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AC/DC Groupe musical (Musical group or band)
AC/DC Musical group (Musical group or band)
AC/DC (Musical group or band)
began 1973-11
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
bibliographic antecedent
Related names: 
Agresta, Ralph
Bailey, Rob (hasMember)
Burgess, Colin (hasMember)
Clack, Peter (hasMember)
Evans, Dave (hasMember)
Evans, Mark (hasMember)
Johnson, Brian
Johnson, Brian (hasMember)
Kriedt, van Larry (hasMember)
Rudd, Phil (hasMember)
Scott, Bon
Scott, Bon (hasMember)
Slade, Chris (hasMember)
Taylor, Noel (hasMember)
The Rolling Stones
Williams, Cliff (hasMember)
Wright, Simon (hasMember)
Young, Angus (1955-)
Young, Angus (hasMember)
Young, Malcolm
Young, Malcolm (hasMember)
Young, Stevie (hasMember)
12 of the Best
1976-12-18: A Giant Doze of Rock ’n’ Roll: Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
1978-08-21: Boston Babies Play Live: Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA, USA
1978-09-10: Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH, USA
1979-10-16: Living in the Hell: Towson, MD, USA
1979-11-02: The Angus Cha Cha!! London, UK
1979-11-12: Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1981-02-27: Myers Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia
1982-10-16: Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
1986-02-15: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Västra Götaland
1991-03-28: Tour de Force: Palais Omnisport Paris Bercy, Paris, France
1995-01-15: Rock in Rio: Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1996 Ballbreaker Australian Tour EP
2000 Collection
2003-03-07: The Howard Stern Show: New York, NY, USA
2007 Gold Edition
2009-11-27: Black Ice Tour: Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil
2010-02-04: Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
2016-09-14: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA
3 Live Tracks
3 Record Set
5 Titres inédits en concert
'74 jailbreak
AC/DC anthology.
AC/DC backtracks.
AC/DC Gold 2000
AC/DC in the 20th Century
AC/DC Live Special Collector's Edition
AC/DC London Interview 1976 & 1977
AC/DC Remasters, The
AC/DC Talks About the Tragic Death of Bon Scott
ac dc terapia wstrzasowa
AC/DC Tour Animation (Bonus Features)
ACDC Baltimore '79
Advert For Phoenix Radio Show Week End
Aftershocks 1983
Age of Giants
Ain’t It Just Like a Woman
Ain’t No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire)
All Because of You
All My Friends Are Gonna Be There Too
All Screwed Up
Alles oder light
Allright Tonite
Alright Tonight (demo)
Alright Tonight (Studio outtake, 1988)
Alternating Current
And Then There Was Rock - Life Before Brian (AC/DC Unauthorised, 1973-1980) Introduction
Angus Country Jam (1988)
Angus Hanger
Angus Played In Piano
Angus Young Guitar Solo
Angus Young Interview / NDR 2 "Club" 27.01.1986
Anything Goes
Are You Ready? The Very Best Of
At the Pavillon in Paris
Audience / Solo
Axl or Bust
B.S. We Love You!
