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Porcupine tree
Porcupine Tree (Musical group or band)
began 1987 until 2010
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Barbieri, Richard (hasMember)
Edwin, Colin (hasMember)
Harrison, Gavin (hasMember)
Maitland, Chris (hasMember)
Wilson, Steven (hasMember)
1993-12-07: Borderline, London, UK
1993 Intro
1994-06-04: Planet Pul Festival, Uden, Netherlands
1995 Intro
1996 Intro
1999-05-26: Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, IL, USA
1999-10-18: Transbordeur Club, Lyon, France
2001-06-23: NEARfest 2001, Bethlehem, PA, USA
2002-11-25: San Francisco, CA, USA
2003 Intro Music
2005-05-18: WAAF Acoustic Radio Session, Boston, MA, USA
2009-10-08: O2 Academy, Leeds, UK
2010-01: Acoustic Session
2010-09-24: Radio City Music Hall, New York City, USA
.3 (5.1 mix)
4 Chords That Made a Million
Access Denied
Acoustic Sets 95-99
Always Never
Ambulance Chasers
Ambulance Chasing (5.1 mix)
And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun
Anesthetize (5.1 mix)
Anesthetize - Live Film
Anesthetize : Live in Tilburg oct 2008
Anesthetize Pt1 (instrumental version)
Anesthetize Pt2 (instrumental version)
Anesthetize Pt3 (instrumental version)
Anesthetize (radio edit)
Arriving Somewhere but Not Here (5.1 mix)
Baby Dream in Cellophane (5.1 mix)
BBC Recordings
Begonia Seduction Scene
Black Dahlia (5.1 mix)
Blackest Eyes (5.1 mix)
Blackest Eyes (live at XM Radio)
Blank Planet Recurring
Blank Planet - Short Film
Blind House (5.1 mix), The
Bonnie the Cat (5.1 mix)
Borderline Concert Plus
Burning Sky / Fadeaway
Burning Sky Intro
Burning Sky Part 1
Burning Sky Part 2
Buying New Soul (5.1 mix)
Buying New Soul (edit)
Buying New Soul (instrumental)
Cheating the Polygraph (5.1 mix)
Chloroform (5.1 mix)
Chloroform (instrumental mix)
Circle of Manias (5.1 mix)
Clarinet Vignette
Cloud Zero
Collapse the Light Into Earth (5.1 mix)
Collapse the Light Into Earth (extended)
Colour of Air, The
Colourflow in Mind
Colours Dance Angels Kiss
Coma Divine II
Creator Has a Mastertape (5.1 mix), The
Creator Has a Mastertape (extended), The
Cross / Hole / Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape, The
Crowd Noise / Steven Wilson Talks
Cure for Optimism (5.1 mix)
Dark Matter
Dark Origins
Daughters in Excess
Deadwing (5.1 mix)
Degree Zero of Liberty (5.1 mix)
Delightful Suicide
Disappear (5.1 mix)
Disappear (demo, 1997-02-01)
Disappear (demo, 1997-04-02)
Dislocated Day
Don't Hate Me (5.1 mix)
Door to the River
Drawing the Line (5.1 mix)
Drive the Hearse (5.1 mix), I
Drown With Me (5.1 mix)
Empty Box, An
[end credits] (Mother and Child Divided)
Even Less (demo version)
Even Less (full length version) (5.1 mix)
Even Less (I)
Even Less (II)
Even Less, Part 2
Even Less / Slave Called Shiver
Every Home Is Wired
Execution of the Will of the Marquis de Sade
Fail, I
Fall, I
Fear of a Blank Planet (5.1 mix)
Fear of a Blank Planet (Alt version)
Fear of a Blank Planet (edit version)
Fear of a Blank Planet (instrumental version)
Fear of a Blank Planet Instrumentals
Fear of a Blank Planet (radio edit)
Fear of a Blank Planet - Uncensored Promo Video
Feel So Low (5.1 mix)
Find That I'm Not There, I
Flicker (5.1 mix)
Forward Rabbits
Four Chords That Made a Million (5.1 mix)
Fuse the Sky
Futile (5.1 mix)
Glass Arm Shattering (5.1 mix)
Gravity Eyelids (5.1 mix)
Great Expectations (5.1 mix)
Half Light (5.1 mix)
Half-Light (Bonus Track)
Hallogallo (remix)
Hallogallo / Signify
Halo (5.1 mix)
Halo (live film)
Halo / Outro
Hatesong (5.1 mix)
Hatesong (live)
Heartattack in a Layby (5.1 mix)
Hokey Cokey
How Is Your Life Today? (5.1 mix)
Idiot Prayer
Imogen Slaughter
In absentia
In Formaldehyde
Incident (5.1 mix), The
Intermediate Jesus
Interview With Steven Wilson
Is Not Intro
It Will Rain for a Million Years
Joke’s on You, The
Jupiter Island
Kicking And Screaming
Kneel and Disconnect (5.1 mix)
Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled (5.1 mix)
Last Chance to Exit Planet Earth
Lazarus (5.1 mix)
Lazarus (promo video)
Lazarus (radio edit)
“Light Mass Prayers”
Lightbulb Sun (5.1 mix)
Lightbulb Sun Bonus CD
Lightbulb Sun (original mix)
Linton Samuel Dawson
Lips of Ashes (5.1 mix)
Lips of Ashes (demo)
Love, Death & Mussolini E.P.
