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Centre for Management in Agriculture Ahmedabad
Centre for Management of Agriculture Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Centre for Management in Agriculture
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Centre for Management of Agriculture
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Datta, Samar K.
Gurdev Singh, 1944-
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (see also from)
Indian Society of Agricultural Economics
Kapoor, Sanjeev
Kolavalli, Shashi
Mathur, D. P.
Sharan, Girja
Sharma, Vijay Paul
Srivastava, Uma K.
Vathsala, S.
Adoption and management aspects of farm forestry in north-west India
Agro-processing : strategy for acceleration and exports
Asian seminar on rural development : the Indian experience
Brackish water aquaculture development in India : status and task ahead
C.M.A. monograph
Centre for Management in Agriculture monograph
CMA monograph.
Competitiveness and bound tariff requirements of Indian agricultural commodities
Cultivators' experience of high yielding varieties of cotton : a micro study in Gujarat
Deogarh's profiles : rural development for rural poor
Edible oils and oilseeds economy of India
Fisheries development in India : some aspects of policy management
Ginger and ginger products : management of marketing and exports : with special reference to the Eastern Himalayan region
Impact of mechanization on small fishermen : analysis and village studies
Implications of World Trade Organization agreements for Indian agriculture
Implications of WTO agreements for Indian agriculture
In search of a new paradigm for agricultural extension in India
interaction of credit and uncertainty in determining resource allocation and incomes on small farms, Surat District, India, The : a joint research project with Centre for Management in Agriculture, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
Lift irrigation in Panchmahal
Management in small poultry farms : a study in Maharashtra and Gujarat regions
Management of irrigation systems the cases of Meshwo and Phophal in Gujarat, India
Marine fish marketing in India.
operational study of the C.J. Patel vegetable and fruit market of Ahmedabad, An
Potentialities for mobilising investible funds in developing agriculture; a study in Baroda District, Gujarat State
Processed food marketing in India : selective case studies
Revitalisation of credit cooperatives through business development planning
Revitalization of credit cooperatives through business development planning
Rural development for rural poor : Dharampur Project : interim report
Rural social structure and communication in an Indian village
Setting up modern rice mills; a feasibility study for West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
study into the quality of seeds used by farmers, A
Towards a total perspective on export of Indian rice
User participation and incentives to perform in Indian irrigation systems