doll No 2
Railroader's Bride I'll Be, A
Railway Canteen
Raise a Ruckus
raisins de la colère
Ranch, The
Rape, The
Rassendyll and Fritz by Wall / Rupert's Truce
Ravages Of War, The
Razor's Edge (1946), The
Re-Election Campaign
Real Eve, The
real glory, The
Real Kiss, The
Reception Waltz Medley (“The Champagne Waltz” and “Lover”)
Reconciliation / End Title
Red Beard And The Traitor
"Regiment De Sambre-Et-Meuse" (Planquette)
Released Under Surveillance
Rescue, The
Resting Quielty
Resurrection and Acension
Resurrection, The
Return To The Islands, Finale And End Cast
Revelation, The
Reverend, The
Reward for Capture
Riberhaus Marsch—Marche De Bataille
Rise and You Shall Walk
River Boat, The
River Pirates (The River Pirates / Stalking and Killing) (extended version), The
Riveside Cafe
Riviera, The
Robards Returns
Robards, The
Robe: Main Title / Caligula’s Arrival / Finale, The
Robe (Main Title; Elegy; Caligula's March; The Map of Jerusalem), The
Robe: Prelude / Love Theme, The
Robe. Selections
Robert Brings Chocolate
Robert's Visit
Rock of Ages (playback version)
Rocket Dies
Romance on the Gondola
Room in the Catacombs
Roving Maid Of Amsterdam, A
Royal Court
Royal Scandal (1945), A
Rudolf It's Michael / Knife Into Wall
Rumors of Healing
Rupert Enters
Rupert in Dungeon
Sacred and Profane
Safely Ashore/Reunion
Sangre y arena
Saw a Lady, I
Scarifice Of Love, The
Search For Runaway Slave
Search For The Colt
Searching for Jesus (damaged version)
Seasons, The
Second Marriage, The
Seductress, The
Selections From Fiorello / The Sound of Music
Selznick International Pictures Fanfare
Sentimental rhapsody
Seven Year Itch: Main Title, The
Shall we dance ?
Shenandoah (alternate version)
Shepherd / A Love Scene, A
Ship Arrives, A
Ship at Last, A
Ship Sails, The
Shock Treatment
Shoeing Horses
Shores of Cuba/Villa Rica, The
Sights, Sounds and Smells
Sign From God, A
signe de Zorro
Singin'in the rain
Sit Down Sister
Slave Market / Diana, The
Sleep Well, Your Majesty / Insert Proclamation
Słomiany wdowiec
Snake pit (Pel·lícula cinematogràfica)
Snake Pit, The
snows of Kilimanjaro, The
So Little Time
Sólo se vive una vez
Something wonderful
Son of a Traitor
Son Of Fury/ The Black Swan
song of Bernadette (1943), The
Song Of Bernadette (Prelude; The Vision), The
Song Of The Fishes
Song of Venice
Sorority Row
Sound Of Music: Climb Ev'ry Mountain, The
Sound Of Music: Do-Re-Mi, The
Sound Of Music: Maria, The
Sound Of Music: My Favorite Things, The
Sound Of Music: Sixteen Going on Seventeen, The
Sound Of Music: The Sound of Music, The
Spoils Of War, The
Spring Birds, The
Spring is Not For Me, The
St. Louis
Stable Boy
Stables, The
Stars and stripes for ever
Stella Dallas
Still No Sighting
Stormy Night
Stormy Sea
Story of Miriam, The
Stranger, The
Street Scene (1931)
Street scene. Street scene
Street Scene – Whistling and Fanfare
Strike / Mother and Huw in Broken Ice, The
Students' Serenade
Stutter & Whine
Sub's Rising / The Victorious Sub, The
Submerged Submarine / Choppy Seas
Suddenly He Will Become Your Brother / Oil Montage
Sur la piste des Mohawks, français
Swim That Moat, I
Take Care of My Little Girl – Finale
Taming Flicka
Teaching Ben a Lesson
Temporary Fanfares
Tender Reunion, A
Tentación vive arriba, La
Terrace in the Fog (“That Old Black Magic”)
Terrace Waltz
That lady in ermine
That Old Black Magic à la Previn (Pre-Recording)
That Old Time Religion
Theme for Piano, A
Theme from "Cry Of The City" (1948)
Then Let Go—Now
There's no business like show business
There's No Tomorrow
There Shall Come a Time to Enter
These three.
