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Mikloş Roja
Miklos Rosza
Miklós Rózsa
Miklós Rózsa (compositeur et violoniste, d'origine hongroise)
Miklós Rózsa (compositore ungherese)
Miklós Rózsa (Hongaars dirigent (1907-1995))
Miklós Rózsa (Hungarian-born American composer)
Miklós Rózsa (ungarischer Filmkomponist)
Rocza, Miklos
Rósza, Miklós
Rozsa, M.
Rózsa, Miklós
Rózsa Miklós (magyar származású amerikai zeneszerző)
Rozsa, Milkos
Rózsa, Nicholas
Ryózsa, Miklós
Μικλός Ρόσα
Миклош Рожа (унгарско-американски композитор)
Рожа, Миклош
میکلوش روژا
미클로스 로자
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Barry, John (1933-)
Heston, Charlton (1923-2008)
Korda, Alexander Sir, 1893-1956
Levi, Yoel
Naxos Digital Services
Nürnberger Symphoniker
Portugal. Instituto Português do Património Cultural. Departamento de Musicologia
Rózsa, Miklós (1907-1995)
Sebestyén János (1931-)
Sedares, James
Smolij, Mariusz (1962 - ))
Stanwyck, Barbara
Warner home video France
Wayne, John (1907-1979))
Wilder, Billy (1906-2002)
Wyler, William (1902-1981)
Yordan, Philip (1914-2003)
13.1 Overture
13 Knights
3.20 P.M. / Nocturnal Visitor
Abduction; Schooner
Abu and Achmad and Abu's Song
Abu Fools the Djinn / Abu’s First Wish / Abu’s Demands / The Flying Djinn
Abu to the Rescue / Death of Jaffar / Finale
Accelerated Search
Accident / Frustration
Accusation And The Conspiracy, The
Adam Hart / Transformation
addio, L'
Adorable Invitation
Adoration of the Magi (extended version)
Adoration of the Magi – From Ben-Hur
Adoration of the Magic (extended version)
After the Job
After the Monster / The Monster Strikes
After the Raid / Alarm
After the Storm / Hunger (original version)
Aftermath (Crucifixion)
Aftermath No. 1 (extended version)
Aftermath No. 2
Aftermath (sfx)
Agony / Climax / Homecoming (revised)
Agony in the Garden / Judas' Kiss (film version—with choir)
Ahmad and Abu Imprisoned / Abu Steals the Key / Ahmad and Abu Escape
Ahmad and Abu Imprisoned (alternative version) / The Princess Escapes
Ahmad Telling His Story / Thief Sequence
Al Kadir's Delights
Alcoholic Ward/Night Alcoholic Ward/The Elevated, The
Alfonso's Oath
Alibi / Mystery Story
All the Brothers Were Valiant: Main Title / Finale
All the Way
Alone (Alternate)
Alone / Finale
Alone on the Stage
Alone / Radio Station
Alternate Finale/Cast of Characters
Always the Actress
Amulet / Confidence, The
Andante Cantabile
Andante for strings Op. 22a
Andante, string orchestra, op. 22a
Anna And Sam Pt. 1 And 2
Anno Domini
Appointment With Love / Dreams / Disillusion
Après le jugement
Arrest (outtake), The
Arrius' Party / Farewell to Rome / The Shores of Judeah
Arrius' Party, Parts 1 & 2
Arrival at the House
Arrival In Yonville (sfx)
Arrival Of The Homunculus
Arrow / The Promise, The
Arsenic / Agony
Artist, The
Ashamed (revised cue)
Asphalt Jungle 1950, The
Asphalt Jungle (main title), The
Assyrian Dance [album]
Assyrian Dance (slower version) [prerecording]
At the Front
Attack! (extended version)
Attack In The Woods
Audition-Conclusion; Opening Night: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini, The
Auf Wiedersehen / The End
Autre hôtel
Ave Caesar / Fourth Fanfare for Nero
Ave Caesar (Triumphal March)
Ave Maria (pre-recording)
Awakening; Love Scene; The Dressing Gown; The Imposter - Parts 1 & 2; The Cigarette Case, The
Ayre (source music)
Babble Pit / The Revolver
Background to Violence / Orchestral Works
Background to Violence Suite: Brute Force: Nocturno
Background to Violence Suite: Brute Force: Prelude to Murder
Background to Violence Suite: Brute Force: Scherzo
Background to Violence Suite: The Killers: Despair
Background to Violence Suite: The Naked City: Epilogue: The Song of a City
Background to Violence Suite: The Naked City: Pursuit
Bad News Day; Night Visitor; Farewell
Bad News / Holdup
Bad News / Rough Passage / Forgiveness
Bagatelles, piano, op. 12
Bagdad Harbour
bagno della regina, Il
Bagpipes and Drums
Ballad (instrumental)
Ballet: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini
Balthasar's World (extended version)
Balthazar's World
Banishment / Forgiveness
Bank Montage
Banquet Music / Forbidden Fruit
Banquet Music (pre-record version)
Banquet Of Nero - Roman Bacchanale, The
Baptism of Christ / Sadness and Joy
Barabbas' Plan
Barn - Love Theme, The
Barren Coast (outtake), A
battaglia della diga, La
Battle At Philippi
Battle, Parts 1 & 2, The
Battle, Parts 1-3, The
Battle Preparations Part Two
Battle Preparations, Parts 1 & 2
Battle Preparations / Starvation / Revolt
Battle Preparations / The Battle of Valencia (short version)
Battle Preparations / The Pirate Fleet / Attack! / Ramming Speed / Battle/Rescue
Battlement, The
Bearing of the Crass (extended version), The
Bearing of the Cross (extended version), The
Beau Brummell: Prelude / The King's Visit & Farewell
Beauty & Grace (Love Theme From Diane)
Because Of Him - Overture
Being Presumptuous
Belfry, The
Belly Dance (Sinbad’s Ship)
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
Ben Hur: Arrius Party (Original Soundtrack)
Ben Hur: I. Fanfare to Prelude
Ben Hur: II. Star of Bethlehem and Adoration of the Magi
Ben Hur: III. Friendship
Ben Hur - III. Victory Parade
Ben Hur - IV. Miracle and Finale
Ben Hur: IV. The Burning Desert
Ben Hur: IX. Return to Judea
Ben Hur: Overture
Ben-Hur: Parade of the Charioteeers
Ben Hur Prelude (Main Title)
Ben-Hur. Selections
Ben-Hur (Suite) (Part I Prelude)
Ben-Hur (Suite) (Part II Love Theme)
Ben-Hur (Suite) (Part III Parade of the Charioteers)
Ben Hur: V. Arrius's Party
Ben Hur: VI. Rowing of the Galley Slaves
Ben Hur: VII. Parade of the Charioteers
Ben Hur: VIII. The Mother's Love
Ben Hur: X. Ring for Freedom
Ben Hur: XI. Lepers' Search for the Christ
Ben Hur: XII. Procession to Calvary
Ben Hur: XIII. Miracle and Finale
Ben Yussuf
benvenuto in Sodoma, Il
Betrayal / Ambush
Bhowani Junction: Alakallala
Bhowani Junction: Bhowani Station No. 1
Bhowani Junction: Bhowani Station No. 2
Bhowani Junction: Bhowani Station No. 3
Bhowani Junction: Bonus Suite
Bhowani Junction: Indian Rooftops
Bhowani Junction: Jikiwiki Miki
Bhowani Junction: Sarina
Bhowani Junction: Street Music No. 1
Bhowani Junction: Street Music No. 2
Bird / Toy Soldiers, The
Bitter Triumph
Black Sentence (Intermediate version)
Black Sentence (short version)
Blessed Mary – From King of Kings
Blessing, The
Blind Flight
Blind Leading the Blind
Bliss / Argument
Blond Agent / Blondie's Death, The
Blonde Agent / Blondie’s Death, The
Blood on the Sun: Dangerous Love
Blood on the Sun: Doubtful Moment
Blood on the Sun: Finale
Blood on the Sun: Japanese Tea Garden
Blood on the Sun: Love Scene
Blood on the Sun: Main Title
Blood on the Sun: Prelude to Death/ Hara-Kiri
Blood on the Sun: Tatsugi's Death and the Fight
Blood on the Sun: The Perilous Block
Blood on the Sun: Together Again
Blood on the Sun: Tokyo Carnival
Blood on the Sun: Tokyo Tea Room Waltz
Blue Rose / Fight and Capture of Achmad, The
Boat, The
Boat Trip
Bois-Guilbert's Bargain
BONUS: Agony; Holy Unction (music only)
BONUS: Anne Boleyn's Daughter (original version)
BONUS: Anniversary Fanfare #2; Main Title
BONUS: Barnum And Bailey's Favourite
BONUS: Big White Top
BONUS: Chanson Populaire (source) (sfx)
BONUS: Charles In Love (alternate)
BONUS: Dans Dance (original version)
BONUS: Dansk Dance (prerecording
BONUS: Dark Is The Night
BONUS: Electrical Café Piano
BONUS: Exit Anne Bolyn (original version)
BONUS: Fandango (prerecording)
BONUS: Fanfare; Boccaccio March; Finale
BONUS: Finale (guitar)
BONUS: Hatfield Again (original version)
BONUS: Her Majesty (alternate)
BONUS: King's Ballad (original version)
BONUS: King's Barge (source)
BONUS: Le Joli Tambour (source) (sfx)
BONUS: Long Live The King (alternate)
BONUS: Love Will Find Out The Way (prerecording)
BONUS: Madame Bovary Waltz
BONUS: Main Title (guitar); Fronton (wild)
BONUS: Main Title Pt.1-extended
BONUS: Memphis The Majestic
BONUS: Over The Waves
BONUS: Paso Doble (prerecording)
BONUS: Recovered; Lucia Di Lamermoor (excerpts) (sfx)
BONUS: Reminiscing (original version)
BONUS: Revolutionary March
BONUS: Romance (alternate)
BONUS: See-Saw Song (prerecording)
BONUS: See-Saw Song (source vocal)
BONUS: Tom Seymour's Execution (source)
BONUS: Up Again (deleted cue)
BONUS: Village Square
BONUS: Viso Perduto
Borinage, The
Bottle Is Discovered
Bourée (pre-record version)
Bourree (source music)
Bracelet, The
Bramble & Soda
Brass Band (Aloha "Oe)
Bread and Circus March
Breakthrough (revision)
Bridge / Escape, The
Bridle Trail (insert)
Broken Date and Hidden Bottle
Broken Heart / Revulsion, The
Bronco Broken
Brotherly Love
Bruloff's Suicide; D.P. Camp
Brutality / The Children
Brute Force 1947
Brutus' Camp
Brutus' Secret / They Murder Caesar
Brutus' Soliloquy
Bugle Calls; Trumpet And Drums (source)
Bugle / Royal Hunt / Wild Boar
Burgos / Entry of the Nobles (alternate version)
Burned Hand - Parts 1 & 2, The
Burning Desert, The
Burning Of Rome (alternate)
Burning Of Rome (Nero's Fire Song) (sfx), The
Burning Of Troy [prerecording], The
By The Bridge And Sayonara
Cactus Waltz
Caesar And His Train
Caesar Now Be Still!
