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Image Publique S.A.
Image Publique SA
P.I.L. Grupo musical
Pil Grupo musical
PIL (hudební skupina)
Public Image Limited
Public Image Limited Grupo musical (Musical group or band)
Public Image Limited (hudební skupina)
Public Image Limited Musical group
Public Image Limited (P.I.L.)
Public Image Limited (P.I.L.) (Musical group or band)
Public Image Lmtd
Public Image Ltd
Public Image Ltd. Grupo musical
Public Image Ltd. (hudební skupina)
Public Image Ltd. Musical group (Musical group or band)
Public Image Ltd (Musical group or band)
Public Image LTD. (P.I.L.) -
began 1978
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Atkins, Martin (1959-)
Atkins, Martin (hasMember)
Brisdon, Lee Anthony
Bruni, Jebin (hasMember)
Burns, Karl (hasMember)
Dias, Allan
Dias, Allan (hasMember)
Dudanski, Richard (hasMember)
Edmonds, Lu (hasMember)
Firth, Scott (hasMember)
Jones, Pete (hasMember)
Joyce, Mike (hasMember)
Laswell, Bill (hasMember)
Levene, Keith
Levene, Keith (hasMember)
Lolita Pop (Musical group)
Lydon, John (1956-)
Lydon, John (hasMember)
McGeoch, John (hasMember)
New, Steve (hasMember)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Scarlett & Black (Musical group)
Smith, Bruce (hasMember)
Smith, Daryl
Stead, Arthur (hasMember)
Walker, Jim (hasMember)
Webb, Russell (hasMember)
Wobble, Jah (hasMember)
Zvoncheck, Tommy (hasMember)
1/2 Mix Megamix
1 voor mix megamix
½ Mix Megamix
1978-12-22: Recorded Live in Paris When Nobody Was Looking: Le Stadium, Paris, France
1978-12-26: Extra Issue: Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
1980-04-20: Palladium, New York City, NY, USA
1980-05-03: American Bandstand, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1980-05-04: Profile: Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1980-06-27: The Tomorrow Show, Los Angeles, CA, US
1981-05-15: Riot! The Ritz, New York City, NY, USA
1981 (original version, Townhouse 1981)
1986: Oxford Apollo Theater
1st Part Interview
2nd Part Interview
4 Enclosed Walls (Live from NYC 2010)
Acid Drops (BBC Mark Goodier session)
Acid Drops (BBC Radio 1, 25/2/92)
Acid Drops (edit)
Albatross (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Albatross (monitor mix, alternate mix)
ALiFE 2009: Live at Birmingham Academy 15.12.2009
ALiFE 2009: Live at Brixton Academy 21.12.2009
ALiFE 2009: Live at Leeds Academy 16.12.2009
ALiFE 2009: Live at Manchester Academy 19.12.2009
ALiFE 2009: Manchester Academy, 19th December 2009
ALiFE 2009: O2 Academy Brixton, 21st December 2009
Anarchy in the U.K.
Angry (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Annalisa (new mix, Townhouse 1979)
Bad baby
Bad Life (single version)
Bad Night (Park South 1983)
Bags / Chant
Bags (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Bags (with Banging the Door intro)
Banging on the Door (alternate mix, Townhouse 1980)
Banging the Door (a.k.a. The Door) (alternative mix – Townhouse 1980)
Banging the Door / Chant
Battie Page
Belsen Was a Gas
Ben Hur
Bettie Page
Big Blue Sky
Black Rubber Bags (AKA Bags)
Blue water
Body (7″ mix), The
Body (live at The New York Ritz), The
Body (live in Tallinn 26/8/88), The
body, The ; Angry
Body (UK remix), The
Body (UK & US remixes), The
Body (uncensored), The
Body (US 12″ extended remix), The
Body (US 12″ mix), The
Body (US remix extended 12″), The
Brave New World (live at The New York Ritz)
C’est la vie
Cajun (Bill Laswell instrumental 1988)
Can You Feel the Fours (unknown instrumental, Farmhouse 1987)
Careering (BBC John Peel session)
Careering (BBC Radio 1, 17/12/79)
Careering (BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80)
Careering (live in Paris 1980)
Chant (BBC John Peel session)
Chant (BBC Radio 1, 17/12/79)
Commercial Zone
Compact disc label
cowboy song, The
Cruel (BBC Mark Goodier session)
Cruel (BBC Radio 1, 25/2/92)
Death Disco (12″ remix)
Death Disco (7″ edit)
Death Disco (BBC TV, Top of the Pops, July 12/7/72)
Death Disco (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Death Disco (original monitor mix)
Death Disco (unedited monitor mix)
