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Saskachevansʹkyĭ universytet, Kanada
Saskatchewan University
Université de la Saskatchewan
University of Saskatchewan
University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Campus
University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Sask.)
University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Computer file
Language material
4-H slide and tape catalogue.
Acad. cal. (St. Thomas More Coll., Saskat.)
Academic calendar
annual report 2003 04
Annual report for the fiscal year ended April 30 ...
Annual wheat newsletter
application of bioluminescent and green fluorescent proteins technology to track and evaluate viability of probiotic flora in pig and poultry, The
Arthur Silver Morton, M.A., B.D., D.D., LL. D., F.R.S.C., professor of history and librarian in the University of Saskatchewan, 1914-1940.
Bovine trichomoniasis : prevalence in Saskatchewan and improved diagnostic methods
Building matters.
Canadian journal of infancy and early childhood, The
Consumer credit in Canada; proceedings
development and utilization of non-field screening techniques for Fusarium head blight resistance in barley, The
development of pulse-based pureed foods, The : final report
Development of the spice industry in Saskatchewan : final report
economic benefit of pea and canola in crop rotations, The : final report.
economics of science and the future of universities, The
Education for a world of change; installation of [John William Tranter Spinks] the fourth president, University of Saskatchewan.
Enumerative bibliography of the University of Saskatchewan's holdings of Law Reform Commission publications for Australia, Canada, Great Britain and Scotland
Essays - Univ. Sask.
Essays (University of Saskatchewan)
Excel generation book & programs in automated cartography, The
Financial statements for the year ended ...
Four-H audio visual catalogue
Four-H slide and tape catalogue
Genes for rust resistance in wheat
Heart disease and stroke in Canada.
Integrated backgrounding and finishing programs that target specific consumer markets
Lens newsletter.
Lentil in AGRIS.
Livestock water quality : a field guide for cattle, horses, poultry and swine
On campus res.
On campus research
On campus (Saskatoon)
On campus (University of Saskatchewan)
Production of diesel fuel lubricity additives from various vegetable oils
Pulse crop germplasm development initiative for Saskatchewan
Regional testing of grain crop varieties for Saskatchewan
Research related to native peoples at the University of Saskatchewan, 1912-1983
Revue canadienne de la petite enfance
River curr. (Saskat.)
River current (Saskatoon, Sask.)
river current., The
role of external agents in the development of agriculture based industries, The : final report
Saskatchewan pulse testing network for evaluation of breeding lines and new varieties : final report
Separation processing of canola, peas and lentils
Significance and pathogenesis of AIDA-I E. coli infection in pigs : SADF final research report
Soil biological changes occurring as a result of intermittent tillage of long-term, no-till soils
Soil improvement and carbon sequestration with forages : a three year study in East-Central and North-East Saskatchewan : final report
Sorokin lecture publication
Spice breeding and agronomic research
Stabilizing yield and quality : early maturing chickpea for the prairies : final report
Storage of mammilian oocytes and embryos : final report
Strategies for improving the efficiency and crop safety of starter fertilizer phosphorus and potassium : final report
Strategies to modify connective tissue and enhance tenderness of mature beef : final report
Study of starch granule size distribution to improve barley grain quality
Technology transfer activities of the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Chair
Testing program for adaptation of new strawberry cultivars for Saskatchewan
Toward a new beginning : review of the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.
Ukrainian-English dictionary
Ukraïns'ko-anglijs'kyj slovnyk
Ultrasonographic features of the testis, epididymis and accessory sex glands of bulls in relationship to semen quality and histology
Understanding and improving carbohydrate composition to add value to lentils
univ of sask coll of engineer thorough an illus hist
University news.
University of Saskatchewan, 1909-1959, The
University of Saskatchewan : a photo album
University of Saskatchewan ... alumni directory
University of Saskatchewan annual report
University of Saskatchewan postgraduate theses, 1912-1973.
Use of flax oil to modulate inflammation in broilers : final report
use of trainer cows to reduce stress in newly arrived feedlot calves, The : technical report
Value-added beef program
Value added processing and components in developing blue-and purple-pigmented wheats : final report
Wheat newsletter
World agriculture in a post-GATT environment : new rules, new strategies : proceedings of a symposium organized by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and the University of Saskatchewan, held at Saskatoon, June 13 through 15, 1994