Caesar's Procession
Cake; Prince Of Wales Dance, The
Calvary / Marcus’ Chariot
Camel Compound / Desert
Canción De La Revolución
Cantina (violin Solo) & Leaving the Womb, The
Capriccio, pastorale de danza, orchestra, op.14.
Captain Jones's Pilgramage / Finale (Psalm 100) / Confess Jehovah (original ending)
Carriage, The
Carrousel (source music)
Carrying the Cross / Look of Peace / Judah Brings Water to the King of the Jews
Carta de Rehen, La
Cartoon / War
Casting Out the Demon
Castles of Scotland (final version with bagpipe drones)
Castles of Scotland / Urquhart Castle
Castles of Scotland (version 1)
Castles of Scotland (version 2) (Vienna in Scotland)
Cave / Redbeard
Celebration Song
Cello Concerto, op. 32: I. Moderato
Cello Concerto, op. 32: II. Lento con granole espressione
Cello Concerto, op. 32: III. Allegro vivo
Centaur And The Gryphon, The
Centaur Appears
Centaur Attacks Sinbad
Centaur / Death of the Centaur, The
Centenary Celebration, A
Certain Royal, A
Challenge And Finale
Chamber music. Selections
Changing Mothers; King Henry
Chanson Populaire
Chariot Chase [album]
Chariot Chase (sfx)
Charles In Love
Charles Meets Emma
Charles Proposes (Rejected From the Film)
Charles Proposes (sfx)
Charles Proposes to Emma
Chart, The
Chase, The
Chateau Costeau
Chilo (sfx)
Chimene's Decision
Chinese Montage
Chosen, The
Christ Before Herod
Christ in the Fields (shortened version)
Christ in the Fields / The Roman Fortress / Welcome, Messala!
Christ's Answer / The Beheading of John (added choir)
Christ's Entry Into Jerusalem and Tempest in Judea
Christ Theme from Ben-Hur (Alleluia), The
Christmas Carol / Christmas Chimes
Christmas Carol (source)
Christmas Tree
Cid: El Cid March, El
Cid: Fanfare / Burgos / Entry of the Nobles, El
Cid - Legend and Epilogue, El
Cid: Love Scene, El
Cid: Love Theme, El
Cid - Music From The Samuel Bronston Production, El
Cid - Overture, El
Cid - Palace Music, El
Cid (Part I), El
Cid (Part II), El
Cid's Death, The
Cid - The Coronation, El
Cipher (original version)
Circus Fanfare No. 6 (Fanfare for Start of Race)
Circus Fanfare No. 7 (Ben-Hur Crowned)
Circus Fanfares Nos. 1-4
Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers)
Classic Film Music
Clock - First Transformation, The
Coach; The Letter
Colonel's Decision, The
Concert Overture, Op. 26
Concert overture (Sketches)
Concertina Waltz (accordion)
Concerto for String Orchestra, op. 17: I. Moderato, ma risoluto ed energico
Concerto for String Orchestra, op. 17: II. Lento con gran espressione
Concerto for String Orchestra, op. 17: III. Allegro giusto
Concerto for strings Op. 17
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, op. 24: I. Allegro non troppo ma passionato
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, op. 24: II. Lento cantabile
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, op. 24: III. Allegro viivace
Concertos Alto, orchestre Op. 37
Concertos, cello, orchestra, op. 32
Concertos, piano, orchestra, op. 31
Concertos Piano, orchestre Op. 31
Concertos, string orchestra, op. 17
Concertos, viola, orchestra, op. 37
Concertos, violin, orchestra, op. 24
Concertos Violon, orchestre Op. 24
Concertos Violoncelle, orchestre Op. 32
Condemned (outtake)
Confession / Revelation
Conflict / The Supper, The
Conflict / Tracking
Conspiracy, The
Constance And Brulov - Parts 1 & 2
Constant Nymph: Overture, The
Consternation / Wedding Rehearsal / Reality
Contance's Discovery
Contentment / Plein Air
Cortege / Queen's Champion
Count Gormaz / Courage and Honor / Gormaz's Death / Honor and Sorrow
Courage and Honor
Court of Ferdinand, The
Crash Landing
CREST OF THE WAVE: Prelude; Torna A Surriento
CRISIS: Main Title; Fronton
Crossing The Stream
Crossroad / Finale
Crossroads; Catherine Parr's End
Crystal Ball
Curious Case of the Upside‐Down Room / Pistol Practice, The
Curse Is Lifted / The Storm and Aftermath, The
Dance Of The Roman Priests [prerecording]
Dance of the Vestal Virgins
Dance - Suite
Dangerous Drive
Dansk Dance; A Toye
Danza dei peccatori
Danza delle Gemelle
Danza (Unused Take 4)
Davos Departs
Davos Discovered
Day of the Chariot Race, The
Dead City, The
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - End Titles (Finale)
Deal, The
Death in the Centrifuge / Recognition
Death of Arthur, The
Death of El Cid
Death of Francis I
Death of Messala
Death Of The Centaur
Death of the Swede
Death On The Centrifuge
Death Scene And Sayonara
Decision / Change of Mind
Decision for Murder / Murder
Decision / Loyalty
Defiance / Guinevere / Good Knight / Farewell / Sanctus / Cortege / Alleluia / Queen's Champion
déjeuner, Le
Denoument / Murder
Departure; Away For Rio; Full Sail (revised cue)
Desert Agony
Desert / Exhaustion / The Prince of Peace / Roman Galley, The
Desert (extended version), The
Desert Fury
Desert Gaeity
Deserted Garden (alternative version), The
deserto, Il
Despair / Hope / The Landbird (original version)
Desperate Love / Crossroads / Catherine Parr's End
Desperate Lovers
Desperate Ride / Fanfare to Forgiveness / Forgiveness / For King and Country / Viva la Guerra March / Love Letter
Destiny / Burgos
Destiny, The
Diana / Peephole / Hate
Diane (piano and violin)
Diane / Plymouth Adventure / Moonfleet
Dies Irae
diga, La
Diogenes Club, The
Disappointment / Pursuit
Disciples (added choir), The
Discovered / Devastation
Discovered; Devastations
Discovery, The
disfatta di Astaroth, La
Disillusionment (revised cue)
Distant Thoughts and Dreams
Distruzione di Sodoma
Dix's Demise
Djinn’s Song (instrumental), The
Dodge City
Dolfos Mission / Sancho's End
Domestic Paula?, A
Don Stays Home/The Weekend Begins
Don't Leave Your Guns (Jitterbug #1)
Double Cross / Tell The Truth / Revenge
Double indemnity 1944
Double Indemnity: In the Cab
Double Indemnity: Inner Struggle
Double Indemnity / Killers / Lost Weekend
Double Indemnity: Mrs. Dietrichson
Double Indemnity: Prelude (film version)/First Scene
Double Indemnity: Prelude (stereo re-recording)
Double Indemnity: Preparation/The Murder
Double Indemnity: Punishment/So Long Keyes/Finale
Double Indemnity: Railroad Tracks
Double Indemnity: Reading His Mail
Double Indemnity: Relief
Double Indemnity (Suite)
Double Indemnity: The Anklet
Double Indemnity: The Appointment
Double Indemnity - The Conspiracy
Double Indemnity: The Daughter
Double Indemnity: The Hallway
Double Indemnity: The Market
Double Indemnity: The Meeting
Double Indemnity: The Policy
Double Indemnity: Warnings
Double Life
Double Talk
Doubts and Paul's Exit
Dream Interpretation - Parts 1 & 2; The Decision
Dreams; Reality
Dressing Gown, The
Drive, The
Duchess of Brighton, The
Duel / Finale
Duets, cello, piano, op. 8
Duets, violin, piano, op. 7
Dummies / Light / Shadow Dance
Duos, Vl Kl op. 7
Earrings / Pandrevoun
