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Collier, P.
Collier, Paul
Kollier, Pol
Paul Collier (britischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Paul Collier (British economist)
Paul Collier (Brits econoom)
Коллиер, Пол
بول كولير،
كولير، بول،
போல் கொலியர்
コリアー, ポール
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Computer file
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writer of accompanying material
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Banc Mundial
Bates, Robert H
Bento, Paulo Tiago (1973-)
Bevan, D L
Bevan, D. L.
Bevan, David
Bevan, David (1944-)
Bevan, David L
Bevan, David L. (1944-)
Bigsten, A.
Bigsten, Arne
Centre for the Study of African Economies Oxford Affiliation (see also from)
Chauvet, Lisa
Collier, P
Collier, P.
Collier, Paul
Dehn, Jan
Dercon, S.
Dercon, Stefan
Dollar, David
Garg, Ashish
Green, J M
Gregory, Alan
Guillaumont, Patrick
Guillaumont, Sylviane
Gunning, J W
Gunning, J.W. (1949-)
Gunning, Jan
Gunning, Jan W
Gunning, Jan Willem
Gunning, Jan Willem (1949-)
Hellenschmidt, Karl (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Hoeffler, Anke
Jean-Paul, Azam
Joshi, Vijay
Knight, J B
Lal, Deepak
Lal, Deepak (1940-...)
Lockwood, Matthew
Mackinnon, John
Mayer, Colin
Organización de Cooperación y Desarrollo Económico
Oxford University / Department of Economics / Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE)
Pattillo, Catherine
Pattillo, Catherine A.
Richter, Martin
Sambanis, Nicholas (1967-)
Soderbom, Mans
Tol, Richard S. J.
Toye, John
University of Oxford
University of Oxford Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Venables, Anthony
Venables, Anthony J.
Weltbank Development Research Group Affiliation (see also from)
Weltbank Eastern Africa Regional Office Affiliation (see also from)
Willem Gunning, Jan
Yohe, Gary W.
甘糟, 智子
Adagt u̇ldsėn tėrbum, 2009:
Africa : geography and growth
Africa's Exodus: Capital Flight and the Brain Drain as Portfolio Decisions
Africa's external economic relations: 1960-90
African Growth : Why a `Big Push'?
African Growth: Why a 'Big Push'?
agrarian response to population growth in Kenya, The
Agriculture and the policy environment Tanzania and Kenya
Aid allocation and poverty reduction
Aid and Exchange Rate Adjustment in African Trade Liberalisations.
Aid 'Dependency': A Critique.
Aid effectiveness, performance and vulnerability : new perspectives
Aid, policy, and growth in post-conflict societies
AID, Policy and Peace: Reducing the risks of civil conflict
Aid, shocks, and growth
Anatomy of a Temporary Trade Shock: The Kenyan Coffee Boom of 1976-9.
Asset Policies During an Oil Windfall: Some Simple Analytics
Audit committee activity and agency costs
Beyond greed and grievance: feasibility and civil war
Black markets: Illegality, information, and rents
Bottom billion, The : why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it
Breaking the conflict trap : civil war and development policy
Can the world cut poverty in half ? how policy reform and effective aid can meet international development goals
Civil War
Club de la miseria, El : [qué falla en los países más pobres del mundo]
Commodity Aggregation in Customs Unions [3 by 3 Theory of Customs Unions].
Conflict, political accountability, and aid
Consequences of a Commodity Boom in a Controlled Economy: Accumulation and Redistribution in Kenya 1975-83.
Contract flexibility and dispute resolution in African manufacturing
Controlled open economies a neoclassical approach to structuralism
Credit Constraints in Manufacturing Enterprises in Africa
Data Issues in the Study of Conflict
Density versus Quality in Health Care Provision:Using Household data to Make Budgetary Choices in Ethiopia
Development effectiveness: what have we learnt?
Do African manufacturing firms learn from exporting?
Economic commission for Africa policy issue : aid : special issue
Economic policy options for a prosperous Nigeria
Ethnicity, Politics and Economic Performance
Exchange Rate Policy in Developing Countries.
Exodus : hoe migratie onze wereld verandert
Exodus : how migration is changing our world
Exodus : immigration and multiculturalism in the 21st century
Exodus : Warum wir Einwanderung neu regeln müssen
Explaining African economic performance
Exports and Firm-Level Efficiency in African Manufacturing.
Financial Liberalization, Financial Systems, and Economic Growth: The Assessment.
Fiscal Response to a Temporary Trade Shock: The Aftermath of the Kenyan Coffee Boom.
Flight capital as a portfolio choice
Framework, issues and methodological perspectives
From adjustment to development in Africa: Conflict, controversy, convergence, consensus? : Giovanni A. Cornia and Gerald Helleiner, eds., (St. Martins Press, New York and MacMillan, London, 1994), pp. xxiv + 417
Fundamentals of risk management for accountants and managers tools & techniques
future of Lome: Europe's role in African growth, The
future of perennial crops, The
Gefährliche Wahl wie Demokratisierung in den ärmsten Ländern der Erde gelingen kann
Gender, education, and employment in Côte d'Ivoire, 1990:
Global value in a changing world
Globalización, crecimiento y pobreza : construyendo una economía mundial incluyente
Globalization, growth and poverty building an inclusive world economy
Greed and grievance in civil war
Helping Hand ? Aid to Failing States
how Europe can help Africa grow. -
hungrige Planet wie können wir Wohlstand mehren, ohne die Erde auszuplündern
Illusory revenues: tariffs in resource-rich and aid-rich economies
IMF's role in structural adjustment, The
Implications of ethnic diversity
Income and Substitution Effects in Models of Peasant Supply Response under Rationing.
