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Alan Anthony Silvestri
Alan Selvestri
Alan Silverstri
Alan Silvesti
Alan Silvestri
Alan Silvestri (American composer)
Alan Silvestri (Amerikaans componist)
Alan Silvestri (compositeur américain)
Alan Silvestri (Compositor estadounidense)
Alan Silvestri (compositore statunitense)
Alan Silvestri (kompozytor amerykański)
Alan Silvestri (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Alan Sylvestri
Silvestri, Alan
Silvestri, Alan Anthony
The Mummy Returns
Алан Сильвестри (американский композитор)
Алан Сільвестрі
Ալան Սիլվեստրի
آلن سیلوستری
الان سلفستري
알란 실베스트리
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
20th century-Fox
Buena vista home entertainment
Burgess, Don (1956-)
Debs, Erick (1974-)
Fox vidéo
Hanks, Tom (1956-)
Lloyd, Christopher (1938-)
PFC Vidéo
Silvestri, Alan (1950-...)
Warner home video France
Withers, Bill (skladatelj)
Zemeckis, Robert (1952-)
$250 a Head
1.21 Gigawatts !!!
1.21 Jigowatts
10% Clint
18 Months Later
38. Ranger with a Fear of Flying
4 × 4
4.5 Billion Years Old
4 Billion Years of Evolution
450 Years Ago
’55 Town Square #1 (trumpet open)
’55 Town Square #2 (trumpet mute)
’85 Lone Pine Mall
’85 Twin Pines Mall
À nous quatre
A-Team Coda
A-Team (Complete Score), The
A-Team Takes Off
A-Team Theme
Abc Warrior
Abduction, The
Abyss: End Credits, The
Abyss: Finale, The
Abyss: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Abyss: The Deluxe Edition, The
Access Denied
Access Terminated
Accident, The
Acme Factory, Part 1 / Roger and Benny / The Acme Factory, Part 2 / Roger and Benny / The Dip Truck / A Freeway, The
Acme Factory, Part 3 (version A), The
Acme Factory, Part 3 (version B), The
Acme Factory / Roger Fanfare / Ton O' Bricks
Adaptable Species
Adoption Day
Adventure Continues, The
Aerobic Poids Lourds
After Glow
Aftermath / The Pick-Up and End Credits, The
Ahkmnerah Expedition, The
Aleera Stings
Alien Shores
Aliens Land
All Hallow's Eve Ball
All I Got Is You
All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be
Alligator Attack [Alternate]
Almost Dance
Alpha Mike Foxtrot
“Alternate 1985”
Alternate Tag 1
Alternate Tag 2
Always Falling For That
Always Looking for Cuba
Am Annie, I
Am Beowulf, I
Amas Veritas
Ambulance Romp
Ambush / Dr. Waldman, The
American Anthem
Amy Emerges
and Over, ...
Angel Family, Part 1
Angel Family, Part 2
Angel Family, Part 3
Angel Family Values
Angel Family+
Anna's Too Late
Annie and Dean
Annie and Martin
Annie Asleep
Annie at the Mirror
Annie Meets Dad
Annie Returns
Annie's Theme
Another body murdered
Another Cab Chase
Another Drunk Driver
Another Idol Has Replaced Me
Another Micracle
Another World
Any Good With That?
Apex Predator
Architect's Plan
Are You Seeing This
Arkansas Traveler
Around the Studio (Tag)
Around the Studio (version A)
Around the Studio (version B)
Arrival in China
Arrival to Koopa City
Arriving on the Helicarrier
Arrow, The
Arthur's Theme
Artificial Selection
Arty on the “Inside”
Ash Wednesday
Ashley Crashes Party
Ashley's Letter
Ashley to Ashes
Aspen (alternate)
Aspen Penal Colony
Aspen - Revised
At First Sight
At Last
At the Dolphin
Attack of the Loki
Attacking Brides (Part 1)
Attacking Brides (Part 2)
August, 1684
Avengers Assemble
Avengers (Complete Score), The
Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Avengers: Infinity War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Avengers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Avengers Title Card
Awful Truth, The
Awful Waste of Space
Ayla Alone
Ayla Finds the Cave
Ayla Hugs Kreb
B.A. Escape
B.A. & Pike Face Off
B.A.'s Tattoo (Alternate)
B.A.'s Tattoo (Redo)
Baby Stinger
Baby Was Right, The
Baby Wwas Right, The
Bachelor Blues
Back Home
Back in time (4 min 17 s)
Back on the Air
Back to Back / Court House (alternate)
Back to Back / It’s Your Kids
Back to Jennifer
Back To The Future (from OST "Back To The Future")
Back to the Future III (complete score)
Back to the Future III Trailer (alternate)
Back to the Future Overture
Back to the Future, Part 2
Back to the Future, Part II: Hill Valley 2015
Back to the Future, Part II (KMN score remix)
Back to the Future, Part II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Back to the Future, Part II (Suite)
Back To The Future, Part III: End Credits
Back to the Future, Part III: Original Motion Picture Score
Back to the Future, Part III: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Back to the Future: The Ride (with dialogue intro/outro)
Back to the Future: The Score
Back to the Future Trilogy, The
Backup / Go for It
Bad Boat / Playtime / Just Kidding
Bad Guys Also Arrived, The
Bad Guys to the Manor
Bad Idea
Baghdad the Plates
Bailey Escapes
Bait and Switch
Bake Sale Spy
Ball Fanfare
Balt Mohawk Rising
Bank, The
Barge, The
Baseball, Time to go
Basketball Kiss
Bat Attack
Bat Woman
Bath Tub, The
Battle for Old Highrise, The
Battle Plans
Be Careful / I Don't Approve / The Sword
Be Pathetic
Bean Saves the Team
Bear Owl Escape
Bear Skull, The
Beast vs. Beast
Beautiful Moon
Beautiful Specimen
Because I’m an Alcoholic
Becky on the Uneven Bars
Becoming Whole Again
Bed and Breakfast
Been Here Before
Believe Her, I
Beowulf Main Title
Beowulf Slays the Beast
Best Day Ever
Beth Confesses / Guy With Guns / Pacific Highway Chase
Biff's Garage
Biff’s World / 27th Floor
Biff’s World (alternate)
Big Chase, The
Big Day, The
Big Fan
Big Idea
Big Kiss / Smile, Darn Ya, Smile
Billion to One, A
Billy and Predator
Billy Stands Alone
Bird Boarding
Bird Escort
Blain Gets Killed
Blaine's Death
Blake Gets the Point
Blame Shifting
Blanket Gets It
Bleeding Heart
Block War (alternate)
Block War, Part 1
Block War, Part 2
Block War - revised
Block War+
Blood Oath
Blood Work - House Cleaning
Blossoms (Alternate)
Blown Away
Blue Parrol
Boat Race, The
Bodies Disappear
Body Is Revealed, The
Bodyguard: Main Theme, The
Bodyguard: On the Job, The
Bodyguard : Thème Principal
Bomb Site
Bomb Squad
Bomb Sunset
Bomb Surprise
Bon Appetite
Bonding With Baby
Book, The
Bookseller, The
Bracelet Awakens
Brain Surgery
Brakeless in Boston
Brandenburg Concerto
Breakfast Chase
Breakfast Talk / Food for Snowbell
Bridal Shop, A
Bridge, The
Brief Reunion
Brighter Side of Death
Broken Remote
Bronco Chase
Brushy Bill
Bubble Bubble/Morning Commute/Fissure Queen
Bud and Cat Dive / Click
Bud on the Ledge
Bud Reborn / Blinky Bows
Bud’s Big Dive
Build a Wall
Building a Trap
Building the Trap
Bullet Proof
Bumper to Bumper
Burn It Down!
Burn the Book
Bury This Guy
Bus (Alternate), The
Bus Ride
But I'm a Toon / Looking for Murderer
Butterfly Fly Away
Button Me Up
By The Fireside / In Chinatown
Bye Bye Birdy
C & C United
Cab Chase (version A)
Cab Chase (version B)
Cab Ride
Cabin Raid
Caesar Arrives
Caesar Defeated
Caesar's Big Drag
Callin’ You Out / Count Off
Calvary Charge
Came So Close / End Credits
Camp's Vision
Campus Choir (2nd alt)
can't Kill, I
Can’t Risk This, I
Can You See Him?