Earth - New; Mount Kenya, The
East Meets West / Tea Party
Easy Away, Jo'; New Bedford Bridge (revised cue)
Eavesdropping / Dies Irae
Ecce Homo Petrus (sfx)
Eddie's Decision
Egg Dance / Wager / Nocturnal Visit
Eitelkeiten des Leben Op. 30
Elders / Sanctuary, The
Elevator, The
Ellen Denounces Pete
Ellen Goes To The Woods
Ellen’s Death
Emma Has a Baby Girl
Emma's Ambition
Emma's Death
Emma's Discontent
Emma's Dream - Waltz / L'Heureux's Walk
Emma's Dream Waltz (sfx)
Emma's Love (sfx)
Emma's Suicide Attempt
Emma's Waltz (1st pre-recording)
Emma's Waltz (2nd pre-recording)
Emotional Cost
Emperor's Order, The
Empire Hotel, The
End – End Titles, The
End of Act One (first alternate version) (cut from the film)
End of Act One (second alternate version) (cut from the film)
End of Act One (third alternate version) (cut from the film)
End of the House of Hur / Messala Alone on the Roof (shortened version), The
End of World / Exploring / The Dead City
End / The Ballad of the Green Berets, The
End Title and Cast
End Title - Short (Bonus Track)
Endurance Test
English Wedding
Entente Cordiale (source), L'
Entra’cte: The El Cid March
Entro le mura di Sodoma
Entry of the Nobles
Envelope, The
Epic Film Music of Miklos Rozsa, The
Escape / Camouflage
Escape From Temple Of The Oracle
Escape From the Temple
Escape / Garden
Escape (outtake)
Escape / Petronius and Eunice / Chilo
Escape (sfx)
Esther Warns Judah / The River / The People Gather (alternate versions, partially cut from the film)
Eternal City
Eternal Love
Eternal Silence
Eunice’s Song at Antium / Petronius’ Presentiment
Eunice; The Hostage (sfx)
Evening Chant
Everybody's Manners Stink
Excalibur (original version)
Excerpts From the Musical Score of Spellbound
Exhaustion (extended version)
Exit Anne Boleyn / Changing Mothers
Exit Music (freely reconstructed)
Exit the Killers
Expedition, The
Eye Of The Needle - English Wedding
Eye of the Needle: Finale and Epilogue
Eye of the Needle / Last Embrace
Eye Of The Needle - Passion
Eye Of The Needle - Prelude
Eye Of The Needle - The Fight
Fall of the House of Hur / Messala Alone an the Roof, The
False Hopes
False Pretense
Fanfare A [prerecorded fanfare]
Fanfare D (stereo) [prerecorded fanfare]
Fanfare E (long version) [prerecorded fanfare]
Fanfare E (short version) [prerecorded fanfare]
Fanfare For Bull [OST fanfare]
Fanfare for Burning / Incarnate Godhead / Fifth Fanfare for Nero / Fanfare for Ursus & Lygia / Upon These Lilies
Fanfare For Burning [OST fanfare]
Fanfare for Circus Parade
Fanfare for Cortege (pre-record version)
Fanfare For Lygia [OST fanfare]
Fanfare for Start of Race
Fanfare for the Bull / Finis Poppaea / Nero’s Suicide
Fanfare for the Wrestlers / Siciliana Antiqua / Dance of the Muses
Fanfare For Wrestlers (outtake) [OST fanfare]
Fanfare to Prelude
Fanfares for Nero / Hail Nero (Triumphal March)
Fanfares / The Chariot Procession
Fanfares To Triumph (close) [prerecorded fanfare]
Fanfares To Triumph (distant) [prerecorded fanfare]
Farewell / Auf Wiedersehen
Farewell / Landing / Decision (original version)
Farewell to Rome (extended version)
favorita della regina, La
Feast Of Lupercal
Fedora / Crisis
Fedora - Finale
Fedora - Prelude and Fedora Appears
Fedora - Rain
Fedora's Daughter
Fedora - Search in the Villa
Fedora - Souvenir de Corfu
Fertility Dance (shortened version)
Fertility Hymn [prerecording]
Fifth Fanfare For Nero [OST fanfare]
Fifth Victim, The
Fight for Calahorra, The
Film Music of Miklós Rózsa: Spellbound / Jungle Book, The
Film Scores of Miklós Rózsa
Final Chorus [prerecording]
Finale and Chorus
Finale and End Cast
Finale and End Title
Finale / Epilogue
Finale (extended choral track)
Finale from The Lost Weekend
Finale (original version)
Finale (Stereo)
Finale (with fourth ending)
Finale (with second ending)
Finale (with third ending)
Finis Poppaea
Fiorsaken (original version)
Fireside Chat (original version)
Fireside Chat (with inserts)
Firing Squad and Furlough
First And Second Arena Fanfares [OST fanfare]
First Arena Fanfare / Where O Death? / Second Arena Fanfare / Resurrection Hymn (a cappella Choir)
First Ashby Fanfare / Second Ashby Fanfare / Third Ashby Fanfare / Fourth Ashby Fanfare / Fifth Ashby Fanfare / Sixth Ashby Fanfare / Seventh Ashby Fanfare / Eighth Ashby Fanfare (original versions)
First Bank Montage / Second Bank Montage
First Battle (original version)
First Battle Part 1
First Battle Part 2
First Flashback (cut From Film)
First Locksley Horn / Second Locksley Horn / Third Locksley Horn / Fourth Locksley Horn / Norman Trumpet / Fifth Locksley Horn / Sixth Locksley Horn
First Manifestation / Hallson Dies
First Meeting
First Night / Mr. Brewster, The
First, Second And Third Fanfares For Nero [OST fanfare]
First Trumpet Fanfare / Second Trumpet Fanfare / Third Trumpet Fanfare / Fourth Trumpet Fanfare / First Richard Fanfare (film versions)
First Trumpet Fanfare / Second Trumpet Fanfare / Third Trumpet Fanfare (original versions)
Five Graves To Cairo / So Proudly We Hail!
Flashback / Paris
Flavius Arrested / Feast of Lupercal / Flourishes / Caesar and His Train
Flowers For Fernandez
Flying Carpet / Ahmad to Be Beheaded / Arrow of Justice / Riot and the End of Jaffar, The
Flying Horse (alternative version 2), The
For God and Spain! / The Battle of Valencia
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (music box; outtake)
For King and Country / Viva La Guerra March
For Spain! / Farewell
Forgiveness / Petersen’s End
Forties (jazz ensemble), The
Forties (piano), The
Fountain of Destiny
Four Feathers: River Journey, The
Four Feathers: Sunstroke, The
Fourth Ashby Fanfare / Fifth Ashby Fanfare / Sixth Ashby Fanfare / Seventh Ashby Fanfare / Eighth Ashby Fanfare (film versions)
Fourth Fanfare For Nero [OST fanfare]
Frameup (revision)
Frantic Drive / Despair
French Medley
Friends Again
Friendship / A Toast of Freedom
Friendship Continued
Friendship; Lament #2
Fruitless Search
Fuga degli schiavi
Full Sail
Fulough / Leaving the Front
Fun House
Gabrielle’s Awakening
Gaillarde (pre-record version)
Galley (Rowing of the Galley Slaves), Parts 1-4, The
Gambling Dream; Mad Proprietors Dream; Roof-Top Dreams
Gaming Room
Garden (original version)
Garden, The
Gauntlet, The
Gentle Knave
Gestapo Summons
Gettin' Acquainted
Ghost Of Caesar
Gioco di bimbi
giordano, Il
Girl Arrives, The
Girl's Story, The
Girl That I Marry, The
Girls; Island
Glass Breaks - Hazel Penticott, The
Gloria and Fall
God Save The King (source)
Golden Tent, The
Golden Voyage of Sinbad: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Golden Voyage of Sinbad: Prelude / Sinbad Battles Kali / Finale, The
Golgotha (partially cut from the film)
Golgotha / The Crucifixion / "He Gave Me Water" / The End?
