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Bippa Londres
Biuro Informacji Wojennych
Biuro informacyj wojennych Stanów Zjednoczonych
Bi︠u︡ro informat︠s︡ii S.Sh.A.
Bi︠u︡ro voennoĭ informat︠s︡ii S.Sh.A.
États-Unis Office for Emergency Management Office of War Information
États-Unis Office of War Information
Hypēresia Plērophoriōn tōn Hēnōmenōn Politeiōn
Informat︠s︡ionnoe bi︠u︡ro S.Sh.A.
Office d'information de guerre des Etats-Unis
Office d'Information de Guerre United States
Office of Facts and Figures
Office of War Information
Office of war information Londres
Office of War Information United States
Oficina de Información de Guerra de los EE. UU.
Owi Londres
Secretaria das Informações de Guerra dos E.U.A.
Stany Zjednoczone Office for Emergency Management Office of War Information
Stany Zjednoczone Office of War Information
Ufficio informazioni di guerra degli Stati Uniti d'America
United States Department of State Office d'Information de Guerre
United States Department of State Office of War Information
United States Office d'Information de Guerre
United States Office for Emergency Management Office of War Information
United States Office of Facts and Figures
United States Office of War Information
United States Ufficio Informazioni di Guerra
United States War Information, Office of
Upplýsingaskriftstofu Bandaríkjanna
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Manuscript language material
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United States Department of State (see also from)
United States Dept. of State Interim International Information Service (see also from)
United States Office for Emergency Management Division of Information (see also from)
United States Office of Coordinator of Information (see also from)
United States Office of Facts and Figures (see also from)
United States Office of Government Reports (see also from)
Hasten the day.
Lend-lease to Britain
News pictures selected for information activities abroad
podstawy wolnosci amerykanskiej mowy i dokumenty
U.S.A. (United States. Office of War Information)
Washington, D.C. April, 1943. Civilian defense program in the capital
Washington, D.C. April, 1943. Negro public schools in the war program of Civilian Defense
Washington, D.C. April, 1943. Servicemen in Greyhound bus terminal, Sunday night
Washington, D.C. April, 1943. Street flower vendors at Easter time
Washington, D.C. April, 1943. Victory garden sites on Fairlawn Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. April, 1945. United Nations committee of jurists in session at the Interdepartmental Auditorium
Washington, D.C. April-June, 1943. Pan-American and United Nations exhibits in the OWI library, U.S. Information Center (Temporary V building)
Washington, D.C. Aug., 1942. Negro laborers carrying and laying railroad ties for a spur line into a coal storage space for the federal government
Washington, D.C. Dec. 1942. Luncheon of dehydrated foods served at the U.S. Senate restaurant
Washington, D.C. Dec. 20, 1944. Stanley Forman Reed, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court of the U.S. administering the oaths of office ...
Washington, D.C. December, 1942. Theater guild production of The Russian People
Washington, D.C. December, 1943. A miscellany of scenes in the capital
Washington, D.C. December, 1943. Combined (United States and Canada) Conservation Committee exhibit held by the U.S. War Production Board in room 1625A, Social Security Building
Washington, D.C. December, 1943. The arrival in Washington of Hugh Massman, his wife and infant son
Washington, D.C. December, 1943. The home of Hugh Massman, a second class petty officer in the Navy ...
Washington, D.C. December, 1943. The United Nations Service Center for the convenience of servicemen traveling through the capital
Washington, D.C. Fall, 1942, March, 1943. Construction of Wake and Midway Halls, under the auspices of the Federal Works Agency by Samuel Plato, Negro contractor
Washington, D.C. Feb. 13, 1943. Radio station WOL (Mutual Broadcasting System) presenting a "My People" program devoted to Negroes
Washington, D.C. Feb., 1942. Office equipment used in printing and duplicating section of the U.S. War Production Board
Washington, D.C. Feb. 1943. Captain "Eddie" Rickenbacker at a press conference, with officials of the U.S. Office of Education and with high school students
Washington, D.C. Feb., 1943. Combined Munitions Assignments Board at a weekly meeting, presided over by Harry Hopkins, chairman
Washington, D.C. Feb., 1943. Lend-Lease hearings before U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
Washington, D.C. Feb., 1943. Processing V-mail at the Pentagon building
Washington, D.C. Feb., 1943. Volunteer student nurse's aides at Freedmen's Hospital for Negroes
Washington, D.C. Feb.-Mar., 1945. Workmen erecting a sample prefabricated house as a public demonstration of Lend-Lease materials, in Scott Circle, a public park area
Washington, D.C. Feb., March, 1945. Close-ups of Joseph C. Grew, undersecretary of state for the U.S. and foreign officials ...
Washington, D.C. February, 1942. High school students visit the nation's capital under the auspices of the Bureau of University Travel and the National Capital School Visitor's Council
Washington, D.C. Jan., 1943. A boarding house, exterior and interior views
Washington, D.C. Jan., 1943. Ceremonies held in the auditorium of the U.S. Department of the Interior ...
