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Doyle, Pat
Doyle, Patrick
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle (britischer Komponist)
Patrick Doyle (British composer)
Patrick Doyle (britisk komponist)
Patrick Doyle (Brits componist)
Patrick Doyle (brittisk kompositör)
Patrick Doyle (compositore britannico)
Дойл, Патрик
Պատրիկ Դոյլ
پاتریک دویل (آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
패트릭 도일
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Branagh, Kenneth (1960-)
Branagh, Kenneth Charles (1960-....))
Firth, Colin (1960-)
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Grant, Hugh (1960-)
Levitan, Steven
Naxos Digital Services
Pacino, Al (1940-...)
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
TF1 entreprises
Thompson, Emma (1959-...)
Thomson, Alex (1929-2007))
Wargnier, Régis (1948-...)
Williams, John skladatelj
Zimmer, Hans (skladatelj)
Abigail's Feeling
Across the Plains
Acting Me Me Me
Activation, The
Adam Called
Adamsberg & Marie
Adele’s Letters
Adoption, The
Ahoy, Moby!
Ain't Love Grand
Airport, Whale
Alas poor Yorick
Alex Nearly Drowns
Alex Swims Away
Alexander Cut
Alexander's Arrow
Alice and Jake
Alice Bound (original version)
Alice Escapes
Alice Leaves Jake
All Is True
All that lives must die
All the Better for Her
"All the Delights of the Season" from Sense and Sensibility
Am a Princess, I
Am Merida, I
And will 'a not come again?
Angel Wings
Annie Walks Out / Film
Another Year Ends
Antiques / Corvette Peels Out / The Laughing Duke
Ao ar livre
Apes and Mankind
Apes Attack, The
archéologue, L'
Ardent Attack
Armstrong Case, The
Arrival of the Princess
Arriving in Glasgow
Art & The Minister
As You Like It
Assassins, The
Attic, The
Ayden The Falcon
Baby Turtles
Bagarre dans la forêt
Bal - Gavotte & Menuet, Le
Barnyard Fashion
Bataille de Québec, La
Bathroom Life Lesson
Battle for Varden
Battle of Agincourt - Henry V, The
Battle of Hadrian's Wall, The
bazaar de l'épouvante
Be My Uncle
Beaucoup de bruit pour rien
Beauty of a Woman's Face
Because of Us
Become the Hero
Bedroom, The
Bees and Cakes
Beginning, The
Benedick the Married Man
Berceuse de Marie-Loup, La
Besame Mucho
Beth Nielsen Chapman - I Find Your Love
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) (Instrumental Version)
Big Trip, The
Bike Chase
Birth & Revolution
Black Arrival
Black Lake, The
Blind Life Saver / The Forbidden Forest
Blind Orphans
Blitzkrieg Bots
Blocking the Road
Blow Blow
Blown dry
Blue Sea and the White Horse, The
Boar's head
Boardroom Terrors
Bonjour Marie
Bored to Sobs
Boy Under Sea
Boys Remember Mama
Bra's Off
Brain Wash
Bras Off
Brave: Fate and Destiny
Brave (Indomable): Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Brave Rescue, A
Brian's Deed
Bridge, The
Bridget Jones's diary
Bright Eyes Escapes
Brogan and Julia
Brom's Story
Brothers Fight
Buccaneer Ship
Buck Is Released
Building the Traps
Buoy, The
Burning Boat, The
Burning Farm
By the Inch or By the Hour
Caesar and Buck
Caesar Protects Charles
Caesar’s Home
Caesar's Stand
‘Caesing’ the Knife
Cafe, The
Calendar girls
Call, The
Camille's Journey
Can You See Jane?
