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ILC France
ILC France-Alliance pour la santé et l'avenir
ILC France - IH Paris
ILC International partnership, ILC France
International Language Centre France - International House Paris
International Longevity Center
International longevity center France
International Longevity Center--USA
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France Paris Paris
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Butler, Robert N.
Canyon Ranch Health Resort
Muller, Charlotte Feldman
National Institute on Aging
NGO World Forum on Ageing (2002 : Madrid, Spain)
Rodwin, Victor
Schaber, Gaston
Smeeding, Timothy M.
World Assembly on Aging (2nd : 2002 : Madrid, Spain)
World Cities Project
Achieving and maintaining cognitive vitality with aging : a workshop report
Aging on the world stage : perspectives for the media on longevity, with world experts on population aging : held on the occasion of the United Nations Second World Assembly on Ageing and concurrent NGO Forum meetings : April 5-8, 2002, Madrid, Spain.
Charting the productivity and independence of older persons : a study of six industrialized nations
consequences of population aging for society, The : workshop report
Cultural perspectives on longevity
Declaration of Human Rights of Older Persons, The : United Nations Second World Assembly on Ageing, NGO World Forum on Ageing, April 2002
Gerontology and geriatrics in Israel : demography, services, manpower, and long-term care
Has anyone ever died of old age?
ILC symposium report : the quality of life in old age
ILC workshop report : promoting men's health : addressing barriers to healthy lifestyle and preventive health care
ILC Workshop report: Stress, putting the brain back into medicine
influence of family and community ties on the demand for reverse mortgages, The
Int. longev. news
Intergenerational connections : older volunteers in the arts and humanities.
International Longevity Center annual report
international longevity center intergenerational connections
International longevity news.
Intimacy and sexuality : toward a lifespan perspective
Intimations of immortality : the ethics and justice of life-extending therapies
Is there an anti-aging medicine?
Long term care insurance : the experience of two nations : reports from Germany and Japan.
Longevity and quality of life : opportunities and challenges
Longevity genes : from primitive organisms to humans : an interdisciplinary workshop of the International Longevity Center-USA.
Longevity news
Maintaining healthy lifestyles : a lifetime of choices
Masculine vitality : pros and cons of testosterone in treating the andropause
Netherlands, The : reform of the care system for older persons : intern report
Old and poor in America.
Promoting men's health : addressing barriers to healthy lifestyle and preventive health care.
quality of life in old age, The : views from various cultural perspectives.
Redesigning health care for an older America.
Sleep, health, and aging : an interdisciplinary workshop of the International Longevity Center--USA
Stress : putting the brain back into medicine.
Threats to longevity : could we lose the longevity revolution?
web site feb 8
Workshop report--Is there an anti-aging medicine?
World Cities Project, The : fact sheet : United Nations Second World Assembly on Ageing, April 2002
World Cities Project, The : New York, Paris, London, Tokyo : fact sheet.