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OMD Grupo musical
OMD (hudební skupina)
OMD Musical group
Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark
Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
Orchestral Manoeuvre In The Dark
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (hudební skupina)
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark Musical group (Musical group or band)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (Musical group or band)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
Orchestral Manoevre in the dark
Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark
Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark
began 1977
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cooper, Martin (hasMember)
Douglas, Michael (hasMember)
Holmes, Malcolm (hasMember)
Hughes, David (hasMember)
Humphreys, Paul (hasMember)
Kershaw, Stuart (hasMember)
McCluskey, Andy (hasMember)
Weir, Graham (hasMember)
Weir, Neil (hasMember)
10 to 1
2nd Thought
66 and Fading
66 & Fading (edit)
88 Seconds in Greensboro
ABC Auto‐Industry
Access all areas
Agnus Dei
Airwolf - Hits 'n' action
All or Nothing (Previously Unreleased)
All She Wants Is Everything
All That Glitters
All Wrapped Up
And the winner is ... RSH Gold ; [RSH präsentiert die Sieger]
angels keep turning the wheels of the universe, The
Animated Videos
Apollo Xi (@440 Northern Electronics Soul remix)
Architecture and Morality
Architecture & Morality / Dazzle Ships – Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Architecture & Morality & More
Art Eats Art (v1.3 23-02-16)
Arthur on the rocks
As We Open, So We Close
Atomic Ranch
Avenue, The
Ball bizarre kann denn Liebe Sünde sein
Beginning and the End, The
best of 1990 - 1992, The
best of car hits, The
best of omd sr p, the
best of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The
Best Years of Our Lives
Betray My Friends, I
Big Town
Black Sea, The
Bloc Bloc Bloc
Bomber (One More Time) (16-101-15)
Bondage of Fate
Boy From the Chemist Is Here to See You, The
Brides of Frankenstein (dub)
Brides of Frankenstein (mix)
Brides of Frankenstein (US Release megamix)
British Live Performance Series
Broken (As We Open, So We Close) (04-10-16)
Bunker Soldier
Bunker Soldiers
Call My Name (12″ version)
Call My Name (live)
Call My Name (Rollcall mix)
Can I Believe You
Coconuts die Hits des Jahres
Collection, The
Concrete Hands (extended)
crush sr p
Dancing on the Seven Seas
Daughter of the Minotaur, The
Dazzle Ships live at the Museum of Liverpool
Dazzle Ships (Parts I, IV, V & VI)
Dazzle Ships, Parts II, III & VII
Dead Girls, The
Delta (The Punishment of Luxury) (15-06-10)
Dino Pop-Tops d. Beste aus d. internat. Charts
Distance Fades Between Us
Dollar Girl
Dream of Me (based on Love’s Theme) (Interstella mix)
Dream of Me (Based on Love’s Theme) (Pianoforte Cruiser Mix)
Dreaming (12" USA club mix)
Dreaming (7" version)
Dreaming (club mix edit)
Dreaming (dub mix)
Dreaming (extended 12" club mix)
Dreaming (live)
Dreaming (Shattered Dreams edit)
Dreaming (The William Orbit remix)
Dresden (Bounce Darkside remix)
Dresden (John Foxx and the Maths remix)
Dresden (Mike Jolly's Architectural remix)
Dresden (single version)
Dresden (Zebra and Snake remix)
Electricity (7" version)
Electricity (live)
Electricity (Martin Hannet mix)
Electricity (Original Version)
Electricity (The Micronauts remix)
English electric
Enola Gay (Dancefloor Killa remix by David Guetta and Joachim Garraud)
Enola Gay (dub remix)
Enola gay ; Electricity
Enola Gay (live)
Enola Gay (OMD vs Sash! radio edit)
Enola Gay / Souvenir
Enolay Gay
Every Time
Everyday (Invisible Man mix)
Extended Souvenir
Fallen Angel (What Have We Done) (v1.4 07-11-16), A
Femme accident (12″ mix), La
Femme Accident (remixed version), La
Final Song
Flame of Hope
Flip... The Other Side of OMD
Floating on the Seven Seas
Forever hot! the best of five years ; die besten Hits der Radio-FFN-Höhrer ...
