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Ioannes Tirole
Jan Tirol
Jean Tirole (economista francese)
Jean Tirole (économiste français)
Jean Tirole (Frans econoom)
Jean Tirole (fransk ekonom)
Jean Tirole (fransk økonom)
Jean Tirole (französischer Ökonom, insbesondere Industrieökonom)
Jean Tirole (French economist)
Tirole, J.
Tirole, Jean
Tirole, Jean (Auteur.)
Жан Тирол (француски писател и нобеловец)
Жан Тіроль
Тироль, Жан
ჟან ტიროლი
Ժան Տիրոլ
ז'אן טירול
جان تيرول
جین ترولی
جین ٹیرول
ژان تیرول (اقتصاددان فرانسوی)
जेन तिरोल
ज्याँ तिरोल
জ্যাঁ তিরোল
ਯਾਂ ਤਿਰੋਲ
ழோன் திரோல்
జీన్‌ టిరోల్‌
ഷോൺ ടീറോൾ
장 티롤
ティロール, J
ティロール, ジャン
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Aghion, P.
Aghion, Philippe
Babou, Roland
Battaglini, Marco
Beccherle, Julien
Benabou, R.
Bénabou, Roland
Blanchard, Olivier
Blanchard, Olivier J
Blanchard, Olivier J.
Blanchard, Olivier Jean
Bolton, Patrick
Caillaud, B.
Caillaud, Bernard
Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Analyse Socio-Economique Paris Affiliation (see also from)
Chiao, Benjamin
Crémer, Jacques
Dewatripont, Mathias
Dewatripont, Mathias (1981-...)
Farhi, Emmanuel
Freixas, Xavier
Fudenberg, D.
Fudenberg, Drew
GESTION : Paris 9
Gilbert, Richard
Guesnerie, R.
Guesnerie, Roger
Hart, Oliver D
Hart, Oliver D.
Hausman, Jerry A.
Holmstrom, B
Holmström, Bengt
Holmstrom, Bengt R.
Institut d'Économie Industrielle Toulouse Affiliation (see also from)
Ivaldi, Marc
Jean, Drew Fudenberg and Tirole
Jean, Tirole
Jeon, Doh Shin
Jewitt, Ian
Joskow, P.
Joskow, Paul
Joskow, Paul L
Joskow, Paul L.
Jullien, Bruno
Laffont, J-J.
Laffont, J.J.
Laffont, Jean Jacques
Laffont, Jean-Jacques
Laffont, Jean-Jaques
Leonard, Gregory K.
Lerner, Josh
Lerner, Joshua
Levine, David
Levine, David K
Levine, David K.
Marcus, Scott
Maskin, E
Maskin, E.
Maskin, Eric
Maskin, Eric S.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
Mirrlees, James A.
National Bureau of Economic Research
Neary, J. Peter
Neary, Peter
Pathak, Parag
Pathak, Parag A.
Persson, Torsten
Princeton University Affiliation (see also from)
REY, Patrick
Rochet, Jean Charles
Rochet, Jean-Charles
Rochet, Jean‐Charles
Roger, Guesnerie
Seabright, Paul
Stiglitz, Joseph
Strojwas, Marcin
Tirole, J
Tirole, Jean
Tirole, Roland Benabou and Jean
Tiroley, Jean
Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) / Institut d'Économie Industrielle (IDEI)
Toulouse School of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Weyl, E. Glen
Weyl, Glen
Гальперин, В. М. (1933-1999)
Гальперин, Вадим Максович (1933-1999)
北村, 行伸 (1956-)
Access pricing and competition
Activities of a Monopoly Firm in Adjacent Competitive Markets: Economic Consequences and Implications for Competition Policy, The
Adverse Selection and Renegotiation in Procurement.
Alignement of Interests and the Governance of Joint Ventures
Analyse économique de la notion de prix de prédation
Analysis of Tying Cases: A Primer., The
Asset bubbles and overlapping generations
Auction design and favoritism
Auctioning Incentive Contracts.