Baby Please Don't Go (Live at the Agora Ballroom (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Baby Please Don't Go (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Baby, Please Don't Go (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
Baby Please Don´t Go
Back in Black (Die Krupps remix)
Back In Black (Dirty Dub Hole)
Back in Black (Fisk remix)
Back In Black (Instrumental)
Back in Black (live 1981)
Back in Black (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Back in Black (Magic Mike remix)
Back in Black (original Unreleased version)
Back In Black (Powerpack Vocal Mix)
Back In Black (The Dirty Funker Remixes)
Back in Black (The Videos)
Back in Business
Back in Melbourne
Back seat confidential
Back to School Days
Backfire: The Rare Tracks Live
Backstage With Bon Scott
Bad Boy Boggie
Bad Boy Boogie (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Bad Boy Boogie (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Bad Boy (instrumental)
Bad Boyboogie
Ball breaker
Ballbreaker (live)
Ballbreaker Tour Intro Film (Beavis And Butthead)
Ballbreakers: 17 Classic Tracks
Baptism by Fire
Bassology of AC/DC
BBC Concert 1980
BBC Session
BBC Sessions
BBC Tapes, The
Be My Valentine
Beating Around the Bush
Beavis and Butthead
Bedlam In Belgium (Live)
Best 2000, The
Best of 2
Best of AC/DC., The
Big balls
Big Gun (Soundtrack Only)
Big Gun (video version)
Big Jack, The
Biographie 1, Die
Biographie 10, Die
Biographie 11, Die
Biographie 12, Die
Biographie 13, Die
Biographie 2, Die
Biographie 3, Die
Biographie 4, Die
Biographie 5, Die
Biographie 6, Die
Biographie 7, Die
Biographie 8, Die
Biographie 9, Die
Black Cat Woman
Black Money Rules in Sin City
Black Philly Ice
Blow up your video
Bon Give a Stiff Whiskey-Cola
Bon Mini-Interview
Bon, Please Don't Go
Bon's Ultimate Volts
Bon Scott & Angus Young Interview
Bon Scott Archives - Classic Broadcast Recordings From the 1970s, The
Bon Scott Broadcast Interview
Bon Scott Forever 3
Bon Scott Forever 4
Bon Scott Forever 7
Bon Scott Forever 9
Bon Scott Forever II
Bon Scott Hits
Bon Scott Interview 1977
Bon Scott Interview 1979
Bon Scott Rarities
Bon Scott Reported Dead
Bon Scott Years (Rare Songs & Interviews)
Bon Scott Years, The
Bon speaks to Boston
Bonfire Sampler
Bonny / Highway to Hell (live)
Boogie man
Boom Boom Boom - Dimples (unplugged)
Boom Box
Booze Blues N' Tattoos
Borrowed Time (Official Studio Recording, 1988)
Boston Tea Party
Box Set
Brain Shake
Breaking the Rules
Brian in White
Brian Interview 1980
Brian Johnson Hits
Brian Johnson Years
Brian Played (?) In Piano
Brians Shake (Rehersals)
Burnin’ Alive
Burning Alive
Can Hear the Raindrops, I
Can I Sit Next to You, Girl? (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
Can I Sit Next to You Girls
Can’t Dance With You, I
Can’t Stand Still
Can’t Stop Rock ’n’ Roll
Can You Do It
Carey Gully (Radio Version)
Carey Gully (Single Version)
Carry Me Home (studio outtake)
Caught With Your Pants Down
Chart Success
Chase the Ace
Closing Credits
"Coca Cola Jingles" (long version)
Cold Hearted Man (not available on CD before)
Cold Hearted Man (outtake, 1978)
Collection, The
Collector’s Crate
Come and Get It
Complete Soundboard Collection With Bon Scott 1976-1979, The
(Continue) She's Got the Jack
Contre Attack (instrumental)
Contre Attak (instrumental)
Cover You in Oil
Crabsody in Blue (Let There Be Rock outtakes, 1977)
Crapsody in Blue
crowd noise
Cyberspace (B-Side)
Cyberspace (Non Lp Track)
Cyberspace (Official Studio Recording, 2000)
D.T. (Intro / unreleased movie version)
Damned (Bonus Track)
Danger / Back in Business
Death City (instrumental)
Deep in the Hole
Definitely Not The Glimmer Twins
Definitive Collection, Volume I: The Best of Bon, The
Demon Drive
Desert Sands (Angus & Malcom live Life Is Hard Band)
Dirty Big Balls
Dirty Deeds at Irvine Madows
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Highway to Hell
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live 1977)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live at Donnington)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (original Australian release)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap
Dirty Dees Done Dirt Cheap
Dirty Eyes (Early version of "Whole Lotta Rosie", Completely Different)
Dirty Eyes (outtake 1977)
Dirty Words
Document, The
Dog Eat Dog (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Dogs of War