(Forever) Live and Die (7″ mix)
(Forever) Live and die (extended mix)
Forever live and die ; This town
Formel 1 [Eins] - Hot hits
From the heart d. aktuellen soften Superhits
Future, the Past, and Forever After, The
Future Will Be Silent, The
Garden City
Genetic Engineering (312mm version)
Genetic Engineering (extended)
Ghost Star (video)
Go for gold
Goddess of Love
goldene Europa [19]92 internationale Tophits, Die
Gospel of St Jude, The
Grand Deception, The
Gravity Never Failed
Great White Silence, The
Hard Day
Heaven Is (Highland Studios demo)
Heaven Is (live)
Helen of Troy
Henry Maske - Power + [and] glory
Her Body in My Soul
Hidden artwork files
High life himml. Tophits
History of Modern (artist commentary)
History of Modern (deluxe edition)
History of Modern, Part 1
History of Modern, Part I (Krystal Klear remix)
History of Modern, Part I (OMD’s extended remix)
History of Modern, Part I (radio edit)
History of Modern, Part I (Roger Erickson remix)
History of Modern, Part I (Selebrities remix)
History of Modern, Part II
History of Modern (part III & IV)
History of Modern, Parts III & IV (alternate version)
Hit-Album [19]86 d. Hits d. Jahres u. d. aktuellen Top-Hits, Das
Hold You
Hot and fresh
Hot disc - Martini Martini, d. eiskalte Begegnung d. anregenden Art
Idea 1
If you leave ; 88 seconds in Greensboro
If you leave (extended version)
If You Leave / La Femme Accident (12″ mixes)
If You're Still in Love With Me
If You Want It (Club Royale remix)
If You Want It (French Horn Rebellion remix)
If You Want It (IT95 remix)
If You Want It (Marscheaux remix)
If You Want It (radio edit)
If You Want It (remixes part 1)
If You Want It (Syntomatix remix)
If You Want It (Teeth remix)
If You Want It (Villa Nah remix)
If You Want It (We Have Band)
In the studio interview
In the Studio With Andy and Paul
Interchords: A Constructive Conversation with Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey
Interview – Hambi Haralambous
Interview – The Band
Introducing Radios
Isotype (v1.1 15-025-16)
Isotype (v1.7 23-02-16)
Isotype (video)
Joan of Arc (12″ version)
Joan of Arc (live Top of the Pops – version 29/10/81)
Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans) (alternate edit)
Joan of Arc (Organ mix by Mulu)
Julia’s Song (dub version)
Julia’s Song (extended version)
Julia’s Song (Re-Recorded)
Junk culture : Deluxe edition
Kill Me
King of Stone (live)
Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang (25-02-15)
Kissing the Machine
Lampe Licht
Lights Are Going Out, The
Live in Berlin
Live with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Locomotion ; Her body in my soul
Locomotion (live version)
Locomotion (Razormaid mix)
Love and Hate You
Love and Violence
Lyrics and album
Maid of Orleans (Afterhours mix by Mulu)
Maid of Orleans (live)
Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc) (promo video)
Making of The History of Modern, The
Maria Gallante
Mathew Street
Messages (Greg Wilson edit)
Messages (live)
Messages OMD - greatest hits
Messerschmitt Twins, The
Metroland (Appropriately remixed by Metroland)
Metroland (Jonteknik Remix)
Metroland (Manhattan Clique Remix)
Metroland (Radion Edit)
Metroland (Roger Erickson Remix)
Misunderstanding, The
Mitrailleuse (video), La
Moon & the Sun, The
More I See You, The
Motion and Heart (Amazon version)
Move on 2
Mystery Reality
Na so was!
