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Peggy Seeger
Peggy Seeger (American folksinger)
Peggy Seeger (Amerikaans zangeres)
Peggy Seeger (amerikansk sångare)
Peggy Seeger (amerikansk sanger)
Peggy Seeger (amerikansk songar)
Peggy Seeger (US-amerikanische Folksängerin und Liedermacherin)
Seeger, Margaret
Seeger, Peggy
Seeger, Peggy Margaret
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cantor, Daniel (colleague / collaborator)
Collins, Shirley
Collins, Shirley (1935-....))
Guthrie, Woody (1912-1967)
Guthrie, Woody (co-performer)
Leadbelly (1885-1949)
Lomax, Alan (1915-2002))
Lomax, Alan (co-author)
MacColl, Ewan (1915-1989)
MacColl, Ewan (1915?-1989))
MacColl, Ewan (co-author)
MacColl, Ewan (co-performer)
New Lost City Ramblers
Parker, Charles (fl 1967-)
Seeger, Barbara (co-performer)
Seeger, Charles (1886-1979; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Seeger, Charles (co-performer)
Seeger, Mike (1933-)
Seeger, Mike (co-performer)
Seeger, Peggy (1935-)
Seeger, Penny (co-performer)
Seeger, Pete (1919-...)
Seeger, Pete (co-performer)
Seeger, Ruth Crawford (1901-1953; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Seiber, Mátyás (1905-1960))
The Seeger Family (isMemberOf)
The Seeger Sisters (isMemberOf)
Wallace, Henry Agard (co-author)
Abe Lincoln Stood at the White House Gate (American)
Agent Orange
American folk songs for Christmas
American folk songs sung by the Seegers
American Folklife Center symposium, 2007-03-15
American history in ballad and song 1 : Junior high school studies
American history in ballad and song 2 : Senior High school studies
And We Hunted and We Hunted
Animal folk songs for children. [Sound recording]
Aragon Mill
Autumn Wedding
Bad lads and hard cases; folk songs of crime and criminals.
Ballad of Springhill, The
Barbry Allan (American)
Been A Bad Bad Girl, I
Berkeley Folk Festival, 1960
Betsy (English)
Big Man
Big Sheep, The
Billy Boy (American)
Billy Came Over the Main White Ocean (American)
Birds of a Feather
Black Jack Davy (American)
Black Jack Davy, The
Bonny Bunch of Rushes Green
Braes of Yarrow (N. American), The
Brave Wolfe
Bring me home
Broadside ballads 1600-1700
Broomfield Hill
Bugaboo, The
Burly Burly Banks of Barbee (American), The
Butcher’s Boy, The
Call on Your Nameq
Cambric Shirt (American), The
Careless Love
Carry Greenham Home
Chickens They Are Crowing, The
Chunk of Cheddar Cheese
Classic protest songs from Smithsonian Folkways
Country Blues
Croodin Doo (American)
Cross-Eyed Gopher
Crow Song (American), The
Cruel Mother (American), The
Da Dee Da Da
Daddy Shot a Bear
Darling Annie
Darling Corey
Dear Companion
Deer Song, The
Devil’s Nine Questions (American), The
Dewy Dens of Yarrow (N. American), The
Different therefore equal contemporary women songs written and sung by Peggy Seeger
Different Tunes
Dink's Song
Disc of Sun (a.k.a. Brother Did You Weep)
Do, Do, Pity My Case
Dog of Time, The
Doggone, Occupation Is On
Donald's In The White House
Down by the Flowing River
Down by the Greenwood Sidey-O (American)
Dreadful Ghost (Canadian), The
Dust storm disaster
Earl Brand (American)
Edward (American)
Elfin Knight (American), The
Elliots of Birtley a musical portrait of a Durham mining family, The
Everyone Knows
Everything Changes
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - The Ballad of Accounting
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - The Joy of Living
Fair Annie
Fair Damsel From London (American), The
Fair Lucy (American)
Fair Maid on the Shore (American)
False Fidee (N. American), The
False Knight Upon the Road (Nova Scotia), The
Familiar faces
Fatal Flower Garden (American), The
Female frolic. [Sound recording], The
Fiddling Soldier
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The
First Time Ever: Songs from a Memoir
Fish of the Sea, The
Five Nights Drunk (American)
Folk songs of North America in the English language, by Alan Lomax. Melodies and guitar [or banjo] chords, transcribed by Peggy Seeger, with one hundred piano arrangements by Matyas Seiber and Don Banks. Illustrated by Michael Leonard. Editorial assistant Shirley Collins, The
folk songs of North America, The : in the English language
Folkways record of contemporary songs.