Candid Camera
Candidates, The
Cantina Croods
Canyon Deluge
Cap and Loki Disagree
Cap Fights
Cap's New Mission
Cap's Up
Cap Snoops
Captain America Main Titles
Captain America, the first avenger
Captain America "We Did It"
Captured by the Shay Ling
Car Chase
Carriage Chase
Casino Heist
Cast Away (End Credits)
Cast Away / Serendipity
Cast Away: The Films of Robert Zemeckis / The Music of Alan Silvestri
Cast Away Theme
Castle Dracula
Castle Gleigh Prison
Cat Chase (Intro & Main Title – film edit)
Cat Escape
Cat in Atlantic City
Cat on Wheels
Cat Room, The
Cat’s Eye – Intro
Cat Trap
Caught By Train
Caught With His Pants Down
Cave Painting Theme
Caveman on Fire
Ce que veulent les femmes
Cecil's Escape
Celeste's Planet Is Saved
Celeste, The
Celestial Event
Central Park Chase
Challenge, The
Championships, The
Chance Nature of Existence
Charles Lyle Larue
Chase, The
Chattin' with Chisum
Chavez and Hendry
Chavez's Wound
Checking Call
Cherry Catapult
Chez Ernie
Chicken / Hoverboard Chase
Chicken Needles / Jenn Sees Jenn
Chief Executive Kid
Chimney Sweep
"Chips" Volume 1: Season Two 1978-1979
"CHiPs" Volume 2: Season Three 1979-80
"CHiPs" Volume 3: Season Four 1980-81
Choose (alternate)
Choose - Revised
Chop Shop Fight Pt. 2
Chopper & End Title (original)
Chopper, The
Christmas Carol Main Title, A
Christmas Watch
Chuck and Kelly's Farewell
Chuck's Lament
Civil War Soldiers
Clan Finds Ayla, The
Clan McCullen
Clan of the Cave Bear, The
Clean Slate: A Compound Suite
Clean Slate / The Perez Family
Cleansing Rain
Clementine (alternate ending)
Climbing, The
Clock Dedication / Battle Cry of Freedom
Clock Tower, Part II, The
Clocktower, Part 1
Clocktower, Part 2 and Helicopter
Close... for a Moment
Close Shave / Stucky in Focus / The Operation, A
Closet Case
Closing Doors
Clue Concealed Now Revealed
Coach to Coach
Cockroach, The
Coffey Break
Coffey Implodes
Collection, The
Come Back Evy
Come With Me
Come With Us
Coming Home With Margalo
Complain to the Cops
Computer Search
Confession/ Escape
Contact: DVD Score
Contact (End Credits)
Contact (End Title)
Contact (KMN score remix)
Convening A Coven
Cops, The
Cort's Story
Cortez Goes Boom
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - DVD End Credits
Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey Suite
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Volume 1
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Volume 2
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Volume 3
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Volume 4
Cosmos Is Yours, The
Cosmos Main Title – Alternate
Could Sue You for This, I
Couldn't Tell Us Apart
Council Chaos / Air Chase
Council Chaos - Revised
Council Chaos+*
Count of Ten (alternate), The
Count Off (alternate)
Counting, The
Court in Session / The Escape
Court Martial (Alternate)
Courthouse Portal
Coy Dog
Cradle of Life, The
Crane Rescue/Subway Dragon
Crane, The
Crash Site
Crashing Crane (alternate)
Cremation Escape
Crimson Gump, The
Crippled By Fear
Critical Condition
Croods' Family Theme, The
Croods, Los
Croods: Music From the Motion Picture, The
Crossroads & End Credits
Crusade, The
Crysta's Journey
Cuffs, The
Curator’s Bad Ide
Curator's Bad Idea
Cure for the Curse
Cut'em Down
Cyrez Break In (expanded version)
Cyrez Breaks In
Dad and Daughters
Dad, Are You There
Dad's Getting Married
Daily Chores (Alternate)
Daisy and Lena
Daisy Is Back
Daley Devices
Dan's Memory Returns
Dan Smacks Judith
Dance and They Kiss, The
Dance (discrete cue), The
Dance of the Knives
Danny Gets It (Extended Album Mix)
David in the Woods
Day of the Test
Dead Cop / The Jig Is Up
Dead Samaritan / Darts
Dead Santas
Death Becomes Her (End Credits)
Death Watch
Decision, The
Defusing the Bomb
Deja Spills Some Milk
Delivering the Warheads
Delivery, The
Delorean Ditched, The
Delorean Retrieved, The
Delorean Reveal
Delta Force: The Delta Force Theme
Dem Bones (album version)
Deploy the Sharcs
Depredador 2
Descending From Dinosaurs
Desert Crush
Desert Dream
Desert Sunset
Desert Trek
Desert Walk (alternate)
Destiny Fulfilled
Destruction Derby
Devil's Deal
Devil’s Dream
Dials / Excuse Me, Sir / Mustang / Hey Mister
Did Not Win the Race, I
Dillon Is Disarmed
Dillon's Death
Dillon's Search
Dinner Tonight
Dip, The
Dirigible Montage
Disaster Squad
Disney Logo, The
Distractions and Eyeballs
Divide the House
Do It Your Way
Do You Like to Fly?
Doc Returns (alternate no. 2)
Doc's Gone
Doc to the Rescue
Dock Fight (expanded version), The
Docks, Part 1, The
Docks, Part 2, The
Docks Pt. 2, The
Docks Pt. 3, The
Doctor, The
Dog Tags
Don't Forget We Are Rich
Don't Panic
Don’t Take My Stuff
Don't Talk, Just Listen
Don't Turn Left
Don't Use the Brakes
Don't Wanna Die, I
Doom's a Toon
Doors Open From Both Sides
Double Back (from Back to the Future III)
Doubleback (acoustic instrumental version)
Doubleback (extended version)
Down the Elevator
Down Time
Downtown L.A.
Downtown Toon Town
Doyle Abandoned
Doyle Steals / Doyle's Alive
Dracula's Door
Dracula's Nursery (album version)
Draggiest Man, The
Dragon Emerges/Steam Did That?
Dream Comes True, A
Dredd and Fargo
Dredd Arrives
Dredd’s Arrest
Dressed to Kill
Drive, Lady, Drive
Drive to Brunch
Drive to Kelly's
Drive to Work on Instinct
Driving Dan
Drones Attack Plane
Drum Roll
Drume Negrita
Drunken Nick
Duck Soup?
Dumb Bell
Dutch Builds Trap
Dutch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dying Wish
Dynamite Alley
Eddie and Dolores
Eddie Breaks In
Eddie Fights Doom
Eddie Kicks Back
Eddie's Story (version A)
Eddie's Story (version B)
Eddie's Story (version C)
Eddie's theme (5 min 19 s)
Eep and the Warthog
Egypt, 1913
Einstein Disintegrated
Electro-Magnetic Gunfire Opening
Elegant Dining
Elevator Maze / Sara is Gone
Elevator Shaft
Ellen Returns
Ellen's First Round
Ellen Vs. Dred
Ellie in a Nutshell
Ellie & Palmer
Ellie's Bogey
Ellie's Dream
Empty Hand
End Credit - Captain America March
End Credit Suite
End Credits / Dredd Suite
End Credits Medley - The Mexican
End Credits (Part I)
End Credits (Part II)
End Credits (Part III)
End Credits (reprise)
End Credits - Roger Rabbit Medley (film version)
End Game (extended), The
End Logo (alternate)
End Title (alternate)
End Title Extended
End Title / Toon Town Tunnel
End Titles (alternate)
End Titles Continued
End Will Come”, “The
Endless Searching
Engine 1 Goes Down
Enter Judge Doom
Entering the Air & Space Museum
Entering the Embassy
Epilogue (alternate)
Epilogue / The Will
Eraser (expanded version) / Brilliant Piece of Work / Finale, The
Eraser Original Main Title
Eric Takes the Plunge
Ernie Finds the Contract
Escape From Chen
Escape Handcuffs
Escape in the Little Mule
Escape in Van
Escape in Wright Flyer
Escher Fight, The
Escort / Rescue
Essaouira Desert / Main Title
Even for You
Everybody Loves a Hero
Everyone Fights
Everything About You
Evy Dies
Evy Kidnapped (Original)
Evy Kidnapped (Revised)
Evy Remembers
Evy’s Flashback Swordfight
Experiment 626
Exploring New Dangers
Explosive Headset
Eye, The
Face and Tuco
Face Calls Sosa A Team at Airport
Face in the Crowd, A
Face Meets B.A.
