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Currier and Ives
Currier and Ives New York, NY
Currier & Ives
Ives, Currier and New York, NY
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N. Currier (Firm) (see also from)
city of Boston., The
city of Chicago., The
city of New Orleans, and the Mississippi River Lake Pontchartrain in distance., The
city of New York., The
city of Philadelphia., The
city of San Francisco. Birds eye view from the bay looking south-west., The
city of St. Louis, The
City of Washington birds-eye view from the Potomac-looking north, The
coon club hunt--"Taking a header", The
Currier & Ives chronicles of America; color plates reproduced from the original hand colored stone prints by N. Currier and Currier & Ives.
dark foreshading - on a flash picture, "Take us smilin' or we'll lay yer out!", A
darktown fire brigade-investigating a smoke, The
day of rest, The
death bed of the martyr President Abraham Lincoln. Washington, Saturday morning April 15th 1865, at 22 minutes past 7 o'clock, The
Death of Col. Ellsworth After hauling down the rebel flag, at the taking of Alexandria, Va., May 24th 1861
Death of President Lincoln: At Washington, D.C. April 15th 1865. The Nation's Martyr
death shot, The
Declaration committee, The
Democratic platform, The
Dis-United States. Or the Southern Confederacy, The
elephant and his keepers, The
Escape of Sergeant Champe, The
Esmark Collection of Currier & Ives., The
express train, The
fairest of the fair, The
Fairie's home, The
Falls of Niagara--From the Canada side, The
farmers daughter, The
finish in the great match race [...] at Sheepshead Bay, N.Y., June 25th, 1890 between Salvator and Tenny, The
first colored senator and representatives - in the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States, The
First meeting of Washington and Lafayette, Philadelphia, Aug. 3rd, 1777, The
folly of secession, The
Four seasons of life: childhood "The season of joy", The
Four seasons of life: middle age "The season of strength", The
Four seasons of life: old age "The season of rest", The
Grand birds eye view of the Great East River suspension bridge Connecting the cities of New York & Brooklyn : Showing also the splendid panorama of the bay and the port of New York.
great Bartholdi statue, Liberty enlightening the world--The gift of France to the American people, The
great Bartholdi statue, Liberty enlightening the world with the world renowned and beautiful Star Lamp., The
great book of Currier & Ives' America, The
great racing crack Hindoo, by Virgil dam Florence, by Lexington, The
great St. Louis Bridge - across the Mississippi River, The
gunboat candidate at the Battle of Malvern Hill, The
harvest moon, The
haunts of the wild swan Carroll Island, - Chesapeake Bay., The
Heroine on Monmouth. Molly Pitcher ... June 28, 1778, The
home of the deer, The
home of Washington, Mount Vernon, Va., The
jack knife war, The
landing of Columbus at San Salvador, October 12, 1492, The
last ditch of the chivalry, or a President in petticoats, The
Lexington of 1861, The
Lincoln Family, The
little sisters, The
magic grottoes, The
"minute-men" of the revolution, The
My pet bird
national game. Three "outs" and one "run", The
New York and Brooklyn, with Jersey City and Hoboken water front.
nigger" in the woodpile, "The
old barn floor, The
old bull dog on the right track, The
old general ready for a "movement", The
pacing King Robert J. in his race with Joe Patchen: at Terre Haute, Ind., September 6th, 1894, winning the three heats in 2:03 3/4, 2:02 1/2, 2:04 3/4, The
political "Siamese" twins, the offspring of Chicago miscegenation, The
Prince of Wales and family, The
progress of the century - the lightning steam press, the electric telegraph, the locomotive, [and] the steamboat, The
red Indian, Currier & Ives prints no.2;, The
rescue, The
road, winter, The
Rocky Mountains, The : emigrants crossing the plains
second battle of Bull Run, fought Augt. 29th 1862., The
sinking of the steamship Ville du Havre, The
soldier's dream of home, The
spirit of the Union, The
Spirit's flight, The
Tocsin of liberty: rung by the state house bell, (Independence Hall;) Philadelphia, July 4th. 1776, The
trappers camp-fire. A friendly visitor, The
tree of death--The sinner, The
Trenton Falls, New York
Trinket, by Princeps, dam Ouida, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian
Trotting cracks at home, a model stable
trotting mare "American Girl" driven by M. Roden, The
true issue or "That's what's the matter", The
true peace commissioners, The
Union soldier's discharge certificate, The
United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.
View down the ravine, at Trenton Falls, N.Y.
View on Lake George, N.Y.
View on the Potomac--Near Harper's Ferry
War, 1861-1865, The : as depicted in prints by Currier and Ives
Washington, appointed Commander in Chief
Washington crossing the Delaware: on the evening of Dec 25th. 1776, previous to the battle of Trenton
Washington's entry into New York: on the evacuation of the city by the British, Nov. 25th. 1783
Washington's reception by the ladies, on passing the bridge at Trenton, N.Y. April 1789, on his way to New York to be inaugurated first president of the United States
way they come from California, The
white and the red rose, The
Wi-Jun-Jon - The Pigeon's Egg Head Going to Washington : Returning to his home
women of '76: "Molly Pitcher" the heroine of Monmouth, The
world of Currier & Ives, The