Balancing the banks : global lessons from the financial crisis
Belief in a just world and redistributive politics
Biased principals as a discipline device
Bonus Culture : Competitive Pay, Screening, and Multitasking
Bubbly liquidity
Capital as a commitment: Strategic investment to deter mobility
Cartelization by Regulation.
Certifying New Technologies
Cognition and Incomplete Contracts.
Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch and Systemic Bailouts.
Collusion and the Theory of Organizations
Comment on "Pledgability and Liquidity: A New Monetarist Model of Financial and Macroeconomic Activity"
Comparative statics of the optimal dynamic incentive contract
Competing liquidities corporate securities, real bonds and bubbles
Competition between telecommunications operators
Competition in telecommunications
Concessions, concurrence et incitations
Concurrence imparfaite
Connectivity in the Commercial Internet.
Consensus building: How to persuade a group
Consistency of dynamic choices and strategic interactions.
Contract Renegotiation and Coasian Dynamics.
Contraintes verticales : l'approche principal-agent
Controlling risk in payment systems
Cooperation among competitors : the economics of credit card associations
Cooperative Marketing Agreements Between Competitors: Evidence from Patent Pools
Corporate Governance.
Correlated Equilibria and Sunspots: A Note
Corrigendum to 'A Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, III, Cournot Competition' (vol. 31, no. 4)
Cost Padding, Auditing and Collusion
Country Solidarity, Private Sector Involvement and the Contagion of Sovereign Crises
Creating Competition through Interconnection: Theory and Practice.
Crisi finanziarie, liquidità e sistema monetario internazionale.
Customer Poaching and Brand Switching.
Design of Patent Pools: The Determinants of Licensing Rules., The
Domestic and International Supply of Liquidity
Dynamic models of oligopoly
Dynamics of Incentive Contracts., The
Dynamics of Open-Source Contributors, The
Economic Analysis of the Determination of Interchange Fees in Payment Card Systems, An
economics of career concerns: part 1 :comparing information structures, The
economics of career concerns: part 2 :application to missions and accountability of government agencies, The
Economics of Career Concerns, Part I: Comparing Information Structures., The
Economics of Career Concerns, Part II: Application to Missions and Accountability of Government Agencies., The
economics of global warming, The
Economics of Tacit Collusion, The
Economics of Technology Sharing: Open Source and Beyond, The
Economics of Unilateral Effects, The
économie de la recherche-développement, L' : introduction à certains travaux théoriques
Économie postale les fondements
Efficient governance structure: implications for banking regulation
Efficient patent pools
Énergie : économie et politiques
Environmental policy, compliance and innovation
Essais en économie de l'information règlementation optimale et combat de la corruption
Essais en finance d' entreprise
Essays in economic theory. -
Essays on auctions and mechanism design
Essays on Information Transmission in Principal-Agent Models
Essential facility financing and market structure
Euro Crisis: Some Reflexions on Institutional Reform., The
Evaluating Economics Research in Europe: An Introduction
Exit Options in Corporate Finance: Liquidity versus Incentives
Externalities and Regulation in Card Payment Systems
Fat-Cat Effect, the Puppy-Dog Ploy, and the Lean and Hungry Look., The
Fear of rejection? : tiered certification and transparency
Financial Intermediation, Loanable Funds, and the Real Sector.
Financing and access in cooperatives
Formal and real authority in organizations.
From Pigou to Extended Liability: On the Optimal Taxation of Externalities under Imperfect Financial Markets.
Game theory
gobierno corporativo, El
Government Intervention in Production and Incentives Theory: A Review of Recent Contributions
Gradient projection algorithms for problems in public finance : a note
Hierarchies and Bureaucracies: On the Role of Collusion in Organizations.
Identity, dignity and taboos beliefs as assets
Identity, Morals, and Taboos: Beliefs as Assets
Illiquidity and all its friends
In Honor of David Kreps, Winner of the John Bates Clark Medal.
