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Likens, G.
Likens, G. E.
Likens, Gene E.,
Likens, Gene Elden
Likens, Gene Elden (Vollstaendiger Name)
Likens, S. E.
ライケンス, G. E
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Computer file
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writer of accompanying material
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Bormann, F. Herbert
Bormann, F. Herbert (1922-2012)
Bormann, Frederick Herbert (1922-)
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Affiliation (see also from)
Rodhe, W. (1914-)
Rodhe, Wilhelm
Rodhe, Wilhelm (1914-)
Serruya, C.
Serruya, Colette
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Weathers, Kathleen C.
Wetzel, Robert G.
Wetzel, Robert G. (1936-2005)
Wetzel, Robert George
Winter, Thomas C.
及川, 武久 (1942-)
Acid precipitation in the northeastern United States - pH and acidity
Acid precipitation: natural versus anthropogenic components
Acid rain: a serious regional environmental problem.
Acid rain and its effects on sediments in lakes and streams
Acid rain: china, United States, and a remote area.
Acid rain: the smokestack is the "smoking gun".
Acidic deposition in the Northeastern United States: Sources and inputs, ecosystem effects, and management strategies
Adaptive monitoring: a new paradigm for long-term research and monitoring.
AIBS active in Ohio science standards battle
Air and watershed management and the aquatic ecosystem.
Assessing the origin of sulfate deposition at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Atmospheric dust and acid rain.
Biogeochemical Cycles
Biogeochemical responses of two forest streams to a 2-month calcium addition.
Biogeochemistry of a forested ecosystem
Biogeochemistry of Carbon at Hubbard Brook, The
biogeochemistry of chlorine at Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire, USA, The
Biogeochemistry of inland waters a derivative of Encyclopedia of inland waters
biogeochemistry of sulfur at Hubbard Brook, The
Biogeochemistry, the watershed approach : some uses and limitations
Buffering an Acidic Stream in New Hampshire with a Silicate Mineral
Cadmium toxicity among wildlife in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
Calcium Additions and Microbial Nitrogen Cycle Processes in a Northern Hardwood Forest
Calcium weathering in forested soils and the effect of different tree species.
Can't See the Forest for the Stream? In-stream Processing and Terrestrial Nitrogen Exports
Carbon calculations to consider--response.
Changes in lead biogeochemistry in response to decreasing atmospheric inputs
Changes in nitrogen cycling during the past century in a northern hardwood forest
Changes in soil sulfur constituents in a forested watershed 8 years after whole-tree harvesting
Changes in the chemistry of surface waters
Chemical Wastes in our Atmosphere-An Ecological Crisis
Chemistry of precipitation from a remote, terrestrial site in Australia
Chemistry of precipitation, streamwater, and lakewater from the Hubbard Brook ecosystem study : a record of sampling protocols and analytical procedures
Clearcutting affects stream chemistry in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Clearcutting northern hardwoods: effects on hydrologic and nutrient ion budgets.
Climate change. Fixing a critical climate accounting error.
Climatic control of nitrate loss from forested watersheds in the northeast United States
Cloud deposition to a spruce forest edge
Cloud water in southern Chile: whence come the nutrients?
Clouds in southern Chile: an important source of nitrogen to nitrogen-limited ecosystems?
Cloudwater chemistry from ten sites in North America.
Cloudwater Inputs of Nitrogen to Forest Ecosystems in Southern Chile: Forms, Fluxes, and Sources
Comment on "recent trends in the acid-base status of surface waters in Maine, USA"
Communicating with the public: opportunities and rewards for individual ecologists
Comparison of 15 evaporation methods applied to a small mountain lake in the northeastern USA
Comparison of long-term precipitation chemistry measurements at the Hubbard Brook experimental forest, New Hampshire
comparison of methods for deriving solute flux rates using long-term data from streams in the Mirror lake watershed, A
comparison of phosphorus immobilization in sediments of freshwater and coastal marine systems, A
Comparisons of watershed sulfur budgets in southeast Canada and northeast US: new approaches and implications
Composition and Deposition of Organic Carbon in Precipitation, The
composition of precipitation in remote areas of the world, The
Contradictory results from different methods for measuring direction of insect flight
Controls on periphyton biomass in heterotrophic streams
Corrections to allometric equations and plant tissue chemistry for Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Decomposition of planktonic algae in an oligotrophic lake.