Don’t Do That
Don’t Shoot Me
Down in the Borderline (B-Side)
Down on the Borderlin (Eofficial Studio Recording, 1988)
Down on the Borderline (B-Side)
Down On The Borderline (Brian Johnson)
Down on the Borderline (studio outtake)
Down Payment Blues
Electric Lady
Electric Shock
Electro Shock Therapy
Emission Control
Encore Break (Crowd)
End Credits
Endless Rock (instrumental)
Every Day I Have to Cry
Every Day You Have to Cry
Evil walks
Family jewels
Fan, The Roadie, The Guitar Tech & The Meat (Bonus Features), The
Finding the Formula
Fire your guns
First Blood (live 1985)
First Sparks, The
Flick of the switch
Flick On The Switch (Live)
Flick On The Switch (Rehersals)
Flies on the Soundboard
Flight Thing (instrumental)
Fling Thing / Rocker
Fling Thing (very rare instrumental song)
Fly on the Wall (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Fly on Tour
Flying Thing
For Bon Far Gone
For Those About to Rock (Black Metal mix)
For Those About To Rock (Instrumental)
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (live)
For Those About to Xcel
Fort Lauderdale 6th September 1977
Francis Was a Rocker
Freezing Point
French TV Advert For New Album "Stiff Upper Lip"
Frensh Fun TV Advert For New Album "Stiff Upper Lip"
From Here to Fraternity
Furor, The
Geordie Stomp
German Narration Parody
Get It Hot (Early version, Different Lyrics & Vocals)
Getting Off
Giganten des Rock
Gimme a Bullet
Girl's Got Rhythm
Girls Got a Rhythm
Girls Got Rhythm, The
Girls Got Rythm
Girls Got The Rhythm
Give It Up
Given the Dog a Bone
Gloria (Them's Cover)
Go Down
Go Zone
Going To The Jail 1973 (Bon Scott Demos)
Gold Album 1974–2000
Gold: Greatest Hits Live
Golden Ballads
Goldene serie
Gone Shooten
Gone Shootin' (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Gone Shooting
Gonorrhea Intro / She's Got the Jack
Goodbye & Good Riddance to Bad Luck
Goodbye Love
Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
Got You by the Balls
Grab Hold of This One!
Greatest Hell’s Hits
Greatest Hits: Platinum Collection ’2003
Greatest Songs
Guitar Band
Guitar Solo
Guns for Hire (live 1983)
Guns for Hire (live version)
Guns For Hire (Rehersals)
Hail Caesar (live)
Hall Ceasar
Hard as a Rock (live Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid, July, 10, 1996)
Hard as a Rock (video clip)
Hard Times
Have a drink on me
Heat Seaker
Heatseeker (Studio outtake, 1988)
Hell ain't a bad place to be : In memory of Bon Scott
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (live 1991)
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Hell Ain't No Bad Place to Be
Hell Best
Hell or High Water
Hell's Bell
Hell's Bells (instrumental)
Hell's Bells / What Do You Do for Money Honey
Hell's Radio (The Legendary Broadcasts)
Hellbillyditty (Studio outtake)
Hells Bells (Interview And Live) (Countdown Brussels January 1981)
Hells Bells (short remix)
High voltage electro club remixes
High Voltage - High Voltage
High Voltage (Live at the Agora Ballroom (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
High Voltage (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
High Voltage (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
High Voltage (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
High Voltage (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
High Voltage (long version)
High Voltage Rock and Roll
High Voltage Rock N Roll
High Voltage (video version)
Highway To Hammersmith
Highway to Hell (1979, FM Broadcast)
Highway To Hell (Including Bonny Intro) (Live)
Highway To Hell (Instrumental)
Highway to Hell (Legran & Alex Rosco 2014 remix)
Highway to Hell (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Highway to Hell (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Highway To Hell (Live) Maxi Single
Highway To Hell (Marvin Vogel Remix)
Highway to Hell (radio edit)
Highway to Hell (Sigue Sputnik remix)
Highway to Hell (Whisky version)
Hold Me Back
Honey Roll, The
House of Jazz
HR3 - Radio - Jingle
I'm a Rocker (1977, FM Broadcast)
If You Dare
If You Want Blood (You've Got It)/Let There Be Rock [Live at Towson State College] (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) (promo clip, 1979)
In the Studio
Inject the Venom
Interview I (Sydney Airport April 1976)
Interview II (Covent Garden London July 1976)
Interview III/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Promo Film Melbourne Radio December 1976)
