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Federación Internacional de Fútbol Asociación
Federación Internacional de Fútbol Asociado
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
Fédération internationale football association
Federation of Football Association
FIFA (Fédération internationale de football association)
Football Association International Federation
International FA board
International Federation of Association Football
Mezinárodní federace fotbalových asociací
Międzynarodowa Federacja Piłki Nożnej
Uluslararası Futbol Birliği Federasyonu
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Cooper, Keith
Courte, René
FIFA World Cup (16 : 1998 : France))
Football World Championship 18, 2006
Furrer, Günther
Godoy, Paulo
Hurst, C. John
International Football Association Board
Junge, Astrid
Nepfer, Jürg
Real Federación Española de Fútbol
Robinson, Peter
Ubrizsy, Thomas von
14 FIFA World Italia 90
1982 fifa world cup in spain
90 years of FIFA
Directory of addresses - Fédération internationale de football association.
Estudio técnico
Etude technique
Fédération internationale de football association magazine
Fédération internationale de football association news
Fédération internationale de football association world
Fever pitch the official music of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
FIFA 1904 - 2004, 100 Jahre Weltfussball
FIFA 1904-2004: le siècle du football
FIFA 75 21. Mai 1904 - 1979
FIFA ... activity report
FIFA and the contest for world football : who rules the people's game?
FIFA magazine : a publication of the Fédération internationale de football association.
FIFA news.
FIFA World Cup Italia 90
FIFA world report on football development.
FIFA world youth championship for the Coca-Cola cup 1981 : regulations
Football history, laws of the game, referees
Formación de entrenadores de fútbol
Formación para entrenadores de futsal
Guide to the artificial lighting of football pitches
Guide universel à l'usage des arbitres
home of FIFA, The
Informe de estudio técnico
Informe oficial
Informe técnico y estadísticas
Italia '90 : official report
Laws of the game and universal guide for referees
Lois du jeu de football
Lois du jeu et guide universel à l'usage des arbitres
Manuál fotbalové medicíny
National associations of FIFA useful information and statistics on the 146 national associations affiliated to FIFA
National associations of FIFA : useful information and statistics on the 150 national associations affiliated to FIFA
Rapport d'étude technique
Rapport de la FIFA
Rapport technique et statistiques
Recomendaciones técnicas y requisitos para la construcción o la modernización de estadios de fútbol
Recommendations techniques et exigences pour la construction ou la modernisation de stades de football
Reglamento Copa Mundial de la FIFA 1978
Reglas de juego y guía universal para árbitros
Règlement Coupe du monde de la FIFA 1978
Règlement du congrès
Regulations FIFA World Cup 1978
Regulations, FIFA World Cup, 1982
Report and statistics
Report on the Conference of Presidents and Secretaries of Confederation Referees' Committees held in Zurich on Sunday, 4th april, 1971
Señales del árbitro y de los jueces de línea
Sich für eine bessere Welt engagieren Anliegen, Ziele und Programme der FIFA-Bewegung Football for Hope
Signaux de l'arbitre et des juges de touche
Soccer fever! official pictorial book of the City of Kaiserslautern
Spain '96 : technical report 3rd FIFA Futsal (indoor) World Championship, 24 November - 8 December 1996
Spielregeln und allgemeiner Leitfaden für Schiedsrichter deutsche Ausgabe
Statutes, regulations, standing orders of congress, amateur definition of the F.I.F.A.
Sunday Times history of the World Cup;, The
Supplement to the Handbook.
Technical recommendations and requirements for the construction or modernisation of football stadia
Technical report and statistics
Technical study report
Technical study : XXIInd Olympic Games, Moscow 1980, Olympic Football Tournament 19 July-3 August.
Technische Empfehlungen und Anforderungen für den Neubau oder die Modernisierung von Fussballstadien
Technischer Bericht und Statistik
Torneo Olímpico de Fútbol 1980
Universal guide for referees.
Wappen to ya
Welt-Fußball-Rekorde 2010 [mit Fakten und Zahlen zur FIFA-Fussballweltmeisterschaft]
wielka encyklopedia pwn
World Cup 74
World Cup Argentina 78 official FIFA-report
World Cup Mexico 70
World football development programme
World report on football development
world united memories of the FIFA centennial, A