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Gershon Kingsley
Götz Gustav Ksinski
Kingsley, Gershon
Ksinski, Götz Gustav
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Ksinki, Götz Gustav (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Ksinski, Goetz Gustav (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Camison, Mathias
Canteloube, Joseph (1879-1957)
Davrath, Netania
First Moog Quartet (isMemberOf)
Free, Stan (co-performer)
Gérald, Frank (1928-...)
Gershwin, George (1898-1937)
La Roche, Pierre de
Migénes, Julia (1949-...)
Peerce, Jan (1904-1984)
Perrey, Jean Jacques (1929-)
Arabella Arabesken : for solo clarinet
Baroque Hoedown
Beyond Destiny
But not for me (3 min 55 s)
By Strauss (2 min 21 s)
Carousel of the Planets
Chants d'Auvergne
Computer in Love
contrat, Le
Cosmic Ballad
Countdown at 6
cradle will rock, The
damsel in distress, A
Did You Ever Take a Journey
Eleanor Rigby
Electronic Can‐Can
Embraceable you (2 min 59 s)
Essential Perrey & Kingsley, The
essential Perrey & Kingsleythe first music for easy listening ever recorded on the Moog, The
Fifth Cup, Part 1: 1984 - One, One, Is One, The
Fifth Cup, Part 2: Ode to Life to Celebrate Our Freedom, The
Fifth Cup, Part 3: First Question - Poverty Ballad / Second Question - Bitter Herbs / Third Question - Superstition, The
Fifth Cup, Part 4: Wise Men Say, The
Fifth Cup, Part 5: What Does It Take (The Ten Plagues), The
Fifth Cup, Part 6: Security Song, The
Fifth Cup, Part 7: Grace, The
First Commandment, The
First Moog Quartet
First Step, The
For Alisse Beethoven
George White's scandals
Girl crazy
Girl From Venus
God Is a Moog
Goldwyn follies
got plenty o'nuttin' (2 min 49 s), I
Have a Little Brain, I
Have It - Or Grab It - Or Go
Hey, Hey
How long has this been going on ? (3 min 51s)
In the Beginning
Intro: Disneyland Theme
Is There Only ONE?
Jan Peerce on 2nd Avenue
Jan Peerce on Second Avenue
Jewish dances.
Jewish Experience, Part 1
Jewish Experience, Part 2
Jewish Experience, Part 3
Jewish Experience, Part 4
Jewish Experience, Part 5
julia migenes johnson sings gershwin sr
Jungle Blues From Jupiter
Lady be good
Last butterfly
Little Man From Mars, The
Love is here to stay (4 min 17 s)
Love songs
Lullaby at Ponar
Main Street Electrical Parade, The
Man I love (2 min 45 s), The
Maven on the Moog #1
Maven on the Moog #2
Maven on the Moog #3
Maven on the Moog #4
Maven on the Moog #5
Miracles: Untitled / The Concrete Mixer / Thunder / My Brain / War
Music to Moog by
Nashir b'yachad : for solo, unison, two and three part chorus and keyboard : 1972, 1987
NBC on-the-air advertising NBC television, NBC week, 1969, background music : on-the-air advertising.
Nice work if you can get it (4 min 22 s)
Nowhere Man
Oh Kay !