Decrease in Precipitation Acidity Resulting from Decreased SO(2-4) Concentration
Decrease in precipitation acidity resulting from decreasing SO sub(4) super(2) super(-) concentration
Defining and using 'best available science': a policy conundrum for the management of aquatic ecosystems
Deforestation causes increased dissolved silicate losses in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Denitrification in stream sediments in five northeastern (USA) streams.
direct comparison of throughfall plus stemflow to estimates of dry and total deposition for sulfur and nitrogen, A
Direct Measurement Versus Surrogate Indicator Species for Evaluating Environmental Change and Biodiversity Loss
Dissolution of wollastonite during the experimental manipulation of Hubbard Brook Watershed 1
Dissolved organic carbon enrichment alters nitrogen dynamics in a forest stream
Dissolved organic nitrogen budgets for upland, forested ecosystems in New England
Dry deposition of sulfur: a 23-year record for the Hubbard Brook Forest ecosystem
Dynamics of wood recruitment in streams of the northeastern US
Ecological and Biogeochemical Interactions Constrain Planktonic Nitrogen Fixation in Estuaries
Ecological consequences of root grafting in tabonuco (Dacryodes excelsa ) trees in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico.
Ecology. Controlling eutrophication: nitrogen and phosphorus.
ecosystem approach, The : its use and abuse
Ecosystem science: toward a new paradigm for managing Australia's inland aquatic ecosystems
Ecosystem Thinking in the Northern Forest-and Beyond
Effect of climate change between 1984 and 2007 on precipitation chemistry at a site in northeastern U.S.A.
Effect of Climate Change between 1984 and 2007 on Precipitation Chemistry at a Site in Northeastern USA
effect of deforestation on organic debris dams., The
Effect of discharge rate on biotic and abiotic chemical flux in an acidified stream.
effect of landscape features on deposition to Hunter Mountain, Catskill Mountains, New York, The
Effect of low pH on sodium regulation in two species of Daphnia .
effect of pH on sulfate adsorption by a forest soil., The
Effect of whole-tree harvesting on the sulfur dynamics of a forest soil.
Effective ecological monitoring
Effective monitoring of agriculture.
Effects of acid anion additions (trifluoroacetate and bromide) on soil solution chemistry of a northern hardwood forest soil
Effects of Acidic Deposition on the Chemistry of Headwater Streams: A Comparison Between Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire, and Jamieson Creek, British Columbia
Effects of calcium and aluminum chloride additions on foliar and throughfall chemistry in sugar maples
Effects of forest cutting and herbicide treatment on nutrient budgets in the Hubbard Brook watershed-ecosystem
Effects of sampling frequency on estimates of dissolved silica export by streams: The role of hydrological variability and concentration-discharge relationships
Element Fluxes and Landscape Position in a Northern Hardwood Forest Watershed Ecosystem
energy budget for the zoobenthos of Mirror lake, New Hampshire, An
Energy flow in Bear Brook, New Hampshire: an integrative approach to stream ecosystem metabolism.
Evaluation of an integrated biogeochemical model (PnET-BGC) at a northern hardwood forest ecosystem
Evaluation of inflow to Mirror Lake, New Hampshire.
Evaporation determined by the energy-budget method for Mirror Lake, New Hampshire
Evidence for sulphate-controlled phosphorus release from sediments of aquatic systems.
Factors that Control the Range and Variability of Amorphous Silica in Soils in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Feeding strategy of an adult stonefly (Plecoptera): Implications for egg production and dispersal
Field Experiment to Test Whether Organic Acids Buffer Acid Deposition, A
Fixing a Critical Climate Accounting Error
Forest age, wood and nutrient dynamics in headwater streams of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH
Forest structure and stream salamander diets: Implications for terrestrial-aquatic connectivity
Forest succession and prey availability influence the strength and scale of terrestrial-aquatic linkages in a headwater salamander system
Fundamentals of ecosystem science
High Nitrate Retention during Winter in Soils of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Human Alteration of the Global Nitrogen Cycle: Causes and Consequences
Human alteration of the global nitrogen cycle: sources and consequences
Humans as components of ecosystems : the ecology of subtle human effects and populated areas
Hurricane Hugo: damage to a tropical rain forest in Puerto Rico.
Hydrologic controls of chemical flux rates in the Mirror Lake watershed
impact of changing nitrogen oxide emissions on wet and dry nitrogen deposition in the northeastern USA, The
impact of changing regional emissions on precipitation chemistry in the eastern United States., The
Impacts of intensive harvesting on hydrology and nutrient dynamics of northern hardwood forests.