Interview (Monsters Of Rock Castle Donington Park August 1984)
Intro / Back in Black
Intro (BBC Recordings)
Intro (Benefit Show)
Intro / Bon Scott Interview
Intro Cartoon
Intro DJ
Intro (Love Song)/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977]
Iron man 2
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - High Voltage
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock'n'Roll)
It's A Long Way To The Top (Long Version)
It’s a Long Way to the Top (Mission UK remix)
It's Along Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock And Roll)
It Smells Rock 'N Roll
J Files, The
Jack (Gonorrhea intro), The
Jack - High Voltage, The
Jack (Instrumental), The
Jack (Live at the Agora Ballroom (Re-Mastered Radio Recording), The
Jack (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording), The
Jack (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording), The
Jack (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985), The
Jack (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording), The
Jack (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977), The
Jack (Long Version), The
Jack (She's Got), The
Jailbreak (1974, FM Broadcast)
Jailbreak (live 1985)
Jailbreak (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
Jailbreak (video version)
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Goode (07.07.1979; Sioux Falls, Arena - With Cheap Trick)
Johnny Be Goode (live Bon Scott)
Jupiter's Landscape
Kicked in Teeth Again
Kicked in the Teeth (different intro)
Kicked in the Teeth (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Kissin’ Dynamite
Lack, The
Landslide (Live)
Let It Loos
Let It Loose (demo)
Let It Loose (Studio outtake, 1988)
Let Me Put You My Love Into You
Let's Get It Up / Back in Black (Recorded live 1981)
Let's Get It Up (live 1982)
Let’s Make It
Let There Be Rock (1978, FM Broadcast)
Let There Be Rock (Instrumental)
Let There Be Rock (live 1981)
Let There Be Rock (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Let There Be Rock - Recorded Live in Budapest
Let There Be Rock: The Movie, Live in Paris
Let There Be Rock (with Angus Young guitar solo)
Lets Get It Up
Life Wire
Limited Edition 3 Live Tracks
Little Background Music), (A
Little Lover
Live And Interview IV (Australian Music To The World Atlanta GA August 1978)
Live at Cleveland Agora 1977
Live at Donington
Live at River Plate
Live at the Apocalypse
Live From the Atlantic Studios
Live Hammersmith Apollo 1979
Live In Buenos Aires '96 Vol. 1
Live In Buenos Aires '96 Vol. 2
Live In Nashville, August 8th 1978
Live in Oakland
Live Mayfair
Live on Air 1974-79 - Hell's Highway
Live Rosie
live sound recording
Live (special collector’s edition)
Live Super 8 Bootleg Film (Theatre De Verdure Nice December 1979)
Live Thunder
Live Thunderstruck
Live USA
Live Wire 2
Live Wire (cut)
Live Wire - High Voltage
Live Wire (Live at the Agora Ballroom) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Live Wire (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Live Wire (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Live Wire (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Live Wire (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
Live Wire (Wired remix)
Living in Hell
Locked and Loaded
London Calling
Love at First Feel
Love Bomb
Love Hungry Man
Love Makes Sweet Music
Love Song Intro
Love Songs
Lucille (25.01.1981; Brussels, Vorst Nationale)
Lucille (live With Brian Johnson)
Making of Hard as a Rock (documentary), The
Making of Rock 'n' Roll Train, The
Making of “Shoot to Thrill” Music Video, The
Mannish Boy
Mean Streak
Melbourne 1974
Meltdown Summer Sampler
Messin' With the Kid
Miller Time
Miss Adventure
Mistrees for Christmas
Mistress for Christmas
Money Made
Money Talks
More Bon's Ultimate Volts
Nervous Shakedown (Rehersals)
Nervous Skakedown
New York 1977
Nick of Time (live)
Nicked in the Teeth
Night of the Long Knives
Night Prowler (Vitamin DDT remix)
No Bull Directors Cut - Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas, Madrid
No Bull: Live - Plaza De Toros, Madrid
No Bull (The Directors Cut)
No Stop Signs
Nulle Part Ailleurs LIVE 01
Old Waldorf Theatre San Francisco
Only the Strong Survive
Original Radio Story About Bon's Death
Outro DJ
Paradise Theatre Boston 1978
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E
Party's Over, The
Peculiar Hole in the Sky
Pete Drummond (intro)