Deeper Water (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Dick Clark Intro
Disappointed (7″ version)
Disappointed (extended 12" mix)
Disappointed (extended version)
Disappointed (live at The New York Ritz)
Disappointed (Live from NYC 2010)
Disappointed (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Disappointed (The Late Show)
Don't ask me
Double Trouble
End, or Throw More Bottles, The
European Cars (AKA Round)
Farewell Fairweather Friend (AKA FFF)
Fat Chance Hotel
FFF (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
First issue
Flower of Romance (instrumental)
Flowers of Romance (instrumental)
Flowers of Romance (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Flowers of Romance (recorded version)
Flowers of Romance (Top of the Pops)
Fodderstompf / Jam
Four Enclosed Walls (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Francis Massacre
Go Back / Introductions…
Good things
greatest hits so far sr p, the
Half Mix / Mega Mix
Happy (live at The New York Ritz)
Happy (US 12″ remix)
Happy (US remix 12″)
Hard Times (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Hardware - The Order of Death
Have a Nice Day
Hiding out original soundtrack recording from the motion picture.
Holidays in the Sun (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Home (BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86)
Home Is Where the Heart Is (original mix)
Home (live at The New York Ritz)
Home (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Home (single version)
Home (version from album)
Hymie's him
I’m Not Satisfied
it Said That
Kashmir (instrumental – Renovation mix 1987)
Kashmir (Renovations mix instrumental)
Know How
Know Now
Like That
Live at O₂ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, October 2nd 2015
Live at Rockpalast 1983
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 2011
Live in Tokyo - Public Image Limited
Lollipop Opera (from This Is PIL)
Lou Reed, Part 1
Lou Reed, Part 2
Love Hope (BBC Mark Goodier session)
Love Hope (BBC Radio 1, 25/2/92)
Love Song
Low life
Luck's up
Mad Max
Memories / Annalisa
Memories (edit)
Memories (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Metal box
Miller Hi-Life
Music From an Oven (AKA Memories)
Must Be Dreaming, i
Nineteen Eighty One (original version – Townhouse 1981)
No birds do sing
One Drop (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
One, The
Open and Revolving (live at The New York Ritz)
Open & Revolving (a.k.a. Spy Thriller) (alternative mix - Farmhouse 1987)
Open & Revolving (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Open Up (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Order of Dead, The
order of death, The
Out of the Woods (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
P.I.L. 9
pardon, The
Paris au printemps
Paris in the spring
Pearls Before Swine (AKA Fishing) (alternate mix. incomplete)
Pied piper
Plastic box
Poptones (BBC John Peel session)
Poptones (BBC Radio 1, 17/12/79)
Poptones (BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80)
Poptones (version 3)
Pretty Vacant
Previous Guest
Profile (Home Is Where the Heart Is)
Psychopath (Live from NYC 2010)
Public Image (7" version)
Public Image - First issue
Public Image I
Public Image II
Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From the Heart), The
Public Image is rotten, The : Songs from the heart
Public Image (live at The New York Ritz)
Public Image (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Public Image (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Public Image Ltd. second edition
Question mark
Rabbit Song, The
Radio 4 (“Symphony Suite”)
Reggie Song (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Reggie Song / Out of the Woods
Religion 1
Religion 2
Religion I
Religion II
Religion (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Rise (12" mix)
Rise (7″ edit)
Rise (Bob Clearmountain mix)
Rise (Bob Clearmountain remix)
Rise (instrumental)
Rise (live at The New York Ritz)
Rise (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Rise (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Rise: The Collection