Incentives and prosocial behavior
Incentives and Prosocial Behaviour
Incitations et fonctionnement des entreprises et des marchés : rapport final, 5 février 1995
Incomplete Contracts: Where Do We Stand?
Incomplete Information Bargaining with Outside Opportunities.
Individual and corporate social responsibility
Inefficient Foreign Borrowing: A Dual- and Common-Agency Perspective
Infinite-Horizon Models of Bargaining with One-Sided Incomplete Information
Information,Tranching and Liquidity
Inside and outside liquidity
Intellectual Property and Health in Developing Countries.
Interbank lending and systemic risk
Internal Organization of Government., The
Internet Interconnection and the Off-Net-Cost Pricing Principle.
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Introduction à certains travaux théoriques sur la recherche-développement
Introduction to the Symposium
Joint Design of Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection: A First Pass, The
L’économie politique de la réglementation
LAPM: a liquidity-based asset pricing model
Laws and Norms
Leverage and the Central Banker's Put
Libéralisation & services publics économie postale
Liquidity and Risk Management.
Liquidity shortages: theoretical underpinnings.
Logic of Vertical Restraints, The
Loyalty and Investment in Cooperatives
Macroeconomic Shocks and Banking Regulation
management of innovation., The
Market Liquidity and Performance Monitoring.
Market Power Screens Willingness-to-Pay.
Markov Perfect Equilibrium, I : Observable Actions.
Materialistic Genius and Market Power: Uncovering the best innovations
Merchant transmission investment
Model of Forum Shopping, with Special Reference to Standard Setting Organizations, A
Modeling Aggregate Liquidity.
Modes of communication
Moral Hazard and Renegotiation in Agency Contracts.
Motivation intrinsèque, incitations et normes sociales
Multicontract Organization., The
Multitask agency problems: Focus and task clustering
Multitask agency problems: task separation and clustering
Must-Take Cards and the Tourist Test
Must Take Cards: Merchant Discounts and Avoided Costs.
Network Competition: I. Overview and Nondiscriminatory Pricing
Noncooperative game theory for industrial organization: An introduction and overview
Normal and Real Authority in Organizations
Note on Environmental Innovation, A
Notice sur la vie et les travaux de Maurice Allais, 1911-2010
On banking and intermediation
On Non-Exclusive Membership in Competing Joint Ventures
On the efficiency of fixed price equilibrium
On the Efficiency of Keynesian Equilibrium
On the Management of Innovation.
On the Possibility of Speculation under Rational Expectations.
On the receiver pays principle
open source movement: Key research questions, The
Opening the black box of innovation
Optimal Bypass and Cream Skimming.
optimal design of unemployment insurance and employment protection a first pass, The
Over My Dead Body: Bargaining and the Price of Dignity
Overcoming Adverse Selection: How Public Intervention Can Restore Market Functioning.
Ownership and Incentives in a Transition Economy
Parties As Political Intermediaries
Party governance and ideological bias
Payment Card Regulation and the Use of Economic Analysis in Antitrust
Perfect Bayesian and Sequential Equilibria: A Clarifying Note
Perfect Bayesian equilibrium and sequential equilibrium
Planning under incomplete information and the ratchet effect
Platform Competition in Two-Sided Markets.
Politician and the Judge: Accountability in Government, The
Politics of Government Decision-Making: A Theory of Regulatory Capture., The
Politics of Government Decision Making: Regulatory Institutions., The
Politics of Government Decision-Making, The : a Theory of Regulatory Capture
Politique climatique une nouvelle architecture internationale
politiques publiques d'incitation à l'innovation évaluation de leurs impacts dans des cadres d'analyse statiques et dynamiques, Les
Pollution permits and compliance strategies
Pollution permits and environmental innovation
Predation Without Reputation
Preemption and rent equalization in the adoption of new technology
Preemption and Rent Equilization in the Adoption of New Technology.
Preemption, leapfrogging and competition in patent races
Preventing and Resolving Banking and Sovereign Crises: Toward a New Institutional Framework
Pricing a Network Good to Deter Entry.
