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Bronté, Horatio Viscount Nelson-
Horācijs Nelsons
Horatio Nelson
Horatio Nelson, 1. Viscount Nelson (britischer Admiral)
Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson
Horatio Nelson (admirał brytyjski)
Horatio Nelson (ammiraglio britannico)
Horatio Nelson (British flag officer famous for his service in the Royal Navy)
Horatio Nelson (Brits officier (1758-1805))
Horatio Nelson (officier britannique)
Horatio Nelson (Vicealmirante de la Royal Navy)
Horatio Nelson (viscount Nelson; 1758-1805)
Horatius Nelson
Horatsio Nelson
Nelʹson, Gorat︠s︡io (Viscount)
Nelson Bronté, Horatio Viscount
Nelson-Bronté, Horazio Viscount
Nelson-Bronté, Viscount Horatio of
Nelson, H.
Nelson (H.; 1758-1805)
Nelson (H. N.; 1758-1805)
Nelson, Horacio
Nelson, Horacio (Viscount)
Nelson, Horatio
Nelson, Horatio (English naval officer, noble, and patron, 1758-1805)
Nelson, Horatio (Lord)
Nelson, Horatio Nelson
Nelson, Horatio Nelson (vescomte)
Nelson, Horatio Nelson (vicomte)
Nelson, Horatio Nelson (Viscount)
Nelson, Horatio Viscount
Nelson, Horatio Viscount Nelson
Nelson (Lord)
Nelson (lord; 1758-1805)
Nelson (Viscount)
Nelson (vojnik)
Nelsons, Horācijs
Nelsons, Horeišio
Viscount Horatio Nelson Nelson
Οράτιος Νέλσον (Ναύαρχος του Βασιλικού Βρετανικού Ναυτικού)
Адмирал Нельсон
Гарацыё Нэльсан
Гораціо Нельсон
Нельсон, Г
Нельсон (Г; 1758-1805)
Нельсон, Горацио
Хорацио Нелсън
Хорејшио Нелсон
ჰორაციო ნელსონი
Հորացիո Նելսոն
הוריישו נלסון
هوراتيو نيلسون
هوراشيو نيلسون
هوریشیو نلسون
ہوریشیو نیلسن
होरेशियो नेलसन
ஹோரஷியோ நெல்சன்
ഹൊറേഷ്യോ നെൽസൺ
โฮราชิโอ เนลสัน ไวเคานท์เนลสันที่ 1
넬슨 자작 1세 허레이쇼 넬슨
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Brueys d'Aigalliers, François-Paul (1753-1798)
Hamilton, Emma (ca 1765-1815.)
Hudson, Gilbert
Naish, George P. B.
Naish, George Prideaux Brabant
Nelson, Frances Herbert Woolward Nelson (viscountess, 1761-1831.)
Nicolas, Nicholas Harris Sir
Rawson, Geoffrey
Tucker, John Montmorency
Vancouver Maritime Museum
White, Colin (1951-...)
Winter L (1920- Les)
Шигин В. В. Владимир Виленович
account of the proceedings of Captain Nelson of His Majesty's ship Boreas, relative to the illegal trade carried on between the Americans & the British West India Islands, An
Admiral Lord Nelson and the victory of the Nile on the 1. 2. 3. of Aug. *. -
Bataille d'Aboukir
Battle of Cape St. Vincent Nelson boarding the San Josef., The
Copies of memorial from Horation Nelson to George III, outlining his contribution to the "present war" in which he had "engaged against the enemy upwards of one hundred and twenty times" and "lost his right eye and right arm"
Copy extract of last letter from Lady Emma Hamilton to Horatio Nelson, expressing her love for him and wishing him victory
Correspondance de Lord Nelson pendant sa croisière dans la Méditérrannée décembre1794-février 1797
Correspondence. Selections
Cowie, L.W. Lord Nelson, 1758-1805, c1990.
Dispatches and letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson, The
Hamilton & Nelson papers ... 1756-[1815], The
Hawke, Nelson and British naval leadership, 1747-1805
Heritage and Nelson a salute to both
Last diary [October 1805, and Last letter to Lady Hamilton, October 19th 1805.]
Latvijas padomju enciklopēdija, 1986:
letter dated 10 May 1905, written to Rear Admiral George Campbell, A
Letter from Horatio Nelson, Palermo, Sicily, to the Marquis of Niza [Tomás Xavier Teles de Castro da Gama], warning him of the approach of the Russians towards Malta and expressing gratification for Niza's support
Letter from Horatio Nelson to Thomas Lloyd, regarding his enjoyment of Bath and his intentions to continue to "serve my country" on the 'Vanguard'
Letters of lord Nelson to lady Hamilton ; with a supplement of interesting letters, by distinguished characters
life and naval memoirs of Lord Nelson, The : compiled from original documents and other authentic sources ; embellished by numerous engravings.
life of the Right Honorable Horatio, Lord Viscount Nelson ..., The
Lord Nelson und der Herzog Franz Caracciolo, 1895:
Nelson a dream of glory, 1758-1797
Nelson and sea power
Nelson and the Neapolitan Jacobinus documents relating to the supression of the Jacobin revolution at Naples, June 1799
Nelson love & fame
Nelson memorandum., The
Nelson's battles
Nelson's last diary.
Nelson's letters to his wife, and other documents, 1785-1831.
Nelson's words and deeds ...
Nelson, the new letters
Nelson : the sword of Albion, 2012:
Nelson touch, being a little book of the great seaman's wisdom;, The
New chart of the Mediterranean Sea, comprehending the coast from Cape St. Mary, (in Portugal), to Constantinople, and from Rabat, in Africa, to Alexandretto, or Scanderoon, in Asia &c
official and circumstantial detail of the grand national obsequies at the public funeral of ... Nelson ..., An
order to be observed in the publick funeral procession of the late vice-admiral Horatio viscount Nelson ... on Wednesday the 8th day of January 1806., The
Orme's graphic history of the life exploits, and death of Horatio Nelson ... : containing fifteen engravings, and intended as an accompaniment to the three ... plates of his lordship's ... victories, vix., The battles off St. Vincent's, the Nile, and Trafalgar, which are explained by ... keys
Plan of the battle of the Nile, August 1st. 1798.
portrait of Lord Nelson, A
Ragguaglio, ossia Lettera del gen. Nelson ... con le allegrezze fatte in Vienna all'ambasciatore ottomano.
Seize, burn, or sink : the thoughts and words of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
son of commerce, The : an original poem in thirty-four cantos
victoria del general Gutiérrez sobre el almirante Nelson, 1995:, La
Адмирал Нельсон в океане нумизматики
Адмирал Нельсон частная жизнь
Война и страсть дневники вице-адмирала
Морская битва двух империй. Нельсон против Бонопарта
Судьба адмирала Нельсона
Трафальгар, 1805 год. За Нельсона и короля!