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Feldman, Morton,
Feldman, Morton (American composer, 1926-1987)
Feldman, Morty
Feldmann, Morton
Morton Feldman
Morton Feldman (American composer)
Morton Feldman (americký hudební skladatel)
Morton Feldman (Amerikaans componist (1926-1987))
Morton Feldman (amerikansk komponist)
Morton Feldman (amerikansk kompositör)
Morton Feldman (compositeur américain)
Morton Feldman (compositore statunitense)
Morton Feldman (kompozytor amerykański)
Morton Feldman (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Mortons Feldmens
Мортон Фелдман
Фельдман, Мортон
פלדמן, מורטון
مورتون فلدمن (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
フェルドマン, モートン
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Beckett, Samuel (1906-1989)
brown earle
Cage, John
Col Legno
Feldman, Barbara Monk (1953-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Feldman, Morton (1926-1987)
For 3 flutes, trumpet
Harmonia mundi France
Hat Hut Records Ltd
Hinterhäuser, Markus
Includes instructions for performance
Naxos Digital Services
Radford, Laurie (1958-)
Schleiermacher, Steffen (1960- ))
Straebel, Volker
Tudor, David
Universal Edition
Vigeland, Nils
Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)
Williams, Jan
Williams, Jan (1939-...)
Zimmermann, Walter
BACH in strings
Bass clarinet and percussion
Between categories
Cello and orchestra
Chamber music. Selections
Choral music. Selections
Chorus and instruments 2
Chorus and Instruments II
Chorus and orchestra 2
Christian Wolff in Cambridge
Clarinet and string quartet
Complete Violin|Viola and Piano Works
Composition: 8 Little Pieces
Composition, cello, piano
Coptic light
Crippled Symmetry: At June in Buffalo
Dance Suite (for Merle Marsicano): I
Dance Suite (for Merle Marsicano): II
Dance Suite (for Merle Marsicano): III
Dance Suite (for Merle Marsicano): IV
Dances, piano
Durations 2
Durations 3
Durations 4
Durations III: I. Slow
Durations III: II. Very Slow
Durations III: III. Slow
Durations III: IV. Fast
Durations, no. 1-5
Durations V
Elemental procedures
Eleven instruments
Extensions 1
Extensions 3 Piano
Extensions 4
Extensions 5
Extensions III
Extensions IV
False relationships and the extended ending
First Piano Sonata (To Bela Bartok)
First principles
Five pianos
Flute and orchestra
Followe Thy Faire Sunne
For Aaron Copland
For Bunita Marcus
For Christian Wolff
For Cynthia
For Frank O'Hara
For Franz Kline
For John Cage
For Philip Guston
For Samuel Beckett
For Stefan Wolpe Choeur à 4 voix, vibraphones (2)
For Stockhausen, Cage, Stravinsky and Mary Sprinson
Four instruments (1965)
Four instruments, piano, chimes, violin, cello
Four instruments, piano, violin, viola, cello
Four Songs to e.e. cummings: Air
Four Songs to e.e. cummings: !Blac
Four Songs to e.e. cummings: (Moan)
Four Songs to e.e. cummings: (Sitting in a Tree)
Ghost-like songs and interlude
Give my regards to Eighth Street (Essay)
Illusions: I. Very Fast
Illusions: II. Slow & Tranquil
Illusions: III. Very Fast
Illusions: IV. Very Fast
In search of an orchestration
Instrumental music. Selections
Instruments 1
Instruments 2
Instruments 3
Intermission 3 Piano
Intermission 4 Piano
Intermission 5 Piano
Intermission 6 Piano
Intermission III
Intermission IV
Intermission, no. 1-6
Intermission, no. 2
Intermission, no. 3
Intermission, no. 4
Intermission V
Intermission VI
Intermissions (1950)
Intermissions 3
Intermissions 4
Intermissions 5
Intermissions 6
Intersection 1
Intersection 2 Piano
Intersection 3 Piano
Intersection 4
Intersection IV
Intersection, tape
Intervals: I
Intervals: II
Intervals: III
Intervals: IV
Jackson Pollock 51
Journey to the End of the Night: I
Journey to the End of the Night: II
Journey to the End of the Night: III
Journey to the End of the Night: IV