out sound from way in!, The
Paperback Writer
Pop Collage Medley: Popcorn / Black Is Black / Kiss Him Goodbye
Pop corn'festival
Porgy and Bess
Prélude au sommeilJean-Jacques Perrey & la musique éléctronique
Pyramide, Die
Quiet Descent
Reconciliation for strings : for violin I, violin II, viola, cello, double bass
Savers, The
Scarborough Fair
Shabbat For Today, Part 1: L'cho dee / Bor'chu / Sh'ma Yisroeyl
Shabbat For Today, Part 10: Kiddush
Shabbat For Today, Part 11: Interlude / Vaanachnu / Bayom Hahu
Shabbat For Today, Part 12: Kaddish
Shabbat For Today, Part 13: But Still The World Keeps Rolling On
Shabbat For Today, Part 14: Benediction
Shabbat For Today, Part 2: Micho Mochu
Shabbat For Today, Part 3: V'shomru
Shabbat For Today, Part 4: May The Words
Shabbat For Today, Part 5: S'u Sh'oreem
Shabbat For Today, Part 6: Baruch Sh'nossan Torah
Shabbat For Today, Part 7: L'cho Adonoy
Shabbat For Today, Part 8: Gad'lu / Hodu
Shabbat For Today, Part 9: Eyts Chayeem
Shall we dance
Shiru Ladonai shir chadash (Friday night service)
show is on, The
Silent devotion ; Yih'yu l'ratzon
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Somebody loves me (2 min 42 s)
Someone to watch over me (4 min 03 s)
Songs for Lag ba-Omer and Shavuot
Songs of the Auvergne complete
Sounds of Silence
Spooks in Space
Suite I, Movement 1
Suite I, Movement 10
Suite I, Movement 2
Suite I, Movement 3
Suite I, Movement 4
Suite I, Movement 5
Suite I, Movement 6
Suite I, Movement 7
Suite I, Movement 8
Suite I, Movement 9
Suite II, Movement 1
Suite II, Movement 2
Suite II, Movement 3
Summertime (2 min 30 s)
Sunset Sound
Swan’s Splashdown
swap, The
They can't take that away from me (2 min 35s)
Three songs from the ghetto
Tierra! : Christoph Columbus und der Kampf um Macht, Gold und Seelen : für Soli, Chor und Orchester
Trumansburg Whistle
Twinkle, Twinkle
Unidentified Flying Object
Vocal music.
Voices from the shadow Jazz psalms ; Shabbat for today (excerpts) ; Shuri Ladonai (excerpts).
voices from the shadow p
What Is Creativity?
Yih'yu l'ratzon
גרויסע יידישע ניגונים
Contributed to or performed: 
A.M. New York
At Home With the Groovebox
Atmospheric Synthesizer Spectacular - Vol. 3
Barnyard in Orbit
Baroque Hoedown
Bei mir bist du schön
Carousel of the Planets
Chansons Des Parcs Disney
Clara, Clara
Cold Duck
Cold Duck Eats Pop Corn
Computer in Love
Cosmic Ballad
Countdown at 6
Crown's Killing
Cruisers 1.0
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney’s Rave
E.V.A: The Best of Jean Jacques Perrey
Electrical Parade 〜Retro Future mix〜
Electrical Parade 〜Retro Future mix〜 (new recording)
Electronic Can-Can
Flight of the Bumble Bee
Generation Fernseh-Kult 3
Gershwin: Alive & Well & Underground
Ghostly Sounds
Ghosts From Outer Space, The
Girl From Venus
Glory, Glory
Got Rhythm, I
Grand Royal DPRO 9007
Greatest Hits From Outer Space
Incredible Synthesizer
It Ain't Necessarily So
John Philip Moog
Jungle Blues From Jupiter
King's Eyes
Little Man From Mars, The
Lover's Concerto
Main Street Electrical Parade
Mas Que Nada
Moon River
My Man's Gone Now
New Songs of the Auvergne: Allons, beau rossignol
New Songs of the Auvergne: Comment donc savoir
New Songs of the Auvergne: Dans le tombeau
New Songs of the Auvergne: J'ai un douce amie
New Songs of the Auvergne: La fille d'un paysan
New Songs of the Auvergne: La mère Antoine
New Songs of the Auvergne: Le premier de tous les oiseux
New Songs of the Auvergne: Lorsque le meunier
New Songs of the Auvergne: Moi j'ai un homme
New Songs of the Auvergne: Mon père m'a plasée
New Songs of the Auvergne: O up !
New Songs of the Auvergne: Oh ! Madelon, je dois partir
New Songs of the Auvergne: Quand Marion va au moulin
New Songs of the Auvergne: Reveillez-vous, belle endormie
New Songs of the Auvergne: Rossignolet qui chants
One Note Samba / Spanish Flea
Out Sound From Way In! - The Complete Vanguard Recordings, The
Pop Corn
Porgy and Bess Introduction and Opening Scene I
Rhapsody in Blue
Savers, The
Segacon - The Best of Sega Game Music - Vol.1
Spooks in Space
Strangers in the Night
Swan's Splashdown
Swans Splashdown
Switched-On Gershwin
Third Man Theme
Time for Techno
To Händel With Love
Toy Balloons
Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Unidentified Flying Object
Unidentified Flying Object, The
Visa to the Stars
Winchester Cathedral