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Demented are go
Demented Are Go Musical group (Musical group or band)
Demented Are Go! (Musical group or band)
began 1982
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Damage, Criss (hasMember)
Grant, Graeme (hasMember)
Luther, Lex (hasMember)
Phillips, Mark (hasMember)
Standen, Stan (hasMember)
Thomas, Ant (hasMember)
Thomas, Dick (hasMember)
Aces High
Anal Wonderland
Another Thing Coming
Be Bop a Lula
Beast in the Cellar
Bee Bop a Lula
Best of Demented Are Go, The
billy volume one sr
Block Up
Blood Beach
Bodies in the Basement
Body Bag
Brain Damaged Chile (Slight Retard)
Brand New Corpse
Busted Hymen
Call of the Wired
Can't Sleep at Night
Cast Iron Arm (live)
Cast Iron Arms
Chase, The
Clitoris Bite Boogie
Country Woman
County Woman
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horses
Cripple in the Woods
Daddies Makin' Monsters
Daddy's Making Monsters
Dark Angel
Day the Earth Spat Blood, The
Dead After Midnight
Demon Angel
Demon Seed
Destruction Boy
Devil Says Kill
Do the Slug
Doin’ Me In
Don't Go in the Woods
Don't Send Me No Flowers
Dream Space Baby
Engine Trouble
Epileptic Fit
Fairies at the Bottom of My Garden
Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden
Falling Up
Flight 103
Frenzied Beat
Funnel of Love
Gambling Queen
Go Go Demented
Got Good Loon
Got Good Lovin'
Grandma Under the Stairs
Heads on Poles
Hell Spawn
Hellbilly storm
High Heels
Holly Hack Jack
Holy Hack Jack (live)
Hotrod Vampires / Out of Control
House of Blood
Human Slug
In Sickness and in Health / Kicked Out of Hell
Jet Tone Boogie
Jogging Machine
Kicked Out of Hell
Life I Live, The
Life's a Bitch
Live and Rockin'
Live in Japan
Love Is Like Electrocution
Love Seeps Like a Festering Sore
Love Sleeps Like a Festering Sore
Lucky Charm
Marijuana (live)
Midnight Blues
Move It (live)
Night Life
Noose (That Snapped), The
Now She's Dead (Warp mix): I: Demon Ted Boogie / II: Life's a Bitch / III: Now She's Dead
Nuke Mutants
Old Black Joe
One Sharp Knife
Orgasmic Nightmare
Original albums collection
Out in the Dark
Out of Control
Pedigree Scum
Pervey in the Park
Pervy in the Park (live)
Pickled and Preserved
Pvc Chair (live)
Queen of Disease, The
Red Light Fever
Red River, Bloody Staircase
Reptile Queen
Retard Whore
Rubber Buccaneer (live)
Rubber Love (live)
Rubber Plimsoles (live)
Rubber Rock
Satan's Rejects (live)
Satans Reject
Satans Rejects: The Very Best of… Demented Are Go!
Shadow Crypt
Sick! Sick! Sick! / Call of the Wired
Sick Spasmoid
Sickness of Truth (reprise)
Skating in the Rain
Skitzoid Brain
So Agitated
Someone’s Out to Get Me
Stake in the Heart
Stomping at the Klub Foot
Straight Jacket
Strangler in Paradise
Surf Ride to Oblivion
Tangenital Madness on a Pleasant Side of Hell
Termite Man
Thrill Killers
Transexual Lesbian
Transvestite Blues
Up From the Skies
Wanna Be Your Slave, I
Wanna Kill, I
Wanna See You Bleed, I
Was Born on a) Busted Hymen, (I
Welcome back to insanity hall
What's the Problem
When Darkness Falls
When Death Rides a Horse
Where You Gonna Go
Who Put Grandma Under the Stairs?
Zombie Stalk
Contributed to or performed: 
100% Psychobilly
100% Psychobilly, Volume 2
ABC / ID Records: The Psychobilly Singles Collection
AMP Magazine Presents, Volume 5: Psychobilly
Best of Fury Psychobilly, The
Best of Fury Psychobilly, Volume 2, The
Billy, Volume 1
Black Planet
Demons of the Swamp: Psychosis Compilation, Vol. 1
Entire History of Punk, The
Fistful of Pussies: Blood on the Cats IV, A
For a Few Pussies More: Blood on the Cats III
Gothic Compilation, Part LIV
Hell's Bent on Rockin!
Hell's Bent on Rockin'
Hot Rock-A-Billy, Vol. 5
Katz Keep Rocking, Volume 2
Kicked Outta Purgatory
Kicked Outta Purgatory: Psychobilly for Sinners!
Klub Foot Kicks Back, The
Knock Out... In the 4th Round
Knock Out... In the 5th Round
L.A. Shakedown
Magnificent Seven, The
Night of the Living Pussies
Psycho Covers
Psycho Killers
Psychobilly Sampler, Volume 2
Psychobilly: Rockabilly Roots & Hootenanny
Ramasser les morceaux : Le punk pour les nul-le-s
Rockin' at the Take Two, Volume 1 & 2
Rumble Party, Volume 5
Rumble Party, Volume 6
Sick Sick Sick
Sick Sick Sick: Live at the Klub Foot, April 1987
Stomping at the Klub Foot, Volume 2
Stomping at the Klub Foot, Volume 3 & 4
Stomping at the Klub Foot: Volume 1 & 2
This Is Psychobilly
This Is Psychobilly (25 Years Of Rockin’ And Wreckin’)
Welcome to Circus Punk-A-Billy, Volume 2
Where the Bad Boys Rock, Volume 3