Goodnight Ellie I
Goodnight Ellie Ii
Graduation Present
Gratus' Entry Into Jerusalem (shortened version)
Gratus' Entry to Jerusalem
Graveyard / Letter of Introduction
Greek Theater; Exchange, The
Green Berets, The
Green Fire / Bhowani Junction
Green Fire: Bonus / Sluicing / Mujer Traidosa
Green Fire (bonus track): Allegria
Green Fire (bonus track): Cartagena
Green Fire (bonus track): Finale (instrumental)
Green Fire (bonus track): Green Fire (guitar version)
Green Fire (bonus track): Maringa (instrumental)
Green Fire (bonus track): Maringa (vocal)
Green Fire (bonus track): Prelude (instrumental)
Green Fire (bonus track): Tejo
Green Fire: Boulder / Death
Green Fire: Confessions
Green Fire: Courage / Detonator / Fight
Green Fire: El Moro
Green Fire: Grave / Alone
Green Fire: Leopard
Green Fire: Mining
Green Fire: Prelude / Lost Mine
Green Fire: Romanza
Green Fire: Showdown / Green Fire / Nocturnal Visit / Speech Without Words
Green Fire: Tropical Night (original version)
Green Fire: Tropical Night (revised)
Green Manors
Green Men Capture Koura
Green Men Put Margiana In Pit/Horn (Green Men)
Greensleeves (alternate)
Grover's Rock
Guitar Improvisations by Vicente Gómez
Gypsy Dance by Vicente Gómez
Gypsy Eyes (Theme From The Power)
Hail Galba (slow version) [prerecorded march]
Hail Nero (fast tempo) [prerecorded march]
Hail Nero (medium tempo) [prerecorded march]
Hail Nero (slow tempo) [prerecorded march]
Hail Nero, Triumphal March [album]
Hail, Pilate / Victors and Losers
Hakenstrasse / Two Jugs of Wine
Hamburger Joint #1
Hamchunk Appears
Hamchunk’s Dog / Hamchunk’s Tragedy
Hamed / Carriage Race
Hanging Fever / Rustlers / Justice / Revenge
Happy Idiot Waltz, The
Happy Island / Court Life / Court Dance #1 / Court Dance #2
Happy News
Happy Sam
Hard To Lee (revised cue)
Hard To Lee; Showdown; Mutiny; Fight; Retribution; Finale
Haroun Appears On Deck
Haroun’s Lute
Harun al Rozsad
Hawking / Sacrifice
"He Is Coming!" / Messala's Death / The Arena
Healing Waters / Judah Returns to His House / The Miracle / End Credits, The
Heavy Eyes / Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part / Gentle Knave / Ghost of Caesar
Helen (alt. take)
herisson, Le
Herod's Castle Trumpet
Herod's Feast
Herr Rommel Takes Coffee
High Sea
Hollisbrooke Castle
Holmes’ Morse Code / Eternal Silence / Farewell
Holy Grail / Finale
Holy of Holies, The
Holy Unction (The Red Danube Recording)
Home again / Dejected
Homecoming and the Search
Homunculus Drops Tablet On Sinbad’s Ship
Honeymoon At Brulov's; The White Coverlet; The Razor - Parts 1 & 2; Constance Is Afraid
Honeymoon (sfx)
Honor and Sorrow / The Court of Ferdinand
Hooky's Billet
Horseman's Fanfare
Horsemen’s Fanfare
Hospital, The
Hostage / The Lamp, The
Hour Before Dawn: Finale (incorporating "There'll Always Be an England"), The
Hour Before Dawn: May Returns, The
Hour Before Dawn: Prelude/England 1923, The
Hour Before Dawn: The Signal Fire, The
Hour Before Dawn: The Tragedy, The
Hour Before Dawn: Wagner Medley (piano solo), The
House of Hur, The
House of Shore, The
Hovel, The
Hungarian Dance #1
Hungarian Dance #4
Hunt Breakfast
Hunt, The
Hurdy Gurdy (outtake)
Hurdy Gurdy (source music)
Hymen (sfx)
Hymn Of The Vestal Virgins [album]
I. Capriccio
Idea / Foreboding, An
Ides Of March, The
II. Pastoral
III. Danza
Ildith ha paura
Ilse von Hoffmanstal / A Certain Royal / Gabrielle’s Awakening
incontro, L'
Indecision / Nocturne
Inertia / Reaper / Seizure
Instrumental music. Selections
Intent to Kill
Interlude / Temple / Surprise
Intermezzo: The El Cid March
Intro To Girl; Girl; Island (revised cue)
Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola, op. 44
Intruder, The
Inverness / The Cemetery / Valladon
Invocation To Venus [album]
Invocation To Venus [prerecording]
Island, The
It's Like Flying
Ivanhoe. Selections
Jacaré: Prelude
Jack! / L'Aïo dè Rotso
Jaffar and the Doctor
Jaffar’s Advice / Bagdad Night
Jai Ala Marcha
Java De La Seine, La
Java De Saigon, La
Jesu, Lord [album]
Jesu Lord / The Last Supper / Resurrection Hymn (Orchestra and Choir)
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Jingle Bells (Foxtrot)
Job, The
Johan en De Alverman
John's Message
John Sees Priscilla
John the Baptist
Johnny's Story/The Chase/Blazing Wreck/Cast of Characters
Joseph & Mary
Journey's End / Finale (alternate)
Journey's End / Finale, The
Judah Enters Arrius' Room
Judah Enters the Leper Valley / Judah Meets Esther
Judah Goes to Tirzah and Miriam
Judah Leaves His Home / End of Act One
Judah Leaves the Tent of Ilderim / Homecoming
Judah Meets Esther / Love Scene
Judas Sees Ciphas / Gethsemane
Judea / Balthazar
Judea, Part 1 (outtake)
Judea, Part 2
Jugglers & Tumblers / Herod's Desire
Julius Caesar - Caesar Now Be Still and Finale
Julius Caesar: Dramatic Highlights From the Film of Wiliam Shakespeare's Play
Julius Caesar, film score
Julius Caesar. Overture
Julius Caesar: Preludium / Idle Creatures
Julius Caesar. Selections
Jungle Book: Orchestral Suite, The
Jungle Book - The Jungle , Life In The Jungle , Finale
Kali Walk Dance
Katsumi Theme
Kevin and Sonia
Kevin blessé
Killer-Killed-Finale, The
Killer Killed / The End / End Cast, The
Killer - Pursuit, The
Killers 1946, The
Killers Close In, The
Killers - Exit the Killers, The
Killers - Main Tittle, The
Killers - Prison Stars, The
Killing Zone / The Spy
King Is Dead, The
King of England / On the Road / Modred's Plot
King of Kings: Entr'acte
King Of Kings - Main Title
King Of Kings - Miracles Of Christ
King of Kings: Nativity
King of Kings: Pieta
King Of Kings - Resurrection and Finale
King of Kings. Selections
King of Kings: The Lords's Prayer
King of Kings Theme – From King of Kings
King of Kings: Theme (orchestral version)
King of Kings Theme — Prelude
King of Kings: Way of the Cross
King's Ballad, The
King's Birthday
King's Champion, The
King's Diary; The King's Finances; The King's English; Returning Hero, The
King's Return / Souvenirs / Death of Francis I
King's thief. Selections
King's Thief: The King's Thief, The
King's Visit; Waltz Theme; Reminiscence; Farewell; Finale
Kings of Bethlehem, The
Kipling's Jungle Book
Kiss - End of a Dram, The
Knight's Song (source), The
Knights of the Round Table: Departure / Pict Battle / Return; Distant Thoughts and Dreams; The Death of Arthur / Resignation; To the Death / Finale and End Title
Knights of the Round Table: Prelude; Modred's Plot / Lancelot Meets Elaine; Lancelot Meets Arthur / Chivalry; First Battle; Sanctus / Cortege / Alleluia; Hawking
Knights of the Round Table / The King's Thief
Konzertante Sinfonien Vl Vc Orch op. 29
Konzerte Klavier Orchester op. 31
Konzerte Streichorchester op. 17
Konzerte, Va Orch op. 37
Konzerte, Vc Orch op. 32
Konzerte Violine Orchester op. 24
Koura Challenges Sinbad To Fight Kali/Kali Fight/Green Men Put Margiana In Pit
Koura Chases Sinbad To Vizier’s City
Koura Enters Cave/Fountain Of Destiny
Koura Guides Siren To Chart
Koura Lights Fuse And Temple Explodes
Koura Praying By Fountain
Koura’s Castle/Vizier Receives Sinbad Into Palace (Complete)
Koura’s End
Koura’s Prayer Brings Down Rocks
Koura’s Pursuit
Koura – Sinbad’s Ship At Night/Sinbad – Margiana In Cabin
Koura To Green Men’s Temple
Lady Hamilton
Lady Rowena
Lady White (source), A
Lament #3
Lament No.1
Lament No.4
Lance / Cage of Gold / Revenge
Lancelot and Arthur / Chivalry
Lancelot and Elaine
Lancelot Meets Arthur
Land Ho / Old Hundred
Last Act, The
Last Day With Léon
Last Embrace - Goodnight Ellie
Last Embrace - Niagara Falls
Last Embrace - Prelude, Memories
Last Embrace - The Tunnels, Finale
Last Journey
Last Strokes / Suicide
Last Temptation of Christ, The
Last Victim / Aftermath, The
Last Words of Christ / Resurrection
Lathela's Chant
Laughter and Tears
Law of the Prophets, The
Leavving Rome (First 40 Seconds cut From the Film)
Legend and Epilogue (original intro / The Falcon and the Dove), The
Lemuria – Part 1 & Part 2
Léon's Love (sfx)
Leper Valley (alternate version, partially cut from the film), The
Lepers (extended version)
Lepers' Search for the Christ, The
Letter / Moonlight and Horses
Letter of Introduction (original version)
Letter, The
Lettura della mano
Lheureux's Walk (sfx)
Lieutenant Is Killed
Light and Color
Lists / Fifth Jousting Fanfare / Revenge
Lists / Knights and Horses / First Jousting Fanfare / Second Jousting Fanfare / Third Jousting Fanfare / Fourth Jousting Fanfare
Long Finale
Long Live The King; Anne Boleyn's Daughter; Dinner Music
Long Live the Queen
Lord ls my Shepherd, op. 34, The
Lord's Prayer - King of Kings, The
Lost Weekend - Nighmare/Finale, The
Lost Weekend: Nightmare, The
Lost Weekend: Prelude / New York Skyline / Alcohol / Love Theme, The
Lost Weekend: Symphonic Suite From the Film Score, The
Lost Weekend: The Bottle, The
Lost Weekend - The First Meeting/The Walk, The
Lost Weekend: The Mouse and the Bat, The
Lost Weekend - The Weekend Begins, The
Love of the Princess for Violin and Orchestra, The
Love & Pride
Love Scene / I Must See Her Again
Love Scene: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini; Paula Disappears; Mademoiselle Bridge
Love Scene - Second Transformation
Love Song (instrumental)
Love-Song / The Pool / The Prince and the Princess
Love Theme from El Cid
Love Theme of Ben-Hur
Love Theme / Ring for Freedom
Love Will Find Out The Way
Lover's Impasse
Lower Chamber (2 Tablets & Map)
Lower Chamber (Homunculus Explodes)