Native Daughters of the Golden West, The
Navigation the OMD B-sides
Neon Lights
Never Turn Away (12” version)
Never turn away (extended version)
New Babies – New Toys
New Dark Age, The
New Head
New Holy Ground
New Stone Age (alternate edit), The
New Stone Age (live 2007), The
Night Café (Metroland’s Nighthawks remix)
Night Café (Sin Cos Tan remix)
Night Café (Taoyoyo remix)
Night Café (Vile Electrodes ‘B-Side the C-Side’ remix)
Night of the Banshee
night of the proms, The
No Man’s Land
Of All the Things We’ve Made
OMD Remixes, The
OMD Singles / Navigation – The OMD B‐Sides, The
OMD Singles (remix edition), The
Once When I Was Six
One Mad Day Mix, Part I
One More Time (Fotonovela version)
Only Tears
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark : Crush, the movie
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark / Organisation / Architecture & Morality
original 80s album 20 fantastic hits from across the decade, The
Original Mystery Disc
Our System
pacific age, The
Palatine the factory story 1979 - 1990
Pandora's Box (Abstract mix)
Pandora's Box (American Venus 7" mix)
Pandora's Box (Constant Pressure 12" mix)
Pandora's Box (Diesel Fingers 12" mix)
Pandora's Box (It's a long, long Way)
Pandora's Box (Lost Girl mix)
Pandoras Box
Peel Sessions 1979–1983
Place You Fear the Most, The
Please Remain Seated
Precision & Decay (30-03-16)
Pretending to See the Future (Flexi)
Pretending to See the Future (live version)
Pretty in Pink (If You Leave)
Pretty in pink the orig. motion picture soundtrack
Punishment of Luxury (12″ extended mix), The
Punishment of Luxury: B Sides & Bonus Material, The
Punishment of Luxury (Manhattan Clique mix), The
Punishment Of Luxury (Manhattan Clique Remix), The
Punishment of Luxury (remixes), The
Punishment of Luxury (single mix), The
punishment of luxury, The : B sides & bonus material
Radio Prague
Radio Waves
Raving on the Seven Seas
Red Frame White Light
Right Side?, The
Robot Man (27-01-15)
Romance of the Telescope (unfinished), The
Ronnys Pop-Show mit d. Schärfsten aus meiner Sendung
Sacred Heart
Sahnestücke [19]91 die besten internationalen Stücke
Sailing on the Seven Seas (extended version)
Sailing on the Seven Seas (Larrabee mix)
Save Me
Secret Drift.
Secret (extended mix)
Secret (New 12" remix 88')
Secret (new 7″ remix)
Secret (old 12″ remix)
Secret (original 12″ mix)
Shame (12″ extended version)
Shame (extended re‐recorded version)
Shame (extended rerecorded version)
She’s Leaving
Silent Running
Sister Marie Says (Kinky Roland's dance mix)
Sister Marie Says (Mirros - Un Autre Monde remix)
Sister Marie Says (Monarchy's Twin Galaxies remix)
Sister Marie Says (Remixes)
Sister Marie Says (short radio edit)
Sister Marie Says (Soil in the Synth remix)
Sister Marie Says (Stopmakingme remix)
Sister Marie Says (Str8jackets Deluded Rub)
Sister Marie Says (Switchblade's North of Detroit remix)
Sister Marie Says (Un Autre Monde mix)
Sister Marie Says (Zoned Out's extended mix)
Sister Mary Says
So in Love (Brand New extended mix)
So in love Concrete hands
So in Love (extended version)
So in Love (Special American dance remix)
So in Love With You
Souvenir (7am version)
Souvenir (Hard House version)
Souvenir (Me and Us mix)
Souvenir (Moby remix)
Souvenir (promo video)
Speed of Light
Stand Above Me (A 10‐Minute Therapy session Into Hyperlife mix)
Stand Above Me (Hypnofunk mix)
Stand Above Me (single version)
Stand Above Me (Transcendental Constant Viper Trip mix)
Stay (The Black Rose and the Universal Wheel)
Stay With Me
Strange Sensations
Studio Interview
Sugar tax
Sunday Morning
Superpower Hit-Sensation
Swiss Radio International
Taking Sides Again
Talkin’ Loud and Clear
Talking Loud and Clear (12″ version)
Talking loud and clear (extended version)
Talking Loud and Clear (live)
También tenemos la mejor música Tecno-Pop
