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Humphrey, Georges (pseudonym)
Humphrey, H.
Humphrey, Hannah
Humphrey, Henry (pseudonym)
active 1774-1817
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Biencourt (18..-18..? donateur)
Gillray, James (1756-1815)
Heideloff, Nicolaus (17..-1837 graveur)
Hennin, Michel (1777-1863)
Lesouëf, Auguste (1829-1906)
Sayer, James (1748-1823)
Vinck, Carl de (1859-19.)
Anecdote maçonnique Abregé de l'histoire du Comte Arabe [estampe]
Avocat de la Republique [estampe]
Bishop of a tun's breches or The Flaming Eveque, purifying the House of Office... [estampe]
Boureau [estampe]
Buonaparte hearing of Nelson's victory swears by his sword to extirpate the English from the earth see Buonaparte's speech to the French army at Cairo ; publish'd by authority of the Directory in Volney's letters [estampe]
Buonaparte leaving Egypt For an illustration of the above, see the Intercepted Letters from the Republican General Kleber... [estampe]
Camille Desmoulins anglice Joe Miller, orateur vif et sans culotte [estampe]
Democrat, or Reason & Philosophy [estampe], A
Destruction of the French collossus [estampe]
Dumourier dining in state at St James's, on the 15th of May 1793 [estampe]
Egalité, ci devant noble [estampe]
Egyptian Sketches extracted from the Portfolio of an ingenious young Artist attached to the Institut National at Cairo, which was found on board a Tartane intercepted on its Voyage to Marseilles [estampe]
Exit Liberté à la françois ! or Buonaparte closing the farce of Egalité, at St Cloud near Paris Nov.r 10th 1799 [estampe]
Fighting for the dunghill or Jack Tar settling Citoyen François [estampe]
French democrats surprizing the royal runaways [estampe]
French gentleman of the Court of Louis XVIth, A
french hail storm - or - Neptune loosing sight of the Brest Fleet, A
French invasion or John Bull bombarding the bum-boats [estampe]
French-telegraph making signals in the dark [estampe]
German-luxury or Repos à l'allemande [estampe]
Glorious reception of the ambassador of Peace on his entry into Paris [estampe]
Habits of new French legislators, and other public functionaries [estampe]
Heroic Charlotte la Cordé upon her trial.... [estampe]
High German method of destroying vermin at Rat-Stadt... [estampe]
Infanterie Francaise en Egypte - Le Genéral L'Asne converted to Ibrahim Bey [estampe], L'
John Bull, baited by the dogs of excise
John Bull taking a lunchen or British cramming old grumble-gizzard with bonne chère [estampe]
Juge de paix [estampe]
Juge du tribunal correctionnel [estampe]
"L'Insurrection de l'Institut amphibie" the Pursuit of knowledge [estampe]
Louis the 16th and his family [estampe]
Loyal toast [estampe]
Magnanimous ally painted at Petersburg 1799 [estampe]
Mamlouk et hussard republicain general result of Buonaparte's attack upon Ibrahim Bey's rearguard [estampe]
Masonic anecdote, A
Membre de la Haute Cour de justice [estampe]
Membre du Directoire Exécutif [estampe]
Membres du Conseil des Cinq Cents [estampe]
Ministre d'Etat, en grand costume [estampe]
Nelson's victory or Good news operating upon loyal feelings [estampe]
Paris belle Des tetes ! - du sang ! - la mort ! - à la lanterne ! - à la guillotine. - pont de Reine ! - je suis la deesse de la liberté ! - l'egalite ! - que Londres soit brulê ! - que Paris soit libre ! - vive la guillotine ! [estampe], A
petit souper, a la parisienne, Un : - or - a Family of sans-culotts refreshing, after the fatigues of the day [estampe]
Politeness with porter roast beef & plumb pudding wellcram'd'Jack English declares that Mons.r may be d - d. The soup meagre Frenchman such language dont suit. So he grins indignation & calls him a brute [estampe]
Practor urbanus : "Inauguration of the Coptic mayor of Cairo", preceded by the Procureur de la Commune [estampe]
President d'administration municipale [estampe]
[Recueil. Oeuvre de H. Humphrey]
Rights of man" or Tommy Paine, the little American taylor, taking the measure of the crown for a new pair of Revolution-breeches [estampe], "The
Robespierre [estampe]
Sans-culottes feeding Europe with the bread of Liberty [estampe]
Shrine at S.T Ann's Hill [estampe]
State of the War or the Monkey-Race in danger [estampe]
Storm rising, or the Republican Flotilla in danger [estampe]
Taking physick or the news of shooting the King of Sweden !... [estampe]
Théologie à la turque the Pale of the Church of Mahomet [estampe]
"Tirailleur français et chevau léger de l'armée du pacha de Rhodes" evolutions of French mounted riflemen [estampe]
Trésorier [estampe]
Zenith of French glory, the Pinnacle of Liberty Religion, Justice, Loyalty, & all the bugbears of unenlighten'd minds, farewell [estampe]