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Biff Bang Pow !
Biff Bang Pow! Grupo musical (Musical group or band)
Biff Bang Pow! Musical group (Musical group or band)
Biff Bang Pow! (Musical group or band)
began 1983 until 1991
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brouchard, J. C.
Foster, Joe (hasMember)
Innes, Andrew (hasMember)
McGee, Alan (1961-)
McGee, Alan (hasMember)
7 Seconds
acid house album, The
amour, demure, stenhousemuir a compilation 1984 - 1991, L'
Baby Sister
Baby You Just Don’t Care
Baby You Just Make Me Strong
Back to the Start
Beat Hotel (alternate version), The
Chocolate Elephant Man, The
Colin Dobbins
Collin Dobbins
Dark in Mind
day out with Jeremy Chester, A
Death of England, The
Debasement tapes from inside Edwards' cupboard
Electric Sugar Child
Everything's Turning Brouchard
Fifety Years of Fun (Almost live version)
Fifty Years of Fun [Almost Live Version]
Fifty Years of Sun
Five Minutes in the Life of Greenwood Goulding
Girl Called Destruction, A
Girl From Well Lane (demo of New Song), The
Girl Who Runs the Beat Hotel / Pass the Paintbrush, Honey, The
Guilt Ridden
Happiest Girl in the World, The
He Don’t Need That Girl
Hug Me Honey
I'm Burned
I'm Okay Me
I’m Still Waiting for My Time
Ice Cream Machine
If I Die
If You Don’t Leave Me Now You Never Ever Will
In a mourning town
In the Afternoon
Inside the Mushroom
It Happens All the Time
It Makes You Scared
Lost in Your Dreams
Love and Hate
Love Is Forever
Love’s Going Out of Fashion
Love’s Gone Out of Fashion
Miss California Toothpaste 1972
Miss You
My First Friend
Only Color in This World Is Love, The
Only Colour in the World Is Love, The
Pass the Paintbrush, Honey
Sad Eyes in Velvet
Searching for the Pavement
See the Sun, I
Seven Seconds to Heaven
She Haunts
She Kills Me
She Never Understood (alternate version)
She Paints
She's Got Diamond in Her Hair (demo version)
She’s Got Diamonds in Her Hair
She Saved Me
She Shivers Inside
She Went Away to the Love
Someone stole my wheels
Someone to Share My Life With
Song for a Nail
Songs for the Sad Eyed Girl
Star Tripper
Tell Laura I Love Her
Then When I Scream (original version)
Then When I Scream (single version)
There Must Be a Better Life
There You Go Again
Waterbomb - Best Of
Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!, The
Wouldn’t You
You Can't Just Buy Satisfaction
Contributed to or performed: 
3x20 (Colours): Music From British Independent Record Companies 1980 - 1990
Another Splash of Colour - New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985
Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 83-85
Big Gold Dreams: A Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977- 1989
Country Music: Songs for Keith Girdler
Creation Soup, Volume 1
Creation Soup, Volume 3
Creation Soup, Volume 4
Creation: Purple Compilation
Do You Believe in Love? A Creation Compilation
Doing It for the Kids
Just a Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage & Trash Nuggets 1981–89
Losing Touch With My Mind – Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990
Mods Are Back!, The
mpls ltd ♥s You
My Favourite Flavours
One Too Twee: An Indiepop Retrospective
Patron Saints of Teenage, The
Pensioners on Ecstasy
Presenting January: A Monthly Skatterbrain Mix
Scared to Get Happy: A Story of Indie-Pop 1980-1989
Skatterbrain August Mix 2013
Someone Stole My Wheels
Sunny Days
Upside Down: The Creation Records Story
Wow! Wild Summer