Third Uncle
This Is the West
Three Pieces Cut From The Film - Titles AndScenes Are Not To Be Reconstucted
Throne Room, Part 2, The
Through a Long and Sleepness Night
Tiberius / Palace
Tightening the Vise / Riche’s Restaurant / Nazification Montage
Time of Wonders, A
Time, the Enemy
Tivoli—The Sleeping Princess, The
To Have No Son / Jeff Says Goodbye to Miranda
To Love and Part
To Romance
To The New World
Tormented Juan - Treasure Gone !
Toy’s Radio (Hawaiian War Chant)
Trailer Score
Train Journey
Train, The
Training Flicka
Treasure Island / The Spring Birds
tree grows in Brooklyn, A
Triumph of the Spirit (Handel's Messiah), The
Truce, The
Twelve O’Clock High: Main Title
Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (1933 version)
Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare With CinemaScope Extension (1954 recording)
Twenty - Third Psalm, The
Two Hearts on a Tree
Two More Brothers Leave
Uncle’s Defeat
Unused Cue #1
Unused Cue #2
Unused Cue #3
Uriah Is Dead
Valley of the Kings, Part 2
Valley of the Kings (Sinuhe)
Valley of the Kings, The
Van Valen Auction, The
Vargas Family Escape, De
Vargas' Terrace, De
Vaudeville Continues
Via Dolorosa
Viendras Tu Ce Soir
Villa Rica
Virginias Realisation
Vision, The
Voice in the Wilderness, A
Von Oldenburg
“Vorspiel” from Lohengrin (Richard Wagner) - stereo
Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train / War with Mexico / Banks of the Sacramento / Wait for the Wagon)
Wait for the Hoedown (extended version)
Waking the Sleeping Tiger
Walk to Tabernacle
Waltz, The
Wanting A Colt - The Painting
War Montage
Warning to Germany
Washington, D.C.
Watching Over Pedro
Way West, The
We kiss in a shadow
We Meet David
We've Sighted Land
wedding night, The
Wedding Processional
Wedding Reception
Wedding Vows
Wee Willie Winkie
Western Show: How the West Was Won
Westward Ho!
What About Heathcliff
What price glory
What Was Your Name in the States?
When I Was Single (playback version)
Whirl & Fancy
White House Tour
Who Am I—The Troika
Who Do Men Say That I Am?
Who Wanted It
Why Do They Say I Have No Name
Why Isn't There the Smell of Heather
Wide Missouri, The
Wiffenpoof Song, The
Wild Bomb Mushroom Effect (cymbals/gong Version)
Wild Bomb Mushroom Effect (vibraphone Version)
Wildfeuer Polka, The
Will Make You Fishers of Men, I
Will You Forget Me / Death Scene / End Title
Wilson Addresses Congress
Wilson Nominated
Wilson Suffers a Stroke
Wilson vs. Big Ed
Wizard of Oz
Won't Be Your Mistress / Death for Gregg, I
Work Begins, The
Wotan's Farewell
Wrath of God / The Sick Baby
Wuthering Heights (1939) ("Cathy's Theme")
Wuthering Heights: A Tribute to Alfred Newman
Wuthering Heights. Selections;
Yellow sky.