Telegraph ; 66 and fading
Telegraph (extended version)
Telegraph (live)
Telegraph (nueva version)
Telegraph (The Manor version 1981)
Tesla Girls (12″ version)
Tesla Girls (extended mix)
Tesla Girls (Highland Studios demo)
Tesla Girls (instrumental version)
Tesla Girls (Razormaid mix)
Tesla Girls (specially remixed version)
Tesla Girls (video version)
That Was Then
Then You Turn Away (Infinite Repeat mix)
This Is Helena
This Town
Time Burns
Time Zones
Too Late
Track by Track
Universal (edit)
Unsere schönsten Oldies Bremen Eins wird 5
Urgh! a music war
very best of pop & wave, The
Very Close to Far Away
Victory Waltz
View From Here (v1.3 23-01-15), The
Vox Humana
Waiting for the Man (live)
Walk Tall (live)
Walking on Air (live)
Walking on the Milky Way
Walking on the Milkyway
Waltz with Bashir an Ari Folman film
Was It Something I Said
Watch Us Fall
We Love You (7″ version)
We Love You (dub)
We Love You (extended)
What Have We Done (12"Extended Mix)
What Have We Done (Chicky & Coco remix)
What Have We Done (single edit)
What Have We Done (Single Mix)
Wheels of the Universe, The
White Trash (Highland Studios demo)
White Trash (live)
Whole Again
Wolkenreise zwischen Traum u. Phantasie
Women III
Contributed to or performed: 
"...Just Can't Get Enough": Originalhits fra 80'erne
❤ 80s, I
100 80s Hits
100 Hits Dancefloor
100 Hits New Wave
100 Hits: 80s Chartbusters
100 Hits: 80s Classics
100 Hits: 90s Anthems
100 Hits: 90s Classics
100 Hits: Party Classics
100 Hits: The New Romantics
100 Plus Grands Tubes de l'été, Les
100% 80’s
100% Hits '92
100% New Wave
100% Radio Hits
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 8
101 80s Anthems
101 80s Hits
101 80s Hits Platinum Edition
101 90s Hits
101 Electronic 80s
101 Love Songs
101 Moments in Music
101 Moments in Music, Volume 2
101 Ultimate 80s
12″/80s Chilled
12″/80s New Wave
13 Reasons Why, Season 2: A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack
13 Reasons Why: Season 2 (Music from the Original TV Series)
16 No. 1 Hits: 1974 - 1986
16 Top Hits: September/Oktober 1985
18 Modern Rock Classics From the 80's
20 Years on MTV: 1982
20 Years on MTV: 1991
2001 Rock Odyssey, A
21 Jump Street, Volume 2
30+30 Goue Sokkie Treffers 9
40 Jaar Top 40: 1981-1982
40 jaar top 40: 1985-1986
40 Jahre Disco: 80’s Disco
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 80’s
80 à l'heure
80 Was Prachtig!
80-talet, Volume 1
80's Dance Classix Top 100
80's Movie Hits
80's Revolution: Disco Pop, Volume 2
80’s Best
80’s Collection: Super Hits, The
80’s Generation
80’s Giga Hits Collection
80’s Top 100
80s 12″ Party
80s Disco Hits Megamix
80s Maximum
80s Maximum, Volume 2
80s Music Explosion!
80s on the Edge
80s Pop: 120 Original Hits
80s: 110 Original Hits
80s: Part 2, The
Absolute 80s Unwind
Absolute Music 1
Absolute Music 12
Absolute Music 13
Absolute Music 23
Absolute Music 3
Absolute Party
Absolute Synth Anthems
Absolute Synth Classics
Action Trax
All New Wave
All That Glitters
All You Need: 15 Years of Love 1980-1995, Volume 3
Alle 40 Goed - Driving Songs
Alle 40 Goed 80s, Volume 2
Alle 40 Goed: New Wave Classics
allerneueste... Ronny's Pop Show, Die
Années New Wave, Les
Another Lost Decade: The '80s Second British Invasion
Anthems: Alternative 80s
Anthems: Electronic 80s
Anthems: Electronic 80s 2
Anthems: Electronic 80s 3
Art of Compilation CD 9
Art of the 12″, Volume Two: A Promotion of a Way of Life, The
Ashes to Ashes
Aural Opiates
Awaydays: The Soundtrack That Inspired a Film
Awesome ’80’s Hits
Awesome 2
Back to School Sampler
Back to the 80’s: De Hits uit de Jaren ’80: The Long Versions
Back to the Eighties
Back to the Movies: Hits From the Flix
Banana Jack
Bayern 3/Kult-80er
Beat of the 80’s
Beat of the 80’s, Volume 2: Trendsetter eines jahrzehnts
Before Techno
Best 100 Music of the Eighties