Folkways years 1955-1992 songs of love and politics, The
For a Job
Freeborn man
Freight Train Blues
Froggie Went A-Courtin’
Froggie Went A-Courting (American)
From where I stand topical songs from America and England
Garden of Flowers
Generous Lover
Gentle Fair Jenny (N. American)
Georgie Jeems (American)
Giles Collins (American)
Girl of Constant Sorrow
Going to the West
Golden Vanity, The
Gonna Be an Engineer
Goodbye to Georgie
Grey Cock (American), The
Halifor Band
Hang Me
Hangman (American)
Harrison Brady (American)
Harry Saunders
Heading for home
Heartless Lady (American), The
Henry Lee
Home, Dearie, Home
House Carpenter (American), The
House Hungry Blues
Housewife's Alphabet
How can I keep from singing?
(I'm) Gonna Be an Engineer
If He’d Be a Buckaroo
If You Want a Better Life
It Rained a Mist (American)
It's a Free World
Jace, Can I Ride
Jackie Rover
Jane Jane
Jane Was a Neighbour (N. American)
Jellon Graeme
Jenny's Gone Away
Jimmy Randal (American)
John Barber (Canadian)
John Gilbert Is the Boat
John Riley
Joseph and Mary (American)
Journeyman : an autobiography
Judge's Chair, The
Katie Morey (American)
Katy Cruel
King Kong Kitchie (American)
Knight and the Shepherd’s Daugher (American), The
Lady and the Dragon (American), The
Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (American)
Lady Margaret (American)
Lady, What Do You Do All Day?
Lammikin (American)
Lass of Roch Royal
Last Chance
Leftwing Wife
Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine
[Library of Congress Music Division concert, 2007-03-16]
Lifeboat Mona
Little Birdie
Little Brown Dog
Little Carpenter, The
Little Girl Child
Little Lap Dog Lullaby
Little Margret (American)
Little Saloo (American)
Little Scotch Girl (English), The
Living lore : the legacy of Benjamin A. Botkin symposium
London 1600-1700
Long Lonesome Road
Lord Bateman (American)
Lord Lover (American)
Love Affair
Love call me home
Love Henry
Love Unbidden
Love Will Linger On
Lowlands of Holland (American), The
Lullabye for a Very New Baby
Mary Parker's Lament
merry progress to London, A : an anthology of London songs
Mister Rabbit
Molly Bond
Mother, The
Musical film score from the film Whaler out of New Bedford based on the Whaling voyage round the world and other songs of the Whaling era
Musical score from the film Whaler out of New Bedford, based on the original Panorama of a whaling voyage round the world, and other songs of the whaling era. [Sound recording]
My Joy of You
My last go around
My Old Hen's Good Old Hen
My Son
Mysterious Lover
New Ballad of Lord Lovel (American), The
New Briton gazette, The
New city songster
Newlyn Town
Nine Month Blues
Nine-Months Blues
Nobody Knew She Was There
O, Say Do You Know the Way to Selin (American)
O the Wind and Rain
Odd Collection, An
Of All the Beast-Es
Oh, Blue
Old Bangum (American)
Old Cow Died, The
Old Friend
Old Hen…, The
Old Lady Goose
Ole Bangum (American)
Oma Wise
Omi (Oma) Wise
On This Very Day
Our singing heritage.
