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E. L, Edward Leigh
Edward Leigh
Edward Leigh (English writer)
L, E.
L, Edward Leigh
Legh, Edward
Leigh, Eduardi
Leigh, Eduardus
Leigh, Edward
Leigh (le chevalier)
Leighius, Eduardus
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Computer file
Language material
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Crooke, Andrew (London)
Daniel, Roger (159.?-1667)
Huré, Charles (1639-1717))
Kesler, Johann Conrad (1673-1710))
Lee, William (Londen)
Loudon, Archibald (1754-1840)
Middoch, Henricus a
Miller, Abraham (Londen)
Redmayne, John (Londen)
Someren, Joannes van (wed., Amsterdam)
Underhill, Thomas
Wolzogen, Ludwig von (1633-1690)
Analecta de XII primis Caesaribus. -
Annotations upon all the New Testament philologicall and theologicall wherein the emphasis and elegancie of the Greeke is observed, some imperfections in our translation are discovered, divers Jewish rites and customes tending to illustrate the text are mentioned, many antilogies and seeming contradictions reconciled, severall darke and obscure places opened, sundry passages vindicated from the false glosses of papists and hereticks
Antichristi excidium
Critica sacra duabus partibus: quarum prima continet observationes in omnes radices veteris Testamenti, secunda continet observationes in omnes graecas voces novi Testamenti antehac ab Eduardo Leigh,... maxima in parte anglice conscripta, nunc vero ab Henrico a Middoch in latinum sermonem conversa.
Critica sacra, id est observationes in omnes voces graecas Novi Testamenti, juxta ordinem alphabeticum. Ubi plerunque etymon vocis datur, ejus vis & emphasis observatur, & diversa ejus significata en Scriptura, traduntur, interpretumque versiones examinantur ; adjectum etiam est huic parti supplementum continens observationes in voces quasdam graecas.
Critica sacra observations on all the radices, or primitive Hebrew words of the Old Testament in order alphabeticall, wherein both they (and many derivatives also issuing from them) are fully opened out of the best lexicographers and scholiasts
Dictionaire de la langue sainte, contenant toutes ses origines ou Les mots hébreux tant primitifs que dérivez du Vieux Testament avec des observations philologiques et theologiques
Dictionnaire hébraïque, contenant toutes les origines des mots hébreux... du Vieux Testament. Avec des observations philologiques & theologiques... écrit en anglois par le Chevalier Leigh, Trad. en françois et augm.,... par Mr Louis de Wolzogue.
Dictionnaire universel de philologie sacrée, dans lequel on marque les différentes significations de chaque mot de l'Écriture, son étymologie, et toutes les difficultés que peut faire un même mot dans tous les divers endroits de la Bible où il se rencontre...
England described, 1659.
gentlemans guide. -, The
history of the twelve Cæsars, first emperors of Rome, The : namely, I. Julius Caesar, II. Augustus, III. Tiberius, IV. Caligula, V. Claudius, VI. Nero, VII. Galba, VIII. Otho, IX. Vitellius, X. Vespasian, XI. Titus, XII. Domitian : being an account of the most remarkable transactions, revolutions, and events, both in peace and war, which happened during their reigns, collected from the most authentic historians, both ancient and modern
In universum Novum Testamentum annotationes .... -
philologicall commentary, or, An illustration of the most obvious and usefull words in the law, 1652:, A
Prodomus criticus, id est Observationes philologico-theologicae in omnes voces Chaldaicas et multas Hebraicas Veteris Testamenti ...
Prototypes, or : The primarie precedent presidents out of the booke of Genesis, shewing : the good and bad things they did and had practically applied to our information and reformation
Puritan Bookshelf.
Select and choice observations concerning all the Roman and Greek emperors
Systeme or body of divinity consisting of ten books, wherein the fundamentals and main grounds of religion are opened
Three diatribes or discourses
Treatise of religion and learning
treatise of the divine promises. -, A