Face, Pike & B.A.
Face's Shell Game
Face & Sosa Pt. 2
Face to Face/The Battle Begins
Factory Inferno
Falcon Finito
Falcon's Lair / Stu's Fall, The
Falcon Watches, The
False Victories, Part 1
False Victories, Part 2
False Victory (Original)
False Victory (Revised)
Family Affairs (extended)
Family...and Falling
Family Crisis
Family Maze
Family / Motorcycle Chase, The
Family O'Connell, The
Family Photo
Family Planet
Family Reunion
Family Tree
Fan Montage
Fandango: Acknowledgement
Fandango: Keep It Cool
Fandango: Let Me Do the Thinking
Fandango: On the Move
Fandango: Once Around
Fandango: Passing Away
Fandango (piano solo)
Fandango: Real Men
Fandango: Rough Cut
Fandango: Smooth Talk
Fandango: The Other Side of Madness
Fandango: War and Peace
Farewell Katelyn
Farewell Kiss, A
Farewell to Bucky
Fast Forward
Fatal Fall
Fatal Food Fight (alternate)
Father and Son
Father of the Bride: Main Title
Father of the Bride, Part II
Feather Theme - From Forrest Gump
Feds On The Case
Feeding Frenzy (Intro)
Feel Thankful”, “I
Feel You, I
Ferngully--the last rainforest
Field Trip
Fight (alternate), The
Fight as Equals
Fight Damned
Fight on Liberty Statue's Head
Fight, Part 1, The
Fight, Part 2, The
Fight, Part 3, The
Fighter's Vision 2
Fighter's Vision 3
Fighter's Vision 4
Fighter Vision 1
Figured It Out, I
Figures on a Beach
Filles à La Piscine, Les
Film Music Masterworks: Film Music by Alan Silvestri
Fin de la Guerre des Gangs
Final Battle
Final Confrontation / The Plane Chase / Falcon Finish
Final Fight
Final Seduction, The
Final Showdown
Finale (Alternate)
Finale and End Credits
Finally Got It Right
Find Her And Kill Her
Find the Driver/Basketball
Find Yourself
Finding Jed and the Others
Finish the Game
Fire and Corn
Fire in the Hatch / Scene of the Crime
Fireworks (alt)
Fireworks (unused)
First Aid
First Carnage
First Class
First Contact
First Grendel Attack
First Kiss of the Day
First Night Out
First Smoke
First Strike
First Waltz
Five Seconds
Fixed Pin
Flaming Doo
Flamingo Doo
Flashback Finale
Flashback Swordfight, Part 2
Fleeing the Club
Flesh and Blood
Fletcher in Danger
Flight of the Navigator (KMN score remix)
Flight on the Flight Deck
Flight Tickets
Flight to Fezziwigs
Flood and Sinking (alternate) / Unused Synth Cue
Flower Pagoda Battle
Flush Of Freedo
Flush of Freedom
Flying a Tank
Flying Boat, A
Flying Delorean? (alternate), A
Flying Home
Flying the Tank
Flying Traffic
Followed / On the Job
For the Birds
For the Record
For Your Lovely Wife
Forbidden Fruit
Forest Gump - Suite
Forgotten Gun
Forrest Gump: End Titles
Forrest Gump: Main Title "Feather Theme"
Forrest Gump: Original Motion Picture Score
Forrest Gump (Suite)
Forrest Meets Forrest
Fort Summer
Fort, The
Found Our Roar
Four Suitcases
Fox Fanfare
Foyer (alt)
Frank and Rachel
Frank on Patrol
Frank's Dead
Frank Takes the Wheel
Frank Unpacks
Frankenstein Bound
Frankenstein's Monster
Frankfurt Cont.
Frankfurt Shootout
Frederick and Stuart
Freeway Confrontation
Frenzy Flight
Frog, The
Frozen Wasteland
Fuck John Wayne
Fuite à Orly, La
Full House
Full of Doubt
Full of Fine Promises
Full Tilt Diva
Funeral Prologue
Fury and the Council
Future (alternate), The
Future Isn’t Written, The
G.D. Ennio
G.I. Joe, the rise of Cobra
Gaerity’s Hideout
Gaerity Sets Up Shop
Gag Factory, The
Game of Chess, A
Garbage Barge, The
Garrett's Place
Gary Is Serving Pancakes
Gate to the Underworld
General Hawk
General’s Love of Amanda
General's Most Valuable Asset
General's Resign
Genetic Alphabet
George and the Truth
George Covers
George's New Brother
George Tells A Story
George to the Rescue, Part 1
George to the Rescue, Part 2
George Walks
German Embassy
Get Juiced
Get Me a Disguise / They Need Me
“Get Me Out of This”
Get That Arm/I Feel You (extended)
Get This Thing Started
Getaway, The
Getting Darcy Back / Rescuing Erin
Getting Past Security
Ghost of Christmas Past, The
Giants Fight
Gift and a Curse, A
Gillian's Plan
Gillian's Syrup Banned
Gilty the Long Walk
Giordano Bruno
Girl's Escape / Blaine's Death
Girl's Escape, The
Give Me A Spark
Glacier Trek, The
Gladiator Fight
Glass House
Glass, The
Go Ahead
Go To The Head Of The Class: Caretaker / Til Death Do Us Part
Go To The Head Of The Class: Cemetery
Go To The Head Of The Class: Crypt; Fingertip
Go To The Head Of The Class: Curse of Dolkite
Go To The Head Of The Class: David
Go To The Head Of The Class: Flashlight
Go To The Head Of The Class: Forever
Go To The Head Of The Class: House of Beanes
Go To The Head Of The Class: Late for School
Go To The Head Of The Class: Sore Throat
Go To The Head Of The Class: What’s Dolkite
God's Will?
Going Guy's Way
Going Home
Going to Bed / Time for School
Going to Ferngully
Golf Range [Alternate], The
Good F'ing Reason, A
Good for Me
Good Morning, Nick
Good Team, A
Good to Go
Goodbye Clara (alternate segment)
Goodbye Friend
Goodevening Charlie
Goodnight Girls
Goodnight Marty (source cue)
Gorge, The
Got a Ride, I
Got the Combination
Got Ya, Kid
Gotta Get Out
Gotta Have Five
Grand Re-Opening, The
Grave Stone
Graven The Garden
Gray’s Sports Almanac / If They Ever Did
Great Man, A
Griffin Gets It
Grim Discovery
Grotto Song, The
Grudge, The
Grug Flips His Lid
Grumpier Old Men: Abandoned
Grumpier Old Men: Be Yourself
Grumpier Old Men: Bring Me to the Church
Grumpier Old Men: Catfish Hunter
Grumpier Old Men: God Remembers You
Grumpier Old Men: Happily Ever After
Grumpier Old Men: He Makes Me Laugh
Grumpier Old Men: Holly Molly
Grumpier Old Men: I Call You
Grumpier Old Men: Let the Games Begin
Grumpier Old Men: May I Kiss You
Grumpier Old Men: Only You and Me
Grumpier Old Men: Stars Above Me
Grumpier Old Men: Stupid Pride
Grumpy old men
Guano City
Guarding Rachael
Guitar Tag
Gunfight Montage
Gunslinger, The
Had a Destiny, I
Haircut and Beard (extended)
Hallet Interviews Residents
Halley’s Comet
Halley’s Efforts
Hallie Breaks the News
Hallie Meets Mom
Halloween Happening
Han Plane Gone
Hand Means Stop/You Go Right (extended)
Hand to Hand Combat
Hangar Fight
Hanging (alternate), The
Happy End
Happy Ending
Hardcore Logo
Hardships of Space, The
Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
Hate Crime
Have a Good Man
Have a Son, I
Have a Target in Mind, I
Have Come Back to Life, I
Have I Kissed You?