Rise (Top of the Pops)
Room i Am iN, The
Round (BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86)
Round (live at The New York Ritz)
Rules and Regulations
Rules & Regulations (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Same Old Story (live at The New York Ritz)
Sand castles in the snow
Save me
Seattle (live at The New York Ritz)
Seattle (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Seattle (US 12″ remix)
Seattle (US remix 12″)
Second Edition (Metal Box)
second edition sr p
Selfish rubbish
Shoom (from What the World Needs Now…)
Slab, The
Snyder Concluding Comments
Snyder Redux
Socialist / Chant / Radio 4
Spice of Choice
Spy Thriller (alternative mix, Farmhouse 1987)
suit, The
Swan Lake (AKA Death Disco)
Swan Lake (“master”)
Swan Lake (monitor mix)
That was is not
That What Is Metal
That what is not
There's a Hole in My Heart
Things in E (a.k.a. Ease) (alt Laswell mix)
Things in E (AKA Ease) (Alternative Laswell mix)
Things in E (AKA Ease) (instrumental)
Think Tank (BBC session)
Think Tank (“outtake” – Eldorado 1991)
This Is Not a Love Song (12″ mix)
This Is Not a Love Song (12″ remix)
This Is Not a Love Song (live at The New York Ritz)
This Is Not a Love Song (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
This Is Not a Love Song (live in Tokyo)
This Is Not a Love Song / Poptones
This Is Not a Love Song (re-remixed version)
This is PiL
This is what you want-- this is what you get
Tie me to the length of that
Track 8
Turkey Tits
U.S.L.S. 1
Under the house
Unfair ground
Unknown Instrumental 2
Unknown Instrumental Jam 1 (“Chant”)
Unknown Jam 2 (“Megachant”)
Untitled 3
Usls 1
USLS1 (Live from NYC 2010)
USLS1 (mix)
Vampire (Townhouse 1981)
Waltz with Bashir an Ari Folman film
Warrior (12″ extended mix)
Warrior (Dave Dorrell remix)
Warrior (edit)
Warrior (extended 12″ mix)
Warrior (extended version)
Warrior (instrumental mix)
Warrior (Live from NYC 2010)
Warrior (live in Sydney 10/4/13)
Warrior (with intro / live at The New York Ritz)
What the world needs now...
Where are you
Whole Life Time
World Destruction (live at The New York Ritz)
World Destruction (live in Tallinn 26/8/88)
Worry (Ruff mix Advision 1988)
Contributed to or performed: 
1-2-3-4! Punk & New Wave 1976-1979
100 Hits New Wave
100 Hits: 80s Classics
100 Hits: Alternative
100 Hits: Driving Rock
100 Hits: Punk & New Wave
100 Hits: Rock Classics
100 Hits: The New Romantics
100% New Wave
100% Rock, Volume 3
100% Rock, Volume 4
101 80s Hits
101 Hits: No.1 Dad
101 Punk & New Wave Anthems
1977 - The Spirit of Punk
24 Carat Punk
70s: 111 Original Hits
70s: 130 Original Hits
70s: Platinum Collection
80's History: The Session 2
80's Super Hits
80’s Underground Clubbing
80s 12″ Party
80s Alternative: The Darker Side of the Decade
80s Pop: 120 Original Hits
89FM - Arquivo do Rock
Adventures In & Beyond Dub
After the Anarchy
All New Wave
Alle 40 Goed: New Wave Classics
Alternative Classics
Alternative Nation: 100 Alternative Classics
AnotherLateNight: Kid Loco
Anthems: Alternative 80s
Back to Mine: Liam Prodigy
Best Alternative Album ...Ever!, The
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 10, The
Best of 80's Rock, Volume 6
Best of British £1 ♫'s, The
Best of Driving Rock
Best of New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 1, The
Best of Punk & New Wave, The
Best of the Eighties
Best of the Seventies
Best Punk Album in the World… Ever! 2, The
Best Punk Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Punk Anthems… Ever!, The
Blair Witch Project: Josh's Blair Witch Mix, The
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 4
Cash From Chaos
Classic Cuts Presents: 70’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: P to R
Club Classics 2: The 35 Most Wanted
CMJ Prisoner, The
Could Have Been a Contender, I
Cult Classics from the 80's
Cutting Edge, Volume 2
Cutting Edge, Volume 2: Best of Modern Rock Hits
DarkWave 80
Death Disco: Songs From Under the Dance Floor 1978–1984
Decadance, Volume 2: Don't Dictate
Destination Hits 1983
Devolution: Alternative Rock Classics 1975-1985