Best 80's Album in the World... Ever! Volume 2, The
Best 80’s Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best 80s Modern Rock Album... Ever!, The
Best Eighties Album in the World... Ever!, Volume 1, The
Best Of 12" Synth Gold, The
Best of 1980-1990, Volume 6, The
Best of 1980-1990, Volume 9, The
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 13, The
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 2, The
Best of 1990–1992, Vol. 1, The
Best of British
Best of New Romantic
Best of Pop & Wave: The 12″ Mixes
Best of the 80's
Best of the 80’s: 60 Fantastic Songs
Best of the 80s, The
Best of the Eighties
Best Pop Album in the World... Ever!, The
Beste aus dem Musikladen: Die Hits der legendären 80’er, Das
Beste Uit De 80ies Top 800, Het
beste uit de MNM 1000: Limited Edition 2012, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden, Het
Biggest 80’s Hits in the World… Ever!, The
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties)
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 2
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 3
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 4
Brat Pack Music CD, The
Braun MTV Eurochart Legends: 80’s & 90’s, Volume 1, The
Bravo Hits 2
Bravo Hits 4
Bravo Hits 6
Bravo Hits 7
Britpack: 80s UK Innovators of Pop, The
Business, The
C’était mieux avant : Les Années 80
Can't Get This No More, Volume 1
Car Classics
Casey Kasem Presents America's Top Ten 1980s: New Wave's Greatest Hits
Cash Cows
Chart Explosion
Chartboxx Back to the 80s
Chartboxx: Die Lovesongs der 80er
Chartboxx: Movie Classics
Chick Flicks: The Ultimate Collection
Chilled Electronic 80s
Class X Three
Classic Alternatives, Volume 4
Classic Cuts Presents 80’s Night: The Ultimate DJ Collection
Classic Cuts Presents: 90’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: 1991
Classic Cuts Presents: The 12″ Box: 80s, Volume 2
Classic Cuts: The New Romantic Era
Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975–1984
Club Classics 2: The 35 Most Wanted
Club Hits 98/99
Club New Wave
Compact Collection, The
Complete Eighties
Credit to the Edit, Volume 2
Culture Dance, Volume 4
D-Side 46
Damaging Consent & A Remixes Retrospective
Damaging Consent & A Remixes Retrospectives
Dance Max 12
Dancemania 80’s Two
Dead or Alive: New Wave Hits of the 80's
Decades: The Story of the 60's 70's & 80's (disc 3)
Decades: The Story of the 60’s / 70’s / 80’s
Destination Hits 1980
Destination Hits 1981
Different Colours, Different Shades... 1978-1992 The Factory Story Part Two
Dindisc 1980
Disco Boys, Volume 7, The
Disco Party, Volume 2
Disco-Tech of… Alexander Robotnick, The
Discobar Galaxie: Inside the Soundsystem
Don't You Forget About Me
Donna Top 5000
Donna's Top 2000, Volume 3
Donna’s Top 200 Aller Tijden, Volume 2
Dream of Me
Dressed in Black, Volume 3
Drive Time 2
Eighties Mix, The
Eighties Obsession
Electric 80’s
Electric Dreams
Electric Dreams: 80's Synth Pop Classics
Electricity: 18 Synth Pop Hits
Electro Pop, Volume 2
Electrocity, Volume 1
Electronic 80’s
Electrospective: The Remix Album
Elektro Diskow
Enola Gay
Enola Gay (dub remix)
Essential 80's: New Wave
Essential 80’s: Electro Pop
Essential 80s
Essential New & Electro Wave
Essential: New Wave, Vol. 2
Euro-Mixx Vol. 3
Excellent 80’s
Exposed II: A Cheap Peek at Today's Provocative New Rock
Extended 80s
Factory Box Set, The
Factory Records Story, The
Factory Records: Communications 1978-92
Fade to Grey 1980–1984
Fantastiske 80'ere
Feelings 18
Femme Accident, La
Festa Pronta
Festivalbar '83
Festivalbar 84
Fetenhits: 80’s Best Of
Fetenhits: Discofox, die 2te
Fetenhits: The Real 80's
Fetenhits: The Real 90's
FetenMix: 80 Party-Klassiker im Megamix
Flashback 2: 1984-1989
Fly: Songs Inspired by the Film Eddie the Eagle
For Ever New Wave
Formel Eins: Die 90er! 80s goes 90s!