Canção de Mor'du
Candy Rescue
Captain Madsen Is Poisoned
Careless Love
Carlito and Gail
Carlito's way
Carpe Diem
Catching Elena
Celia & Oliver
Cenicienta, La
Changing Room, The
Charles Slips Away
Chase, The
Chasing the Rats
Chasing the Storm
Chasse à l'homme
Chemical Attack
Cheverin Meets Ryan
Children Running
Choose That One
Choose Your Revenge
Chopper to NYC
Christina Elisa Waltz
Christmas in New York
CIA Recruitment
Cinetone News
City in the Fog
Clever Lad
Clever Little Dog
Cliff Chase
Cliff, The
Climbing the Wall
Clockwork Mouse, A
Cloud and Confessions
Cock o' the North
Coffin, The
Combe Magna
Compound, The
Comrades in Arms
Conspirators, The
Contempt Farewell
Cornfield Jungle
Coup de peigne
coupable, La
Courage and Kindness
Creation, The
Crewe and the Soldier
crime et l'enfant, Le
Crisis in Asgard
Crossing the Gulf
Customs Search
Cutter Ahoy
Dancing Competition Begins
Dark Mark, The
Day All My Dreams Came True, The
Day Is Yours, The
Dead Again: The Headlines
Death of Bardolph, The
Death of Cedric
Death of Falstaff, The
Death of Howell
Death of Justine / Sea of Ice
Death of Vortgyn
Death Valley
Deborah Dies
Decaying City
Decision, The
Delete and Rescue
Départ de France, Le
Derive, La
Des étoiles dans ma tête
Desperate Deletion
Destin de Marie-Loup, Le
Destroyer, The
deux frères
Devil On Their Side, The
Devil's Here, The
Devon And Cornwall [Dragon Dance]
Did I Not Tell You
Did Knock, I
Died in Childbirth
Dixie Time
Dodge Hoses Caesar
Don’t Turn Away
Donnie and Lefty
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Gets Involved
Donnie's Taken Out
Donnie & The Morman
Door Is Closed, The
Door Knob, The
doors are broke, The
Dr. Arbuthnot
Dragon Attack / Forbidden Forest
Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Instrumental Version), A
Dreame, The
Dreaming of Home
Drought, The
Dust Off the Guns
Earth to Asgard
Eat No More
Elevator, The
Eliane Finds Camille
Ella and Kit
Elliot & Lisa
Emilia Elopes
Emoji Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Emoji Ringtone
End Creadits Suite
End Of The Forest / Garrett Leaves
End of the Journey
End Title
End Titles, Part I
End Titles, Part II
Engagement, The
Entering Camelot / Dragon Service
Equality and Justice
Eragon: Music From the Motion Picture
érudit, L'
Escape From Capri
Escape, The
Est ouest
Estella's Theme
Even If You Die
Evil Annie
Evil Bone
Evil Science Fair
Evil Stitched to Evil
Excalibur, l'épée magique
Excellent Notion
Except the King
Excuse Me
Exit To Eden
Exodus, The
Exploring the Island
Eyes Straight
Fabulous News
Face in the Lake, The
Fair Day
Fairy Dance
Fairy Godmother
Faith of Our Fathers
Fake Wedding
Falied Escape
Falling for Director
False Hope
Family, A
Fantastic Tits
Fate and Destiny
Fate Happens / Death of a Mad Son (Album Version With No Vocals)
Father and Son
Fear a Bhata
Fear No More (Reprise)
femme française, Une
Fifty Thousand Cases
Fin de l’histoire, La
Final Call, The
Final Fighting
Final Request
Final Results
Find Your Love, I
Finding the Money
Fire the Long Toms!
Fireside Chat
Firewall, The
First Branch, The
First Fling (original version)
First Hypnosis / You Missed Something
First Print
First Rendezvous, The
First Training
Five Year Exile
Flora Departs, The
Flying Over Afghanistan
Follow That Cab
foolish pranting knave, A
For the Princess
Foreign Language
Foreign Visitors Arrive
Forest of Arden, The
Forest Road Planning
Forgive Me
Fortune Teller
Frank Dies
Frankenstein (Mary Shelley's)
Free Gratis Jig
Friend of Mine, A
Front Titles
Frost Giant Battle
Funeral, The
Future, The
Gairm Na h-Oidhche (feat. Mairi MacInnes)
Galileo Helps Jack
Games, The
Garage Calendar
Garrett's Story
Gas Mask Drill
Gateway to Earth, The
Gaunt's Web
Gen-Sys Freedom
Gene Chooses Hi-5
Gene Saves Textopolis
German Attack
Get Out
Get the Key
Get With The Programme
Ghost, The
Girl in the Carriage, The
Give me up the truth
Give me your pardon sir
Global Stage Orchestra Plays Music from Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire, the Story Continues...
Globe, The
Go bid the soldiers shoot
Go on Then
Go Upstairs
Goblet of Fire, The
God Forgive Me
Golden Childhood, A
Golden Egg, The
Golden Gate Bridge
Good Luck
Good Night Boy
Goodbye Dad
Goodbye Grace / The Chase
Goodbye Swaziland
Goodnight, Children
Goodnight Kid
Goodnight, sweet prince
Gosford Park
Goths Seize Rome
Grace Hears the Music / I'm Scared, Mike / So What's My Name?