“Have to Help a Friend”
Have to Take Steps / Jarhead Is Watching
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
He Broke Through the Walls of Heaven
He Doesn't Have All Night
He Gave It Away
He Has a Story to Tell
He Is A Daedalus
He Mele No Lilo
He’s Convulsing
He’s Gone
He's My Friend
He's Not the Guy
He Was the Best of Us
He Won't Come Out (extended)
Heart Attack
Hebrew Ring
Helen Spies
Helicarrier Assault Begins
Helicarrier Theme 2 (Unused)
Helicarrier Theme 3 (Unused)
Helicopter Escape Cont.
Helicopter Escape Pt. 2
Hell Valley
“Hello, I’m James Halliday”
Hello Ladies
Help Arrives (extended)
Help From the Dead
Help Me
Here Kitty, Kitty
Here’s MIRV / Some Huevos
Here Today
Here We Go
Hero Comes Home, A
Hero Stan
Heroes Fight
Heroes Return
Hershey Objects
Hershey’s Apartment
Hershey’s Close Call
Hidden Photo
Hidden Under The Steps
Hide You Katelyn
High 5 Assembles
High Explosive
High Flyer
High Octane
High-Velocity Train / The Chopper
Hijacking C 130
Hill Valley, 2015
History of Sound, An
Hogie vs Meyer Part 1
Hogie vs Meyer Part 2
Hokkaido Island
“Hold on to Something”
Hole in the Wall (alternate)
Hollywood 1947
Holy man
Home At Last / End Credits
Home / Foyer / I'm Staying
Honor To Have You
Horace Short
Hostage Arrive Home and End Credits
Hostage on the Pier
Hot Chocolate
Hot Dog/I Know You’re Special
Hot Tuboggan
Hot Wheels
Hotel Escape
Hotel Lobby
House, The
Hoverboard Chase (alternate)
How About That
How Do I Look?
How Long Was I Gone
How's It Going? (alternate version)
How Works, The
Howling Commando's Montage
Hulk Catch
Hulk Smash (Alternate)
Hungarian Rhapsody (Dueling Pianos)
Hunt Is On, The
Hunter's Vision 1
Hunter's Vision 2
Hunter's Vision 4
Hunter's Vision 5
Hunter's Vision 6
Hurry Up, You Wimp
Hyde and Seek
Hyde Hits Bottom
Hydra Lab
Hydra Train
I'd Rather Die
I'll Be Right Here
I'll Be Upstairs
I'll Ride With You (Roller Disco)
I'll Take That Drink Now
I'm a Pawn (alternate)
I'm a Ranger, Baby
I’m a Sailor / First Sailing Trip
I’m Back (alternate #1)
I’m Back (alternate no. 2)
I’m Back / End Logo
I’m Back / Main Title (alternate)
I'm Back / To Be Concluded
I'm Forrest... Forrest Gump (from "Forrest Gump")
I'm Gonna Miss You
I’m Here to Kill Your Monster
I'm Hungry
I’m in the Future / Biff Steals Delorean
I'm in Trouble
I'm Judge Joseph Dredd
I'm Lost
I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way
I'm Not Giving Up on You
I'm Sorry
I’m Still Here
I'm the Law
I've Been Here Before/Mouse Traps
I’ve Heard It All - revised
Ibn Al‐Haytham
Identity End Credits
If That Ever Happens (alternate excerpt)
If They Ever Did (alternate)
If They Ever Did / Something Inconspicuous
If You Incest (alternate)
Image From the Past
Imhotep Reborn
Imhotep Unearthed!
Imhotep Unhearthed
Impossible Mission Force, The
In Amanda’s Room
In Plain Sight
In The Beginning
In The Freezer
In the House
In The Lobby / Maroon Studios
In the Restaurant
In the Soup Kitchen (Alternate)
In Your Face
Incidental Charges
Indians (alternate no. 2)
Indians (film version)
Indignation, The
Infinity War
Infirmary Incident
Inquisition, The
"Inspaghettibles" Contre Le "Front de Résistance du Couscous", Les
"Inspaghettibles" Reçoivent Leur "Parrain", Les
Inspection of the Bridge
Insufficient Postage
Interrogation Ends
Interspecies Partnership
Interstellar Clouds
Into the Mine (alternate no. 2)
Into the Mine / Tombstone (alternate)
Into the Mine / Tombstone / It’s Me
Into the Valley / Pretty Nice
Introduced to Eleanor and Fred
Iron Horse, The
Is He Always Like This?
Islands of Light
It Could Work / Our Own Luck
It Doesn't Matter (alternate version)
It Doesn't Matter / Where's Fletcher?
It Ends
It Had to Be NATO's Fault!
It's a Girl
It's a Jungle
It's a Lie ... I Am the Law
It's Alive
It’s Been Educational / Clocktower
It’s Been Real Educational
It's Blanket
It’s Clara (The Train, Part II)
It's Cursed, That Gun
It’s Destroyed / Back to the Girlfriend / It Erased
It's Gonna Get Heavy, Isnt It
It's Judith
It's Over
“It’s Something Beautiful”
It's Time
It's Vega
It Sounds Preposterous
It Was an Accident
Iza's Death
Jammer Freaks
Jeffrey and Lori Have Lunch (Source)
Jenny Returns
Jenny's Grave
Jerry and Ted to Pawn Shop
Jessica's Dressing Room / Love Letter
Jessica's Theme
Jesus on the Main Line
Jet Arrival (Alternate)
Jig's Up, The
Jimmy Passed Out
Joan & Jack
JOEs Mobilize, The
John Herod
Jonathan's Theme
Journey to the Cradle of Life
Journey to Transylvania
Juan & Dorita Dance in the Street
Juan Visits Wife
Jubilant George
Judge Doom Appears
Judge Doom / Looking for a Murder
Judge Dread Main Theme
Judge Dredd: End Credits
Judge Dredd Main Theme, Part 1
Judge Dredd Main Theme, Part 2
Judge Dredd: Suite
Judge Dredd – Trailer
Judge Rico
Judged Him, I
Judgement Day, Part 1
Judgement Day, Part 2
Judgement Day+
Judgment Day
Judgment night
Julie's Big Moment
Julie's Final
Jungle Trek
Just About Close Enough
Just an Oasis
Just Dinner
Just Had a Vision, I
Just Need to Look in Your Eyes, I
Just Say It
Kasbah City
Kevin Returns
Kick (alternate), The
Kick Start the Cube (Unused)
Kick / The Climbing, The
Kid Commando
Kid's Stuff
Kid Vs. Herod
Kill Fats
Kill Them
King Beowulf
King Cobra
Kirk on the Horizontal Bar
Kiss, The
Kite Fixer
Kittridge's Trap
Klein's Shot
Klystron, The
Knockout Punch
Know where Pike Is, I
Kreb Gives Ayla Totem
Kreb on the Mountain
Kruger Chase
Kruger Escapes
Kruger Get's Drugged
Kruger's Story (expanded version)
Kruger Strikes Back
Laaa Love
Ladder Crossing
Lady's the Winner
Lake, The
Lalo's Lullabye [The Plot]
Landing, The
Langley CIA Heist
Lara Croft Tomb Raider : la cuna de la vida
Lars' Theme
Last Chance
Last Person / Danny Gets It
Late Model / He’s Here
Late-Night Rendezvous
Late Night Snack / Not All the Way / Tie Rod
Laughing Weasels
Launch (Part I)
Launch (Part II)
Launch, The
Lava in LA
Lava in the Red Lane
Laveur de Vitres, Le
Law's Come Back to Town, The
Lead Hearing, The
Lead Herring, The
Leaving 2015
Leaving Clues
Lee Runs To The FBI Pick-Up
Left Hand of God, The
Legend in Action, The
Legend of Mythica Part. 1, The
Legend of Mythica Part. 2, The
Legend of Mythica Part. 3, The
Legend of Mythica Part. 4, The
Legend of Mythica Part. 5, The
Legend of Mythica Part. 6, The
Legend of the Scorpion King, The
Legend Of The Tablet, The
légende de Beowulf
Lena Detects Princess Daisy
Leroy's Morning
Let Me Drown Your Rat / Search the Montana
Let's Finish the Game
Let's Get the Hell Outta Here
Let's Go Home, Dad / It's Not Too Late
Let's Make a Deal
Let's Make Some Babies
Let’s Race / Run By / I’m Sorry / Hold It
Let’s Roll / I See ’Em
Let Us See Another Christmas
Letter / End Credit, The
Leveller, The
Libyans, The
Life is Soap is Life is… (Album version)
Life Out There?