Pricing Under the Threat of Entry by a Sole Supplier of a Network Good.
Primer on Foreclosure., A
Principal-Agent Relationship with an Informed Principal, II: Common Values., The
Principal-Agent Relationship with an Informed Principal: The Case of Private Values., The
Private and public supply of liquidity
Privatization and Incentives.
Privatization in Eastern Europe: Incentives and the Economics of Transition
Procurement, cost overruns and severance a study in commitment and renegotiation
Protection de l'emploi et procédures de licenciement
protection du consommateur, rationalité limitée et régulation, La
prudential regulation of banks, The
Public policies to induce research and development activity : estimate of their impacts in static and dynamic models.
Public Policy toward Patent Pools
Public-private partnerships and government spending limits
Rational irrationality: Some economics of self-management
Redesigning the Employment Protection System.
Regional initiatives and the cost of delaying binding climate change agreements
réglementation prudentielle des banques, La
Régulation des relations entre fournisseurs et distributeurs
regulation of multiproduct firms, The : Part I: Theory
regulation of multiproduct firms, The : Part II: Applications to competitive environments and policy analysis
Regulation of Multiproduct Firms: Theory and Policy Analysis, The
Reliability and competitive electricity markets
Repeated Auctions of Incentive Contracts, Investment and Bidding Parity With an Application to Takeovers
Retail electricity competition
rules of standard setting organizations: an empirical analysis, The
scope of open source licensing, The
Self Confidence and Personal Motivation.
Self-confidence and social interactions
Self-confidence intrapersonal strategies
Self-control in peer groups
Sequential Bargaining with Incomplete Information.
Sequential Bargaining with Many Buyers
Should governments commit?
"Signal-Jamming" Theory of Predation, A
simple economics of open source, The
Some Economics of Global Warming
Some implications of growth for organizational form and ownership structure
Some Simple Economics of Open
Speculative Attacks and Risk Management
Stabilité financière
Standard-Essential Patents
Taux d'actualisation et optimum second
Tax reform from the gradient projection viewpoint
Terekomu sangyō ni okeru kyōsō
Théorie des incitations et réglementation
théorie normative des contrats État-entreprises
théorie normative des contrats Etats-entreprises, Une
Theories of Speculation
Theory of Collective Reputations (with Applications to the Persistence of Corruption and to Firm Quality)., A
Theory of corporate finance
theory of debt and equity: diversity of securities and manager-shareholder congruence, A
Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, 1: Overview and Quantity Competition with Large Fixed Costs, A
Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, I: Overview and Quantity Competition with Large Fixed Costs., A
Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, II: Price Competition, Kinked Demand Curves, and Edgeworth Cycles., A
theory of dynamic oligopoly, III, A : Cournot competition
Theory of Exit in Duopoly., A
Theory of incentives in procurement and regulation, A
Theory of Income and Dividend Smoothing Based on Incumbency Rents., A
Theory of industrial organization, The
theory of the firm, The
Transfer Pricing and Organizational Form.
Transmission Rights and Market Power on Electric Power Networks I: Financial Rights
Transmission Rights and Market Power on Electric Power Networks. II: Physical Rights
Trois essais en théorie des contrats financiers
Two Remarks on the Property-Rights Literature.
Two‐sided markets: a progress report
Tying in two-sided markets and the honor all cards rule
Tying-in two-sided markets and the honour all cards rule
Understanding Rent Dissipation: On the Use of Game Theory in Industrial Organization.
Unforeseen Contingencies, Property Rights, and Incomplete Contracts.
Upgrades, Trade-Ins and BuyBacks
Using cost observation to regulate firms
Vertical Restraints from a Principal-Agent Viewpoint
Western prudential regulation: assessment, and reflections on its application to Central and Eastern Europe 1
Willpower and personal rules
Zheng fu cai gou yu gui zhi zhong de ji li li lun
Рынки и рыночная власть : теория организации промышленности : в 2-х т.
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Thèse de 3e cycle : GESTION : Paris 9 : 1978