Overshoes and Leggin’s
Peacock Street
Peep Squirrel
Peggy Seeger - An odd collection
Peggy Seeger songbook, The : warts and all : forty years of songmaking
Period Pieces: Women's Songs for Men and Women
Peter and I (American)
Plutonium Factor, The
Poor Old Crow (American)
Poor Sally (N. American)
Pretty Fair Maid, A
Pretty Little Baby
Pretty Polly (American)
Pretty Saro
Primrose Hill
Progress Train
Queen Jane (N. American)
Raccoon and Possum
Reclaim the Night
Revival in britain.
Rich Old Lady (American)
Riding Round the Cattle
Right To Life
Rissolty Rossolty (N. American)
Romantic love songs
Roving Gambler
Saturday night at the Bull and Mouth
Seeger family tribute
Sellafield Child
Sheet-Mill Blues
Sing About These Hard Times
Sing Christmas and the turn of the year
Singalong recorded live Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA 1980
singing island; a collection of English and Scots folk-songs., The
Sir Patrick Spens (American)
Snake Baked a Hoe Cake
Snake Baked a Hoecake
So Long Since I Been Home
Soldier's Farewell
Soldier Travelling From the North (American), A
Song and play time
Song for Calum
Song for Charles Parker
Song of Choice
Song of Myself
Song of the Iron Road
Songs of courting and complaint
Songs of two rebellions: the Jacobite Wars of 1715 and 1745 in Scotland.
Songs. Selections
Spider’s Web (Natural History)
Springhill Mining Disaster
Squire and the Colic, The
Squirrel Is a Pretty Thing, A
Support the Boycott, I
Swallow And Trout
Sweet Mary and Sweet Joseph (American)
Sweet William
Swim to the Star
Talking Wheelchair Blues
Tell My Sister
There's Better Things for You
There Was an Old Frog
There Was an Old Lord (American)
Thoughts of Time
Three Babies (American), The
Three Crows (American), The
Three Ravens (American), The
Till doomsday in the afternoon : the folklore of a family of Scots Travellers, the Stewarts of Blairgowrie
Traditional songs and ballads (The Scottish garland) [Sound recording]
Traveller's songs from England and Scotland
Travellers' songs from England and Scotland
travelling people; a radio ballad., The
Trooper and the Maid (American)
Turkish Rover (Canadian)
Twenty Years
Two Dukes (N. American)
Two-way trip; American, Scots, and English folksongs. [Sound recording]
Union Woman II
Vital Statistics
Wagoner's Lad, The
Was Brought Up in Cornwall, I
Wedding Dress Song, The
Well Met, Well Met (American)
Well Sold the Cow (Canadian)
When I Was in My Prime
When I Was Single
Where Are You Going, My Pretty Little Girl
Whistle Daughter Whistle
Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? (American)
Wild Boar (American)
Willow Tree (American), The
Winnie and Sam
Woman on Wheels
Wonderful World
Yarrow (N. American)
You Men Out There
Young Collins (American)
Young Munro
Contributed to or performed: 
A' the week your man's away...
Acoustic Woman
Adam Had Seven Sons
Ain’t That A’Rocking All Night
Ale-Wife, The
All Around the Kitchen
Allende’s Song
Am a Union Woman, I
am tired of always having to shift..., I
American Folk Songs for Children
American Folk Songs For Christmas (disc 1)
Amorous Muse, The
And We Hunted and We Hunted
And yet it's good to come from the pit
Andrew and His Cutty Gun
Andrew Lammie (Child 233)
Androids, The
Angela Davis
Angry Muse, The
Animal Folk Songs for Children
Animal Song
Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955–1978
Any Complaints
Appleseed’s 21st Anniversary: Roots and Branches
As I Came in by Fisherraw
As I Walked Out One Holiday
At the Present Moment
Auld Matrons (Child 249)
auld ways are changing..., The
Babe of Bethlehem
Baby Born Today
Baby Dear
Bad Lads and Hard Cases: British Ballads of Crime and Criminals
Bad Seeds: Nick Cave: Roots & Collaborations
Ballad of Accounting
Ballad Of Accounting, The
Ballad of John Axon, The
Ballad of John Axon: A Radio Ballad About the Railwaymen of England, The
Ballad of Sharpeville, The
Ballad of Springhill, The
Ballad of the Trades
Ballad of Wadi Maktilla, The
Banks of the Nile, The
Barbara Allen
Barnyards of Delgaty, The
Barrack-Room Ballads
Barring of the Door (Child #275), The
Bartley Explosion, The
Battle Is Done With, The
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015
Beans, Bacon and Gravy
Been on the road so long...