Grand Central
Grant Me an Interview
Graveyard, The
Great Depression, The
Great Expectations: The Score
Great Outdoors, The
Great Plains, The
Great Secret, The
Griffin Returns / Kayley On The Run, The
Gulling of Beatrice, The
Gulling of Benedick, The
Hadrian's Wall
Hakon Builds His Boat
Hakon Finds Mary
Hakon Survives a Fall
Hallowee Ville
Hamlet (Goodnight, Sweet Prince)
Hamlet (I Loved You Once)
Hamlet: My Thoughts Be Bloody
Hamlet: Sweets To The Sweet Farewell
Hamlet (Sweets To The Sweets Farewell)
Hammer Found
Hamnet's Grave
Harry Dies
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Harry in Winter
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Harry Potter et la coupe de feu
Harry Potter i czara ognia
Harry Potter : magical music from the first five years at Hogwarts
Harry Sees Dragons
He's a Nobody / The Telephone/Inga and the Coat
He's My Dog
He Turned Into Dust
He Was My Father
Headlines (Album Version), The
Helicopter Storm
Hello! Hello! / You Don't Know Anything / It All Went to Hell / Inga's Secrets
Henry V: 1989: Prelude / O for a Muse of Fire
Henry V, film score
Henry V: Henry V theme - The Boar's Head
Henry V - Much Ado About Nothing
Henry V. Non nobis Domine
Henry V: Opening and Closing Titles
Henry V (Suite) (Part I)
Henry V (Suite) (Part II)
Hero of the Moon, The
Hero Revealed
Hero’s Wedding
Heure du bain Parisien, L'
Hi Heidi
Hiding the Whisky
High Suspicions
Hightower House
His Name Is Adam Tallis / Alice Returns
Hitting Trees
Hogwart's Hymn
Hogwarts Hymn, The
Hogwarts March, The
Home to Norway
Hommes de Bigot, Les
Honeymoon, The
Honeymoon Trek
Horse and Bull
Horse in the Lift
Hot Tub Rub
Hub Meets Jasmine
Hub Rescues Jasmine
I’m Not Done With You Yet
I'm Not Roman (Alternate)
If once a widow
If You Were Flying
Impressions of America
In Her Heart
In Pace (feat. Plácido Domingo)
In the Snow
Inga's Secrets
Inhaling the Virus
Inspector Thompson
Instagram Paris
Intervention d'Angélique, L'
Into the west, anglais
Isle of the Dragon
It Grieves Me
It Is Time
It Must Be Requited
It Never Rains in LA
It’s a Traaaaap!
It's Empty
It's Only a Diary
It’s the Possie
“It Was a Mistake to Marry Him”
It Was Just My Memory of It
Itch Twitch
Jack and Aleksandr
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Jaffa to Stamboul
Jane Austen, cop. 1997:
Joe Bitter Prepares
Joe Leaves
Joint Out
Journal, The
Journey to Britannia
Just Blow Them Away
Just Make Believe
Kabuki Attack
Katherine of France
Keep Everyone Inside
Key, The
Kidnapping of Likola, The
Killing Me Softly
Kindle My Heart
King Arthur's Saga
Kissing in the Rain
Kites in the Sky
Knight Ruber The Traitor
Know a Bank, I
Knowing You By Heart
Ladder, The
Lady in Blue, The
Lady Is Disloyal, The
Lady Juliana / Kayley & Garrett Leaves
Land, Already!
last legion, The
Last Rumba, The
Lauren Leaves
Learning the Language
Leaving London
Lefty Sees the Light
Legend of Eragon
Legends Are Lessons
Leila Runs Free
Leila’s Past
Let Her Go
Let Him Go
Let's Get Evil
Let’s Go Back
Let's Roll!
