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Enric Frederic d'Anglaterra
Enrico Federico Stuart
Enrique Estuardo
Frédéric Henri (prince de Galles)
Frederick Henry (Prince of Wales)
Frederick Henry (Wales, Prince)
Harri Stuart
Hendrik Frederik Stuart
Henri Frédéric (prince de Galles)
Henri-Frédéric Stuart
Henri (prince de Galles)
Henric Frederick, Prinț de Wales
Henricus Fridericus (prince de Galles)
Henricus Fridericus (Prince of Wales)
Henricus Fridericus (Wales, Prince)
Henrie (prince de Galles)
Henrie (Prince of Wales)
Henrie (Wales, Prince)
Henrijs Frederiks
Henrik Fridrik, princ od Velsa
Henrique Stuart, Príncipe de Gales
Henry Frederick
Henry Frederick (England, Prince)
Henry Frederick (England, Prinz)
Henry Frederick (Prince of Wales)
Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales (British noble, 1594-1612)
Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales (Prince of Wales)
Henry Frederick, prins av Wales
Henry Frederick (prins van Wales)
Henry Frederick Stuart
Henry Frederick Stuart, Prince of Wales (Thronfolger Englands und Schottlands)
Henry Frederick (Wales, Prince)
Henry Frederick (Wales, Prinz)
Henry Frederick (принц уэльский)
Henry (prince de Galles)
Henry (Prince of Wales)
Henry (prins van Wales)
Henry Stuart (prince de Galles)
Henry Stuart (Prince of Wales)
Henry Stuart (Wales, Prince)
Henry (Wales, Prince)
Henry (принц уэльский; 1594-1612)
Henryk Fryderyk ((książe Walii ;)
Henryk Fryderyk Stuart
Jindřich Frederik Stuart
Stuart, Henri-Frédéric (prince de Galles)
Stuart, Henry Frederick
Stuart, Henryk Fryderyk
Генрих Фредерик Стюарт, принц Уэльский
Генрых Фрэдэрык Сцюарт
הנרי פרדריק, נסיך ויילס
هنري ستيوارت
هنری فردریک استوارت
เฮนรี เฟรเดอริก เจ้าชายแห่งเวลส์
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Anna (England, Königin, 1574-1619; 1574-1619; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Antonius (1611))
Bond, John (1550-1612))
Elisabeth (Pfalz, Kurfürstin, 1596-1662; 1596-1662; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Horace (0065-0008 av. J.-C.))
Jakob (I.; England, König; 1566-1625; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Jakub I (król Anglii ; (1566-1625))
james i king of england
Karl (I.; England, König; 1600-1649; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Lennard, Samson (15..-1633))
Mommaert, Jan (1560?-1631?))
Norton, John (15..-1612))
Thiboust, Veuve de Claude (1641?-171.?))
Wilks T. Timothy
Zubler, Leonhard (1563-1609))
acct. of the baptism, life, death and funeral of the most incomparable Prince Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1751:, An
Chesters triumph in honor of her prince As it was performed vpon S. Georges Day 1610. in the foresaid citie
Echo, dialogus de institutione principis ad Henricum Fridericum Stuardum Britanniarum Principem... per Ioannem Gordonium Britanno-Scotum.
Iacobi Primi Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ, Et Hiberniæ Regis fidei defensoris, &c. Basilikon Dōron : Sive Regia Institvtio Ad Henricvm Principem primogenitum Filium suum, & hæredem proximum.
Novum instrumentum geometricum
Novvm Instrvmentvm Geometricvm : Qvo Rervm Mensvrabilivm Longiudo, Altitudo, Latitudo & Profunditas, hactenus inaudito compendio, etiam ab Arithmeticæ imperitis, quam certissime mensurantur
Of wisdome three bookes written in French by Peter Charron ... Translated by Samson Lennard.
perspective, avec la raison des ombres et miroirs. Par Salomon de Caus ingenieur du serenissime Prince de Galles, dedie a son altesse., La
Prince Henry revived image and exemplarity in early modern England
princes looking glasse, or A princes direction, very requisite and necessarie for a Christian prince, to view and behold himselfe in containing sundrie, wise, learned, godly, and princely precepts and instructions, excerpted and chosen out of that most Christian, and vertuous Basilikon dōron, or his Maiesties instructions to his dearest sonne Henrie the prince, and translated into Latin and English verse (his Maiesties consent and approbation beeing first had and obtained thereunto) for the more delight and pleasure of the said prince now in his young yeares: by William Willymat, A
Q. Horatius Flaccus, Scholiis sive annotationibus, instar commentarii, Illustratus a Joanne Bond