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British Museum., Department of Manuscripts
British Museum Dept. of Manuscripts
British Museum London Department of Manuscripts
Department of Manuscripts
Reino Unido British Museum Department of Manuscripts
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British Library Dept. of Manuscripts (see also from)
British Museum London (see also from)
Herbert, J. A.
Herbert, John Alexander
Kenyon, Frederic G.
Kenyon, Frederic George
Scott, Edward John Long
Warner, George F.
Warner, George Frederic
Additions to the manuscripts in the British Museum in ...
Aufzeichnungen des Michelangelo Buonarroti im Britischen Museum in London und im Vermächtnis Ernst Steinmann in Rom;, Die
British Museum catalogue of additions to the manuscripts., The
British museum Shakespeare exhibition, 1923.
Catálogo de documentos sevillanos que se conservan en el Museo Británico.
Catalogo di manoscritti italiani esistenti nel Museo britannico di Londra.
Catálogo dos manuscritos portugueses ou relativos a Portugal existentes no Museu britânico
Catalogue of additions to the manuscripts in the British Museum in the years ...
Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the British Museum.
Catalogue of manuscript music in the British Museum
Catalogue of manuscripts in the British museum. New Series. Volume 1.
Catalogue of romances in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum
catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the British museum, A
Catalogue of the fifty manuscripts & printed books bequeathed to the British museum by Alfred H. Huth.
catalogue of the Harleian Collection of manuscripts, A : purchased by authority of Parliament for the use of the publick, and preserved in the British Museum
catalogue of the Harleian manuscripts in the British Museum. With indexes of persons, places, and matters., A
catalogue of the Lansdowne manuscripts in the British Museum. With indexes of persons, places, and matters., A
Catalogue of the literary papyri in the British Museum
Catalogue of the manuscript maps, charts, and plans, and of the topographical drawings in the British Museum.
catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian Library deposited in the British Museum., A
Catalogue of the Stowe manuscripts in the British Museum.
Catalogue of western manuscripts in the old Royal and King's collections
catalogues of the manuscript collections in the British Museum, The
Catalogus librorum mss. Bibliothecae Harleianae
Classical texts from papyri in the British Museum : including the newly discovered poems of Herodas
Early Gothic illuminated manuscripts in England
Early stamped bookbindings in the British museum; descriptions of 385 blind-stamped bindings of the XIIth-XVth centuries in the departments of manuscripts and printed books
Facsimiles of ancient charters in the British museum.
Facsimiles of royal and other charters in the British Museum ...
Fragments of the Iliad of Homer from a Syriac palimpsest.
Greek papyri in the British Museum : catalogue, with texts
Guía de documentos para la historia de México en archivos ingleses (siglo XIX)
guide to a select exhibition of Cottonian manuscripts in celebration of the tercentenary of the death of Sir Robert Cotton, 6 May 1931., A
guide to the manuscripts, autographs, charters, seals, illuminations and bindings exhibited in the Department of manuscripts and in the Grenville library. With twenty plates., A
[Hērōdou Mimiamboi (romanized form)]. Herodas facsimile of papyrus CXXXV in the British museum.
Index to the additional manuscripts : with those of the Egerton collection, preserved in the British Museum, and acquired in the years 1783-1835.
Index to the charters and rolls in the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum
Index to the contents of the Cole manuscripts in the British museum
Index to the Sloane manuscripts in the British Museum
Letters of Philip Gawdy of West Harling, Norfolk, and of London to various members of his family, 1579-1616
library of Sir Simonds D'Ewes, The
List of additions to the manuscripts in the British Museum in the years ...
Manuscript materials in the British museum for the history of the United States to 1783 ...
Miniatures and borders from the Book of Hours of Bona Sforza, Duchess of Milan, in the British Museum with introduction
Nelson memorandum., The
poems of Bacchylides; facsimile of papyrus DCCXXXIII in the British museum., The
Relação dos manuscriptos portuguezes e estrangeiros, de interesse para o Brazil, existentes no Museo britannico de Londres
Reproductions from illuminated manuscripts. Series I[-III].
student's guide to the manuscripts of the British museum, A
Studies in the glossators of the Roman law. Newly discovered writings of the 12th century.
Studies in the glossators of the Roman law; newly discovered writings of the twelfth century
world's great manuscripts; fac-similes of royal, historical, literary and other autograph documents, from the reign of Henry the Fifth down to our own times., The