Formel Eins: Direct Hits!
Formel Eins: Jump Hits!
Formel Eins: Sweet Hits
Free to Be..., Volume Five
Fühl’s noch mal!
Full Speed
Full Throttle
Generation '80s
Gold of the 80
Golden Collection, The
Golden Memories: 20 Years No. 1 Hits
Goldene Europa ’92
Gothic File 13
Greatest 80s Album, The
Greatest 80s Hits Collection, The
Greatest Eighties Collection 2, The
Greatest Eighties Collection, The
Greatest Ever! Alternative 80s
Greatest Hits of the 80's
Greatest Hits of the 80s
Greatest New Romantic Collection, The
Grew Up in the 80s, I
Hang All DJ’s, Volume 2
Henry Maske: Power & Glory, Volume 4
High Life: Himmlische Top-Hits
historias más asin de Gomaespuma, Las
History of Pop 1991 - 1994, The
History of Pop 1991-1994, The
Hit Connection 84
Hit Fascination 4/91
Hit History, Volume 26: 1980
Hit History, Volume 28: 1982
Hit History, Volume 30: 1984
Hit PARADE International 2/92
Hit Pix '88, Volume II
Hit-Giganten: Best of 80s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Pop & Rock Hymnen, Die
Hit-Giganten: Pop & Wave Hits der 80er, Die
Hit-News 92
Hitarchief Top 2000
Hitbreaker 1/87
Hits '86: Die internationalen Superhits
Hits Hits Hits
Hits of the 80's
Hot and Fresh
Hot Tracks 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition
Hunting Venus
In the Air Tonight: Virgin’s Greatest Hits
Instrumental Masters Atmospheric Synthesizer
Internationale Hits 91
Into the Eighties
It's Electric: Classic Hits From an Electric Era
Joan of Arc
Jukebox: 115 Original Hits
Kick Up the Eighties, Volume 1: Senses Working Overtime, A
Kick Up the Eighties, Volume 2: Go Wild in the Country, A
Kick Up the Eighties, Volume 4: Talking Loud and Clear, A
Kick Up the Eighties, Volume 6: Souvenir, A
Kneipen Hits: Maxi Classics Party
Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), I
Kroq's Flashbacks Greatest Hits
KuschelRock 2
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Lovesongs of the 80’s
L’album pop rock 1980–1999, Volume 2
Larry Präsentiert: Sommer Smash Hits '91
Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80s Underground
Lieblings… 80er
Life's Greatest Hits
Like, Omigod! The ’80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)
Live at Leigh Rock Festival 1979
Liverpool: The Number Ones Album
Livin’ in the ’80s
Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Volume 5
Living in Oblivion: The 80’s Greatest Hits, Volume 5
Loaded, Volume 1
Love 80's, I
Love 80s, I
Love Music 1980-1984, I
Love Music 1980-1984: It's Electric, I
Love the 80’s, I
Machine Soul: An Odyssey Into Electronic Dance Music
Maid of Orleans
Making of The Energy Suite, The
Man & A Machine III, A
Más Noches De Blanco Satén (Las 24 Mejores Baladas De Siempre)
Massive Hits! 80s Pop
Massive Hits! 80s Remix
Mastermix Classic Cuts 90: Electric 80s
Mastermix Classic Cuts: 90s Night
Maxi Singles 80
Maxi Singles 80, Volume 2
Media Markt Collection: New Pop Wave
Media Markt Collection: Sommerhits Faktor 25
Media Markt Collection: The 90s
Mega 50: Die 80er Jahre
Mersey Paradise
Methods of Dance: Electronica & Leftfield '73-'87
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: Electronic 80s
Ministry of Sound: Electronic 80's
Ministry of Sound: Electronic 80s: The Collection
Mistress America
Mix Tapes, The
Model: 20 New Romantic Hits From the 80's, The
Modern Dance
Modern Rock 1986: Hang the DJ
Modern Rock: 1980-1981
Modern Rock: Cutting‐Edge ’80s
Modern Rock: Dance
Modern Rock: Love Songs
Mojo Presents: The Man Machine
More 80's
More Complete Eighties
More Greatest Hits of the 80's
Move On 2
Movement: BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions 1977–1979
Movie Hits
Mr Music Hits 1991-09
Mr Music Hits 1991-10
Mr Music Hits 1992-2
Museum, Volume 1, Het
Muziek 10-Daagse: Les 10 Jours de la Musique, De
Nachtschicht, Volume 43
Native Daughters of the Golden West
Neue Hits 92: Die internationale Doppel-CD