Lightning Strikes
Like Twins
Like Your Friend
Lilo's Bedroom
Lilo & Stitch (For Your Consideration)
Limo Chase
Lindsey Dies (alternate)
Lindsey Drowns
Lindsey’s Close Encounter
Ling Ting Ring (unused source cue)
Listening for Little Green Men
Little Eye, A
Little Help, A
Little Tom Dies
Living in an Ice Age
Loch-Nah And Meela
Lock-Nah and Meela
Logo and Prologue (How the West Was Won)
Logo/Main Titles
Loki Arrives
Loki's Arrest
Loki's Scepter
Loki Stands Down
London Chase
Long Kiss Goodnight (Main Title), The
Looking After Gillian
Looking For A Murder
Looking for a Truck
Looking for Murderer
Looney Bin Breakout
Lord Forgive Me
Lori Meets the Press (Alternate A)
Lori Meets the Press (Alternate B)
Lori Meets the Press (Alternate C)
Lori’s Poster / Montana Blue Scarf
Lori Wins (Alternate)
Lorraine’s Bedroom
Loss Memory
Lost in the City
Lost It, I
Losudo's Woman
lot of Littles, The Gifts, A
Lot's Of Work To Do Pt. 1
Lot's Of Work To Do Pt. 2
Lot to Figure Out (extended), A
Lou is Dead
Love Advice
Love It When a Plan Comes Together" / Original "The A-Team (Theme), I
Love of My Life
Love Theme from Overboard
Love tt When a Plan Comes Together, I
Loving You
Luna Temple, The
Luring Lynch in the Docks Pt.4
Lycanthrope on the Run
Lynch Mob
Lynch Takes Pike
M.I.T. Arrival
Mac and Me: Eric's Revival / Conclusion
Mac and Me: Family
Mac and Me: House Destruction
Mac and Me: Into the Water
Mac and Me: Lab Escape
Mac and Me: Mac's Car Adventure
Mac and Me: Mac's Planet
Mac and Me: Mac's Theme
Mac and Me: Observing the House
Mac and Me: The Chase
Mac and Me: The Newspaper
Mac and Me: Vacuum Cleaner Attack
Mac Cries
Mac Escapes
Mac Loses It
Mac & Me (overture)
Mac on the Hill
Mac on Watch
Mac Stows Away / Grabs Coke
Mac Targeted
Mac Trapped in Vac
Magi Lune's Cave
Magic Circle Invitation
Magnetic Fencing
Maid in Manhattan
Main Hall
Main on End
Main Theme, Part 1
Main Theme, Part 2
Main Title (alternate A)
Main Title (alternate B)
Main Title (alternate excerpt)
Main Title / Let’s Get Him
Main Title - Original
Main Title - revised
Main Title (synth demo)
Main Title (unused version)
Main Titles
Mait Team
Make A Mess
Make a Stand
Make Maggie a Murderer
Makeover Mambo (Album version)
Making Lunch
Male Bonding
Mall Source
Mambo Glamoroso (Main Title)
Mambo Incognito
Mambo Nervoso
Manta Ship, The
March of the Lava
Margalo Bathing
Margalo to the Rescue / Margalo Leaves
Margolese Compound
Mario and Luigi Arrested
Mario Brothers Invite Daisy, The
Mario Vs. Koopa
Mark VII
Marker Buoy / They’re Coming
Marlene McFly
Marley’s Ghost Visits Scrooge
Maroon Cartoon (version A)
Maroon Cartoon (version B)
Maroon Toon Logo (without logo slide)
MARS Industries
Marty Ditches DeLorean
Marty Returns Back to the Future
Marty’s Letter
Marty's Plan
Marty's Return Home
Marty's Temper
Marty Wakes Up
Marvin at Work
Marvin Be‐Bop (source cue)
Max Is Targeted / Relying On Luther
May 10th
Mayan Warriors
Mean Machine
Meaning of Baby, The
Meaning of Being a Judge, The
Measure of a Hero, The
Meat Locker
Media Event
Medjai Commanders
Meet Dexter
Meet Hannibal (Alternate)
Meet Hannibal (Redo)
Meet Meela (Original)
Meet Meela (Revised)
Meet Michael
Meet Monster (alternate)
Meet Monster / Truckin’
Meet Murdock
Meet Pike
Meet Rachel (alternate version)
Meeting’s Over
Mega City
Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (instrumental), The
Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Roger's Song), The
Message From Mir
Message in German
Mexican Blackbird
mexican, The
Michel Arrives
Midnight Margaritas
Midnight Rambler, Washing Day
Mike Shoots Sykes
Mine, The
Mini Bar
Miracle, A
Miracle Mile
MIRV Recovery / SEALs Return
Miss Him / Desert, I
Miss Moorhead’s Tango
Missing Jessica
Missing Ticket, The
Mission Accomplished
Mission Allison
Mission: Impossible - Original Rejected Score and Various Theme
Mission Impossible (The Original Unused Motion Picture Score)
Mitch Go For It
Mitch The Rescuer
Mo Tze
Mob Cat, Final Check
Model Airplane, The
Mohawk Rising (Alternate)
Mom Has a Plan
Monsters in Gelatin / Fatal Food Fight
Montana / Crash / Flood
Monty the Mouth Explains
Monty the Mouth, Odd Snowbell
More Power
More Pygmies!
More Terrorists
More Than Hello
More Than One
Morning After
Mort ou vif
mort vous va si bien
Motel Escape (alternate)
Motorcycle Mayhem
Mouse Hunt (bonus track)
Mouse Hunt (Complete Score)
Mouse-To-Cat Talk
Mousehunt Suite
Mr. Barnes’ Cha Cha Cha (Alternate)
Mr. Cressner Falls
Mr. Falco
Mr. Mignon's Painting
Mr. & Mrs. Stout
Mumie kehrt zurück: Main Theme, Die
Mummy Returns Complete, The
mummy returns El regreso de la momia, The
Mummy Returns – End Credits, The
Mummy Returns: The Mummy Returns, The
Murdock Stitching B.A.
Musby Party, The
Museum Open Late
Mushy Part, The
My Annie's Gone
My Biscuits Are Burnin'!
My Bodyguard / How's It Going?
My Darling Clementine
My Father!
My First Bus Ride (Original)
My First Bus Ride (Revised)
My Office
My Stepmother Is an Alien (the Klystron)
Mystery Dart
Mythology of Nigel, The
Nail Bomb
Nail Gun
Natasha and Barton Fight
Natasha Interrogates
Nation of Hope, A
Natural Selection
Nazi Bookstore
NDC List & Mole Hunt, The
Need a Lift
Need a Woman, I
Need Terry Sheridan, I
Need You Frank, I
Need Your Help, I
Needed That / Work Here Finished, I
Needles' Deal
Negotiating, Stuart's Departure
Neighborhood Watch
Never Love You the Way I Do
Never Said Shiv
Never Thanked You, I
New Baby Suite
New Bookstore Search
New Girl In Town
New Home, The
New Order Montage
New Passenger
New Sheriff
New Wardrobe
New World (alternate)
New World, Part 1
New World, Part 2
New World, Part 3
New World - Revised
New World+
New Year’s Eve
News Report
Next Journey, The
Nick and Darcy (Love Theme) / Bathroom Follies / Nick's Theme
Nick's Rhumba / Erin's Thoughts
Nick Styles Show
Nicole Leaves Hotel
Nicole Returns Home
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Night Walk
Nights in White Satin
Nike Commercial
Nina at the Stairs
Nite, Nite
No Boom Boom / There Is a God
No Justice for Toons
No Mercy / Super Mario Bros.