Love, Death & Mussolini EP, The
Mellotron Scratch (5.1 mix)
Men of Wood (1994 mix)
Mesmer I
Mesmer II
Mesmer III / Coma Divine
Message From a Self-Destructing Turnip
Metanoia I / Intermediate Jesus
Metanoia II
Monuments Burn Into Moments
Moon Loop (improvisation)
Moon Touches Your Shoulder / Always Never, The
Moonloop (coda)
Moonloop (edit)
Moonloop EP
Moonloop, Part I
Moonloop, Part II
Moonloop (unedited improvisation)
Moonloop (version)
Mother and Child Divided (live film)
Mother & Child Divided (5.1 mix)
Music for the Head (Here)
Music for the Head (There)
My Ashes (5.1 mix)
My Ashes (Extras: Liveshow Projections)
My Ashes (instrumental version)
Neural Rust
Nil Recurring (5.1 mix)
Nil Recurring (Extras: Liveshow Projections)
Nine Cats (acoustic version)
No Luck With Rabbits / Begonia Seduction Scene
No Reason to Live, No Reason to Die
Normal (5.1 mix)
Nostalgia Factory, The
Not Beautiful Anymore / Siren / Small Fish
Nun's Cleavage (left)
Nun's Cleavage (right)
Occam's Razor (5.1 mix)
Oceans Have No Memories (demo)
Oceans Have No Memory
Octane Twisted (5.1 mix)
Off the Map
On the Sunday of Life…
Open Car (5.1 mix)
Open Car (live)
Orchidia (2000 version)
Orchidia (2003 version)
Out Absentia
Out / It Will Rain for a Million Years
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III - Astralasia Dreamstate
Phase IV - A New Civilization
[photo gallery]
Piano Lesson
Piano Lessons (5.1 mix)
Porcupine Tree Delerium EP, The
Porcupine Tree Sampler 2002.3
Porcupine Tree Sampler 2008
Prepare Yourself
Prodigal (5.1 mix)
Prodigal (acoustic)
Ptolemine Treescope
Pure Narcotic (5.1 mix)
Pure Narcotic (acoustic)
Pure Narcotic (edit)
Queen Quotes Crowley
Radio Active
Radioactive Toy (live)
Radioactive Toy (short version)
Rainy Taxi
Recordings II
Remember Me Lover (5.1 mix)
Rest Will Flow (5.1 mix), The
Rest Will Flow (acoustic), The
Rest Will Flow (orchestral), The
Revenant (5.1 mix)
Revenant (Bonus Track)
Russia on Ice (5.1 mix)
Russia on Ice (demo version)
Russia on Ice / The Pills I’m Taking
Séance (5.1 mix), The
Sentimental (5.1 mix)
Sentimental (instrumental version)
Sever Tomorrow
Shallow (5.1 mix)
Shallow (radio edit)
She's moved on
Shesmovedon (5.1 mix)
Shesmovedon (Hidden Track)
Shesmovedon (live)
Shesmovedon (Tim Palmer mix)
Shesmovedon (Tim Palmer remix)
Signify II
Sinatra Rape Scene
Sky Moves Sideways (alternate version, part 1), The
Sky Moves Sideways (alternate version, part 2), The
Sky Moves Sideways Part 1 Intro, The
Sky Moves Sideways Part 2 Intro, The
Sky Moves Sideways, Phase 1, The
Sky Moves Sideways, Phase 2, The
Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One), The
Slave Called Shiver (2nd Take)
Slave Called Shiver (5.1 mix)
Sleep of No Dreaming, The
Sleep Together (5.1 mix)
Sleep Together (instrumental version)
Small Fish
Smart Kid (5.1 mix), A
Smiling Not Smiling
So Called Friend
Solo by the Smoke Machine
Sound of Muzak (5.1 mix), The
Sound of Muzak (acoustic), The
Sound of Muzak (radio edit), The
Sound of No-One Listening, The
Sound Of No-One Recording, The
Space Transmission
Spiral Circus
Split Image
Staircase Infinities
Stars Die: The Delerium Years '91-97
Start of Something Beautiful (5.1 mix)
Start of Something Beautiful (live film)
Start of Something Beautiful, The
Steven Wilson Generic Station ID
Steven Wilson Talks (Inapproriate T-Shirt)
Stop Swimming (5.1 mix)
Stranger by the Minute (5.1 mix)
Stranger by the Minute (edit)
Strip the Soul (3:30 edit)
Strip the Soul (5.1 mix)
Strip The Soul / Dot Three (Extras: Liveshow Projections)