Berry Fields of Blair, The
Best Little Door Boy, The
Best of American Folk & Blues, The
Best of Broadside 1962-1988, The
Best of Scotland in Music and Songs, The
Best of the Land of Nod Store Music, Volume 1
Big Bee Suck the Pumpkin Stem
Big Cigars
Big Hewer, The
Big Sheep, The
Billy Barlow
Bird in the Bush, The
Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Blackleg Miner, The
Blantyre Explosion, The
Blast Against Blackguards
Bless ’em All
Blood & Roses, Volume One
Blood and Roses, Vol. 2
Blood and Roses, Vol. 3
Blood and Roses, Vol. 4
Blood and Roses, Vol. 5
Blood-Red Roses
Blood-Stained Banders
Bloody isn't it...
Blow, Boys, Blow
Body Blow - A Radio Ballad About The Psychology Of Pain, The
Bold Richard, The
Bonnie Annie
Bonnie Earl o’ Murray (Child 181), The
Bonnie Hind (Child 50), The
Bonnie Lass of Fyvie, The
Bonnie Moorhen, The
Born in the middle of the afternoon...
Bought Me a Cat
Bramble Briar (Strawberry Town), The
Brave Honest Jack Tar
Bright Morning Stars Are Rising
Bring the Summer Home
Bring up your black squad...
Broomfield Hill (Child 43), The
Brother Did You Weep
Brown Adam (Child 98)
Browned Off
Bufallo Holler
Built My Lady a Fine Brick House
By'm Bye
Cabin Boy
Calton Weaver, The
Came a'ye fisher lassies...
Came Ye O'Er Frae France
Campaneros, The
Can't Breathe...
Can't see no way out...
Cannily, Cannily
Carrion Crow, The
Celebration of Great British Folk, A
Celtic Celebration
Charlie Is My Darling
Charlie O Charlie
Che Guevara
Cherry Tree Carol, The
Child Maurice (Gil Morice) (Child 83)
Child of God
Child Waters (Child 63)
Children, The
China Rag
Chorus From the Gallows
Chylde Owlet (Child 291)
Classic Folk Music
Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
Classic Maritime Music
Classic Protest Songs: From Smithsonian Folkways
Classic Scots Ballads
Clerk’s Twa Sons o’ Owsenford (Child 72), The
Closet Key, The
Closing Announcement / The Hidden Foe...
Clyde’s Water (Child 216)
Coachman and His Whip, The
Coal is a thing that's cost life to get
Coal Owner and the Pitman’s Wife, The
Coal-Owner and the Pitman’s Wife, The
Cobbler, The
Cold Snap
Collier Laddie, The
Colour Bar Strike, The
Come all you British loco men...
Come all you gallant drivers..
Come all you gallant fishermen...
Come all you young maidens...
Come Live With Me
Come, Me Little Son
Cradle Hymn
Crafty Farmer (Child #283), The
Crocodile Song
Cross-Eyed Gopher
Cruel Brother (Child 11), The
Cuckoo’s Nest, The
Cut Price Hero
Cut-Price Hero
Cwa, ye herring fishermen...
Daddy Shot a Bear
Dark the Night
Dead Men
Deadwood: Music From the HBO Original Series
Deep and straight and low...
Deep down in a man's heart
Deer Song, The
Devil's Nine Questions (Riddles Wisely Expounded - Child #1), The
Did You Go to the Barney
Dirty Old Town
Do You Recall How You Climbed The Mountains?