Pete Drummond (outro)
Platinum Collection 2000
Platinum Hits
Play Ball
Playing With Girls (live 1985)
Plug Me In: Bonus CD
Plug Me in Radio Sampler
Problem Child (1976)
Problem Child (Live at the Agora Ballroom) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Problem Child (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Problem Child (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Problem Child (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Problem Child (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
Problem Child - The Best Of The Bon Scott Years
Probleme Child
Pub for the New Album "Powerage"
Put the Finger on You
R.I.P. (Rock in Peace)
R'n'r's Evil Doll
Radio Interview Angus & Brian 1981
Radio Introduction
Radio Lucifer (The Legendary Broadcasts 1981-1996)
Rare & Greatest
Rare Interview (1978, on Air)
Rare Live Tracks
Rare, Rarer, Rarities, Volume II
Rare Trax
Razor's Edge, The
razors edge, The
Red Eyed Lady
Return Of The Phoenix
Reunion in Dallas
Ride On (13.02.1980; London, Scorpio Studios, With TRUST)
Ride On Baby
Ride On (Bon on Vocals With Trust)
Ride On (Bon's Last Recording With the Band Trust)
Ride On / Interviews
Ride On (jam live, long version)
Ride On (Last Known Bon Scott Recording)
Ride On (Short Version)
Riff Raff (live)
Rising Power (Live)
Rising Power (Rehersals)
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (live, November 1983)
Rock and Roll Damnation
Rock and Roller
Rock Box
Rock in Peace
Rock me baby
Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (1980)
Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (live 1983)
Rock 'N' Roll Damnation / Kicked In The Teeth
Rock ’n’ Roll Damnation (live)
Rock'n Roll Devil
Rock ’n’ Roll Dream
Rock ’n’ Roll Singer
Rock ’n’ Roll Train (video)
Rock N Roll Will Never Die
Rock 'n' Roll Will Survive
Rock or Bust: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, 2016-02-05
Rock the Blues Away
Rock the House
Rock Your Heart Out
Rocker (full version)
Rocker/Guitar Solo (live)
Rocker (Live at the Agora Ballroom (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Rocker (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Rocker (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
Rocker (live radio Broadcast, Atlantic Studio, N.Y., 1977-12-7)
Rocker (live, Tuill Angus solo version)
Rocker (Long Version)
Rockin' In The Parlor (Dave Evans)
Rockin' in the Parlour (1st single B-side)
Rockin'n the Parlor
Rocking All the Way
Rolling Thunder
Roots of AC/DC: Keep On Rocking: The 60’s & 70’s Collection, The
Rosie (Angus Young live With Guns-N-Roses)
Rough and Tough
Round and Round and Round (Bon Scott, 1974)
Round and Round (original version)
Route 666 Complete
Ruff Stuff
Running for Home: The Lost Sydney Broadcast 30th January 1977
Safe in New York City (live)
Satellite Blues
Save in New York City
School Days (Chuck Berry cover)
Seasons of Change
Second Allstate Station
Send for the Man
Sessions, Rarities, B-Sides Vol. 1
[Seventy-four] jailbreak, '74
Shake a Leg (Vinzenzo remix)
Shake your fondations
Shake Your Foundation
Shake your foundations
She Likes Rock ’n’ Roll
She’s a Lady
She’s a Teaser
She's Got Balls (Live at the Agora Ballroom) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
She's Got Balls (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
She's Got the Jack
She Said
Shockingly Rare (2006)
Shook You All Night Long
Shoot to Thrill (Fire mix)
Shoot To Thrill (Instrumental)
Shoot to Thrill (Iron Man 2 video)
Shoot to Thrill (live at Donnington)
Shoot to Thrill (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Shoot to Thrill / War Machine (live at River Plate)
Shooting From the Hip
Shot Down In Flame
Shot Down in Flames (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Shot in the Head (Angus & Malcom With Marcus Hook Band)
Shot of Love
Show business
Sin City (Live at the Paradise Theatre) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Sin City (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Sin City (Rosetta Stone remix)
Sink the Pink (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
Skies on Fire
Smash ’n’ Grab
Snake Eye (B-Side)
Snake Eye (Official Studio Recording, 1983)
Solid gold : Live on air
Some Sin for Nothing
Some Sin for Nuthin’
Sookie Sookie
Sooky Sooky (Bon Scott, 1972)
Soul Stripper (1974, FM Broadcast)
Spoilin’ for a Fight
Stand Up
Stick Around