King of Denmark, The
Kooning, De
Kvartett, stråkar, nr 1
Kwartety. Instrumenty smyczkowe. Nr 1
Lagoe tjondong
(Last Composition) Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (28 May 1987)
Last Pieces: I
Last Pieces: II
Last Pieces: III
Last Pieces: IV
Last pieces Piano
Literary works. Selections
Madame Press died last week at ninety
Marginal intersection
met Heine in the Rue Fürstenberg, I
met Heine on the Rue Fürstemberg, I
met Heine on the Rue Fürstenberg, I
Morton Feldman
Motion picture music. Selections
Music for "Jackson Pollock"
Muzyka fortepianowa (wybór)
Nature Pieces: I
Nature Pieces: II
Nature Pieces: III
Nature Pieces: IV
Nature pieces Piano
Nature Pieces: V
O'Hara Songs: I, The
O'Hara Songs: II, The
O'Hara Songs: III, The
Oboe and orchestra
On time and the instrumental factor
Orchestral Works & Chamber Music
Out of "Last pieces"
Palais de Mari
Patterns in a chromatic field
Piano and orchestra
Piano and string quartet
Piano four hands
Piano music. Selections
Piano piece 1952
Piano piece 1955
Piano Piece (1956 a)
Piano piece 1956 B
Piano Piece (1964)
Piano piece to Philip Guston
Piano three hands
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
Piano, violin, viola, violoncello
Pianos and voices, no. 2
Piece for Four Pianos
Piece for Violin and Piano
Pieces, cello, piano
Pieces, clarinet, violins (2), viola, cello
pièces Clarinette, quatuor à cordes
Pieces, flutes (2), horn, trumpet, violin, cello
Pieces for four pianos
Pieces, piano (1952)
Pieces, piano (1954)
Pieces, piano (1955)
Pieces, piano (1956a)
Pieces, piano (1956b)
Pieces, piano (1963)
Pieces, piano (1964)
Pieces, pianos (2)
Pieces, violin, piano
Possibility of a new work for electric guitar
Principal sound
Projection 1
Projection 3
Projection 4
Projection 5
Projection I
Projection, no. 2
Projections 2
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 2
Quartette Violine (2) Viola Violoncello Nr. 1
Quartette Vl 1 2 Va Vc Nr. 2
Quatuors Cordes
Rabbi Akiba
Rothko Chapel 1
Rothko Chapel 2
Rothko Chapel 3
Rothko Chapel 4
Rothko Chapel 5
Rothko Chapel / Why Patterns?
Routine investigations Piano, hautbois, trompette, alto, violoncelle, contrebasse
Routine Investigations / The Viola in My Life I, II / For Frank O'Hara / I Met Heine on the Rue Fürstenberg
Samuel Beckett, words and music
Score for untitled film
Self Portrait
Sin of Jesus, The
Something Wild in the City: Mary Ann's Theme
[Sonata]: I. Allegro
[Sonata]: II. Andante affettuoso
[Sonata]: III. Allegro vivace
Songs to E. E. Cummings
Spring of Chosroes
Straits of Magellan, The
String quartet and orchestra
String Quartet II
Structures for Orchestra
Structures for String Quartet
Structures, violins (2), viola, cello
Stücke, Fl 1 2 Hr Trp Vl Vc (1956)
Stücke, Kl 1 2 (1954)
Stücke, Kl (1952)
Stücke, Kl (1955)
Stücke, Kl (1956). 1
Stücke, Kl (1956). 2
Stücke, Kl (1964)
Stücke, Klar Vl 1 2 Va Vc (1961)
Stücke, Vl 1 2 Va Vc (1956)
swallows of Salangan
Three clarinets, cello and piano
Three Dances: I
Three Dances: II
Three Dances: III
Three Pieces for String Quartet: I
Three Pieces for String Quartet: II
Three Pieces for String Quartet: III
Three voices
To Philip Guston
Triadic memories/takahashi
Trios, Fl 1 2 3, 1972
Trios, flutes
Trios Piano, cordes
Trios, piano, violin, cello
Trios, Vl Vc Kl (1980)
Turfan Fragments, The
Two Intermissions: I
Two Intermissions: II
Two intermissions Piano
Two pianos on strings
Two Pieces for Clarinet and String Quartet: I
Two Pieces for Clarinet and String Quartet: II
Two Pieces for Six Instruments: 1
Two Pieces for Six Instruments: 2
Two Pieces for Three Pianos: I
Two Pieces for Three Pianos: II
Two Pieces for Two Pianos: I
Two Pieces for Two Pianos: II
Two Pieces: I. Allegro
Two Pieces: II. Intermezzo
Untitled Film Music
Variationen, Kl (1951)