No Money
No More Surprises
No Second Chance
No Trust
No Words
Nobody Human
Nobody / Tunnel Chase
None of Us Will Ever Forget
Norm’s Medical Advice/Sacrificial VCR
Northern Route
Not a Person-To-Person Call
Not Alone
Not Good
Not Meant to Be Found
Not There
Now, a Warning
Now I'm in Prison / Dottie Into Action
nuit au musée
O.K. to Cross
Oasis, The
Obituary, The
Octavius Attacks
Off Road
Offereing A Simple Trade
Okay to Go
Old Farm House, The
Old Joe and Mrs. Dilber
Old Tech
On the Dolphin
On the Edge
On The GSM
On the Loose
On the Machine
On Your Toes
Once There Was a World
One Big Misunderstanding
One of Those Days
One Shot
One, The
One Way Ticket
One Way Trip
One Year Later
Only If You Want To / I Know Why / Got You / The Glove / The Locker
Only Way (alternate), The
Opa Locka Bar (Source), The
Opened the Door, I
Opening / Jet Arrival
Opening Logo
Opening Title (demo)
Operation Honeymoon
Orange Grove
Orb Meeting, An
Orb of Osuvox
Orb Transmission
Orch Alt - Court Martial
Ordinary Guy?, An
Orphans, The
Other Guy Says No, The
Ouija Board
Our Journey Is Just Beginning
Our Little Secret
Out of Africa
Out of the Cage
Outrageous Fortune
Outrun the Sun
Over Here / You and Your Sister
Overboard: A Lovely Night / A Meeting
Overboard: Come to Daddy / I Am Proud
Overboard: Don't Leave Us
Overboard / Grumpier Old Men
Overboard: Hold Me
Overboard: Katerina and Arturo
Overboard: Main Title
Overboard: Opening at the Golf
Overboard: Sorry Annie
Overboard: Welcome Home Baby
Owner / Loaded Up, The
Oye, Oye
P.D.G. Des Chiffons Est Menacé, Le
Pachelbel "Canon"
Pair O’ Docs
Pale Blue Bot, The
Pale Blue Dot, The
Palmer Joss
Pancake Flip, The
Pandora's Box
Panic Attack
Par où t'es rentré... On t'a pas vu sortir
parent trap, The
Paris, 1878
Paris Chase
Parking Penalty
Party Piano (Source Music)
Party Time
Passage of Time
Passenger Aboard
Pat Patterson
Path of Death
Patty Cake
Pawn Shop
Payback Time
Peabody Barn / Marty Ditches DeLorean
Peaks and Valleys
Perfectly Not Confusing
Performance Issues
Performance Prep
“Perhaps You Brought Them to Life — Given Them a Soul”
Permian Period, The
Photo Booth Cont.
Physical State of the Stars
Piano Bar (source)
Piano Chase
Pick-Up and End Credits, The
Picture Fades
Picture, The
Pie Plate, The
Piège fatal
Pig Alarm
Pig Sticking Match
Pigmy Attack, Part 1
Pigmy Attack, Part 2
Pike Rides with Lynch's Team
Pile Up / Accident
Pishkin Building, The
Pit Battle, The
Plan Cont., The
Plan Finale
Plan Goes On, The
Plan Goes Wrong
Plane Ride
Plane Take-Off
Planet Collapse
Play Ball
Playing the Angle
Playing with Fire
Plot & Main Theme, The
Plumbers Reward
Point of No Return (The Train, Part III)
Polar Express Suite, The
Polarexpress, Der
Police Car Chase
Police Examinations
Policia Federal
Ponch's Disco
Pool Cue
Pop Goes the Weasel
Post Bat Attack
Pow Wow!
Power of love (3 min 43 s)
Power Out
Practical magic
Prague Set-Up / Ethan Escapes, The
Pray With Me
Precious Grains / Dedication
Predator 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Predator 2: The Deluxe Edition
Predator End Credits
Predator Injured / Hand to Hand Combat
Predator (KMN score remix)
Predator (Main Theme)
Predator (Main Title)
Predator: Predator (Edit)
Predator's Big Finish
Predator's Gift, The
Predator's Tree
Predator Surgery
Predator Unmasked
Preparing Camp Attack
Pressure Point
Primer, The
Primping For Mom
Prince Gremin's Aria (Excerpt)
Prince Of Piss
Prince’s Day (Main Title)
Project Stargazer
Promise, A
Promise, I
Pseudopod (alternate), The
Pt.1 Face Meets B.A.
Pt.1 - Safehouse Pt.1
Pt.2 Meet Murdoch
Pt.2 - Safehouse Pt.2
Pt.3 - Safehouse Pt.3
Pt.4 - Safehouse Pt.4
Pulling the Plug
Punch For Gillian, A
Puny God
Put Down the Scepter
Put It On the Left
Putting the Team Back Together
Pygmies Converge
Pygmy Attack
Pygmy Territory
Quest, The
Question Is What, The
Question of Belief (Part I), A
Question of Belief (Part II), A
Qui veut la peau de Roger Rabbit
Quick and the Dead (End Credits), The
Quick and the Dead Main Theme, The
R.K. Maroon
Rabbit / Get It, The
Race Begins / The Race Part Two / End of Race, The
Rachel’s Dead
Racing the Sun
Raft at Sea, The
Rain Fire Upon Them
Rainforest Suite
Raise the Masto Intro (Unused)
Raising the Dead
Rally 'round the Bank
Rally the Troops
Ran and Ran, I
Ranger With A Fear Of Flying
Ransacked Apartment / Zolo
Rape, The
Ray Eats It
Ray's Deal
Re-Animation Attempt
Ready Player One - End Credits
Ready Player One - Main Title
Real Hero, The
Real Jungle
Real Lynch Mob
Real World Consequences
Really Confused
Reconstituted Boyfriend
Red 2
Red Herring Du Jour
Red Ledger
Regaining Memory
Règlement de Comptes a "Kasbah City"
Reindeer games
Relax a Little
Remember Everything
Remember Me? / End Credits
Remember the Alamo / Alamo Sting
Repo Man
Rescue and End Credits, The
Rescued & Finale
Rescuing Face
Rest in Pieces
Restless Gillian
Retour vers le Futur (Back to the Future)
Retour vers le Futur III
Retrieve DeLorean
Retrieving the Plates
Return Of The Supercycle
Return of the Turks
Return to the Underworld
Reunited - From "Van Helsing"
Revelation of Immensity
Revelations (alternate)
Rhode's Secret
Richest Kid in the World
Richie Rich
Rick Battles Imhotep
Rick's Tattoo
Rico Escapes
Ride at Home, The
Ride on My Good Man
Ride the Squirrel, I
Ride to Guano City
Rifle, The
Right... Army
Righting the Ship (Cont.)
Ring Has Vanished, The
Rise and Shine
Rise of Cobra, The
Ritual, The
river (4 min 26 s)
River Crash
Road Trip
Roadster, The Wasp
Roark’s Big Plan/Tommy’s Gone
Roark’s Missing
Roark Saves Kelly
Robot Romp
Rockin’ on Top of the World
Roger and Benny
Roger and Eddie
Roger Drinks Scotch
Roger Fanfare
Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman Cartoon / Maroon Logo, A
Roger's Song (The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down)
Roger's Speech
Roger to the Rescue
Roller Disco
Romancing the Stone (End Credits)
Romancing the Stone: End Title
Rose Bush - Hallet Arrives, The
Round Up and Collection
Rudy's Lodging
Rules of Science, The
Rum Gun
Run Forrest Run
Runway Introductions
Rush Down Corridor
S.O.T.I. – Alternate
Sacred Searching
Safe and Sound
Safe House
Safehouse Aftermath / Face's Plan
Safehouse Pt. 1
Safehouse Pt. 2
Safehouse Pt. 3
Safehouse Pt. 4
Sailboat, The
Saint Max
Saint Vincent’s/Steady Line
Sally Comes Home
Saloon Piano Medley
Samantha Caine, Never Existed
Sand Warriors
Sandcastles & Breadcrumbs
Sandlotters Attack
Santa Claus Is Coming
Sara Rushes to the Wedding
Sarah Novak
Sarah the Guard
Sarah Who?
Save My Life
Saved (alternate)
Saved by Teddy
Saving Face
Say It Ain’t So
Scene Of The Crime
Scene of the Murder, The
Schmidt's Story
Schmidt's Treasure
Science and the Cloth
Science Experiment? (The Train, Part I), A
Scorpio, El
Scorpio's Vision
Scorpion Shoes
Scrooge Counts Money
Sea / I Still Love You, The
Search for the Mouse
Search the Montana
Search the Place
Searching the Docks
Searching the Tunnels
Second Chance
Second Grendel Attack
Second Stop
Security Breach
Seduction, The
Seeing Is Believing
Seeing, Not Believing
“Seeing Your Boy Become A Man”
Selected Themes
Selections, The
Self Destruction
Selvig's Rolling Lab Pt. 1
Selvig's Rolling Lab Pt. 2
Sempre viva
Send in the Clones
Senile Samba
Serendipity Chat
Serious Fight, A
Settling In
Seul au monde
Shadow Universe, The
Shake Hands Girls
Shapeshifting Stinger
Shark Attack
Sharks / Disappear
Shattered - Klein's Shot
Shattered (Troubles)
She Boom
She Never Left
She Really Is Something (Alternate Mix)
She’s a Boy!