Implications of sodium mass balance for interpreting the calcium cycle of a forested ecosystem
importance of algae in a shaded headwater stream as food for an abundant caddisfly (Trichoptera)., The
Importance of Hydrogen Ions and Aluminum in Regulating the Structure and Function of Stream Ecosystems: An Experimental Test
importance of long-term data in addressing regional environmental issues, The
Improved probability of detection of ecological "surprises"
Improving ecological monitoring.
In memoriam, Professor Robert G.Wetzel
In-stream uptake dampens effects of major forest disturbance on watershed nitrogen export
Increased salinization of fresh water in the northeastern United States
influence of dissolved nutrients and particulate organic matter quality on microbial respiration and biomass in a forest stream, The
Input of gaseous and particulate sulfur to a forest ecosystem
Input-Output Budgets of Inorganic Nitrogen for 24 Forest Watersheds in the Northeastern United States: A Review
Integrated regional models : interactions between humans and their environment
Integrating Science and Society through Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research
Lake ecosystem ecology a global perspective : a derivative of Encyclopedia of inland waters
Lake metabolism and management : papers emanating from the Limnological Jubilee Symposium of Uppsala University (1477-1977)
Limnological analyses
Linking movement behaviour to dispersal and divergence in plethodontid salamanders
Linking Scales in Stream Ecology
Long-term effects of acid rain: Response and recovery of a forest ecosystem
long-term record of ice cover for Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, A : effects of global warming?
long-term record of ice cover for Mirror Lake, New Hampshire: effects of global warming?., A
Long-term relationships between SO sub(2) and NO sub(x) emissions and SO super(2) sub(4) super(-) and NO super(-) sub(3) concentration in bulk deposition at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH
Long-term relationships between SO2 and NOx emissions and SO4(2-) and NO3- concentration in bulk deposition at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH.
Long-Term Sodium Chloride Retention in a Rural Watershed: Legacy Effects of Road Salt on Streamwater Concentration
Long-term studies in ecology : approaches and alternatives
Long-Term Trends in Precipitation Chemistry at Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire
Low stream nitrate concentrations associated with oak forests on the Allegheny High Plateau of Pennsylvania
Mirror Lake : interactions among air, land, and water
model to simulate the response of a northern hardwood forest ecosystem to changes in S deposition, A
Monthly and annual bias in weekly (NADP/NTN) versus daily (AIRMoN) precipitation chemistry data in the Eastern USA
Movement of road salt to a small New Hampshire lake
Moving Headwater Streams to the Head of the Class
Mycorrhizal weathering of apatite as an important calcium source in base-poor forest ecosystems
new AIBS, The
New and recycled primary production in an oligotrophic lake: insights for summer phosphorus dynamics
Nitrification: importance to nutrient losses from a cutover forested ecosystem.
Nitrogen retention capacity of a northern hardwood forest soil under ammonium sulfate additions
Nitrogen transformations in a small mountain stream
Nor Gloom of Night: A New Conceptual Model for the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study
northern hardwood forest ecosystem: ten years of recovery from clearcutting., The
Nutrients and eutrophication: the limiting-nutrient controversy
One Hundred Years of Recovery of a Pine Forest in Northern Wisconsin
Opportunity in the wake of natural "disasters".
Organic matter dynamics in Bear Brook, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA
Organisms of the Hubbard Brook Valley, New Hampshire
Origin, composition, and flux of dissolved organic carbon in the Hubbard Brook Valley.
Output of phosphorus, dissolved organic carbon, and fine particulate carbon from Hubbard Brook watersheds.
Pattern and process in a forested ecosystem : disturbance, development, and the steady state based on the Hubbard Brook ecosystem study
Patterns in potassium dynamics in forest ecosystems.
Patterns of nitrate loss from a chronosequence of clear-cut watersheds
Physical, chemical, and biological consequences of episodic aluminum additions to a stream.
