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Engelska: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Friedensforschungsinstitut Stockholm
Institut international de recherche sur la paix
Institut International de Recherche sur la Paix Stockholm
Institut international de recherches pour la paix
Institut International de Stockholm d'Etude de la Paix
Instituto Internacional de Estocolmo de Investigaciones para la Paz
International Institute for Peace and Conflict Research
International Peace Research Institute (Stockholm)
Internationales Friedensforschungsinstitut Stockholm
Internationella Institutet Foer Freds Och Konfliktforskning
Japanska: Sutokkuhorumu kokusai heiwa kenkyūjo
Maʻhad Stūkhūlm li-Abḥāth al-Salām al-Duwalī
Meždunarodnyj Institut Issledovanij Problem Mira Stockholm
Peace Research Institute Stockholm
SIPRI [= Stockholm International Peace Research Institute]
Sipri (I. E. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)
SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)
Stiftelsen Stockholms internationella fredsforskningsinstitut
Stockgolʹmskij Meždunarodnyj Institut Issledovanij Problem Mira
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stockholmer Internationales Friedensforschungsinstitut
Stockholms internationella fredsforskningsinstitut
Stockholms Internationella Frendsforskningsinstitut
Stokgolʹmskiĭ mezhdunarodnyĭ institut problem mira
Sztokholmski Międzynarodowy Instytut Badań nad Pokojem
Sztokholmski Międzynarodowy Instytut Badań Pokojowych
Tukholman kansainvälinen rauhantutkimuslaitos (Research project or research group)
سيبري، ستوكهولم
معهد ستوكهولم لإبحاث السلام الدولي
معهد ستوكهولم لابحاث السلام الدولي
ストックホルム國際平和硏究所 (Research project or research group)
began 1964
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Bailes, Alyson J. K.
Barnaby, Frank
Cowen Karp, Regina
Goldblat, Jozef
International Institute for Peace and Conflict Research (see also from)
International Institute for Peace and Conflict Research Stockholm (see also from)
Jasani, Bhupendra
Jasani, Bhupendra M.
Kokoski, Richard
Lundin, S. J.
Thee, Marek
Westing, Arthur H.
Wiharta, Sharon
ABM treaty, The : to defend or not to defend?
Armaments or disarmament : the crucial choice
Arms control agreements : a handbook
Arms procurement decision making.
Arms production in the Third World
Arms race and arms control 1983, The
arms trade with the Third World, The
Central and Eastern Europe, the challenge of transition
challenge of old chemical munitions and toxic armament wastes, The
chemical industry and the projected chemical weapons convention, The : proceedings of a SIPRI/Pugwash Conference.
Chemical weapons : destruction and conversion
China's arms acquisitions from abroad : a quest for "superb and secret weapons"
Countdown to space war
Cultural norms, war and the environment
defence industry in East-Central Europe, The : restructuring and conversion
effects of developments in the biological and chemical sciences on CW disarmament negotiations, The
Europe after an American withdrawal economic and military issues
European security strategy, The : an evolutionary history
European Union Code of Conduct on Arms Exports, The : improving the annual report
Executive policing : enforcing the law in peace operations
Falklands/Malvinas conflict, The : a spur to arms build-ups
General Assembly resolutions and decisions on arms control and disarmament, 1985-86, UN
Germany and Europe in transition
implementation of international disarmament agreements. [Utg. av] SIPRI, Stockholm international peace research institute., The
Incendiary weapons
law of war and dubious weapons., The
Limited partnership, The : building a Russian-US security community
meaning and measurement of military expenditure., The
Medical protection against chemical-warfare agents
near-nuclear countries and the NPT., The
Non-proliferation the why and the wherefore
Non-Proliferation Treaty, The : political and technological prospects and dangers in 1990
Nordic countries and the European security and defence policy, The
NPT. The main political barrier to nuclear weapon proliferation, The : [Second Conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty... Geneva... 1980
nuclear age, The
Nuclear disarmament or nuclear war?
Nuclear weapons after the comprehensive test ban implications for modernization and proliferation
Oil and security
origins of MIRV., The
Peace operations trends, progress, and prospects
Policies for common security
Preventing nuclear-weapon proliferation : an approach to the Non-proliferation treaty review conference
problem of chemical and biological warfare; a study of the historical, technical, military, legal and political aspects of CBW, and possible disarmament measures., The
regulation of arms and dual-use exports, The : Germany, Sweden and the UK
Relics of Cold War : defence transformation in the Czech Republic
Right to conduct nuclear explosions, The : political aspects and policy proposals.
Russia and the arms trade
Rüstung und Abrüstung im Atomzeitalter e. Handbuch
Security at sea : naval forces and arms control
SIPRI chemical & biological warfare studies.
SIPRI policy paper
SIPRI research report.
SIPRI, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
SIPRI yearbook : armaments, disarmament and international security
SIPRI yearbook of world armaments and disarmament.
SIPRI年鉴 : 军备, 裁军和囯际安全.
Sizing and shaping European armed forces : lessons and considerations from the Nordic countries
Southern Africa : the escalation of a conflict : a politico-military study
Soviet defence enigma, The : estimating costs and burden
Space weapons and international security
Space weapons--the arms control dilemma
Stability and arms control in Europe : the role of military forces within a European security system
Statement on world armaments and disarmament.
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute chemical and biological warfare studies
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute yearbook of world armaments and disarmament
Strategic arms limitation.
Strategic disarmament, verification and national security
Strengthening the biological weapons convention by confidence-building measures
Success and failure in arms control negotiations
Superpowers at sea : an assessment of the naval arms race
Tactical nuclear weapons : European perspectives
Technology and security in the 21st century : a demand-side perspective
test ban., The
Transparency in nuclear warheads and materials : the political and technical dimensions
Uncertain course, The : new weapons, strategies, and mind-sets
United States military forces and installations in Europe
Uranium enrichment and nuclear weapon proliferation
use of force in UN peace operations, The
Verification, how much is enough?
Verification of conventional arms control in Europe technological constraints and opportunities
Verification of dual-use chemicals under the Chemical Weapons Convention : the case of thiodiglycol
Verification of the CFE Treaty
Views on possible verification measures for the Biological Weapons Convention
Warfare in a fragile world : military impact on the human environment
Weapons of mass destruction and the environment
Weltrüstung - die nukleare Bedrohung
World armaments and disarmament : SIPRI yearbook
World armaments and disarmament : SIPRI yearbooks 1968-1979 Cumulative index...
World inventory of plutonium and highly enriched uranium, 1992
Yearbook of world armaments and disarmament
Международная безопасность и разоружение
التسلح ونزع السلاح والامن الدولي : الكتاب السنوي 2006