She’s Alive
She's Gone
She's Got The Truck
She's In
She Wants To Show Us Something
Sheik of Araby, The
Shell Game
Shelter, The
Ship Beckons, The
Ship Drop
Shoes on the Loose
Shot (alternate excerpt), A
Shot Gun Chase
Shotgun Chase
Shouldn't Have Yelled, I
Show You What I Do
Showdown / The Kick, The
Shower Prints
Shut Him Down
Shuttle Crash
Sidekicks partenaires de combat
Siege of the O'Connell Manor, The
Sifting the Stars
Signal, A
Signal, The
Silent Movie
Silly Job
Silver Lining / Finale
Silver Pictures Logo Theme
Sing Sing Sing
Sir Lancelot
Sister Affection
Skateboard Chase, The
Skydive Getaway
Sleepless Night / Cab Drive to Kelly
Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Ride
Sling Shot Marksman
Small Amount (Roller Disco)
Small Hands
Small Moves
Small Price, A
Smash and Grab
Smell Adventure, I
Smells Funky
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile - That's All, Folks!
Snake Eyes
Snap Out of It
Sneak And Greet
Snooping Around
Snow / I Understand Now / Just One
Snow Scene
Snowbell and the Flies
Snowbell Gets a Lift
Snowbell Hungry
Snowbell's Lament
Snowbell's lies, Stuart leaves
Snuggle Bunnies (alternate)
So It Begins
So Long Jack
So Many Stairs
Soccer Game, The
Soirée "Jet Society"
Sol También Se Pone (End Titles), El
Sol También Se Pone (Instrumental), El
Some Huevos (alternate)
Some Men Are Born Great
Some 'Splainin' To Do
Something Else / Cut 'Em Down / Payback Time
Something Inconspicuous
Something Is Coming!
Something Not Horrible
Something's Missing
Something There
Somewhere in Mexico / Original "The A-Team (Theme)"
Somewhere in time (2 min 55 s)
Son of a Bitch!
Song of the Palms
Sorrento Makes an Offer
Sorrento Punked
Sosa Challenges Lynch
Sosa Remembers Lynch
Sosa Sees Lynch
Sosa Team to Germany
Spanish Guitar (duet)
Speaking of Sarah
Speed of Light, The
Spell Confession
Spirit of the Season
Spirit of the Trees
Spokesperson's Follow-Up, A
Spy Work
Square, The
Stage Coach
Staggering Immensity of Time, The
Stairs / It's Not Your Fault / Do You Mind?, The
Stalk & Talk
Star Canopy
Star Dancing
Star Stuff
Stark Goes Green
Stark's Big Fan
Start the Dip
Station C Walk
Stay Out Of My Way
Stay With Me
Stealing the Case
Steamroller, The
Stellar Atmospheres
Steve's Accident
Stitch Arrested
Stitch to the Rescue
Stolen Horse (Finale)
Stone Revealed, The
Stop! or my mom will shoot
Story of My Life, The
Story Time
Strange Bedfellows
Strange Pets
Stranger on the Beach
String, A
String Chase
String Cheese
Strippers, The
Struggling for the Stone
Stu Finds the Plane
Stu Reports to George
Stu's Car Breakdown / George Sneaks In
Stuart Appears
Stuart Clumsy
Stuart Is In / The Main Thing
Stuart Little 2
Stuart makes it
Stuart's String Mission
Study Up on History
Sub Battle
Subway Predator
Such Whizzings
Suicide Jumper
Suit Up
Suite (Alan Silverstri) [1995]
Suite From Forrest Gump
Suite From Super Mario Bros.
Suite from The Parent Trap
Suite From the Polar Express
Summer Montage
Summer Rental / Critical Condition
Sunset’s Showdown
Super Koopa Cousins, The
Super Mario Bros.
Surprise Guests
Swinging Into Action
Swinging Rude Boys
Table For Two
Tablet Gone
Tablet of Akmenrah
Tablet, The
Take A Deep Breath
Take Me, I'll Follow You
Takeover, The
Taking a Nap / Step Aside / More Fire
Tales From the Wild
Talk About Crafts
Talkin' About the Heart
Tank Splashdown
Target Angry
Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture (Bomb Struggle)
Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture (Desperate Run)
Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture (Last Bomb)
Teaching Fire to Tiger Girl
Team Coda, A
Team Taken into Custody Pt.2
Team Takes Off, A
Team, The
Team Work
Tearing Limbs
Teddy in Two
Teddy Likes Sacagawea
Teddy’s Goodbye
Telegram Message
Television Message
Tell Me About It
Tension / The Kiss
Tequila Bottle, A
Terrorists Board Jet
Test of Faith, A
Test Run Bomber
Test Run, Security Breach
That's Him!
That's My Boat
Theatre Lobby / Maroon Cartoon Studios, The
Theme From “Flight of the Navigator”
Theme (from The Abyss)
Theme From "The Bodyguard" (album alternate version)
Theme From "The Bodyguard" (Film mix version)
Theodore Roosevelt at Your Service
Theory of Evolution
There Is No Bridge / Doc to the Rescue
“There Is No Why”
There Is Only the War
“There’s Something I Need to Do”
There Were Judges... (alternate)
These Foolish Things (Main Title)
They Called It
They Can’t Hurt Me
They Intend to Use Them
They Kiss (discrete cue)
They’re Not Dangerous
They're Sending Me to Vietnam
“They Want to Kill You”
This Dark Chamber
This Is History (Extended Album Mix)
This Is My Choice
This Is the Night / Coming Thrill / Portman / Please Welcome
“This Is Wrong”
This Is Your Moment
This Night Is Their Last
This Place Is Cursed
Thor and Hulk Face Off
Thor Flushed
Thor Hammers Glass
Thor Lands
Three American Marines
Three American Soldiers
Thrill Show
Through the Chimney
Tight Corners
Time bomb town (2 min 45 s)
Time Lapse Montage
Time Passes
Time to Go
Tiniest Bit of Vision, The
Tire Take Down
To 1885
To Be Concluded (alternate 1)
To Be Concluded (alternate 2)
To Casteleone's Nightclub
To Kill a Scorpion/Second Division
To London
To Moscow
To Paris
To Quitters Incorporated
To the Wild
To Vatican City
To Washington
Toaster Train
Todd And His Father
Tokyo DisneySea - The Legend of Mythica
Tom Sees the Light
Tomb Raider Rick
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life: Original Motion Picture Score
Tombstone, The
Tommy Pinto
Ton O' Bricks
Ton of Bricks, A
Too Easy
Too Late to Stop It
Tool of a Thief, The
Toon Killed My Brother (alternate #1)
Toon Killed My Brother (alternate #2)
Toon Killed My Brother (version A), A
Toon Killed My Brother (version B), A
Toon Killed My Brother (version C), A
Toon Magnet
Toon Patrol / Search the Place
Toon Shoes
Toon Town Is Saved
Toon Town (version A)
Toon Town (version B)
Toon Town (version C)
Toon Town (version D)
ToonTown (CD version)
Totally Fine
Touch My Robe
Touch of Magic, A
Tough Crowd
Tour of the Museum
Tow Truck Lady
Towel Drop
Towers of Notre Dame, The
Town Square, The
Tracking, Dear Boy
Tracy's Floor Exercise
Trailer #1
Trailer #2
Trailer #3
Trailer Music
Train Chapter (Album Version)
Train Chapter (Film Version)
Train Escape
Train, The
Train Yard
Training the Supersoldier
Transporting the Ship
Transylvania 1887
Transylvanian Horses, Part 1
Transylvanian Horses, Part 2
Trap, The
Travel Delays (extended)
Tres Amigos
Triangular Scars
Tried, I
Triumphant Return
Troll Arrives, The
Troll Fight
Trolley Bomb Site
Troop Liberation
Troops in the Streets
Trouble in the Bar
Trouble on the Home Front
Truck, The
True Power
Truly Dead
Trumpet Fanfare
Truth, Cat Chat, The
Trying to Get to Amanda
Tsk Tsk
Tthe Dip
Tuco's Army Arrives
Tuco's Men Close In
Tunnel Chase (Extended Album Mix)
Tunnel Chase Pt. 1
Tunnel Chase Pt. 2
Tunnel Chase Pt. 3
Tunnel Fever
Tunnel Run
Tunnel Scape
Tunnel Search/Dr. Jaye
Turkey Fish Follies
Turkey in the Straw
Turning the Boat Around
TV Awards Music
Twice You Owe Me+
Two Bits!