Variations, piano
Vertical thoughts 1
Vertical thoughts 2
Vertical thoughts 3
Vertical thoughts 4 Piano
Vertical thoughts 5
very short piece for trumpet
viola in my life 2
viola in my life 4
Viola in My Life / False Relationships and the Extended Ending / Why Patterns?, The
Viola in My Life I, The
Viola in My Life II, The
Viola in My Life III, The
Viola In My Life IV, The
Viola in my life, no. 1-3
Violin and Orchestra
Violin and string quartet
Vocal music. Selections
Voice and instruments 1
Voice and instruments 2
Voice, violin and piano
Voices and cello
Voices and instruments, no. 1
Werke Kl
Why Patterns? / Crippled Symmetry
Words and music
Work for Two Pianists
Works. Selections (Mode)
Contributed to or performed: 
2005-10-08: Venezia Biennale
2008-02: Morton Feldman Festival, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009-11-30: Festival d'Automne, Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris, France
Aki Takahashi Plays Morton Feldman
All Piano
Between Categories
Chamber Music
Clarinet and String Quartet
Clarinet Quintets
Complete Music for Violin & Piano
Complete Works for Two Pianists
Composing by Numbers: The Graphic Scores 1950-67
Coptic Light
Crippled Symmetry
Durations I-V / Coptic Light
Early and Unknown Piano Works
Early Piano Works
Ecstasy of the Moment, The
False Relationships and the Extended Ending
Felder: In Between / Coleccion nocturna / Feldman: Instruments II / The Viola in My Life IV
Feldman: Palais de Mari / Intermission 5 / Piano Piece 1952 / Extensions 3 / Crumb: Processional / A Little Suite for Christmas
Feldman: Spring of Chosroes / Schnabel: Sonata for Violin and Piano
Feldman: Triadic Memories / Skempton: Notti stellate a Vagli
First Recordings: 1950s
For Bunita Marcus
For Christian Wolff
For Franz Kline / For Frank O'Hara / De Kooning / Piano Piece to Philip Guston
For John Cage
For Philip Guston
For Samuel Beckett
In a Silent Way
Indeterminate Music: The Straits of Magellan / Projections / Durations / Two Pieces
Ivan Ilić plays Morton Feldman
John Cage: Music for Keyboard 1935-1948 / Morton Feldman: The Early Years
Last Pieces
Late Works With Clarinet
Morton Feldman 2: Words and Music
Morton Feldman, Earle Brown and Heinz-Klaus Metzger in discussion
Music for Piano and Strings
Music of Our Time
New York School 2, The
New York School 3
New York School, The
New York School: Nine Realizations of Cage, Feldman, Brown, The
Palais de Mari / Three Dances / Nature Pieces / Intermissions I-VI
Patterns in a Chromatic Field
Phantasy of Spring
Piano (Three Hands)
Piano and Orchestra / Flute and Orchestra / Oboe and Orchestra / Cello and Orchestra
Piano and Orchestra / Palais de Mari / Piano
Piano and String Quartet
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
Piece for Four Pianos
Pieces for More Than Two Hands
Rothko Chapel
Rothko Chapel / For Stephan Wolpe / Christian Wolff in Cambridge, The
Something Wild: Music for Film
String Quartet
String Quartet (II)
String Quartet no. 2
Strings, Keyboards, Percussion, Voices, Horn
Three Voices
Three Voices (for Joan La Barbara)
Triadic Memories
Turfan Fragments
Two Pianos and Other Pieces, 1953-1969
Untitled Composition for Cello and Piano
Varèse: Amériques / Feldman: Piece for Four Pianos / Five Pianos
Viola in My Life, The
Viola in My Life: Part I, The
Viola in My Life: Part II, The
Violin & String Quartet
Violin and Orchestra
Violin and String Quartet
Voices & Instruments
Why Patterns?
Winkler: Emergent / Feldman: The Rothko Chapel / Varèse: Intégrales / Octandre
Works for Piano
Works for Piano 2
Works for Violin and Piano
Wuorinen: Third Piano Sonata / Bagatelle / Capriccio / Feldman: Palais de Mari
Reproduced from holograph
For 3 flutes, trumpet, 3 violoncellos, and 2 pianos
Includes instructions for performance