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Tiamat Grupo musical (Musical group or band)
Tiamat (Musical group or band)
began 1989
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Edlund, Johan
Edlund, Johan (hasMember)
Ekstrand, Niklas (hasMember)
Hagel, Johnny (hasMember)
Iwers, Anders (hasMember)
Lacuna Coil
Petersson, Thomas (hasMember)
Roos, Kenneth (hasMember)
Sköld, Lars (hasMember)
Theatre of Tragedy
Type 0 Negative
2005-01-12: E-Klub, Budapest, Hungary
25th Floor
Altar Flame
Alteration X 10
Am in Love With Myself, I
Am the King (Of Dreams), I
Ancient Entity
Angel Holograms
Angels Far Beyond
Apothesis of Morbidity
Ar (ind. mix), The
Ar (radio cut), The
Ark of the Covenant: The Complete Century Media Years, The
As Long as You Are Mine (Lodmalm’s Coctail Club a Go-Go mix)
Astral Sleep / In the Eyes of Death, The
Atlantis as a Lover
Beauty in darkness
Before Another Wilbury Dies
Best Friend Money Can Buy
best of 1999, The
Blessed by the night
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Alteration X 10 (studio)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Angel Holograms (live)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Brighter Than the Sun (videoclip)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Cain (videoclip)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Cold Seed (videoclip)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Comments and Interview
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Do You Dream of Me? (animated video)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Gaia (videoclip)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Phantasma Deluxe (live)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: The Ar (live)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Undressed (live)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Vote for Love (videoclip)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Whatever That Hurts (videoclip)
Bonus: The History of Tiamat: Where the Serpents Ever Dwell (live)
Born to Die
Brighter Than the Sun (Bullsrun mix)
Brighter Than the Sun (Bullsun remix)
Brighter Than the Sun (radio edit)
Cain (radio edit)
Captain Howdy
Caress of Stars, A
Carry Your Cross and I'll Carry Mine
Children of the Underworld
Church of Tiamat, The
Clouds / The Sleeping Beauty: Live in Israel
Cold Last Supper
Cold seed
Commandments : An anthology
Dark nights best in gothic metal
Dark summer
Darkness is thy kingdom
Dead Boys’ Choir
deeper kind of slumber - Clouds two originals, A
Desolate One, The
Divided (edit)
Do You Dream of Me?
Dust Is Our Fare
Equinox of the Gods
For Her Pleasure (edit)
Forever Burning Flames
Four Leary Biscuits
Gaia (video edit)
Garden of Heathen, The
Heaven of High
However You Look at It You Lose
In a Dream
In the eyes of death
In the Shrines of the Kingly Dead
Intro: Sumerian Cry, Part 1
Judas Christ
Katarraktis apo aima
Lady Temptress
Light in Extension
Live in Poland: As Long as You Are Mine
Live in Poland: Brighter Than the Sun
Live in Poland: Cain
Live in Poland: Children of the Underworld
Live in Poland: Clovenhoof
Live in Poland: Cold Seed
Live in Poland: Gaia
Live in Poland: I Am in Love With Myself
Live in Poland: In a Dream
Live in Poland: Love Is as Good as Soma
Live in Poland: The Sleeping Beauty
Live in Poland: To Have and Have Not
Live in Poland: Vote for Love
Live in Poland: Whatever It Hurts
Live in Poland: Wings of Heavon
Love in Chains
Love Is as Good as Soma
Love Terrorists
Lucy (Demon mix)
Malicious Paradise, The
Messinian Letter
Mount Marilyn
Mountain of Doom
Music Control
Musical History of Tiamat, The
Mystic sounds
Necrophagious Shadows
Neo Aeon (intro)
Nocturnal Funeral
On Golden Wings
Only in My Tears It Lasts (The Cat mix)
Orkus presents "The best of 1999"
Pentagram, The
Phantasma De Luxe
Pocket Size Sun, A
Radiant Star
Raining Dead Angels
Red of the Morning Sun, The
Return of the Son of Nothing, The
Scapegoat, The
Scarred People (edit), The
Seal (outro), The
Set the Control for the Heart of the Sun
Sign of the Pentagram, The
Skeleton Skeletron / For Her Pleasure
Sleeping Beauty: Live in Israel, The
Sleeping (in the Fire)
Smell of Incense
So Much for Suicide
Southernmost Voyage, The
Sumer by Night
Sumerian Cry, Part 3
Summertime Is Gone
Sun Also Rises, The
Sympathy for the Devil
temple of the crescent moon, The
Ten Thousand Tentacles
Thirst Snake
Three Leary Biscuits
Thunder & Lightning
To Have and Have Not
Too Far Gone
Trillion Zillion Centipedes
Triple Cross
Truth's for Sale (edit), The
Until the Hellhounds Sleep Again
Via dolorosa
Visionaire (remixed long form version)
Vote for Love (radio edit)
We came to dance
Whatever That Hurts (live)
Whatever That Hurts (video edit)
When You’re In
Where the Serpents Ever Dwell / Outro: Sumerian Cry, Part 2
Whores of Babylon, The
Wildhoney / Gaia
Will They Come?