Do, Do Pity My Case
Dodger Song, The
Dog Tick
Don't I wish the old times would come back again...
Don’t Be Surprised
Don’t You Hear the Lambs A’Crying
Donald MacGillavry
Down by the Greenwood Sidey-O
Down Came a Lady
Down in the dark
Down the Lane
Driver's Song, The
Driver’s Song, The
Droylsden Wakes
Ducks in the Millpond
Dull Monday
Durham Strike, The
During that time, a survey has been made...
Dust Bowl Blues: Essential American Folk
Dying Hobo (American), The
Economic Miracle
Edom O’Gordon
Eency Weency Spider
Elfin Knight (Child 2), The
Elfin Knight, The
engine had reached the distant signal..., The
Eppie Morrie
Eppie Morrie (Child 223)
Every Monday Morning
Fair Annie (Child 62)
Fair Flower of Northumberland (Child 9)
Fair Janet (Child 62)
Fair Rosamund
False Knight of the Road, The
False Lover Won Back, The
Farewell to Sicily
Farmer Is the Man, The
Father’s Song, The
Festival Folk Sing Judy Small
Festival of Folk, A
Fire Down Below
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The
First Time Ever, The
Fish Gutters Song, The
Fishy Crab, The
Fitter's Song
Fly Down Little Bird
Folk Heritage
Folk on 2
Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival III
Folk the Banks
Folkways Record Of Contemporary Songs
Found My Lost Sheep
Four Loom Weaver, The
Four-Minute Warning
Fourloom Weaver
Fourpence a Day
Fragments From Slavery Days
Free Little Bird
Freeborn Man
Freight Train
Friendless Mary
Frog Went A-Courtin’
Furze Field, The
Gairdener Chyld, The
Gairdener’s Chylde, The
Game of “All Fours”, The
Geordie (Child 209)
Geschichte der Pop Musik
Get Rid of It
Ghost Army of Korea, The
Glasgerion (Child 67)
Glasgow Peggy
Go On, Old 'Gator
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Go To Sleep
Go to Sleepy
Going Down to Town
Going to the West
Goodbye, Julie
Goodbye, Old Paint
Got a Letter This Morning, I
Gray Goose, The
Great Big Dog
Great Big Stars
Great Conspiracy, The
Greatest Folksingers of the 'Sixties
Gresford Disaster, The
Grey Cock (Child 248), The
Grey Cock, The
Grey October
Grocer, The
Gypsy Jack of All Trades
Half-Hitch (Child 31), The
Hanging Out the Linen Clothes
Haughs of Cromdale, The
Have a Little Dog
Hello Friend
Here Sits a Monkey
Heroes Collection: The Best of Skiffle
Highland Muster Role, The
Highland Muster Roll, The
Hind Horn (Child 17)
Homeward Bound
Hop Up, My Ladies
Hop, Old Squirrel
Hot Asphalt
Hot Blast
House Hungry Blues
How Can I Do All The Small Things?
How Many Miles to Bethlehem
How Old Are You
Hughie Grame
Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore, A
Hush 'n' Bye
Hush, Little Baby
I'm a roving rambler...
I’m a Rambler
I’m a Rover
I’m Going to Join the Army
I’m Gonna Be an Engineer
If you took a traveller...
If You Want the Bomb
In Contempt
In Durham and Northumberland, I'm sorry for to say
In Praise of Famous Men (and Women)
Interview (Ewan MacColl in conversation with Jim Lloyd)
Invader, The
Iron Horse, The
iron road road is a hard road..., The
Iron Road, The
Island, The
It doesn't matter where you come from...
It Rained a Mist
It was 4 a.m. that Saturday...
It would take quite a lot of men to do the job of one of those machines...
It's busk ye, my lads, get you up on the deck...
It's Goodbye Now...
It's up with the dawn...
Item of News, An
Items of News
Jack, Can I Ride?