New Romantic. CLASSICS
New Romantics, The
New Romantics: 15 Classic Club Cuts
New Wave Classics
New Wave Classix
New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 5
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 09
New Wave Sound
New Wave, Number 1
New Wave: The Long Versions
New Wave: The Platinum Collection
Newbury Comics: The Early Years, Volume 1
Nick at Nite Goes to Outer Space
Night Beat
Night of the Banshee
Night of the Proms 2006
Nineties - The Hits 1990 - 2000, Volume 1
No. 1 Eighties Album, The
No. 1 Hits 1982, The
No.1 Eighties Album, The
North by North West
Nouvelle Vague Presents: New Wave
NOW 100 HITS 80s
Now 3 (disc 1)
Now Hear This! November 2010
Now That's What I Call Music! - Best of '96
Now That's What I Call New Wave 80s
Now That's What I Call New Wave 80s: Deluxe Edition
Now That’s a Download: Eighties
Now That’s What I Call Music 3
Now That’s What I Call Music 8
Now That’s What I Call Music: The Best of 10 Years
Now That’s What I Call Music! 15
Now That’s What I Call Music! 19
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1980: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1981: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1982: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1984
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1984: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1991
Now That’s What I Call Music! 20
Now That’s What I Call Music! 25
Now That’s What I Call Music! 34
Now That′s What I Call Music 4
Now the Music: Pop Classics
Ö3 Zeitreise 1980
Ö3 Zeitreise 1982
Old Grey Whistle Test Cherry Bombs, The
Old Hits of 80’s, Volume 2
Oldie Parade, Volume 4
Oldies but Goodies
On the Border of Pop
One Dream Closer
One Shot ’80, Volume 4
One Shot 1980
Original 80s Album, The
Original 80s Box Set, The
Original 80s Remix Box Set: Massive Eighties Hits Extended and Remixed, The
Original Electro Album, The
Original Electro Album, Volume 2, The
Original Hits: 80s 12″
Our Friends Electric
Palatine: The Factory Story, Volume 1: Tears in Their Eyes
Peter's Pop Show
Playlist: 80's Pop
Playlist: Electro
Pop & Wave, Volume 1: The Hits From the Fantastic 80's
Pop & Wave, Volume 1: The Hits of the 80's
Pop & Wave, Volume 2: More Hits From the Fantastic 80’s
Pop & Wave, Volume 2: More Hits of the 80's
Pop & Wave, Volume 3
Pop & Wave, Volume 3: Lots More Hits of the 80’s
Pop & Wave, Volume 4: The Ballads of the 80's
Pop & Wave, Volume 8: The Sound of the Fantastic 80s
Pop & Wave: The Classics
Pop Classics, Volume 1
Pop Classics, Volume 2
Pop Giganten der 80er
Pop Satori
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Postpunk Chronicles: Scared to Dance
Power of Love: Dreams, The
Power of Love: Soul to Soul, The
Pre Historie 1980, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1982, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1986, Volume 2, De
Pretending To See The Future / Swing Shift
Pretty in Pink: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pretty In Pink: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Prima Giro Super-Stars
Prime Cuts: Volume 1, Issue 10
Pump Up the Dance
Pure 80s
Pure 80s Pop
Pure Pop
Q-Top 1000: 2018
Radio Active
Radio Prague
Razormaid 7th Anniversary Box Set
Real 90's, The
Real Eighties: Hits plus Extended Mixes
Reflex Of The 80's
Relax! Volume 2: The Ultimate 80’s Mix
Renaissance: The Mix Collection
Retro:Active 2 - Rare and Remixed
Retro:Active 4 - Rare and Remixed
Retro:Active 7 - Rare & Remixed
Revolutionary Spirit: The Sound of Liverpool 1976-1988
Rewind: The 80s Album
RFM Party 80
RFM Party 80 La Compilation Best of
Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites, Volume 2
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1984
Rock 80s, Volume 1
Rock and the City - Liverpool
Rock'n Roll
Rockin' at the Movies
Romance of the Telescope
Ronny's Pop Show: Mit dem Schärfsten aus meiner Sendung