You only live once
You're Playing With Fire
You Shall Not Die
You Smell of Warm Grass
You’ve Been in My Prayers / Kaptah
Youll Love Him…
Young Ben
Young David
Young Mr. Lincoln
Your Life Begins
Zapt and Colman Riding (Zapt and Rassendyll Riding) & Zapt Takes Candles
Zeb and Jethro
Zeb's Return
Contributed to or performed: 
1999 Rutgers University Marching Scarlet Knights, The
20th Century Fox Fanfare / Star Wars Main Title
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
20th Century Fox: Music From the Golden Age
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Around the World 2
Assembly / At the YMCA
Band Picks It Up, The
Battle of the Sexes
Big Screen Sound
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Encore
Blue Tahitian Moon
Bottle, The
Bravados, The
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection
Burial (Bereavement / Rock of Ages / Fulfillment), The
Cabin, The
Camelot / The Wedding Ceremony
Camelot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Camptown Races / Finale, De
Captain From Castile - The Classic Film Scores of Alfred Newman
Careless Love
Carousel Waltz, The
Carousel: Carousel Waltz / You’re a Queer One, Julie Jordan / Mister Snow / If I Loved You / June Is Bustin’ Out All Over
Carousel: Soliloquy / Blow High, Blow Low / When the Children are Asleep / A Real Nice Clambake / Stonecutters Cut it on Stone / What’s the use of Wond’rin’ / You’ll Never Walk Alone / If I Loved You / You’ll Never Walk Alone
Celebration of Hollywood 1994, A
Chariot Ride, Pursuit / Akhnaton, Put Them in Chains, The
Charlie and Alex Reunited
Cheek to Cheek
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Clarion Call” - A Gambler’s Honor, “The
Cliff House / Stella's Performance, The
Cliff House Announcement / Charlie's New Song
Coin, The
Come Share My Life
Conan the Barbarian
Concerning O. Henry
Concerts pour l'aventure: Les plus belles musiques de films au Grand Rex
Cop and the Anthem” - The Windy Street, “The
Crime Scene USA: Classic Film Noir Themes & Jazz Tracks
Crocodile Inn / Thebes
Dangerous Crossing / Pickup on South Street
Day the Earth Stood Still, The
Deck the Hall
Demetrius and the Gladiators
Digital Space
Dirty Eddie's
Doctor, The
Dressing Room Showdown
Drink, The
Easter Parade
Egyptian (main title), The
Egyptian, The
Egyptian: The Deluxe Edition, The
Enchanted Sea, The
End Title / End Cast
Entr'acte (extended version)
Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood
Erie Canal, The
Everybody Step / All Alone
Everybody's Doin' It Now
Exit Music (The Promised Land / Banks of the Sacramento / A Home in the Meadow / How the West Was Won)
Fahrenheit 451
Farewell for Just a While
Faust: Act II. "Buvons! Trinquons! Et qu'un joyeux refrain" / "Un rat plus poltron que brave" / "Le veau d'or"
Faust: Act II. "Merci de ta chanson!" / "Dans les airs se brise!"
Film Music Collection
Finale Ultimo
Fly / Return of the Fly / Curse of the Fly, The
Fog, The
Follow Me / Children’s Chorus
Forever More
Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The
Gift for an Old Friend, A
Gift of the Magi” - The Lovers, “The
Gold Claim
Good Morning, Miss Dove! / Black Widow
Good Samaritan, The
Good, The Bad and The Ugly And All Other Greatest Movie Themes, The
Goodbye, Fitz
Great Artist/Finale, A
Great War Montage
Greatest Cinema Choral Classics, The
Grosse Welt der Filmmusik, Die
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Finale
He's a Rag Picker
Heat Wave
Holding On
Home in the Meadow, A
How the West Was Won
How to Marry a Millionaire
In a Thicket
In My Harem
In Session: A Film Music Celebration
International Rag, The
Isa Lei
It's a Wonderful Life / A Christmas Carol / Miracle on 34th Street
It's Your Country
Jazz Noire: Darktown Sleaze From The Mean Streets Of 1940s L.A.