Jacobite Rebellions, The
Jacobite Rebellions: Songs of the Jacobite Wars of 1715 and 1745, The
James Herries (Child 243)
Jane Jane
Jehovah Hallelujah
Jellon Graeme (Child 90)
Jennie Jenkins
Jenny Nettles
Jesus Borned in Bethlea
Jim Along Josie
Jim Crack Corn
Jimmy Gray
Jimmy Rose He Went to Town
Jimmy, come back, come back
Jingle at the Windows
Jock o’ the Side (Child 187)
Johhn Lad
John Axon was a railway man...
John Hardy
John Henry
John J. Curtis
Johnnie Cope
Johnny Lad
Johnny Sangster
Johnny, Get Your Hair Cut
Join the British Army
Joseph and Mary
Joy of Living
Joy of Living, The
Juniper Tree, The
Just a road...
Just as the Time Was Flowing
Just the Tax for Me
Kicking Mule, The
Kilroy Was Here
Kissin's No Sin
Kissin’s No Sin
Klan Song, The
Lady Diamond (Child 269)
Lady Maisry (Child 65)
Lag’s Song, The
Lags’ Song, The
Laird o’ Logie (Child 182), The
Laird o’ Wariston (Child 194), The
Lament For The Death Of A Nobody
Lang Johnny More (Child 251)
Lass of Roch Royal (Child 76), The
Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie
Lassie Wi’ the Yellow Coatie
Leatherwing Bat, The
Legal - Illegal
Legal Illegal
Let’s Pretend
like to settle in the wintertime..., I
Little Bird, Little Bird
Little Birdie
Little Black Bull, The
Little Black Train, The
Little Brown Dog
Little Cabin Boy, The
Little Dog Named Right
Little Lap Dog Lullabye
Little Pig
Little Pig, The
Little Rooster
Little Willie's My Darlin'
Long Harvest (Record Eight), The
Long Harvest (Record Five), The
Long Harvest (Record Four), The
Long Harvest (Record Nine), The
Long Harvest (Record One), The
Long Harvest (Record Seven), The
Long Harvest (Record Six), The
Long Harvest (Record Ten), The
Long Harvest (Record Three), The
Long Harvest (Record Two), The
Long Peg and Awl, The
Look At You!
Look Away to Bethlehem
Looking for a Job
Lord Thomas and Fair Annie
Lost Gander
Loved a Lass, I
Lowlands of Holland (Child 92), The
Lula Gal
Lullabye for a Very New Baby
MacLean's Welcome
Maggie Lauder
Maggie Went Green
Maid Gaed Tae the Mill, The
Maid Gaed to the Mill, The
Maid of Australia
Manchester Angel, The
Manchester Angel: Traditional English Songs, The
Mary Had a Baby
Mary Hamilton (Child 173)
Mary Wore Her Red Dress
Mary, What You Going to Name That Pretty Little Baby
Matching Songs of the British Isles and America
Matty Groves (Child #81)
may be a wage slave on Monday..., I
mean, we're fed up with gypsies living in our area..., I
Media, The
miner has to possess that sense of humour, A
Miner's Wife
Miss Heroin
Mister Rabbit
Modiework, The
MOJO Presents: Murder Ballads
Mole in the Ground
Monday Morning Go to School
Monymusk Lads, The
Mormond Braes
Moses of the Mail
Mother, The
motorway is on the final lap..., The
Moving on Song
Moving-On Song, The
My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
My Horses Ain’t Hungry
My Last Go Round
My mother said I never should...
My name is...
My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen
My Old Man
My Son
Mysterious Lover
Naming of Names
Net Hauling Song, The
New Born Baby, The
Nicky Tams
No More
No Tyme Lyke the Present
Nobody Knew She Was There
North Sea Holes
Not Going to Give It Back
Now don't be late
Nuclear Means Jobs
Of All the Beast-es
Often Think Back..., I
Oh dear, the experience to go down the pit
Oh well that's just the way it is...