RTL2 100 tubes années 80
Sailing on the Seven Seas
Schmucke Mucke
Sedated in the Eighties, Volume 3
Shine On the 80's Volume II
Simply the Best Electro Pop
Slows M80 Rádio
Smash Hits
Smash Hits: The ’80s
smoothfm: All Time Top 50, Volume 2
So in Love
So80s (SoEighties) Presents Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
so80s 2
so80s 3
Sound of Today, Volume 2, The
Sounds of the Eighties: The Mid ’80s
Space Invasion
Spex CD #92
Spin Presents Austin Power: Best Sxsw Bands 2011
Stars 80, Vol2
Stars und Hits 1991, Die
Start: The Best of British
Stereoplay Highlights CD 24
Stereoplay Highlights CD 31
Stereoplay Special CD 53: Dancefloor
Still Alive - Wave to the 80's
Strange Kind of Love, A
Sulle strade del rock Vol. 4
Sunday in Bed 7: Sexy Sounds for Lazy Lovers
Super 20 Hit‐Sensation
Super 80er Hits (Die größten Hits der 80er)
Super Top 50! Disk1
SWR1 - 80 80er (Digitalalbum)
Synth & Wave Essentials
Synth Pop
Synthesizer Greats
Talents France Bleu 2017, Vol. 1
Talking Loud & Clear
Technopop 80
Testament van de Eighties
This Is the 80s
This Is… 1980
This Is… 1981
This Is… 1983
This Is… 1984
This Is… 1991
This Is… 1993
This Is… 1996
This Is… Electric
Those Were the Days: The Eighties
Thrill Me
Todo techno
Top 100 Hits 80s
Top 100 Hits Of The 80's
Top 50 - Les 100 Plus Gros Tubes Du Top 50 Des Années 80 !
Top Hits
Top Hits U.S.A. T176
Top Of The Pops '80
Top of the Pops 1980
Top of the Pops 1981
Top of the Pops 1983
Top of the Pops 1984
Top of the Pops 1991
Top of the Pops 1996
Top of the Pops: 1980–1984
Top of the Pops: 1990–1994
Top of the Pops: Eighties
Top of the Pops: Year by Year Collection 1964 - 2006
Trip: Curated by Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey, The
Tubes 80 introuvables, Volume 2, Les
Tubes New Wave
Ultimate 80
Ultimate 80’s Ballads, The
Ultimate Collection, The
Ultimate Collection: 80s Anthems, The
Ultimate Collection: School Days, The
Ultimate Eighties
Ultimate Eighties, The
Ultimate Eighties, Volume One
Ultimate Love Songs Collection, The
Ultimate New Wave
Ultimate Pop
Ultimate Punk & New Wave
ultimative Chart Show: 15 Jahre - Die erfolgreichsten Singles, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten New Wave & Pop Songs aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Singles der 80er, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Stars der 90er Jahre, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Synthie Pop Hits aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Lieblingshits der Deutschen, Die
Ultime 80's
Ultime 80's Anthology
Ultratop 1001 Hits, Volume 2
URGH! A Music War
Valse avec Bachir
Veronica Top 1000 Aller Tijden 2007
Veronica Top 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2009
Veronica TOP 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2013
Very Best of 1980s 2, The
Very Best of 1980s, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1980-1995: Presentation CD, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1980-81, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1981-82, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1982-83, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1990-91, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1991-92, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1993-94, The
Very Best of Razormaid! X, The
VH1: The Big 80's, The Big Movies
Video Hits 1000th Show Celebration
Virgin’s 21st Anniversary Sampler
Walking on the Milky Way
Waltz With Bashir
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 2
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 4
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 5
WDR 200 (Die Hits der besten Bands)
Woman In Love, Volume 6
Xfm: The Remix, Volume 1
Young Guns Go for It: Heroes of the 80's
ZDF Pop Show 93
Zero: A Martin Hannett Story 1977–1991
zweite ultimative 80'er Fete, Die