Dressed in Black, Volume 2
Edge of the Seventies, The
Essential 70s: 54 Huge Hits From Across the Decade
Essential New & Electro Wave
Exclusive Mixtape for Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay
Extended Seventies: The Dawning of the 12 inch Era
Fascinating Rhythms: Sound Systems & Dancefloor
Fetenkult: Wave to the 80's
Generation Underground
God Save the Punks
Going Underground: 20 New Wave Classics
Going Underground: 66 Smash New Wave Hits
Greatest Ever! Alternative 80s
Greatest Hits of Punk & New Wave
Greatest Hits of Rock
Greatest Hits of the 70’s
Greatest Hits of the 70s
Greatest Seventies Collection, The
Hang the DJ: Modern Rock 1987
Hang the DJ: The Alternative '80s
Hiding Out
Hit Mania Club Dance, Volume 3
Hits 4
Hits of a Punk Generation, The
Horror and Science Fiction Film Music
Hultsfred Rockparty 1981 to 2001
In the Air Tonight: Virgin’s Greatest Hits
Kneipen Hits, die Zweite
L’album pop rock 1980–1999, Volume 2
Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80s Underground
Livin’ in the ’80s
London on the Line
Lost Property
Love Action 80's: 54 Classic Love Songs
Lust for Life: The Music That Changed a Generation
M!LF, Volume 2
Magnificent 80s
Man & A Machine 02, A
Massive Hits! 80s Pop
Massive Hits! Driving Rock
Massive Hits! Rock
Mastermix Classic Cuts 66: Punk/New Wave
Media Markt Exclusiv: Megahits - 32 Welt Hits auf 2 CD's
Methods of Dance: Electronica & Leftfield '73-'87
Mix Tapes, The
Modern Rock: Late 80's
Modern Rock: Loud and Raw
More Complete Eighties
Nervous Tension
Never Mind the Mainstream… The Best of MTV’s 120 Minutes, Volume 2
Never Trust a Hippy (Punk & New Wave ’76-’79)
New Wave Classics
New Wave Classics: The Biggest New Wave Hits
New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 6
New Wave Club Class•X - Sinner's Day 2018: 40 Years Of New Wave
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 09
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 10
New Wave: The Platinum Collection
No More Heroes
No More Heroes: 60 Punk & New Wave Anthems
Now That’s What I Call Music! 18
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1986
Now! That’s What I Call Music 18
Number One Punk Album, The
Old Grey Whistle Test Cherry Bombs, The
Oor 1981-1990: 10 jaar popmuziek
Original New Wave Album - 20 Post-Punk Classics, The
Original Punk Album, The
Paste mPlayer #48
Playlist: New Wave
Point Break: Music From the Motion Picture
Pop & Wave: The Classics
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Power Hits of the 80s, Volume 1
Punk & Wave, Volume 1
Punk Revival, The
Punk: The Worst of Total Anarchy
Pure 70s
Rabbit Song (intro) / Public Image, The
Rage: The Songs Most Chosen by Rage Guest Programmers
Reading: The Indie Album
Real Eighties: Hits plus Extended Mixes
Redux – Anthology 1978–2015
Religion (Mistik Dark mix)
Rock & Wave, Volume 1
Rock 80s, Volume 1
Rock Legends
Rock: 120 Original Hits
Rock'n Roller Disco
Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk 01
SATURN Party Edition: Die geilsten Rock Hits
Serie Noire 2: Dark Pop and New Beat
Serious Punk
Silhouettes & Statues - A Gothic Revolution 1978 - 1986
Slam Jams, Volume 1
Slaves of New York
Sound of the Suburbs
Still Alive - Wave to the 80's
Street Level: 20 New Wave Hits
Studio Brussel: Klas X
Subwave: The Alternative Wave-Sampler
Sulle strade del rock Vol. 4
Super Hit-News
This Is… 1978
This Is… 1979
This Is… 1986
Three Minute Heroes
Top of the Pops: New Wave
Tortellini Accident, The
Totally Punk Rock: The Essential Punk Album
Trésors du Rock de Philippe Manœuvre, Les
Ultimate New Wave
Ultime 80's
Ultime New Wave
Valse avec Bachir
Virgin 21, Loves Music, Wants to Party
Virgin Value Limited Edition 1 of 10
Virgin’s 21st Anniversary Sampler
Volume Three
Waltz With Bashir
Was het nu 70 of 80 of 90?
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 3
Was het nu 70, 80 of 90? File 2
Welcome to the Pleasuredome: The Real 80's
Werners Klopper
Whatever Happened To …
Wickie, Slime und Paiper, Volume 2
Wild Dub: Dread Meets Punk Rocker Downtown
World Shut Your Mouth