Oh, Blue
Oh, Dear Me
Oh, John the Rabbit
Oh, Mary and the Baby
Oh, Oh, the Sunshine
Oh, Watch the Stars
Old Aunt Kate
Old Bangum
Old Bell Cow
Old Bell'd Yoe
Old Cow Died, The
Old Fox
Old Ground Hog
Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster Laid the Egg, The
Old Joe Clarke
Old Lady All Skin and Bones
Old Lady Goose
Old Mister Rabbit
Old Molly Hare
Old Sow, The
On the 3rd of May 1957...
Once I Had an Old Gray Mare
One Cold and Frosty Morning
One Night as I Lay on My Bed
Only Doing Their Job
Our ships are small...
Out of the dirt and darkness I was born
Parliamentry Polka, The
Pay-Up Song, The
Peep Squirrel
People get the impression, o those gypsies they're rogues...
Pick a Bale of Cotton
Piper O' Dundee, The
Plutonium Factor, The
Polonium 210
Poor Little Turtle Dove
Poor Old Crow
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
Popular Scottish Songs
Portrait of a Genius: The RGM Legacy
Press Gang, The
Prestige Folklore Years Vol. 1: All Kinds of Folks
Pretty Little Girl With the Red Dress On
Queen Eleanor’s Confession (Child 156)
Raccoon and Possum
Rain or Shine
rain was gently falling..., The
Rain, Come Wet Me
Rainbow Sign
Rambling Man
Rattling Roaring Willie
Real Music Box: 25 Years of Rounder Records, The
Red River Jig
Reel of Stumpie, The
repair was done..., The
Richie Story (Child #232)
Riddle Song, The
Riding in the Buggy, Miss Mary Jane
Riding Round the Cattle
Rise Up, Shepherd and Follow
Rockabye Baby
Rogue’s Gallery
Roll That Brown Jug Down to Town
Rose, Rose, and Up She Rises
Round Cape Horn
Roy's Wife
Roy’s Wife
Run, Chillen, Run
Sail Away Lady
Sailing in the Boat
Sally Go Round the Sunshine
Saturday Night at the Bull & Mouth
Saw a Sow
Schoolday's over; come on then, John
Scottish Traditional Songs
Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea
Sea Fowl, The
Second Front Song, The
Second Shift
Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Volume 3
Sellafield Child
Seven Days of the Week
Seven Years in the Sand
Shake That Little Foot, Dinah-O
She Was a Rum One
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes
Sheath and Knife (Child 16)
Sheep-Stealer (I Am a Brisk Lad), The
Sheepcrook and Black Dog
Shellback Song, The
Shepherd Lad, The
Shepherd, Shepherd
Shepherds, Rejoice
Shine Like a Star in the Morning
Shoals of Herring, The
Sing a Lamb
Sing Christmas and the Turn of the Year
Sing Hallelu
Sing Me the Songs: Celebrating the Works of Kate McGarrigle
Singing the Fishing
Sir Patrick Spens (Child 58)
Sit Down
Sixty tons of steel...
Skip-a to My Lou
Smithsonian Folkways American Roots Collection
Smithsonian Folkways: American Roots Collection
Snake Baked a Hoecake
So it's off with a boiler full of steam...
So now you know how coal is got
Song for Calum
Song of a Road: A Radio Ballad About the Building of the M1 Motorway
Song of Choice
Song of the Doodlebug
Song of the Iron Road, The
Songs From Sing Out!, Volume 45, No. 1
Songs of Two Rebellions: The Jacobite Wars of 1715 and 1745 in Scotland
Sowing the Seeds: The 10th Anniversary
Spinning Wheel
Spinning Wheel, The
Squirrel Is a Pretty Thing, A
Star in the East
Stars in the Heaven
started to go to sea in 1892..., I
Steam train, steam train...
Steam Whistle Ballads
Strike for Better Wages
Stronger Than Pain Is The Human Will To Survive...