Let This Acceptance Take
Lets Break
Letter to Papa
Letters / Film
Letting Go
Lettre, La
Library, The
Life and Laughter
Life Goes On
Life Without Whisky
Lightbulb, The
Ligne Droite, La
ligne droite original motion picture soundtrack
Likola Kills
limier, Le
Lion Attack
Lion Hunt
Lipstick Swing
Little Boy, A
Little Dancing John
Little Princess: The Good-Bye, A
Lizard Attack
Locket Hunt, The
Lofty Swing
Loki's Lie
Lonely Man
longue nuit, La
Lord of the Donkeys
Love Aliena, I
Love Jam
Love, Not Ambition
Love's labour's lost
Love Theme Reprise
loved you once, I
Lover & His Lass, A
Lustig Dies
Ma Katherine
Ma nouvelle France
Macdougall's Jig
Macroon Stays Silent
Madrid distribuido por Paramount Spain
Magazine, The
Magic Stone / Reunited, The
Maillard et Marie-Loup
Main Title and the Rapids
Main Titles
maison du mystère, La
Malaria Community Theatre
Man to man
March to Calais, The
Marché de Nuit de Prayssas
Margaret Sees Mike / The Sting
Mariage (2 min 18 s)
Mary Is Rescued
Mary’s Grave
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Masked Ball, The
Maybe You Don't
Maze, The
Measle Medicine
Measuring the Pygmies
Mehs and Bots
Memoriae Tuae
Memories of Mary
Merida: Legende der Highlands
Merida Rides Away
Merida’s Home
Michelle’s Story
Mickey Mantle Arrives
Midnight Raiding Party
Midnight Tiptoe
Mike Meets Grace / Hang In There / Mike and Priest Argue
Mike's Flat / Mike Says Goodnight
Milo Tindle
Miss Grey
Miss Minchin School For Girls, The
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Monkey Waltz
Months to Live
Moon Bear King
Moon Witch, The
More Deeds
Mort à Marseille
mort en marche, La
Moscow Car Chase
Mount Rushmore
Mountain Dragon Ride
Mourning For Lionel / Kayley's Life Dream
Moving Joe
Mr. Parks
Mrs. Brown’s Lullaby
Mrs. Hubbard
Mrs. Macleod of Rassey
Mrs. Winterbourne
Much Ado About Nothing: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Much Ado About Nothing: Overture
Much ado about nothing. Selections
Mugging, The
Muir Woods
Mum Goes Wild
Murder on the Orient Express
Music of Patrick Doyle: Solo Piano, The
Must Meet This Man, I
My Bastard Son
My Dear Sister
My Father's Favourite from Sense & Sensibility
My thoughts be bloody
Nanny McPhee: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Nanny McPhee: Snow in August
naufragés de l'île aux pirates
Necklace, The
Needful things
Neladi Kharma
Nestor's Betrayal
Net, The
Nettie Finds Her Dog
Neville’s Waltz
New Car
New Family, A
New King, A
New York Whisky
Ngatsi Ngisahamba
Nice and Airy
Nice to Meet You
Nim's island
Nim Sees Jack
No Longer Have a Past, I
No More Nannies
No More War
No Smoke Without Fire
Noble Miaden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)
Non Nobis, Domine (from Henry V)
Not a Beau for Miles
Not Now!
Nouvelle-France n’est plus
Now could I drink hot blood!
Now Is Your Time* Performed by Abigail Doyle
Now, Lords, for France! (2 min 40 s)
Odd Surprise
Odin Confesses
Off to Hollywood
Off to the Sea
Off You Go
Officer Arrives
Ogre, The
Oh heavy deed
Oh here they come
Oh, what a noble mind
Old Glory
On Anothers Sorrow
On the Rocks
Once More Unto the Breach
One More Hour
One Set All
One Sharp Knife
Onward and Upward
Open the Gate
Opening Jig
Opening Night Presents
Opening Title / 'O! For a Muse of Fire'
Opening Titles
Orient Express Suite
Orient Express, The
Ossie Is Saved
Ossies Lives
Other Woman, The
Otto's Beguine
Otto's Party II
Our Last Chance
Out out thou strumpet fortune
Ovation, The
Oven Bun
Oye como va (4 min 14 s)
Papa and the Ashes
Paradiso Perduto Revisited
Pardon Goddess of the Night
Pars vite et reviens tard
Part them they are incensed
Particular Sum, A
Passing the Flame
Passion and Dedication
Patience (1 min 42 s)
Paying the King
Peaceful People
Perilous Direction, A
Permission to Return
Piano Suite
Picking This Life
Picnic, The
Pink Chair, The
Pirates Discovered
Plan in a Van
Planes on a Plane