Strip the Soul (extended)
Strip the Soul (video edit)
Stupid Dream (5.1 mix)
Stupid Dream Demos 1998/1999
Stupid Dream Demos (extended version)
Synesthesia (edit)
Synesthesia (extended version)
Tarquin's Seaweed Farm
Third Eye Surfer
This Is No Rehearsal (5.1 mix)
This Long Silence
Time Flies (5.1 mix)
Time Flies (edit)
Tinto Brass (5.1 mix)
Tinto Brass (live at Southampton)
Track 11
Track Eleven
Trains (4:25 edit)
Trains (5.1 mix)
Trains (extended)
Transmission IV
[untitled instrumental]
Up the Downstair
Voyage 34: Phase IV (A New Civilisation)
Voyage 34 (Phase One)
Voyage 34 (Phase Two)
Voyage 34 (Remodelled)
Voyage 34: The Complete Trip
Waiting Part 1
Waiting Phase One / Waiting Phase Two
Wake as a Gun
Wake as Gun I
Wake as Gun II
Way Out of Here (5.1 mix)
Way Out of Here (instrumental version)
Way Out of Here (radio edit)
We Lost the Skyline
Wedding Nails (5.1 mix)
Wedding Nails (demo)
Wedding Nails (Extras: Liveshow Projections)
What Happens Now? (5.1 mix)
What You Are Listening To… / Synesthesia / Monuments Burn Into Moments / Always Never
Where We Would Be (5.1 mix)
Wire the Drum
World Cafe Radio Programme (Music and Interviews)
XM Live
Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape
Yellow Windows of the Evening Train (5.1 mix), The
Your Unpleasant Family (5.1 mix)
Your Unpleasent Family
Contributed to or performed: 
Album Rock, L'
All Grown Up, Sampler #18
Alternative Times, Volume 42
Alternative Times, Volume 58
Amberdelic Space
Ambient Extractions
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 11, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 19, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 30, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 37, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 4, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 40, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 50, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 60, The
Birds of Prey Unofficial Soundtrack
Broken Dreams
Classic Rock #004: Classic Cuts No. 4
Classic Rock #015: Classic Cuts No.11
Classic Rock #071: Out There the Future of Prog Rock
Classic Rock #097: Shine On
Classic Rock #106: The Masters
Classic Rock #114: Best New Music of 2007, Volume 2
Classic Rock #137: Back in the Saddle
Classic Rock #200: The Soundtrack of Our Life
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 132: June 2005
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 146: April 2007
Colours of Ostrava 2010
Forged in Steel
Freezone 1: The Phenomenology of Ambient
Hitbreaker 3•2005
huH, Volume 17
iTunes New Music Sampler (Atlantic/Lava Edition)
Last Daze of the Underground: Delerium Records, The
Metal Hammer #172: The Black Crusade... And Beyond
Metal Hammer Razor
Metal Hammer: Roadworks
Mojo Machine Turns You On, 9, The
Music for Coffeeshops
Music With Attitude
Muzyka ciszy
Nordic Tour Sampler
Old Grey Whistle Test Prog Rock, The
Pick & Mix
Prog : Le coffret idéal
Prognosis 3
Prognosis 9: Future Times - The New Breed of Prog
Psychedelic Psauna (In Four Parts), A
Q the Music 11
Rock FM Tunes, Volume 1
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 55
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 67
Rock Magazin Eclipsed At Rockpalast
Space 'n' Bass
Space Box: 1970 & Beyond
Succour: The Terrascope Benefit Album
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 40
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 47
VISIONS Presents Steven Wilson
Zero: 15 Awesome Tracks to Keep You Awake!