Student Edward
Such a Getting Upstairs
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
Suffolk Miracle (Child 272), The
Swallow and Trout
Swan-Necked Valve, The
Swapping Song, The
Sweet Thames, Flow Softly
Sweet Water Rolling
Sweet William’s Ghost (Child 77)
Tail Toddle
Tall and Proud
Tam Lin
Tenant Farmer, The
Th’ Owd Chap
There Was a Man and He Was Mad
There Was an Old Frog
There's no feeling like coming into harbour...
There's Three, Brave Loyal Fellows
These days have gone...
think it's the soil..., I
Thirty Foot Trailer
Thirty-Foot Trailer
This Is No My Ain House
This Lady She Wears a Dark Green Shawl
This Old Hammer
This Old Man
Thought of Time
Thrashing Machine, The
Three hundred years I hewed at the coal by hand
Three Ravens (English), The
Through Moorfields
Thy can't read or write...
To the Begging I Will Go
Today, safety is the prime factor
Tradition Years: Classic Scots Ballads, The
Traditional Songs and Ballads
Traditional Songs and Ballads of Scotland
Train Is a-Coming, The
Travelling People, The
Trooper and the Maid, The
Troubadours of the Folk Era, Volume 1
True Love
Turkey in the Straw
Turkey Song
Turtle Dove
Twa Magicians (Child 44), The
Twenty-One Years
Two Brothers (Child #49), The
Two Sisters (Child 10), The
Two-Way Trip
Un-Public Public
Uncle Sam
Under the large injector steam-valve...
Up in Wisconsin
Up jumped the herring, the king of the sea...
Up jumped the herring...
Vandals, The
Vintner, The
Virgin Most Pure, A
Wae's Me for Prince Charlie
Walk Along, John
Waly, Waly
Wanton Muse, The
Wanton Seed, The
Wark o’ the Weavers, The
Warming Pan, The
Wars of Germany, The
Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom, 1950-1970
Wasn't Afraid While I Was In The Lung..., I
Wasteland Lullaby
We Are a Nation of Animal Lovers
We are the consulting engineers...
We Are the Young Ones
We Don't Want To Live Like That!
We needed a way cut through the land...
We never did travel much in the wintertime...
We Poor Labouring Men
We Remember (Naming of Names)
We usually finish the shift in the pub...
We were in great rush when we did this...
Wee Wee German Lairdee, The
Wee Wee German Lairdie, The
Wee, Wee German Lairdie, The
Well First Of All...Appreciate The Situation...
What Day Did The World Stop Moving?
What Did You Have for Your Supper
What made you come into this game?
What shall it profit a fisherman...
What Shall We Do When We All Go Out
What the Poet Called Her
What'll We Do With the Baby
When I am down the pit
When I Was a Young Maid
When the muck has all been shifted...
When the Train Comes Along
When the wind is freshening...
When This Ruddy War Is Over
When you hew a lump of coal
When You're a Fighter You're Different
Where Have You Been, My Good Old Man?
Where Oh Where Is Pretty Little Susie
Whig, The
Whigs of Fife, The
While There's Life, There's Hope...
White Wind
Who Built the Ark: Noah, Noah
Who Built the Ark? Noah, Noah
Who Killed Poor Robin?
Who’s That Tapping at the Window
Whoa Mule! Can't Get the Saddle On
Wi' our nets and gear...
Wife of Usher’s Well (Child 79), The
Will Caird
Will Ye Go to Sherrifmuir
Will Ye No Come Back Again?
Willie Macintosh (Child 183)
Willie Reilly
Willie’s Lyke-Wake
Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie’s Plaidie Awa’, The
Wind Blow East, The
Wolves A-Howling
World Is A Bed..., The
World of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, Volume 2, The
Yankee Doodle
Ye Jacobites by Name
Years ago, you started very young...
Yes... he was working next to me
Yonder She Comes
You and I
You can talk about your concrete...
You're at the pit bank
Young Hunting (Child 68)
Young Johnstone (Child 88)
Young Peggy
Young Peggy (Child 298)
Young Trooper Cut Down in His Prime, The