Washington, D.C. Jan., 1943. U.S. Office of War Information employees receiving free inoculation against smallpox, diptheria, and typhoid
Washington, D.C. Jan., 1945. Installation of the U.S. Office of War Information exhibit of original drawings and paintings, by artists now in the armed forces
Washington, D.C. Jan., 1945. Officials of the Philippine Commonwealth
Washington, D.C. Jan. 20, 1945. Foreign officials and guests at the ceremony of the 4th inauguration of Pres. F.D. Roosevelt at the south portico of the White House
Washington, D.C. January, 1943. Fire Engine House No. 4, one of the separate Negro units in the District
Washington, D.C. July, 1942. Conservation of gasoline
Washington, D.C. July, 1942. Swedish journalists, on tour in the United States, attending Secretary of State Hull's press conference
Washington, D.C. July, 1942. Trial of Nazi saboteurs before a special seven-man military commission in a U.S. Dept. of Justice courtroom
Washington, D.C. July, 1942. Work Projects Administration vocational training school
Washington, D.C. July, 1943. Political and religious speakers in Franklin Park
Washington, D.C. July, 1943. Weather forecasting at the U.S. Weather Bureau
Washington, D.C. June, 1942. Auction sale of household goods and kitchen utensils at Adam A. Weschler and Sons
Washington, D.C. June, 1943. U.S. Army Band concert on the Capitol grounds
Washington, D.C. June, 1943. Wartime repercussions in civilian life
Washington, D.C. June, 1943. Women employees at the Western Union Telegraph Company
Washington, D.C. June-November, 1942. Housing accommodations for negroes in the low income group in the nation's capital
Washington, D.C. March 11, 1943. Luncheon of dehydrated foods, served at the Statler Hotel to mark second anniversary of Lend-Lease
Washington, D.C. March, 1943. First Wesleyan Methodist Church
Washington, D.C. March, 1943. Opening of the Walsh Club sponsored and supervised by the District of Columbia Municipal Recreation Association
Washington, D.C. March, 1943. Social activities of government war workers
Washington, D.C. March, 1945. Celebration of the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts of America at the Norwegian Embassy
Washington, D.C. March, 1945. French journalists with Gen. George C. Marshall
Washington, D.C. March, 1945. Reception at the residence of Joseph E. Davies, former ambassador to the Soviet Union
Washington, D.C. March 23, 1943. Construction of the million dollar bridge across the Tidal Basin by firm of Alexander and Repass of Des Moines, Iowa
Washington, D.C. March-April, 1943. Servicemen on leave and miscellaneous scenes in Washington
Washington, D.C. March-July, 1942. U.S. legations of Australia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Iceland, Egypt, the Union of South Africa, Ireland, and Switzerland
Washington, D.C. May, 1943. A day nursery for ten pre-school children of mothers who are engaged in war work ...
Washington, D.C. May, 1943. Victory gardens in the Northwest section.
Washington, D.C. May 1944. Delegates (with names) to a conference of the International Labor Office arriving at the White House
Washington, D.C. Nov. 29, 1944. First public showing of the army's B-29 "super fortress" bombing plane.
Washington, D.C. November, 1942. Activities of Negro civic groups
Washington, D.C. November, 1942. Service of the Church of God in Christ
Washington, D.C. November, 1943. Visit of an Arabian princess
Washington, D.C. Oct. 1942. Leon Henderson and other U.S. Office of Price Administration officials at a luncheon meeting of regional administrators held in Washington, October 17, 1942
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Record portraits of Mr. George Barnes, assistant director of the U.S. Office of War Information
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Sally Dessez, a student at Woodrow Wilson High School
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Walter Spangenberg, a student at Woodrow Wilson High School
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Woodrow Wilson High School activities
Washington, D.C. Oct. 1943. Woodrow Wilson High School athletics and physical education
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Woodrow Wilson High School classes
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Woodrow Wilson High School faculty and students assisting in the registration of price administration ration book no. 4
Washington, D.C. Oct., 1943. Woodrow Wilson High School students serving as nurses' aides.
Washington, D.C. October, 1942. Group of Turkish journalists visiting in the United States
Washington, D.C. October, 1942. U.S. Office of Civilian Defense workers called out to help in a temporary emergency caused by rising flood waters
Washington, D.C. October, 1943. Storage of photographs and other materials for the Copyright Division in the basement of the Library of Congress, and quarters for sorting them provided in the attic
Washington, D.C. October, 1943. The District of Columbia U.S. Weather Bureau Station at the National Airport
Washington, D.C. October-November, 1942. Wartime activities of Negroes and miscellaneous views
Washington, D.C. Sept. 6, 1942. Officers of the United Nations attending a garden party at Dumbarton Oaks
Washington, D.C. September, 1942. International student assembly
Washington, D.C. Spring, 1944. Monuments, headstones and grave markers in Congressional and Mt. Olivet cemeteries
Washington, D.C. Summer, 1943. Presentation and dedication of an ambulance given by federal government workers to the U.S. Army
Washington, D.C. (vicinity) Jan., 1945. Army Air Forces Air Transport Command Headquarters at the Washington National Airport
Washington, D.C. (vicinity) . Oct., 1942. Trucks of various sizes and usage, all pledged to the U.S. Truck Conservation Corps
Washington (vicinity), D.C. October, 1942. Turkish journalists visiting America as guests of OWI during the October 29th celebration of the 19th anniversary of the Turkish proclamation
Wendell Wilkie in Ankara, Turkey, with brief stop-overs in West Africa and Baghdad, Iraq
West Danville, Vt. July, 1942. The Gilbert S. Hastings post office and general store ...
Women: There's work to be done and a war to be won ... Now! See your U.S. Employment Service
Yanks and Aussies in battle : official pictures of Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Timor
[Young American woman welding a fuel pump for a fighter plane at a U.S. aircraft plant]