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Sartorius, N.
Sartorius, Norman
サルトリウス, ノーマン
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Aubry, Jean-Michel (co-author)
Christodoulou, George N. (co-author)
Cooper, John Edward
Cooper, John Edward (co-author)
Gaebel, Wolfgang (co-author)
Guimón Ugartechea, José (co-author)
Hamburg, David A. (co-author)
Helmchen, H.
Helmchen, Hanfried
Herrman, Helen (co-author)
Holt, Richard I. G. (co-author)
Israël, Liliane
Israël, Liliane (co-author)
Jakovljević, Miro
Janca, A.
Katschnig, Heinz
Kozarević, Djordje
Loranger, Armand Walter (co-author)
Maj, Mario
Maj, Mario (co-author)
Moscarelli, Massimo (co-author)
Pavlovský, Pavel (1938-)
Sota, Eduardo de la
Węgrzyn, Jacek
Węgrzyn, tłumacz
Wing, John Kenneth
Wing, John Kenneth (co-author)
World Health Organization
融, 祐子
Annotated bibliography of psychiatric epidemiology
Anxiety : psychobiological and clinical perspectives
Assessment and diagnosis of personality disorders : the ICD-10 international personality disorder examination (IPDE)
Borba za duševno zdravlje
Calidad de vida en los trastornos mentales
Changes in frequency of mental disorder over time : results of repeated surveys of mental disorders in the general population
Comorbidity of mental and physical disorders
companion to the classification of mental disorders, A
Depresión : la importancia del factor tiempo
Depression and heart disease
Depressive disorders in different cultures report on the WHO collaborative study on standardized assessment of depressive disorders
Diagnosis and clinical measurement in psychiatry : a reference manual for SCAN
Economics of anxiety and depression
Erfassung und Klassifikation psychiatrischer Symptome Beschreibung u. Glossar d. PSE (Present State Examination) - e. Verfahren zur Erhebung d. psychopatholog. Befundes
Ethics, culture, and psychiatry : international perspectives
Ethics in psychiatry European contributions
Évaluations en gérontologie
femmes et la discrimination dépression, religion, société, Les
Fighting for mental health : a personal view
Fighting stigma of mental illness in midsize European countries
future of mental health services, The : proceedings of a Conference on the Future of Mental Health Services, Nairobi, Kenya, August 14-18, 1979
Gestión de las intervenciones psiquiátricas, La
Guide pour un examen psychiatrique
Health and behaviour selected perspectives
Health and cross-cultural psychology : toward applications
historical overview of psychiatry in selected countries of Central & Eastern Europe, A
How to organize a psychiatric congress
ICD-10 : inwentarz objawów zaburzeń psychicznych wersja 1.1 ; Słownik objawów zaburzeń psychicznych
ICD-10 : symptom glossary for mental disorders
image of madness the public facing mental illness and psychiatric treatment, The
Is pain a somatic symptom?
Issues in preventive psychiatry
Klinička psihofarmakoterapija
Knj. 1.
Manage or perish? : the challenges of managed mental health care in Europe
Manuale de riferimento dei mezzi di studio e di misura delle funzioni mentali
Manuel de références des moyens d'investigation et de mesure des fonctions mentales
Measurement and classification of psychiatric symptoms : an instruction manual for the PSE and Catego program
Medicine in the era of decivilization
Mental disorders in China results of the National epidemiological survey in 12 areas
Mental disorders in HIV-1 infection and AIDS
Mental health in the elderly : a review of the present state of research
Mental health services : the cross-cultural context
Mental illness in general health care : an international study
Mezinárodní klasifikace nemocí - 10. revize (MKN-10)
Mon combat pour la santé mentale
Multicentre trials
Non-specific aspects of treatment
Paradaimu rosuto : Kokoro no sutiguma kokufuku sono riron to jissen.
Paradigms lost : fighting stigma and the lessons learned
Parenting and psychopatholgy
Pathways of medicine
Perspectives épidémiologiques
Pharmacothérapie des troubles bipolaires
Placebo theory, research, and mechanisms
Psihološka analiza osobitosti mišljenja kod shizofrenih bolesnika : doktorska disertacija
Psychiatr. Danub., Suppl.
Psychological disorders in general medical settings
Quality of life in mental disorders
Reducing the stigma of mental illness : a report from a Global Programme of the World Psychiatric Association
Research study on follow-up changes psychiatric/psychosocial care in different European countries, with specific references to middle and middle-eastern Europe : report of the task force nominated by the Danubian Psychiatric Association
Seelische Gesundheit Standort und Perspektiven
Sekai no hitobito ni kenko o ikiwataraseru tame ni.
Source book of geriatric assessment...
Sources and traditions of classification in psychiatry
stigma of mental illness end of the story ?, The
Trastornos depresivos en diferentes culturas : informe de un estudio de la OMS en colaboración relativo a la evaluación normalizada de trastornos depresivos
Treatment of mental disorders a review of effectiveness
troubles dépressifs dans différents contextes culturels, Les : rapport de l'etude collective OMS sur l'évaluation normalisée des troubles dépressifs
Understanding the stigma of mental illness : theory and interventions
Valutare l'anziano...
Wytyczne WPA : jak przeciwdziałać stygmatyzacji psychiatrii i psychiatrów
パラダイム・ロスト : 心のスティグマ克服、その理論と実践