Lust for Life / Background to Violence Suite: The Killers, Brute Force, Naked City
Lust for Life: Brotherly Love
Lust for Life: Finale
Lust for Life: Madness
Lust for Life: Postman Roulin
Lust for Life: Prelude
Lust for life suite. Extraits
Lust for Life: Summer (Pastorale)
Lust for Life: Sunflowers
Lute Stinger/Sinbad Arrives At Temple/Medium Speaks
Lydia: Introduction (Lydia's Portrait)
Lydia: Love Theme and Waltz
Lydia (Piano Suite): Bubbling Stars
Lydia (Piano Suite): Concerto (Four Hands)
Lydia (Piano Suite): Farewell
Lydia (Piano Suite): Love Theme
Lydia (Piano Suite): Sleighride
Lydia (Piano Suite): The Sea
Lydia (Piano Suite): Waltz
Lygia [album]
Lygia / Hymn to Apollo
Lygia (sfx)
Madame Bovary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
MADAME BOVARY: Prelude / Romance (album track)
Madame Bovary. Selections
Madame Bovary waltz 'Madame Bovary'
Madame Bovary Waltz (Valley of the Kings alternate)
Madrid / Good Riddance
madrigal of spring
Main Theme (From "Spellbound")
Main Theme from "The Ashphalt Jungle"
Main Title and Foreword
Main Title And Narration
Main Title (Ballad of the Green Berets)
Main Title (Film version)
Main Title; Foreward
Main Title / Harbour Scene and I Want to Be a Sailor (Sailor's Song)
Main Title (original version) / Appian Way
Main Title: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini
Main Titles / 221B Baker Street (original version)
Main Titles / Seaman’s Song
maison de Clive, La
Making Of The Homunculus
Making of the Homunuculus
Man Before His Time
Man in half Moon Street: Finale, The
Man in half Moon Street: Laboratory, The
Man in half Moon Street: Love Theme (Piano: Mike Lang), The
Man in half Moon Street: Prelude and Ghostly Prologue, The
Man In Half Moon Street: The Diary, The
Man in half Moon Street: Transformation, The
Man in half Moon Street: Transition I and Body Is Found, The
Man in half Moon Street: Waltz, The
Man on the Roof
Manhunt in Manhattan / Stalking / Transformation / Finale
Marabia Beach
March of the Revolution
Marcia degli elamiti
Marcia della vittoria
Marcia Romana (extended version)
Marcus And Lygia; Preghiera; Hymn Of The Vestal Virgins (sfx)
Marcus and Poppaea
Marcus' Chariot (sfx)
Market of Basra, The
Market (orchestral version), The
Mary at the Sepulcher
Mary Magdalene (added choir) / Answer From a Stone
Matsubayashi Theatre
Mau Mau #1; Mau Mau #2; Mau Mau #3
Mau Mau #4
Mau Mau #5; Mau Mau #6
Mayflower Compact (original version), The
Mea Culpa / Non Omnia Vincit Amor / Temptation
Mea Culpa (sfx)
Meeting at the Adelph
Meeting In The Woods
Meg Asks Questions
Meg Finds The Red House
Meg’s Accident
Memories (extended version)
Memories / Hatred
Memories - Léon's Goodbye
Memories (Part 1)
Merlin's Death / Homecoming
Merry-Go-Round, The
Messaggeri di Jehovah
Messala's Death (shortened version) / The Arena (alternate version, cut from the film)
Messala's Revenge / Simonides and Esther Enter the Jail
Miklos Rozsa at M-G-M
Miklos Rozsa Conducts His Epic Film Scores
Miklos Rozsa: Hollywood Legend
Miklós Rózsa Treasury (1949-1968)
Milanollo (source)
minaccia di Lot, La
Mine / The Evangelist, The
Minuet from That Hamilton Woman
Miracle and Finale, The
Miracle - Finale [album]
Miracle / Finale (versions without the choir), The
Miracle (original version, cut from the film), The
Miracles of Christ, The
Mission / Frameup / Prison / Chimney / Breakthrough / Belltower / Descent
missione di Lot, La
Modred's Plot; Lancelot And Elaine
Modred's Plot (original version)
Monster Strikes, The
Mood for Truth
Moorish Feast
More I Know of Love, The
Morgan Farm, The
Morning and Telephone
Mort de Kevin
Morte D'Arthur; Resignation; To The Death; Holy Grail; Finale
Most Noble Brutus / Cassius' Farewell / Cassius' Departure / Prelude to Battle / Battle of Phillippi
Mother Is Brought Out to the Light (partially cut from the film), The
Mother's Advice(original version), A
Mother's Advice (revised), A
Mother's Goodbye to Esther (shortened version), The
Mother’s Love – From Ben-Hur, The
Mother / Search for Tirzah / The Mother Is Brought Out to the Light / The Gates of Jerusalem, The
Motion picture music. Selections
Mount Galilee and the Sermon on the Mount
Mount Galilee / The Sermon on the Mount / Love Your Neighbor (added organ)
Moving Out
Mrs. Dietrichso
Muerte De González
Murder / Conspiracy
Murder in the Bathtub
Murder; Pearls (revised cue)
Murder / The Pearls
Musica per lira
Musique pour orchestre. Extraits
Musket, The
Naked City: Somewhere in the Night, The
Nath And Meg
Nath Explores The Woods
Nativity – From King of Kings, The
Naval Battle
Nenia / Black Sentence / Brutus' Camp / Enter Cassius
Nenia (Pre-Recording)
Nenia (short version) / Black Sentence (film version)
Nero's Fire Song [prerecording]
Nero's Suicide; Galba's March; Finale (score only)
Nero's Suicide; Galba's March; Finale (sfx)
New Blows; Despair (sfx)
New Dreams; Disillusion
New End To Finale
New England Concerto
New Fanfare for Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers)
New Hat
New Hired Hand, The
New Life
New Start; Accordion
New Stepmother; Katherine Howard's Execution; Hatfield Again
New Victim / Frightened, A
Newspaper Story
Niagara Falls
Nicobar's Problem
Night Time
Night Visitor
Night Warning
Nightmare; Transformation
Nina's Story
No.32 Ashdown St. / Canaries
No Escape
Noble Savage
Nocturnal Visit / Attack
Nocturnal Visitor
Nocturne - New
Nocturne; Training
Non Omnia Vincit Amor (sfx)
North Hungarian peasant songs and dances
Nostalgia (extended version)
Nostalgia / Farewell to Rome
Notturno Ungherese, op. 28
Novel, The
Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part (pre-recording)
Nuovamente libero
Nursery / Turmoil / Reminiscences
Oasis / Judah Meets Balthazar, The
Of Betlehem (extended version)
Old Folks, The
Old Harry; Chelsea
Old Hundred (alternate)
Old Hundred (alternates)
Olivia and Planes
On to Vegas
Opening And Sayonara
Opening Night
Operation (sfx), The
Operation Skyhawk
Oracle Appears/Oracle Speech/Oracle Disappears
Orchestra music. Selections
Ordered to Cairo
Ordonez's Death
Organ Source (source)
Orientale Pt. 1 And 2
Oscar, The
Ouintus Arrius Arrives / The Emperor's Order / Judah Enters Arrius' Room (shortened versions)
Outburst / Farewell
Outside Pavillion
Overture, Act One
Overture, Act Two (alternate version, cut from the film)
Overture (Intermezzo)
Overture To A Symphony Concert, op. 26
Oxhead Wood Mystery
Palace Fight / Ahmad and the Princess, Captive / Ruby Montage (part 1)
Palace Music #1
Palace Music #2
Palace Music #3
Palace Music (flute and harp version)
Palace of Fine Arts / The Dinner / Search for a Victim
palais de justice I, Le
palais de justice II, Le
Panem et Circenses (Bread and Circus) March
Panem et Circenses March (1st reprise)
Panem et Circenses March (2nd reprise)
Parable of the Seed
Parade of the Charioteers (aus "Ben Hur") Luis Cobos 1994
Parade of the Charioteers from ‘Ben Hur’
Paradise Lost
Paranoia Theme From Spellbound
Parasol, The
Paratroopers / Frustration
Paso Doble
Passepied; The Marquis's Quadrille; The Gay Sixties-Polka; L'Hirondelle-Galop (sfx)
Passion / Love Theme
Pastorale del fiume
Pastorale / Gaillarde
Patricia And Brummell
Patricia's Bedroom
Patricia Visits Brummell, Part 1 (outtake)
Patricia Visits Brummell; Part 2
Paula Alone: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini; Studio
Paula's Lock Up Montage
Pavane du Rois
Pavane (pre-record version)
Pavilion Source (source)
Pavillion Waltz
Penn Station, The
Pete’s Confession
Pete’s Death And End Title
Pete’s Grief
Pete’s Strange Knowledge
Pete Threatens Meg
Pete Warns Teller
Petersen Caught / Sergeant Petersen
Petronius And Eunice (sfx)
Petronius’ Banquet Music / Petronius’ Death (Parts 1 & 2)
Petronius' Banquet [prerecording]
Petronius' Death (Parts 1 And 2)
Petronius' Decision (sfx)
Petronius' Meditation And Death [album]
Petronius’ Meditation / Petronius’ Decision
Petronius' Presentiment; The Women's Quarters Of Nero (sfx)
Phone Call (new version)
Phone Call (original version)
Phony Witch; The Miracle
Phyllis Arrives
Piano Concerto, op. 31: I. Allegro energico
Piano Concerto, op. 31: II. Adagio
Piano Concerto, op. 31: III. Vigorosso
Piano music
Picnic, The
Pict Battle
Pietà – From King of Kings
Pirate Fleet, The
Plaisir de vivre
Plein Air
Plots and Plans
Plymouth adventure. Selections
Plymouth Adventure - The Mayflower (Symphonic Picture)
Plymouth Rock / Confess Jehovah
Pontius Pilate's Arrival Into Jerusalem
popolo eletto, Il
porte di Sodoma, Le
Portrait, The
Postman Roulin / Artesiana
Power: Adam Hart / Transformation, The
Power: Babble Pit / The Revolver, The
Power Csárdás, The
Power: Disappointment / Pursuit, The
Power: First Manifestation / Hallison Dies / Death in the Centrifuge / Recognition, The
Power: Gypsy Eyes (Theme From the Power), The
Power Mower, The
Power: Nocturnal Visit / Attack, The
Power: Prelude, The
Power: The Killer Killed / The End / End Cast, The
Power: The Merry-Go-Round, The
Power: Viva L'Amour, The
Prayer of Our Lord – From King of Kings, The
Prayer of Our Lord (instrumental), The
Prayer of Our Lord (Italian singers performance), The
Prayer Sequence
Pre-Prelude / Prelude / Post-Prelude
Preceding Nightmare / Nightmare / Summerhouse
Preghiera (Unused Take 1)
Preghiera (Unused Take 2)
Preghiera (Unused Take 3)
Preghiera (Unused Take 5)
Preghiera (Unused Take 6)
Prelude (alternate choir)
Prelude (alternate)/New York Skyline