Stiff in Milwaukee
Stiff Upper Lip (It's A Long Way To The Top Intro)
Stiff Upper Lip (live 2000)
Stiff Upper Lip / Mega Jam
Stiff Upper Lip (Saturday Night Live)
Stiff Upper Lip (US TV Advert)
Stiff Upper Lip World Tour 2000
Stiff Upper Lipp
Stormy May Day
Story of Back in Black, The
Studiobreakers, The
Sun City
Sweet Candy
T.N.T. / Let There Be Rock
T.N.T. (live 1981)
T.N.T. (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
T.N.T. (Live Hobart City Hall, Tasmania, Australia 1977)
T.N.T. (Recorded live With Dave Evans)
T.V. Story About Bon's Death
Tasmanian Devils
That’s the Way I Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll (live)
That's the Way I Wanna Rock'n'Roll (Studio outtake, 1988)
Thats the Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll
Their Hits 1975-1995
There's gonna be some rockin'
They Don't Know Freestyle
This Feelin'
This House Is on Fire (live 1983)
This Means War
Thunder Boogie
Thunder Struck
Thunderball Boogie
Thunderstruck (Crookers remix)
Thunderstruck (live)
TNT (AC/DC Tribute)
To Be a Fly on the Wall
To Know You Is to Love You
Tom Judge (intro)
Touch to Mouch (Highway to Hell outtake, 1977)
Touch Too Much (alt music, lyrics)
Transmission impossible
Tribute to Elmore
Tropical Prison
Twist (Studio outtake)
Two’s Up
Ultimate Volts
Uncut VH1 Studios
Up to My Neck in You (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
USA 77-83
Very Best Of - Hot as Hell - Broadcasting Live, Vol. 1, The
Very Best Of - Hot as Hell - Broadcasting Live, Vol. 2, The
Vulgar Display of Ultra Rare Tracks, A
Walk All Over You (Synical remix)
War Machine / Anything Goes
Warning! High Voltage (Greatest Hits!)
WBCN Radio Intro
WBCN Radio Outro
We’re All Right Now
Westwood One Deluxe Concert
Westwood One Superstars In Concert Series
What do you do for money honey
What’s Next to the Moon
Whiskey on the Rocks
Whisky on the Rocks
Who Made Who (collector mix)
Who Made Who (remix)
Who Made Who (special collectors mix)
Whola Lotta Rosie
Whole Lotta Noise
Whole Lotta Rock 'N' Roll
Whole Lotta Rose
Whole Lotta Rosie (KMFDM remix)
Whole Lotta Rosie (live 1977, FM Broadcast)
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live at the Old Waldorf) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Whole Lotta Rosie/Rocker (Live at Towson State College) (Re-Mastered Radio Recording)
Why Me?
You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me
You Shook Me All Night Long (acoustic version)
You Shook Me All Night Long (extended dance mix)
You Shook Me All Night Long (Instrumental)
You Shook Me All Night Long (live at the Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX 1985)
You Shook Me All Night Long (short remix)
You Shook Me All Night Long (unplugged)
You Stock Me All Night Long
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Reason to Love Hate Dubstep
100 Hits Hard Rock
100 Hits Hard'n'Heavy
100 Hits Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
100 Hits Rock 'n' Roll
100% Dance Party Winter 2014-2015
2003-06-22: Sympathy For The Devil: Live am 22.06.2003 in Hockenheim zum 60. Geburtstag von Mick Jagger: Hockenheim, Germany
2006-01-25: Radio Soulwax Live: Get Yer Yo Yo's Out: Big Day Out: Gold Coast Parklands, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
3‐11 Japan
40 Greatest Metal Songs
70 Greatest Historycal Rock’n’Roll Songs
80’s Giga Hits Collection
80’s Passion
Ace of Spades (Raoul Juke and Fred Gruge remix)
Alias: The Soundtrack: Best of Season 2
Aussie Rules
Australian Hits of the 80's
Avengers (Complete Score), The
Axe Attack
Back in Black
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD4)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD5)
Bad Boy Boogie
Beavis and Butt‐Head Do America
Beavis and Butt‐Head Do America: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Best of Rock: The 50 Biggest Songs of History
Best of the 80's
Best Rock Album in the World… Ever!, The
Big Balls
Blackened Hypno
Body Combat 17
Boom Boom
Boxfresh Presents: A.Skillz & Krafty Kuts
Braun MTV Eurochart: August 1993
Brown Sugar
Buffet Libre Rewind 2
Classic Cuts, Volume 155: Stadium Rock
Classic Cuts: Most Wanted
Classic Rock 1966–1988
Cozmo's Soundtrack
Def Beat Remixes, Volume 6
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
DJ Aristocat, Volume 3
DJ Tools, Volume 4
DMC Complete Rock
Don't Stop
Dope Beat
Drew's Famous A Tribute to: Rocky Horror Picture Show Plus More!