Two Loves
Ugly Mother
Ultimate Green Power, The
Unauthorized Night Flight
Under the Rain
Undying Fidelity
Union Trouble
Universal Eye View
Unknown, The
Unlocking the Doors
[Untitled] (take 1)
[Untitled] (take 2)
[unused 1]
[unused 2]
Up On The Roof
Useless Crucifix
Vacuum Cleaner, The
Valiant & Valiant (CD version)
Valiant & Valiant (version A)
Valiant & Valiant (version B)
Valley Go Home!
Van Explosion
Van Helsing (KMN score remix)
Velkan Vanquished
Velkan Visit
Victoria Calls
Victory Is Ours
Viking Funeral
Vineyard Suite
Virginia Reel (Tip‐Top)
Virgo Supercluster
Vision of Death
Vision, The
Visions of the Nefertiri, Part 1
Visions of the Nefertiri, Part 2
Visions of the Past
Visitor in Wilmington, A
Visitor, The
Visitors at the O'Connells
Vocal Insert
Volcano: March of the Lava, Cleansing Rain
Volcano: March on the Lava
Volleyball Game
Wade’s Broadcast
Waiting for Angus
Waiting, The
Wake Him Up
Wake Up Juice
Wake Up Sweetheart
Walk: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Walking the Baby / Con Men
Walkman / Another One
Wanna Take a Ride?
Want A Cigarette, I
Want Celeste to Burn, I
Want Her Alive And Unmarked, I
Want Him Back, I
Want Our Life Back
Want to Believe, I
Warehouse, The
Warmed Up (alternate)
Warriors Unleashed
Was Late, I
Was Made for This, I
Washington Reunion
Watch and See / Meet Rachel / Fletcher / Can I Help You?
Watch Commander, The
Watch Each Other’s Six
Watching Caroline in Lars' House
Water Fight / Chase Mom / Couch Puppies
Way We Live Now, The
Way You Look Tonight (reprise), The
We Actually Did It
We Both Made Promises (extended)
We Can Beat This
We Created You / Judge Fargo's Death
We Created You, Part 1
We Created You, Part 2
We Created You, Part 3
“We Have a Problem”
We Hold the Baton
We'll Die If We Stay Here
We Lose Everything
We Need Some Answers
We're All Gonna Die
We're Having A Baby
We're in Trouble
We're Just Here for Him
We’re Out of Gas
Weasels (version a), The
Weasels (version B), The
Weather Experiment, The
Wedding Guest, The
Weirdo / Someone Was in Here
Welcome Home
Welcome to Baghdad
Welcome to Marwen End Credits
Welcome To The Jungle
Welcome to the Rebellion
Well, Well, Well / Overlay
Werewolf Trap
West (alternate), The
West From Africa
Western Union (alternate #1)
Western Union (alternate #2)
Wet Cats
What a Drag (wild original)
What About Us?
What an Adventure!
What Are Our Odds?
What Are You Doing? / Where Is She? / I'm Through
What Are You Prepared To Do?
What Did I Do?
What Did It Cost? (extended)
What Do You Say?
What Happened to Her?
What Have You Done?
What Lies Beneath (End Credits)
What More Could I Lose? (extended)
What? No Ice?
What's Best for Lilo
What's Going on There?
What’s Up Doc / Marty Gallops / To the Future
What's Up Girl?
What the Heck
What the Tide Could Bring
What Truck (Source) / Arms in the Air (Source)
What We Need Is a Hero
What Were You Lying
What women want
Whatever It Takes
When Christmas Comes to Town
When I Have Proof
Where Am I?
Where Are Jed And Octavius?
Where Are They?
Where Dreams Have No End
Where Heaven Ends
Where's My Stuff
Where’s Rexy?
Whip Inspects Room
Whip’s Mad Drive
Who Are They to Judge?
Who Are You?
Who Did This ?
Who Do We Call Now
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Complete Score)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit: End Title Suite
Who's Hunting Whom?
Who Was That Lying Dead?
Why Are You Here?
“Why Can’t We Go Backwards?”
Why don't you do right ? (3 min 02 s)
Why Don't You Do Right? (Jessica's Song)
Why Should I Take Orders From You?
Wielcy kompozytorzy filmowi: Alan Silvestri
Wild Car
Wild Percussion
Wild Predator Voices
Wild, The
Wild West Mouse
Will Assist / Sinking
Will Shows Up
Will, The
Wilson, I'm Sorry
Wilson is Gone / Memphis Memories
Winner Is (alternate version), The
Winner Is / Where's Portman?, The
Wolf Attack
Woman on the Verge
Won’t Let Anybody Hurt You, I
Woo Shoo
Work Here Finished
World's Best
World Soundtrack Awards
Worth a Human Life
Worth It
Wounded Predator
Wrong Girlfriend 1
Wrong Girlfriend (Original)
Wrong Girlfriend (Revised)
Yoo Hoo
You and Me and Your Dog
You Are My Lucky Star
You Are Saved
You Blew It / Let’s Do It / Freeze / Testify
You Can Never Belong
You Can't Roar
You Can't Sit Here
You Did Good
You Don’t Know Me
You Go Right
You Gonna Shoot?
You Have My Wife
You’ll Find Out / Would You Believe
You'll Kill In It
You’ll Never Lose / Old New Delorean
You’re a Legend
You’re Fired (Just Kidding)
"You're Luggage" / Hold Your Fire
You're No Different
You're Not a Stranger Anymore
You Shouldn’t Be Here
You Talkin’ to Me?
You've Been Erased
You've Got to Hear this, Sir
Young Guns II: Billy Discovered
Young Guns II: Doc and Chavez Captured
Young Guns II: Hasta la Vista
Young Guns II: It's Over
Young Guns II: Lynch Mob
Young Guns II / Mac and Me
Young Guns II: Main Title
Young Guns II: On the Run
Young Guns II: Reunited
Young Guns II: Sheriff Pat Garrett
Young Guns II (The Big Battle)
Young Guns II: The Indians
Young Guns II: The Shootout
Young Guns II: Tom Dies
Young Guns II: White Oaks
Young Guns II: Young Guns Theme (alternate version)
Young Philippe
Your Luggage
Your Music / Compact / Balloon Attack
Zoo Arrival
Zurück in die Zukunft
Contributed to or performed: 
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25 ans de films catastrophe
50 mejores canciones de cine, Las
90 Les Années Cultes
Action Movie Themes: It's Music (Movie Sound Orchestra)
All Time Greatest Movie Songs of the Last 3 Decades, The
Allegro Ma Non Troppo
Allegro ma non troppo / Shubert Orchestra Vers
Amazing Stories Anthology, Volume 3
American Anthem
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Best of Action
Avengers, The
Back to the Future
Back to the Future (Complete Motion Picture Score)
Back to the Future (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Back to the Future (Theme)
Back to the Future Overture
Back to the Future: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Best of Horror
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Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album, The
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Classic Score, The
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Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack (special collector’s edition)
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Judge Dredd: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Mac & Me
Mack, The
Maid in Manhattan
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Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Ministry of Sound: The Score
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My Stepmother Is an Alien
My Stepmother Is an Alien: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Palace of the Winds: The Piano at the Movies
Parent Trap, The
Parent Trap: Original Soundtrack, The
Piano Cinema (Jonas Kvarnström Plays Movie Themes From Twilight, Donie Darko, Amelie, Green Card, Forrest Gump, Truman Show, Chocolat)
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plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Volume 2, Les
Polar Express: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Practical Magic
Practical Magic: Music From the Motion Picture
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RFM - Deep Feelings
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 2
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Secret Identity
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