Prelude and Fedora Appears
Prelude and Foreword (alternate)
Prelude; Drums (Appian Way)
Prelude / Excalibur
Prelude/First Scene/Walk in Desert (abridged)
Prelude / Foreword (original version)
Prelude from Double Indemnity
Prelude / Fugitives
Prelude / Hatfield House / Reminiscing
Prelude / King's Messenger / Riding
Prelude (Main Title)
Prelude/Meet the People
Prelude - Memories
Prelude (Psalm 136) (album version)
Prelude (Psalm 136) (original version)
Prelude (Psalm 136) Southampton
Prelude (revised)/The First Meeting
Prelude to Love / John and Priscilla
Prelude to Second Part / The Road to Rome / The Burning of Rome
Prelude to War (alternate performance)
Preludium (Stereo) / Idle Creatures (alternate)
Premonitions (added choir)
prezzo della liberta, Il
Prince Conducts (source)
Prince of Peace, Part 1 (extended version), The
Prince of Peace, Part 2 (extended version), The
Prince Of Wales Dance
Princess Abducted, The
Princess Asks to Return / The Deserted Garden, The
Princess Elizabeth - Appointment With Love
Prism Pin / The Fifth Victim, The
Prison Cell
Prison / Escape Attempt (cut from the film), The
Prison Part One / The Prison Part Two, The
Prison (partial outtake), The
Prison / The Vision of Peter, The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes - English Waltz (Vienna in Scotland), The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes: Suite, The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes: The Archival Edition, The
Procession to Calvary (extended version), The
Procession to Calvary / The Bearing of the Cross / Recognition, The
Proclamation Fanfare / Jousting Fanfare / Pillow Fight Fanfare
Proctor's Advice
Professor's Photograph, The
Prophecy / Bugle / Royal Hunt / Wild Boar
Providence (extract)
Providence : Suite
Providence. Valse crépuscalaire
Provo’s Death
Public Garden, The
Pursuit (revision)
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1, op. 22
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 2, op. 38
Quartette Violine (2) Viola Violoncello Nr. 1 op. 22
Quartette, Vl 1 2 Va Vc op. 22 1. Satz
Quartette, Vl 1 2 Va Vc op. 38
Quatuors Cordes No 1 Op. 22
Quatuors Cordes No 2 Op. 38
Queen's Champion
Queenies Story
Quest / Distant Thoughts / Dreams, The
Question of Pride / Suicide Threat / Finale
Quintet, piano, violins (2), viola, cello, op. 2
Quintette Vl 1 2 Va Vc Kl op. 2
Quintus Arrius
Quintus Arrives (extended version)
Quo Vadis: Arabesque
Quo Vadis: Ave Caesar
Quo Vadis: Ave Caeser
Quo Vadis: Love Theme
Quo Vadis Prelude [album]
Quo Vadis Prelude (with chimes)/Drums (Appian Way)
Quo Vadis - Quo Vadis, Domine
Quo Vadis: Romanza
Quo vadis. Selections
Quo Vadis: Triumphal March
Railway Carriage
Rainy Day, The
Rambunctious Canary, The
Ramming Speed!
Ransom / Discovered
Razor, The
Realization; Finale
Rebecca's Love
Red Chips (Hans J. Salter)
Red Danube: Deportation Scene, The
Red Danube: Nocturne, The
Red Danube: Prelude, The
Red House: Prelude, The
Red House: Retribution, The
Red House: Screams in the Night, The
Red house. Selections
Red House (suite), The
Red House: Swimming Scene, The
Red House: The Morgan Farm, The
Red House: The New Hired Hand, The
Red House: The Oxhead Woods, The
Redbeard (film version)
Redwoods, The
Reminiscing; Anne Boleyn's Execution; Exit Anne Boleyn
Remorse (sfx)
Requiem (film version)
Rest (extended version)
Resurrection Hymn
Retribution / Private Audience
Retrospection; Ave Maria; I Knew A Love (sfx)
Return (extended version)
Return / Promise
Return / Proposition
Return to Judea
Revelation (alternate #1)
Revelation (alternate #2)
Revenge (outtake)
Revolt / Barabas' Escape
Revolver, The
Rhapsodien, Vc Orch op. 3
Rhapsodies Violoncelle, piano ou orchestre Op. 3
Rhapsody, cello, orchestra, op. 3
Ride To The Red House And The Red House
Ride to Valencia
Ring for Freedom
Ripper / Pursuit, The
Rivals, The
River / Judah Meets Balthazar Again / The People Gather / Sermon an the Mount, The
River Seine, The
Road of Sorrow
Road to Asturias / Thirteen Nights, The
Road to Bethlehem / The Nativity
Robbery, The
Rodock's Horses / Ranch
Rodolphe's Love
Rodolphe's Rejection
Rodrigo's Doubts (take 1)
Rodrigo’s Men
ROGUE'S MARCH: Wiped Out (adapted from "General Defeat" from Command Decision
Roman Bacchanal [album]
Roman Fleet (extended version)
Roman Galley
Roman Holiday (Pre-Recording)
Roman Legions
Roman March (From "Ben-Hur")
Roman Sail?, A
Roman Sails
Romance; Midnight
Romance (piano)
Romans March Into Nazareth (expanded version) / Joseph the Carpenter (shortened version), The
Rondo (outtake)
Rosposta as un sogno
Row, Row, Row To Rome
Rowers Below / Victory Parade, Part One / Victory Parade, Part Two, The
Rowing of the Galley Slaves (shortened version), The
Royal Chambers
Royal Command / Royal Palace
Royal Gardens (alternate)
Royal Tact / Chelsea
Rózsa Conducts Rózsa, Volume 2
Rule Britannia (outtake)
Rye and William Shakespeare (short version)
Sadness and Joy (alternate)
Saguaro Serenade
Sahara. Main title
Sahara: Suite
Sakura Sakura
Salome's Dance #6
Salome's Dance Part 1 (alternate #1)
Salome's Dance Part 1 (alternate #2)
Salome's Dances
Saluet for Arrius (extended version)
Salute for Arrius (extended version)
Salute for Gratus (extended version)
Salute for Messala
Sancho's Demand (take 1)
Sanctus - Cortege - Alleluia
Sarah Appears (Alternate)
Saxon Victory
Scenes And Variations (source)
Scolding Winds / Brutus' Soliloquy / Brutus Awake
Scolding Winds (short version) / Brutus' Soliloquy (short version)
Scolding Winds, The
sconfitta di Astaroth, La
Scorpion / Camel Ride
Scourging of Christ / Crown of Thorns, The
Screams In The Night
Scrolls / Subjugation, The
Sea Battle Sequences (alternate versions, either used in abbreviated form or cut from the film), The
Seaman’s Song (instrumental)
Search Begins
Search Continues
Search For The Ripper / Decision
Search for Tirzah (partially cut from the film) / The Gates of Jerusalem (alternate version, cut from the film)
Search Grows more Desperate
Search in the Villa
Search In The Woods
Second Richard Fanfare / Finale / Finale Bridge / Finale / Epilogue
Second Warning
Seduction / Abduction
Seduction and the Djinn Is Freed
Sermon on the Mount – From King of Kings, The
Settlers, The
Seventh Sin, The
Shadow in the Darkness
Shadow of a Storm (Outtake)
She Returns
Shelter / The Storm (cut from the film), The
Shepherd Piper; Gareth's Harp; Old English Estampie (source)
Shipboard (based on "California,Here I Come")
Shofar Call
Shofar / Main Title / The Romans March Into Nazareth / Joseph the Carpenter
Shofar Signal for Revolt (with rehearsal)
Shores of Judeah / The Oasis / Judah Meets Balthazar (alternate versions, cut from the film), The
Short Story
Showdown / Mutiny / Fight
Siciliana Antiqua [album]
Siciliana Antiqua (sfx)
Siege of Valencia / Rodrigo’s Encampment, The
Sien (film version)
Sighting / Pursuit / Capsized
Sighting, The
Signal for Pilate
Silvermaid’s Dance, The
Simonides Arrested / The Burning Desert / Judah Meets Christ (alternate versions, partially cut from the film)
Simonides Arrested / The Burning Desert / Judah Meets Christ / New Hope / The Roman Armada / Quintus Arrius Arrives
Sinbad And Crew Fight Siren
Sinbad Discovers Koura / Sinbad Fights Kali
Sinbad Fights Invisible Koura/Crown Of Many Riches And End Title
Sinbad In Hakim’s Market
Sinbad – Koura Land On Lemuria
Sinbad Meets Margiana/Vizier - Margiana Board Sinbad’s Ship
Sinbad’s Decision
Sinbad’s Dream
Sinbad Throws Hakim’s Bodyguard
Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29: I. Allegro non troppo
Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29: II. Andante. Theme and Variations
Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29: III. Allegro con brio
Sinfonia concertante, violin, cello, orchestra, op. 29. Tema con variazioni
Sinfonien op. 6. 1993
Sir Cedric
Siren, The
Sister Priscilla (revised cue)
Skeleton Room / Duel with the Spider / The Return, The
Ski Run; Mountain Lodge
Slap, The
Slaughter of Innocents, The
Smoke Machine / Concerto / Cocaine, The
Smugglers / Passepied from Bovary
Snodgrass's Suicide
Sodom and Gomorrah: Overture
Sodom and Gomorrah. Selections (Legend)
Somber Thoughts
Sonata for 2 Violins, op. 15a: I. Allegro risoluto
Sonata for 2 Violins, op. 15a: II. Lento assai
Sonata for 2 Violins, op. 15a: III. Vivo e giocoso
Sonata for Piano, Opus 20: Allegro Giusto E Vigoroso
Sonata for Piano, Opus 20: Andante Con Calore
Sonata for Solo Clarinet, op. 41: I. Allegro con spirito
Sonata for Solo Clarinet, op. 41: II. Andante semplice
Sonata for Solo Clarinet, op. 41: III. Allegro capriccioso
Sonatas, clarinet, op. 41
Sonatas, flute, op. 39
Sonatas, guitar, op. 42
Sonatas, oboe, op. 43
Sonatas, piano, op. 20
Sonatas, violin, op. 40
Sonatas, violins (2), op. 15a, A minor
Sonaten, Fl op. 39
Sonaten, Git op. 42
Sonaten, Klar op. 41
Sonaten Ob op. 43
Sonaten, Vl op. 40
Sonatina for Solo Clarinet, op. 27: I. Tema con variazioni
Sonatina for Solo Clarinet, op. 27: II. Vivo e giocoso
Song of Ivanhoe
Song Of The Field Hands
Sonia and the Holy Shroud
Sorrow and Intermission
Souk #3 (Charles Wolcott)
Source Music Suite
South Vietnam
Souvenir de Corfu
Spellbound: Concerto for Orchestra
Spellbound Concerto from Spellbound
Spellbound: Concerto Prelude
Spellbound: Dementia
Spellbound ea classic film scores of
Spellbound: Love Themes, Part 1
Spellbound: Love Themes, Part 2
Spellbound (Prelude From O.S.T.)
