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IGU (International Geographical Union)
International Geographic Union
International Geographical Union
Internationale Geographen-Union
Internationale Geographische Union
Internationaler Geographen-Verein
Kokusai Chirigaku Rengō
Mednarodno združenje geografov
Meždunarodnyj geografičeskij sojuz
Mezhdunarodnyĭ geograficheskiĭ soi︠u︡z
Mezinárodní geografická unie
Międzynarodowa Unia Geograficzna
Nemzetközi Földrajzi Unió
Rahvusvaheline Geograafia Unioon
Societas Internationalis Geographica
U.G.I. (i.e. Union Geographique Internationale)
UGI (i.e. Union Geographique Internationale)
UGI (União gegrãfica internacional)
UGI (Union géographique internationale)
União Geográfica Internacional
Unio Geographica
Unio Internationalis Geographiae
Unión Geográfica Internacional
Union Géographique Internationale
Union Internationale Géographique
Unione Geografica Internazionale
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Agricultural typology and agricultural settlements : papers of symposium held in Szeged and Pécs, 15-19. August, 1971
Annuaire géographique du monde
Atti del ... Congresso Internazionale di Geografia
Bibliographie cartographique internationale.
Bibliographie géographique internationale (1932)
bulletin de nouvelles de l'UGI, Le
Catalogue de l'exposition d'ancienne cartographie néerlandaise, 1540-1800 : au Nederlandsch Historich Scheepvaart Museum, Amsterdam, à l'occasion du Congrés International de Géographhie, 1938
Catalogue of old maps of Japan, exhibited at the Tenri Central Library, September, 1957., A
causes of rural exodus, The : an appraisal : the Cameroon example
Comptes rendus du Congrés international de géographie : Lisbonne, 1949.
Comptes rendus du Congrès international de géographie, Paris, 1931.
Comptes rendus du Congrès international de géographie, Varsovie, 1934
Conferencia Regional Latinoamericana, México, 1966.
Congrès international de géographie : le Caire, avril 1925 : compte rendu publié par le secrétaire général du congrès.
Developing the subarctic : proceedings of a symposium of the 22nd Congress of the International Geographical Union held in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, August 1972
Disasters, environment, and development : proceedings of International Geographical Union Seminar, New Delhi, December 9-12, 1994
Ecology of the subarctic regions; proceedings of the Helsinki symposium. Écologie des régions subarctiques, actes du Collogue d'Helsinki
Environmental effects of complex river development
Études de géographie des transports : Colloque de Bâle 1977 : Basel meeting
Études de géographie des transports U.G.I. 1972
Evolution des versants, cartographie, géomorphologie, dynamique fluviale. Union géographique internationale, Symposium international de géomorphologie, Liège-Louvain, 8-16 juin 1966.
Frontier settlement : papers from an International Geographical Union symposium in Edmonton and Saskatoon, August, 1972
Géographie Internationale 1972
Geographisches Weltadressbuch
Geography, oceans and coasts towards sustainable development : the approach from the IGU Programme oceans ...
German geographical research overseas : a report to the International Geographical Union
Globalization and marginality in geographical space : political, economic and social issues of development in the new millennium
Health, Environment and Development : papers of the meeting of the IGU Commission on Health, Environment and Development, Brno, Czech Republic, August 27-29, 1994
Hungarian geographers.
IGU bull.
IGU bulletin. Bulletin de l'UGI.
IGU marginal regions
IGU newsletter
IGU series on local development
International Charter on Ocean Geography : the Lisbon Charter adopted by the International Geographical Union in the context of the 1998 International Year of the Ocean.
International geographical bibliography
International Geographical Union bulletin
International geography, 1972. La géographie internationale.
International research in geographic education : spatial stages development in children and teacher classroom style in geography : research reports prepared in conjunction with the 23rd Congress of the International Geographical Union
Man and environment
Marginal regions
Marginality in space--past, present and future : theoretical and methodological aspects of cultural, social and economic parameters of marginal and critical regions
Natural resources, food and population in inter-tropical Africa : a report of a geographical symposium held at Makerere College, the University College of East Africa, Kampala, Uganda, 10th-17th September 1955, under the auspices of the International Geographical Union
Natural resources, food and population in inter-tropical Africa, a report of a geographical symposium held at Makerere College the University of East Africa, Kampala, Uganda, 10th to 17th September, 1955.
NETCOM : Networks and communications studies, notes études travaux sur la communication
Orbis geographicus, 1988/92 : annuaire géographique du monde
Orbis geographicus OG
Physical geography in the Federal Republic of Germany
Political boundaries and coexistence proceedings of the IGU symposium, Basle/Switzerland, 24 - 27 May 1994
Priorities in water management
Problems of slow growth or stagnant areas in developed countries : proceedings of a symposium held at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland as part of the International Geographical Union Congress, 1st-9th August, 1972
Proceedings. Eighth General Assembly and Seventeenth International Congress. Washington, D.C. August 8-15, 1952.
Proceedings of the International Geographical Union regional conference and eighth New Zealand Geography Conference : Palmerston North, December 1974
Progress in spatial data handling
Rapport de la Commission des terrasses pliocènes et pléistocènes
Regional industrialization programmes in the Netherlands : I.G.U. Symposium 10a, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Regional studies, methods and analyses : selected papers submitted at the International Geographical Union's European Regional Conference, Budapest
Report of the Commission on Pliocene and Pleistocene Terraces.
Report of the IGV-Commission on the IHP
Report of the ... International Geographical Congress
Resumo das comunicacoes
Rural settlements in monsoon Asia; proceedings of I.G.U. symposia at Varanasi and Tokyo.
Rural transformation in Hungary : selected papers submitted at the XXIIIrd IGU Conference, Moscow, 1976
Seção principal
Symposium international sur la cartographie de l'environnement et de sa dynamique : Caen, 18-23 juin 1979, France : actes du symposium
Symposium on Karst-Morphogenesis : papers
Tour guide : southern prairies field excursion
Travaux topographiques et cartographiques : Rapports preséntés à l'occasion du Congrès International de Geographie à Amsterdam en Juillet
Urbanization in Europe : European regional conference of the International Geographical Union, Budapest : selected papers in English, German, and French
World directory of geography : OG