Wings of Heaven
Winter Dawn
Winter Shadow, A
Contributed to or performed: 
13th Street: The Sound of Mystery
21st Century Media Blitz
21st Century Media Blitz, Volume 2
Art of Sysyphus Vol. 12, The
Beauty in Darkness
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 4
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 6
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 7
Best of Dark Visions
Bloodlines: The Seeds of Rebellion
Bodyhorst Popshow 4
Call on the Dark 2
Call on the Dark, Volume 2
Carry Your Cross and I Will Carry Mine
Century Media From the Vault Sampler
Century Media X
Compilation Rock Hard 76
Cover It Up, Volume 2
Crossing All Over! Volume 10
Cut's You Up - The Complete Dark 80's Cover Compilation
Dark Roses: 36 Mystic and Electropop Romantics
Dark Side of Wacken, The
Darkness Is Thy Kingdom: A Journey Into Dark-Metal Sounds, Volume 2
Darkness We Feel
Dead Poem, A
Dynamo Open Air 10th Anniversary
Elegy Sampler 7
Elegy, Numéro 6
Extreme Clubhits V
Gothic / Dark Wave Collection
Gothic Compilation, Part XVI
Gothic File 04
Gothic Love
Gothic Love Ballads
Gothic Romance 3
Gothic Romance 6
Gothic Spirits 16
Gothic Spirits 17
Gothic Spirits 3
Gothic Spirits 5
Gothic Spirits 8
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 61
Hear Ya: The Caroline Distribution CD Sampler, I
Hidden Freshness
Ich zahl' nicht mehr! Heavy, Volume 2
Identity 6: Behold Another World
Identity Four
Identity! Priced to Sell
Identity?! Soundtrack for the Lost Generation
In a Gothic Spirit
In the Eyes of Death
Kiss From a Vampire, A
Knuckletracks IV
Large Compilation CD #2
M'Era Luna Festival 2009
M'era Luna Festival 2011
Masters of Brutality, Volume 2
Masters of Rock 2009
Matrix 2, The
Metal Edition
Metal Hammer Razor (issue 180)
Metal Hammer Series: The Hunt for Today’s Metal, Vol. 1
Metal Hammer, Maximum Metal, Volume 144
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 23
Metal Years: Gothic Doom, The
Metalopolis, Volume 4
Monsters of Metal: The Ultimate Metal Compilation Double DVD
Musikexpress 5
Napalm Records All Stars
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series, Volume 19
Orkus Club Hits 1
Orkus Compilation XI
Orkus Presents: The Best of 1999
Orkus Presents: The Best of the 90s, Volume 1
Projections of a Stained Mind
Rock Hard Presents: Monsters of Death
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 18
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 6
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 7
Signs of Life: A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 136
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 32
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume I
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume XV
Swedish Death Metal
Symphonic Metal: Dark & Beautiful VI
Symphonic Metal: Dark & Beautiful VII
Symphonic Metal: Dark & Beautiful VIII
Terrorized, Volume 16
Testimony of a Metal Century
Twilight of the Gods, Volume 1
Unquiet Grave, Volume 4, The
Unquiet Grave: The Ultimate Goth Collection
Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines (Completed OST Revised)
Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines
Visions präsentiert Musik für die Neunziger, Volume 3
Vivamania, Volume 1: The Best of Alternative Music
We Came to Dance, Volume 11
WOA: Full Metal Jukebox, Volume III
Zillo CD-11/2012
Zillo Dark Summer: Best of Goth Open Airs 2000
Zillo Dark Visions Compilation: Die Clip-Highlights von 1989-2009
Zillo: Mystic Sounds, Volume 9
ZilloScope 02/02
ZilloScope 11/03
ZilloScope 2008/05