Driving Anthems: The Ultimate Driving Album
Eastbound & Down: Music From Season 2
Edge: Ultimate Rock, The
Elvira’s Hallowen Party
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Get Back vs. Back in Black
Giants of Rock ’n’ Pop
Good Times: 30 Years of Great Australian Rock 'n' Roll
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned: Liberty Rock Radio
Greatest Rock Album in the World (disc 1), The
Heavy Metal 2000 (disc 2)
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
Hells Bells
Hi, My Name Is Hells Bells
Highway to Hell
House M.D.: Season 3
Howard Stern Show: Musical Memories, The
Howard Stern: The Ultimate Live Music Collection
Hyperactive Hits
If You Want Blood
Inc Files, Part 6 (Mixed by Tapemasters Inc.), The
Jack, The
Johnny B Goode
Johnny B. Goode (Bon on Vocals With Cheap Trick)
Just Want to Make Love to You, I
Last Action Hero: Music From the Original Motion Picture
Let There Be Rock
Little Nicky
Live USA
Long Hot Summer, Volume 1
Long Live the Evolution
Looking Back 8
Mashup Series 2 + Some Old Stuff
Mastermix Classic Cuts Presents: The Rock Box
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 123: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 129: Stag Night
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs 06: Rock
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 13
Mastermix: DJ Beats: Halloween
Masters of Metal
Metal Hammer: Maximum Metal, Vol. 115
Mobile Beat #4
MTV Closet Classics
No. 1 Summer Dance Album, The
Nonstop (Original Live)
NU-Clear CD Collection: Rock Music CD, Volume 1
Oz Rock Classics
Ozzfest Sampler 2000
Planet DJ, Volume 4
Presents Radio Soulwax Live – Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out
Presents Radio Soulwax Live: Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out, Pt. 4
Presents Radio Soulwax Live: Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out, Pt. 5
Private Parts: The Album
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, November 2008
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, June 2009
Promo Only: Platinum Series
Rated R (Juke Offering)
Ride On
Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
Rock Me Baby
Rock Phenomenon
Rock Phenomenon: Hip-Hop vs. Rock Mash-Ups
Rock the Funky Beats / Back in Black / Major Tom (Coming Home) / Love Is a Battlefield
Rock This Way
Rock's Greatest Hits Live, Volume 1
Rock’s Greatest Hits Live, Volume 5
Ron Sampler: New Music from Elektra Entertainment Group, The
Schule Für E-Gitarre
Seventies Downunder, Volume 1
Sheer Idiocy 2002 House Mix 2
Sixteen Candles
Slipping Away
Spotlight on Hits! Pop, Volume 13
Start Me Up
Supernatural: The Definitive Soundtrack
Sympathy for the Devil
Tales From Bootleg Oceans, 6th Chapter
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4
Top 100 Allertijden 1997
Toronto Rocks
Trax Australian Made II
Tribal Warfare
Tumbling Dice
Ultimix Medley Collection, Volume 4, The
Uneasy Listening, Volume 1
Whole Lotta Rosie
You Can't Always Get What You Want
You Don't Have to Mean It
You Got Me Rocking
You Shook Me All Night Long