planète des singes les origines
Playing Bridges
Please Forgive Me
Please Wait
Plucky Eva
Plunger, The
Policy of Apartheid
Polka de Minuit, La
Polka de Paris, La
Polka Militaire, La
Potter Waltz, The
Prairie Sunrise
Press, The
Preying penniless woman (1 min 32 s)
Price of Success, The
Primate Facility, The
Prince Woos Hero, The
Princess Takes Flight, A
Psyching Up
Pull Yourself Together
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pursuit
Pumpkins and Mice
Pygmy Chase
Pyramid of Pain
Quest For Camelot (Original Score)
Quidditch World Cup / The Foreigners Arrive
Race Against Time
Race, The
Racing Towards Apple Throwing Time
Raid, The
Rains Came Down
Raise the Alarm
Raising Hands Together
Raison et sentiments
Ramayana: A Morning Raga
Rat in a Trap
Rather a Pasting
Real Donnie, The
Registry Office, The
Reitach, The
Remember Me
Remember to Smile
Retrouvailles, Les
Return of Likola, The
Reunion, The
Rich Beyond Reason
Rich She Shall Be
Ride to Observatory
Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Risk Worth Taking, A
Rita Skeeter
Road to China, The
robe écarlate (57 s)
Rocket Attacks Caesar
Roman Finds Opera (Early Synth Mockup)
Roman's Mask
Rooftop Call
Room at the Top of the Stairs, The
Roran Leaves
Roynish Clown
Ruber's Raid
Ruber Takes Excalibur / Mother
Running in the Sand
Rushing Rapids
Russian Celts
Russians Dance, The
Ruth Is Alone
Ruth Is Pregnant
Ruth Must Stay
Ruth Returns Home
Ryan, Mr. President
Sacred Pentangle
Sandun’s Results
Saphira Returns
Saphira's First Flight
Saw No Shadow of Another Parting (The Aria), I
Scherzo in G
Science and Magic
Scrubbing the Deck
Sea Sickness
Search / Dragon Country, The
Searching for Conroy
Searching the Kingdom
Seas and Whale Songs
Second Great Depression
Secondhand Arrival
Secondhand lions
Secret Garden, A
Secret Passage
Secret Sword
Secret Toast and Jam
Secrets to Hide
Seeing Her Son
semeur, Le
Sense and sensibility. Dreame
Sense and Sensibility (Felicity)
Sense and Sensibility: My Father’s Favourite
Sense and Sensibility: Throw the Coins
Sense and sensibility. Weep you no more sad fountains
séparation (4 min 04 s)
Seretse Addresses Parliament
Seretse and Ruth
Seretse in London
Seretse Is Worried
Sergeant's Homecoming
Sergeant Stubby
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
Sgt. Stubby March
Shadow Accounts
Shadow Recruit
Shattered Dreams
Shawl, The
She's Beautiful
She Was a Real Lion
Sheik Swordfight
Sheila In The Mirror
Sheriff's Arrival, The
Shirt, The
Shoot-Out, The
Shooting, The
Show Us the Way
Sigh No More Ladies
Silk Scarf (Bondage)
Silk Stocking Stomp
Sinn und Sinnlichkeit
Sirius Fire
Slipper, The
Slitering Scourges
Smell Damp, I
Smiler Orientation
Smiler's Illegal Upgrade
Smuggler's Shanty
Snow in August
So Upside Down
So What's My Name? (Alternate)
So What's My Name (Early Piano Sketch)
solitaire, Le
Song of Mor'du
Sons of Odin
sounds of Philadelphia
Soup du jour
spada magica
Sponsorship / Film
St. Crispin's Day / The Battle of Agincourt
St. Crispins Day
Stadium Memories
Stag, The
Stan Lies to Walter
Star Danced, A
Starting to Sink
Stay a Moment
Stealing a Car
Stealing the 112
Stealing the Data
Stealing The Sword / Merlin Is Called
Steam engine (1 min 19 s)
"Steam Engine" from Sense and Sensibility
Sto najljepših filmskih melodija
Stop That Monster!
Story Continues, The
Strike Up Pipers
Strong (Instrumental Version)
Stubby Alone
Stubby Meets Conroy
Stubby Returns
Stubby's Final Battle
Stubby the Hero
Stubby the Stowaway
Sugarplum Soft Shoe
Suite From "Man to Man"
Suspension Bridge
Sweetest Lady, The
Sweetheart Shuffle
Sweets to the sweet - farewell
Sword Play Romance
symptômes du fléau, Les
Tai Chi
Take Her Back Again
Take the Gun, Grace
Tea Party
Temptation, The
Ten Thousand More
Tentacle Chase
Thank You Stubby
Thanks Mum
There Is Nothing Lost
There's an Angle Here
There's an Answer
They Broke The Law
They’ve Eaten the Baby!