Physiological indicators of nutrient deficiency in phytoplankton in southern Chilean lakes
Population and biomass dynamics of trees in a northern hardwood forest at Hubbard Brook
Population dynamics of bacterioplankton in an oligotrophic lake
Processes controlling the composition of precipitation at a remote Southern Hemispheric location: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Recovery of surface waters in the northeastern U.S. from decreases in atmospheric deposition of sulfur
Red herrings in acid rain research
regional acidic cloud/fog water event in the eastern United States., A
Regional precipitation mercury trends in the eastern USA, 1998-2005: Declines in the Northeast and Midwest, no trend in the Southeast
Regional-scale impacts of Phase I of the Clean Air Act Amendments in the USA: the relation between emissions and concentrations, both wet and dry
Relating nutrient uptake with transient storage in forested mountain streams
Response of ozone and nitrate to stationary source NOx emission reductions in the eastern USA
REVIEWS AND SYNTHESES: Patterns in potassium dynamics in forest ecosystems
Riparia : ecology, conservation, and management of streamside communities
role of science In decision making: does evidence-based science drive environmental policy?, The
Role of Soil Freezing Events in Interannual Patterns of Stream Chemistry at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire
Salinization of Mirror Lake by Road Salt
science and application of ecological monitoring, The
Science of Nature, the Nature of Science: Long-Term Ecological Studies at Hubbard Brook, The
Science of Nature, the Nature of Science, The : Long-Term Ecological Studies at Hubbard Brook
Seasonal patterns in acidity of precipitation and their implications for forest stream ecosystems.
Seasonal variation of phosphorus in precipitation at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Self-organisation in streams: the relationship between movement behaviour and body condition in a headwater salamander
Shinrin seitaikei no seibutsu chikyū kagaku
Short-range atmospheric transport: A significant source of phosphorus to an oligotrophic lake
Short-Term Temperature Response in Forest Floor and Soil to Ice Storm Disturbance in a Northern Hardwood Forest
Simple partitioning of anions and dissolved organic carbon in a forest soil.
Soil processes and sulfate loss at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.
Some Long-term Precipitation Chemistry Patterns at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Extremes and Averages
Some perspectives of the major biogeochemical cycles
Some perspectives on long-term biogeochemical research from the Hubbard Brook ecosystem study
Sources and molecular weight of "dissolved" organic carbon in an oligotrophic lake.
Sources of stream sulfate at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Long-term analyses using stable isotopes
Spectral reflectance and water quality of Adirondack mountain region lakes
Stable isotopes identify dispersal patterns of stonefly populations living along stream corridors
Stable sulfur isotopic biogeochemistry of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire
Status and Distribution of Fish in an Acid-impacted Watershed of the Northeastern United States (Hubbard Brook, NH)
Steep declines in atmospheric base cations in regions of Europe and North America
strategic plan for an Australian Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Network, A
Strong similarities in seasonal concentration ratios of SO sub(4) super(2) super(-) , NO sub(3) super(-) and NH sub(4) super(+) in precipitation between Sweden and the northeastern US
Sulfate control of phosphorus availability in lakes. A test and re-evaluation of Hasler and Einsele's model.
Sulfate inhibition of molybdenum-dependent nitrogen fixation by planktonic cyanobacteria under seawater conditions: a non-reversible effect
Sulfur storage and alkalinity generation in New England lake sediments.
thimbleful of powder, A
Transport and fate of trifluoroacetate in upland forest and wetland ecosystems.
Transport of radioisotopes in lakes
Tree seedling growth and mortality responses to manipulations of calcium and aluminum in a northern hardwood forest
Trends in atmospheric ammonium concentrations in relation to atmospheric sulfate and local agriculture
Trends in atmospheric concentration and deposition compared to regional and local pollutant emissions at a rural site in southeastern New York, USA
Trifluoroacetate retention in a northern hardwood forest soil
Uncertainties in historical aspects of acid precipitation: getting it straight.
Use of membrane filters in gravimetric analyses of particulate matter in natural waters
Use of Stable Isotope Ratios for Evaluating Sulfur Sources and Losses at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Variation in chemistry of stream water and bulk deposition across the Hubbard Brook Valley, New Hampshire, USA
Variation in Streamwater Chemistry Throughout the Hubbard Brook Valley
Very Imbalanced Nutrient Budget for Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, U.S.A
Watershed- and plot-scale tests of the mobile anion concept.
Watershed Sulfur Biogeochemistry: Shift from Atmospheric Deposition Dominance to Climatic Regulation
Weekly and daily precipitation chemistry network comparisons in the Eastern U.S.: NADP/NTN vs MAP3S/AIRMoN
Wet and dry deposition of sulfur at Hubbard Brook
Whole-system Estimates of Nitrification and Nitrate Uptake in Streams of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
working model for the variation in stream water chemistry at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire., A
Zooplankton diversity and biomass in recently acidified lakes.
Contributed to or performed: 
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1962