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Defense University Washington, DC
Meiguo guo fang da xue
National Defense University
National Defense University (Washington)
National defense university (Washington, D.C.)
National Defense University (Washington, DC.)
NDU (National Defense University)
United States National Defense University
Washington (D.C.) National Defense University
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United States District of Columbia Washington
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Army War College (U.S.)
Gray, Anthony W
Johnson, Stuart E.
Kronenberg, Philip S.
Levis, Alexander H.
National Defense University. Institute for National Strategic Studies
National Security Affairs Institute (U.S.)
Pfaltzgraff, Robert L.
Shultz, Richard H.
Thomas, Walter R.
United States. Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)
White, Eston T.
American home front, The : Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II
Art and practice of military strategy, The
call for JCS reform, The : crucial issues
Chinese People's Militia and the doctrine of People's War, The
Constitution and national security, The : a bicentennial view
defense organization 1975 1976 printing x ref
Domestic political scene, The : an anthology
emerging role of the US Army in space, The
Essays strategy
Fighting a long nuclear war : a strategy, force, policy mismatch
French security policy in transition : dynamics of continuity and change
future of conventional defense improvements in NATO, The : National Defense University : proceedings of the tenth NATO Symposium, 1987.
Future of the Balkan Region
Guard and Reserve in the total force, The : the first decade, 1973-1983
Guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency : U.S.-Soviet policy in the Third World
Guerrilla warfare : cause and conflict (a 21st century success story?)
Gulf security and the Iran-Iraq war
Human resources and defense manpower
ICAF Association 1996 conference. "Privatizing federal government operations"
Improving US theater nuclear doctrine : a critical analysis
Industrial mobilization : the relevant history
industrial sector, The
Information warfare : legal, regulatory, policy and organizational considerations for assurance.
International essays I
International essays II
International issues and perspectives
International Seminar on the Future of the Balkan Region Bucharest, July 9-10, 2001, National Military Circle
Iranian Revolution and modernization, The : way stations to anarchy
joint staff officers guide, the
Latin American insurgencies
Limiting conventional forces in Europe : an alternative to the mutual and balanced force reduction negotiations
Maritime resources of the Indian-Pacific oceans : National Defense University proceedings of the Fourth Pacific Symposium, 1983
mesh and the net speculations on armed conflict in a time of free silicon, The
Military ethics and professionalism : a collection of essays
Military reform : the high-tech debate in tactical air forces
Military strategy
Mobilization preparedness
Multilateral activities in South East Asia : Pacific Symposium, 1995
National Defense University catalog
National Defense University ... catalogue.
National emergency telecommunications policy : who's in charge?
National Security Affairs Conference : NSCA : [proceedings].
National security affairs monograph series
National security management series
National security policy formulation : institutions, processes, and issues
national space program from the fifties into the eighties, The
NATO politico-military consultation : shaping alliance decisions
Nato's future : toward a new transatlantic bargain
NATO's theater nuclear forces : a coherent strategy for the 1980's
Natural and energy resources
On-site inspection for arms control : breaking the verification barrier
Pacific regional security : the 1985 Pacific Symposium.
Peacemaking, peacekeeping, and coalition warfare : the future role of the United Nations : proceedings of a conference cosponsored by National Defense University and Norwich University
Pentagon reporters, The
Planning for the mobilization of the nation's medical resources
Planning the American air war : four men and nine days in 1941 : an inside narrative
Planning U.S. security : defense policy in the eighties : a study
Planning US security defense policy in the eighties ; a study developed at the National Defense Univ.
Plans, programs and the defense budget
Poland 1980-81 : Solidarity versus the Party
politics of defence budgeting, The : a study of organisation and resource allocation in the United Kingdom and the United States
Proceedings of the National Security Affairs Conference, July 17-19, 1978, National Defense University : equivalence, sufficiency, and the international balance
Proceedings report
Protracted warfare--the Third World arena : a dimension of U.S.-Soviet conflict : a conference report : sixteenth annual conference held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 22-24, 1987
Reappraising defense organization : an analysis based on the Defense organization study of 1977-1980
Research abstracts
Rethinking US security policy for the 1980s : proceedings of the seventh annual National Security Affairs Conference, 21-23 July 1980
Safety and environmental regulation in industrial mobilization
Science of command and control : coping with uncertainty
Science of command and control : part II, coping with complexity
Security architecture for Europe based on a US-German workshop co-sponsored by the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the Federal College for Security Policy Studies
Security in the Americas
Sino-American security relations : expectations and realities
sixteenth nation, The : Spain's role in NATO
Sixty days to peace : implementing the Paris Peace Accords, Vietnam 1973
Soviet intentions and American options in the Middle East
Soviet perceptions of war and peace
Special operations in US strategy
Spring Symposium 1994 : defense acquisition reform, challenge to government, industry, and academia
Strategic bombers and conventional weapons : airpower options
Studies in defense
Technology, strategy and national security
U.S. defense policy in an era of constrained resources
Understanding U.S. strategy : a reader based on the Ninth National Security Affairs Conference, October 8-9, 1982
United States and Brazil, The : opening a new dialogue
United States and India in the post-Soviet world, The : proceedings of the Third Indo-U.S. Strategic Symposium
United States Army, The : challenges and missions for the 1990s
US Army special warfare : its origins : psychological and unconventional warfare, 1941-1952
US Marine Corps and defense unification 1944-47, The : the politics of survival
US policy in southwest Asia : a failure in perspective
US-ROK combined operations : a Korean perspective
US strategy to counter domestic political terrorism
War Powers Resolution, The : balance of war powers in the eighties
Warfare in Lebanon
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