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Jugglers, The
Kentuckian, The
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Action und Thriller (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 4)
Lang leve 60 jaar TV-tunes
Last Leaf” - Love Ends, “The
Leprechaun, The
Let Yourself Go
Little Man, The
Love Scene
Love’s Dream After the Ball
Luck of the Irish: Main Title, The
Madonna of the Flowers
Magic Film Hits
Main Title / Nob Hill Concert
March of the Siamese Children, The
Marching Along With Time
Masquerade Suite: Galop
Masquerade Suite: Mazurka
Masquerade Suite: Romance
Masquerade Suite: Waltz
Mephisto Waltz / The Other, The
Militärmarsch D-Dur op. 51 nr. 1
Miracle on 34th Street / Miracle on 34th Street / Come to the Stable
Miracle on 34th Street: 20th Century Fox Fanfare / Main Title
Miracle on 34th Street: Fox Logo / Main Title
Movie Classics zum Entspannen und Geniessen
Music From Famous Westerns, Volume 2
Music From Hollywood
Music of Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, The
My Little Grass Shack
My Ragtime Violin
My Walking Stick
National Public Radio: Milestones of the Millennium: Music in Film
Nefer's Farewell / Sights, Sounds and Smells
Nevada Smith: The Paramount Westerns Collection
New York
Night Terror
Now Is the Hour
Now It Can Be Told
O Saluteris Hostia
O Sanctissima, O Piissima
O. Henry's Full House / The Luck of the Irish
O. Henry’s Full House: End Titles
O. Henry’s Full House: Main Title
Official Alpine Reference Disc Car Audio Nationals II
Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
Old Tricks
Orchestra Tunes Up
Overture (extended version)
Overture / Marie
Pak Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil
Panis Angelicus
Perfect Gifts, The
Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes Revisited, The
Poor Wayfarin' Stranger
Ports of Paradise
Predator: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Prelude / Overture
Preminger at Fox
Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody, A
Prisoner of Zenda, The
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
Racers / Daddy Long Legs, The
Raise a Ruckus Tonight
Rákóczi-Marsch aus "Fausts Verdammung"
Ransom of Red Chief” - Hill Billy Tune / Finale, “The
Real Mr. Simms / Who Is He?, The
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 1
Salvatore Mundi
Say It With Music
Ship at Sea
Slumming on Park Avenue
Softly and Tenderly / Finale
Some Sunny Day
Songs, Voice, And Films Of Marilyn Monroe, The
Sound of Music, The
Star Wars - A Musical Anthology
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Trilogy
Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Soundtrack Anthology
Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Wars: A New Hope
Star Wars: A New Hope: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: The Ultimate Edition
Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection
Stormy Weather
Story On Page One / The Reward, The
Summer ’69
Ted 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Theme from “Z” and Other Film Music
This Is the Life
Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches
Three Faces of Eve / The Snake Pit, The
THX Test Disc
To You Sweetheart, Aloha
Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
True Grit: Music From the Classic Films of John Wayne
Türkischer Marsch aus Die Ruinen von Athen, op.113
TV Movie Adventure Classics Vol. 3
Under Your Spell: Amigo--My Friend
Under Your Spell: My Little Mule Wagon
Under Your Spell: Under Your Spell
Waterfall, The
We're on Our Way to France
westerns de John Ford (Bandes originales des films), Les
What Price Glory / Fixed Bayonets / The Desert Rats
What Was Your Name in the States? (extended version)
What'll I Do?
When I Lost You
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam
Whispering Wind
Wild West, The
Wild, Wild Westerns
Will to Die, The
World of Film - The Western Themes
X Files: Original Soundtrack From the Fox Television Series, Volume One, The
X Files: Original Soundtrack From the Fox Television Series, Volume Three, The
X Files: Original Soundtrack From the Fox Television Series, Volume Two, The
X Files: The Event Series: Original Soundtrack From the Fox Television Series, The
X Files: Volume One (Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series), The
X-Files: Season 11, The
X2: X-Men United