Incomes, poverty, and food security in the communal lands of Zimbabwe
International Political Economy : Some African Applications
Investigation of University Selection Procedures., An
Investment and risk in Africa
Is Aid Oil? An Analysis Of Whether Africa Can Absorb More Aid
J. Afr. econ.
Kenya : policies for prosperity
Labour and poverty in Kenya 1900-1980
Labour and poverty in rural Tanzania : ujamaa and rural development in the United Republic of Tanzania
Labour Mobility and Labour Utilization in Developing Countries.
Land deals in Africa: pioneers and speculators
Learning by observing : theory and application to agricultural innovation [in] Kenya
Living down the past : redesigning Nigerian institutions for economic growth
Macro-economic policy, employment and living standards in Malawi and Tanzania, 1973 - 84
Macroeconomic policies an analytic review based on African experience
macroeconomic repercussions of agricultural shocks and their implications for insurance
Malfunctioning of African Rural Factor Markets: Theory and a Kenyan Example.
Management accounting in hotel groups
Maternal education and the vicious cycle of high fertility and malnutrition : an analytic survey
Migration and Unemployment: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis Applied to Tanzania.
Migration from Rural Areas of Developing Countries: A Socio-Economic Approach.
milhões da pobreza por que motivo os países mais carenciados do mundo estão a ficar cada vez mais pobres?, Os
Miliarda nejchudších : proč se některým zemím nedaří a co s tím
Military expenditure in post-conflict societies
Military expenditure - threats, aid, and arms races
model of educational expansion and labour market adjustment applied to Kenya, A
Mondialisation, développement et pauvreté bâtir une économie intégrée
Money creation and financial liberalization in a socialist banking system: Tanzania 1983-88
Murder by Numbers: Socio-Economic Determinants of Homicide and Civil War
Natural resources and violent conflict : options and actions
Nigeria and Indonesia
Nigeria, policy responses to shocks, 1970-1990
On economic causes of civil war
On kin groups and employment in Africa
On kin groups and wages in the Ghanaian labour market
On the duration of civil war
On the Incidence of Civil War in Africa
Paradise Lost: The Costs of State Failure in the Pacific
Paul Collier acerca del "Club de la Miseria"
Paul Collier, Dipteki Milyar
Paul Collier sobre o "bilhão de baixo"
Peasant supply response in rationed economies
Peasant supply response in Tanzania: 1978-88
plundered planet, The : how to reconcile prosperity with nature
Policies for building post-conflict peace
Policy Towards Commodity Shocks in Developing Countries
Politics and Economics of Policy Reform in Zambia., The
Post-conflict economies in Africa
Post-conflict Recovery : How Should Strategies Be Distinctive?
Post-Conflict Risks
Rates of return on physical and human capital in Africa's manufacturing sector
Rebellion as a Quasi-Criminal Activity
Redesigning conditionality
Reforming Stabex
Regional integration and trade liberalization in subsaharan Africa
Resource Rents, Governance, and Conflict
Rethinking trade preferences: how Africa can diversify its exports
Review Article: The Complementarities of Poverty Reduction, Equity, and Growth: A Perspective on the World Development Report 2006
Risk Sharing in Labor Markets
Risk Sharing in Labour Markets
Role of the State in Economic Development: Cross-Regional Experiences., The
Role of the State in Economic Development, The : Cross-regional Experiences
Second World War, The : a world in flames
Seniority Payments, Quit Rates, and Internal Labour Markets in Britain and Japan.
Shudatsu no hoshi : Tennen shigen to hinkon sakugen no keizaigaku.
Some economic consequences of the transition from civil war to peace
Special issue: Selected papers from the ADB/AERC International conference on accelerating Africa's development
Stern Reply to the Reply to the Review of the IStern Review/I, A
Studies on the african economies
Supply response and money demand in a peasant economy with rationing and risk
Testing the neocon agenda: Democracy in resource-rich societies
theory of customs union, The
Trade policy and regional integration: Implications for the relations between Europe and Africa
Trade Policy Review of Uganda, The
Trade shocks in developing countries: Consequences and policy responses
Uganda's recovery : the role of farms, firms, and government
Understanding Civil War: A New Agenda
Understanding civil war : evidence and analysis
Unintended Consequences: Does Aid Promote Arms Races?*
unterste Milliarde warum die ärmsten Länder scheitern und was man dagegen tun kann
Wage Structure and Labour Turnover.
War and Military Spending in Developing Countries and Their Consequences for Development
War, peace and private portfolios
Wars, guns, and votes : democracy in dangerous places
Welfare Effects of Customs Union: An Anatomy., The
Why has Africa grown slowly?
Why poor people get rich: Kenya 1960-1979
Why the WTO is Deadlocked: And What Can Be Done About It
Women in development : defining the issues
Zambia : building prosperity from resource wealth
保罗·科利尔(Paul Collier):最底层的10亿人
最底辺の10億人 : 最も貧しい国々のために本当になすべきことは何か?
民主主義がアフリカ経済を殺す : 最底辺の10億人の国で起きている真実
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BLDSC reference no.: D31298/80
Thesis (doctoral)--University of Oxford, 1976