Spellbound: Scherzo
Spellbound. Selections
Spellbound: Spellbound Concerto
Spellbound: Subconscious
Spellbound: Terror on the Ski Run
Spellbound: The Dream Sequence
Spellbound: The Mountain Lodge
Spellbound "Theme from Spellbound"
Spirit and Sword
Spring Fever
Squire Wamba
Stange Love of Martha Ivers: Prelude / Love Part 1 / Love Part 2, The
Star Mother
Star of Bethlehem / Adoration of the Magi
Star of Bethlehem (alternate choral track)
Star of Bethlehem (extended version)
Star of Bethlehem – From Ben-Hur
Star of Bethlehem / Nativity
Starlight, Starbright / Ready to Fire
Statua di sale
Storm at Sea / The Seashore
Storm (Koura Calls)/Marabia
Story of 3 Loves, The
Story of the Witch
Story of Three Loves Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Story of Three Loves: Pafaniniana / The Eternal City / Boccaccio March and Finale, The
Story of Three Loves - Paganiniana, The Ternal City, March and Finale, The
Strange Likeness, A
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: After the Beating, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: Credit Titles and the Railroad Yard, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: End Title, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: Goodbye Martha, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: Martha's Room, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers - Prelude and Love Theme, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: Prelude and Love Themes, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: The Death of the Aunt, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: This Spot?, The
Strange Love of Martha Ivers: You're Insane, The
Street Cafe
Street Fight
Street, The
String Quartet no. 1, op. 22: I. Andante con moto
String Quartet no. 1, op. 22: II. Scherzo. In modo ongarese
String Quartet no. 1, op. 22: III. Lento
String Quartet no. 1, op. 22: IV. Allegro feroce
String Quartet no. 2, op. 38: I. Allegro con brio
String Quartet no. 2, op. 38: II. Andante
String Quartet no. 2, op. 38: III. Scherzo all’Ungherese (Allegro scherzando)
String Quartet no. 2, op. 38: IV. Allegro risoluto
String Trio, Op. 1 (original published version): I. Largo - Allegro molto energico
String Trio, Op. 1 (original published version): II. Gioioso
String Trio, Op. 1 (original published version): III. Largo con dolore
String Trio, Op. 1 (original published version): IV. Allegretto vivo
Suicide; Arsenic; Agony; Holy Unction (sfx)
Suicide Attempt
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: A Woman's Vengeance: The Boat House Waltz
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: Ben-Hur: The Christ Theme
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: Blood on the Sun: Tokyo Tea Room Waltz
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: Green Fire: Main Theme
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: King of Kings: Main Theme
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: Moonfleet: Bourée
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: Providence: Twilight's Waltz
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: The Killers and Brute Force: Notturno
Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes: Tip on a Dead Jockey: Waltz of the Happy Idiot
Suite From "Double Indemnity" (Prelude / Narrative / The Meeting / The Murder / Finale)
Sultan's Toys and Galop of the Flying Horse, The
Sultan’s Toys (continued) / The Curse, The
Sultan’s Toys / Miniature Acrobats / Introduction of the Flying Horse / The Sultan’s Toys (second part), The
Summer (Pastorale)
Summertime / Refusal (film version)
Sunday Dinner
Surprise; Zed Boat
Survival / Sand/Tauregs
Swede's Roving
Sword Dance
Sylvia's Strip
Symphonies Op. 6 a
Symphony in Three Movements: Allegro vivace
Symphony in Three Movements: Andante sostenuto
Symphony in Three Movements: Maestoso e molto tranquillo
Syrian Dance
Tahitian Dance (revised cue)
Take Off / Cairo
Take Off, Part 1(alternate)
Taking Off / Time Travel
Tavern Music (Greensleeves)
Telephone Book / The Envelope, The
Teller And Nath Fight
Teller Shoots At Meg
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Tema
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation I
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation II
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation III
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation IV
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation V
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation VI
Tema con variazioni for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, op. 29a: Variation VII
Temple of the Oracle
Temple / Ruby Montage (part 2), The
Temporary Victory / Aftermath
Temptation; Eunice's Song At Antium
Temptation of Christ, The
Temptation (Torment) (sfx)
That Hamilton Woman (Love Theme)
Theft of the Eye / Abu Uses the Eye / The Djinn Takes Abu to Ahmad
Their Last Night
Thema, Variationen und Finale op. 13. 1943
Thema, Variationen und Finale, orchestra, op. 13
Theme & Answer to a Dream From Sodom and Gomorrah
Theme from "Double Indemnity" (1944)
Theme from 'The Killers' (1946)
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Finale
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Theme
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation I
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation II
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation III
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation IV
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation V
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation VI
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation VII
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13: Variation VIII
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: I. Andante rubato
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: II. Allegro scherzando
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: III. Un poco meno allegro
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: IV. Moderato con gran espressione
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: IX. Vivace
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: V. Vivo con spirito
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: VI. Andante quasi pastorale
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: VII. Allegro molto agitato e tumultuoso
Theme, Variations and Finale, op. 13A: VIII. Moderato molto giusto
There Was a Man
They Murder Caesar
Thief of Bagdad: Dance of the Silvermaid, The
Thief of Bagdad: Eternal Love, The
Thief of Bagdad: Gallop of the Flying Horse, The
Thief Of Bagdad - Gallop Of The Flying Horses, The
Thief of Bagdad: Procession, The
Thief of Bagdad. Selections
Thief of Bagdad (Suite) (Part I Overture), The
Thief of Bagdad (Suite) (Part II The Love of the Princess), The
Thief of Bagdad (Suite) (Part III Flaying Horse Galop), The
Thief of Bagdad (Suite) (Part IV The Market at Basra), The
Thief of Bagdad: The Harbor of Bagdad, The
Thief of Bagdad / The Jungle Book, The
Thief Of Bagdad - The King's Fanfare , The Harbor of Baghdad, The
Thief of Bagdad: The Marketplace of Basra, The
Thief’s Song (instrumental), The
Third Arena Fanfare / Aftermath / Hymen / Ecce Homo Petrus
Third Fanfare for Nero / Assyrian Dance
Third Man, The
Thirteen Knights
Three Hungarian Sketches, op. 14: I. Capriccio: Allegro capriccioso
Three Hungarian Sketches, op. 14: II. Pastorale: Andante semplice e pastorale
Three Hungarian Sketches, op. 14: III. Danza: Allegro giocoso
Three Hungarian sketches Op. 14a
Three Visitors; The Letter
Tile Falls / The Arrest (cut from the film), The
Time After Time: End Titles
Time Machine Waltz, The
Time to love and a time to die. Extraits
Time to Love and a Time to Die / Lust for Life, A
Time Travel
Tirzah Saved
Titinius Enclosed / Caesar Revenged / Caesar, Now Be Still / Rites of Burial / Finale
To everything there is a season
To Glenahurich (Loch Lomond, arr. Rozsa) / The Parasol
To The Battlefields; Christmas Chimes; Prelude To War
Toast to Esther's Future (cut from the final film version)
Toccata capricciosa, op. 36
Tom's Proposal/Paula's Flight/Paula Returns in Love
Tom Seymour's Mission; Whitehall; Prince Of Wales
Too Quick A Way; Priscilla And Joel; Proposal (revised cue)
Torment / Passepied (album track)
Torquilstone Castle
Tortura di Tamara
Town Fair
Trailer (incomplete)
Train To Gabriel Valley
Trial; Disaster; Torna A Surriento
Trianon (pre-recording) (A. Lachaume)
Tribute To A Bad Man - Suite
Tribute to a Badman (Suite)
Trio, violin, viola, cello, op. 1
Trios Cordes Op. 1
Tripartita Op. 33
Trouble; Unpleasant Discovery
Trumpet Signal for Revolt
Tu Es Petrus; Meditation Of Petronius (sfx)
Tubai (revised cue)
Tunis; Arabesque
Tunnel - Finale, The
Twenty-Third Psalm, Op. 34, The
Twilight Waltz (piano)
Twins (oboe version), The
Two Jugs of Wine
Typewriter, The
Uncleans, The
Ungarische Serenade
United Again
Unknown Future (outtake), The
Unknown Score (outtake)
Unmasked / Conflict / Retribution
Unused Score - Suite
Urquhart Castle
Utopia / Car Ride
Vae Victis; Caritas (sfx)
Valencia for the Cid!
