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Brichtus, Timotheus
Bright, Tim
Bright, Timothe
Bright, Timotheus
Bright, Timothie
Bright, Timothy
Brighthus, Timotheus
Brightus, Timothaeus
Brightus, Timotheus
Timothie Bright (British doctor)
Timothy Bright
Timothy Bright (Brits ingenieur (-))
Timothy Bright (englischer Hospitzalarzt, Landpfarrer und Entwickler eines Stenografiesystems)
ca. 1550-1615/16
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Computer file
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English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Ficino, Marsiglio (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Ficino, Marsilio (1433-1499)
Fischer Peter - Erben
Fischer, Peter (15..-1595))
George Fabyan Collection (Library of Congress)
Palthenius, Zacharias (1570-1615; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Palthenius, Zacharias (1570-1615))
Rosa (ca 1620))
Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Wechel (1593))
Windet, John (15..-1651))
abridgement of the booke of Acts and monumentes of the church, An
Characterie, an arte of shorte, swifte, and secrete writing by character.
Characteries, 1888?:
Dr. Timothie Bright, 1550-1615, 1962
Gulielmi Adolphi Sribonii. Physica etsphaerica doctrina. Illa Timothei Brighti Cantabrigienensis Med. D. animaduereionibus: haec vero M. Zachariae Paltbenii Fridbergensis notis illustrata. QVuarto nuncedita, rerumqueque Indice locupletissimo annexo. dotata|.
Hygieina ... et Therapeutica. -
Hygieina, id est, De sanitate tuenda, medicinae pars prima
In physicam Gulielmi Adolphi Scribonii, post secundam editionem ab autore denuó copiosissimé adauctam, & in III libros distinctam, animadversiones Timothei Brighti Cantabrigiensis, medicine doctoris, 1587:
Medicinae therapeuticae pars de dyscrasia corporis humani
Psychologia : hoc est, De hominis perfectione, animo, et in primis ortu hujus, commentationes ac disputationes quorundam theologorum & philosophorum nostræ ætatis, quos proximè sequens præfationem pagina ostendit. Philosophiæ studiosis lectu jucundæ & utiles. Nunc correctæ & auctæ à Rodolpho Goclenio, professore in academia Marpurg. Logico..
Rerum physicarum iuxta leges logicas methodica explicatio. 1587. (VD16 ZV 14277)
studiosorum sanitate libri III, De
Traité de la mélancolie 1586
Treatise of melancholie
treatise of melancholy, A : contayning the causes thereof, and reasons of the straunge effects it worketh in our minds and bodies : with the phisicke cure, and spirituall consolation for such as have thereto adjoyned afflicted conscience, the difference betwixt it, and melancholy, with diverse philosophicall discourses touching actions, and affections of soule, spirit and body ...
treatise wherein is declared the sufficiencie of English medicine ...
triplici vita. 1598. (VD16 B 8312), De