Thick Dense Fog
This Ain't New York
This is True
This Saturday Morning Cartoon Is Over!
Thor Kills the Destroyer
Threat to the Governor of Harfleur / Katherine of France / The March to Calais, The
Three Dancing Rounds
Three Girls Present
Three Traitors, The
Through the Castle
Through the Cloudsâ€
Through the Tunnel
Throw the Coins
Throwing Cakes
Thunderstorm, The
Thy Brother
To be or not to be
To Camelot / Main Title [The Round Table]
To die for love (2 min 55 s)
To Jotunheim
to Live, Die
To My Good Friend Brian
To the Cave
To thine own self be true
To Think of a Story
Toad in the Teapot
Toast, A
Todday Jig, The
Tommy & Sheila
Too Late a Week
Touch Nothing Else
Touched by an Angel
Traffic Light
Train Away
Training Breakthrough
Training Games
Transcontinental Railroad
Trash and Trolls
Trash Escape, The
Treasure Is Found
Trenches, The
Trial, The
Trim Gallants
Trip Audrey
Triple Training
True Identity
Trunk, The
Tunnel to Dance App
Turning Point, The
Twelve Months and a Day
Twelve Stab Wounds
Two Halves of the Same Person
Two Way Mirror (original version)
Two Years Later
Tyger Tyger
Under the Greenwood Tree
Underwater Secrets
United Kingdom, A
United Nations, The
Unravelling the Data
Upon the King
Urgent Matter
Valse Champagne, La
Valse D'Evette, La
Valse d'Yvette (1 min 28 s)
Valse de l'Amour, La
Valse Royale
Valzer di Riccardo, Il
Victor Begins
Victory Dance And Finale
Vietnamese Mothers
Violin Romance
Visitation, The
Visiting Time
Visitor, The
Volcano & Door
Volcano Erupts
Voyage de Camille (2 min 28 s)
Wah Wah Piano Suite
Wailing Wall, The
Wait a Minute / Tell Mom Goodbye
Waiting for Adam (original version)
Waking Hub
Walk Down Death Row, A
Walk in the Park, A
Walking to Shoot
Wallet / Do Her, Man! / Don't See Mike, The
Wallpaper, The
Walter Comes Home
Walter Leaves
Walter Runs Away
Was Lying, I
Washington DC
watusi (2 min 38 s)
We're Two People
We’ve Both Changed
Wedding Interruption
Wedding Night, The
Weep No More Sad Fountains
Welcome to Yankee Division
What a piece of work is a man
What players are they
What's Out There?
What You Deserved
Where's My Cheescake?
Whisky Down Below
Whisky Galore (Dedicated to Sean Scanlan)
Who Am I?
Who Is Michelle Stowe?
Who Is She
Who Killed Them?
Why Are You Helping Me? / Karmic Credit Plan / The Waiting Man
Willoughby (1 min 39 s)
Window Reflection, The
Winter 1948 from Dead Again
Winter in Alaska
Wistful Thinking
Witch’s Cottage, The
With That Face
Woe Is Me
Woman Overboard
Woman With No Name, The
Won't If You Won't, I
Wooing of Katherine, The
Wrong Answer
Yannick and Leila
Yannick Falls Overboard
Yes I Speak
You Belong to Me Now
You Have Killed a Sweet Lady
You Like the Moustache?
You Missed It
You're Now You
You're Over, Man
You Shall Go
You That Way, We This Way
You Tricked Me!
Young heroes Louis Braille
Your Boy's Alive
Yvette's Waltz
Zoo Breakout
Contributed to or performed: 
Bar Classics 2
Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones’s Diary
Cinema Choral Classics
Cinema Classics, Volume 2
Classic Cinema, Part 2
Classic Film Hits
Classic FM at the Movies: The Sequel
Classic Score, The
Director's Cuts: Brian de Palma, The
Disney Pixar All Time Favorites
Donnie Brasco
England Anthems 2002
Entspannt einschlafen… fit aufwachen
Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood
Fear No More
Film Music 2012
Filmharmonic III
Great Film Themes
Great Movie Themes, The
Greatest Cinema Choral Classics, The
Harry Potter: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks I-V
Henry V: Original Soundtrack Recording
Into the West
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Drama (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 6)
Klassik Radio: New Classics
Kuschelklassik 6
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