Valium / H.G. Arrested
Valley of Lepers / The Search
Valley of the Dead (extended version)
Valley of the Dead / Tirzah Saved
Valley of the Kings / King Solomon's Mines / Men of the Fighting Lady
Valley of the Kings: Overture
Valley of the Lepers
Valse crépuscolaire
Valse Crépusculaire, La
Vaporising Equaliser, The
Vaporising Equalizer / The Time Machine
Variations on a Hungarian peasant song Violon, orchestre Op. 4
Variations, piano, op. 9
Via Dolorosa / Christ Bearing His Cross
Victory Finale
Victory March
Victory Montage (abridged)
Victory Parade, Parts 1 & 2
Victory Parade (shortened version)
vieil homme, Le
Vieil homme mourant
Village Square
vintner's daughter Op. 23 a
Vintner's Daughter, op. 23a: Variation 7: Alla marcia ongarese, The
Vintner's Daughter: Tema: Andante semplice, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 1: L'istesso tempo, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 10: Allegro brillante e luminato, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 11: Andante con calore, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 12: Tranquillo e quasi epilogo, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 2: Allegretto amabile, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 3: Piu lento, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 4: Con moto, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 5: Con moto, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 6: Vivo e scherzando, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 8: Allegro giusto e risoluto, The
Vintner's Daughter: Variation 9: Lento e quasi pastorale, The
Viola Concerto, op. 37: I. Moderato assai
Viola Concerto, op. 37: II. Allegro giocoso
Viola Concerto, op. 37: III. Adagio
Viola Concerto, op. 37: IV. Allegro con spirito
Violin Concerto, op. 24 (excerpt)
Virgin Mary, The
Vision Of Peter; Petronius' Banquet Music (sfx), The
Visit In Hospital
Viso Perduto (short version)
Viva L'Amour
Viva La Amour
Viva La Revolución
Vizier – Fanfare (Early Unused Take)
Vizier – Sinbad Enter Lower Chamber (Complete)
volonta'di Jehovah, La
Voluntario, Un
Von Tirpitz Appears
W.B. Fanfare & Prelude
Walk (new version), The
Walk (original version), The
Waltz Song (instrumental)
Want to Be a Sailor” (instrumental), “I
Want to Be a Sailor” / River Scenes, “I
Warner Bros. Logo / Prelude
Warning of Artemidorus / Ides of March
Warning the Swede
Water for the King of the Jews (partially cut from the film)
Watson’s Rage / Being Presumptuous
Watson’s Sighting
Way of the Cross – From King of Kings, The
We Stood Here Before / Esther's Warning
Wedding Night, The
Wedding Supper
Well / Diamond / Snare Drums
Well (film version)
Whale; Whaliant Brothers; Prince Of Whales
What About The Dame (Jitterbug #2)
Whitehall / The Prince of Wales
Who Was Jeanie?
Why Will You Not Accept God's Judgment?
Wig Room And Sayonara, The
Wild Theremin
Willow, The
Witnessing an Execution
Woman Driver, A
Woman of Sin (alternate passage #1)
Woman of Sin (alternate passage #2)
Woman of Sin (early version)
Woman of Sin (film version)
Woman of the Town: Boot Hill (Finale), The
Women’s Quarters of Nero / Roman Bacchanale, The
Work Song
World, The Flesh and The Devil - Overture, The
Worried / Undecided / Hideout
Yellow House / Summer/Mistral, The
Young Bess (Original Soundtrack) [1953]
Young Dreams
Your Majesty; Royal Tact
Contributed to or performed: 
"Lust For Life" Suite / Background To Violence
100 Greatest World Cinema Themes
A1. Beethoven - Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 1 - I. Allegro
A2. Beethoven - Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 1 - II. Adagio cantabile
A3. Beethoven - Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 1 - III. Scherzo. Allegro assai
A4. Beethoven - Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 1 - IV. Finale. Presto
AA302: From Composition to Performance: Musicians at Work
Action Movie Themes
Aftermath (Death Of Peter: Death Of Poppaea: Nero's Suicide)
Alain Resnais : Portrait musical
Alfred Hitchcock: Music From His Films
All‐Time Top 100 TV Themes
Anne Boleyn's Daughter / Dinner Music
Anno Domini
Assyrian Dance
Atlantis: The Lost Continent / The Power
Ave Caesar
Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes, The
Award Winning Titles 7: Il gattopardo e il cinema da ballare: The Leopard and Films to Dance To
B1. Haydn (orchestrated by Ingolf Dahl) - Divertimento for Cello and Orchestra - I. Adagio
B2. Haydn (orchestrated by Ingolf Dahl) - Divertimento for Cello and Orchestra - II. Menuet
B3. Haydn (orchestrated by Ingolf Dahl) - Divertimento for Cello and Orchestra - III. Allegro di molto
B4. Rozsa - Tema con Variazioni (for Violin, Cello and Orchestra)
Bad News / Night Visitor / Farewell
Balalaika (Swan Lake: Dances of the Swans [excerpt] and Russian Dance)
Balalaika (Swan Lake: Russian Dance)
BD Music Presents Alfred Hitchcock
BD Music Presents Film Noir
Ben-Hur: Prelude From Ben-Hur
Best Film ...Ever!, The
Brando: Music and Highlights from his Movies
Burning Of Rome, The
CAM's Soundtrack Encyclopedia Sampler
Casablanca - Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Casablanca- Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Celebration of Hollywood 1994, A
Changing Mothers / King Henry / New Stepmother / Hatfield Again
Chariot Chase
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Cinema Choral Classics
Clarinet Sonatas
Classic Cinema, Part 2
Classic War Movie Themes (The London Theatre Orchestra)
Collection Musique Concrète, Volume 4
Complete Orchestral Music, Volume 5: Concertos for Piano & Cello, The
Concertos for Violin and Cello
Crime Jazz: Music in the Second Degree
Crime Scene USA: Classic Film Noir Themes & Jazz Tracks
Desperate Love / Crossroads / Catherine's End
Dies Irae
Digital Space
Double Double: Body Double / Double Indemnity, The
Double Indemnity: Film Noir At Paramount
Dreams / Reality / Disillusion
Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood
Eric Robinson's World of Film Music
Et valse le cinéma
Fanfare to Prelude / Prelude / Marcia Romana
Fantasy Film Music Of George Pal
Fertility Hymn
Festival de Cannes: 60th Anniversary
Film Music Collection
Film Music of Miklós Rózsa, The
Forbidden Planets: Music From the Pioneers of Electronic Sound
Great Romantic Piano Classics, The
Hail Galba
Heifetz Collection, Volume 21: Korngold: Concerto / Rózsa: Concerto / Tema con variazioni / Waxman: "Carmen" Fantasy, The
History of Hitchcock: Dial M for Murder, A
Hollywood Chronicle: Great Movie Classics, Volume 1
Hollywood Heroes
House of Hur, The
Hungarian Nocturne, etc.
Hungarian Rhapsody no. 14
In Session: A Film Music Celebration
Inquisition / Alone
Jazz Noir
Jazz Noire: Darktown Sleaze From The Mean Streets Of 1940s L.A.
King's Ballad, The
King's Diary / The King's Finances / The King's English, The
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Western und Abenteuer (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 2)
Knights of the Round Table: Scherzo: Hawks in Flight
Lang leve 60 jaar TV-tunes
Lost Weekend / The Night of the Hunter, The
Ludwig Quandt Solo
Magic Film Hits
Man in Half Moon Street, The
Marcus And Lygia
Meilleurs Génériques Des Séries T.V Américaines - 60's, Les
Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Murder Is My Beat: Classic Film Noir Themes and Scenes
Music From Hollywood
Naked City: Somewhere in the Night, The
National Public Radio: Milestones of the Millennium: Music in Film
Nova Fait son Cinéma
Orchestral Works, Volume 2: Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song / The Vintner's Daughter / Notturno Ungherese / Cello Concerto
Orchestral Works, Volume 3: Violin Concerto / Concerto for String Orchestra / Theme, Variations and Finale
Pathétique Sonata, op. 13: II. Adagio cantabile
Petronius' Banquet, Meditation And Death
Phase 4 Stereo: Stereo Concert Series
Piano Sonata no. 8 in C minor 'Pathétique'
Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 1 · Divertimento For Cello And Orchestra · Tema Con Variazioni
Prelude / Hatfield / Reminiscing / Exit Anne Boleyn
Préludes / Mazeppa / Hungarian Rhapsodies 2, 3 & 11 / Rákóczy March / Hungarian Battle March, Les
Préludes, Les
Prince and the Pauper and Other Film Music, The
Princess Elizabeth / Appointment with Love
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
Quo Vadis
Returning Hero
Roots of Drone, The
Royal Tact / Old Harry / Chelsea
Rozsa: Sonata & Sonatina for Solo Clarinet / Rochberg: Trio for Clarinet, Horn, and Piano / Schuller: Romantic Sonata for Clarinet, Horn, and Piano
Rózsa: The King's Thief / Young: Scaramouche / Korngold: Captain Blood / Steiner: The Three Musketeers
Rózsa: Viola Concerto / Serly: Rhapsody for Viola & Orchestra / Bartók: Viola Concerto
Rustle of Spring
Sax and Violence: Music From the Dark Side of the Screen
Sherlock Holmes: Classic Themes From 221b Baker Street
Sodom and Gomorrah
Sound of the Movies, The
Spellbound: The Classic Film Scores Of Miklós Rózsa
Spirit and Sword
Star Wars / 2001: A Space Odyssey / Classic Symphonic Film Music
Stereo Hörtest CD, Volume 4, Die
String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 - String Trio (original version)
Symphony in 3 Movements Op 6a / The Vintner's Daughter Op 23a
Television’s Greatest Hits
Three Choral Suites: Ben-Hur / Quo Vadis / King Of Kings
To Seymour's Mission / Whitehall / The Prince of Wales
TV Movie Adventure Classics Vol. 3
Twelve Choruses, The
Two String Quartets / Sonata for 2 Violins, The
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Violin Concerto / Sinfonia Concertante
Warriors of the Silver Screen
Warsaw Concerto