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Bei Ou Ya Zhou yan jiu suo
Centralinstitut for nordisk asienforskning
Copenhagen Centralinstitut for Nordisk Asienforskning
Copenhagen Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies
Institut Nordique d'Etudes Asiatiques København
Nordic Institute for Asian Studies
Nordic Institute Of Asian Studies
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies København
Nordisk institut for Asienstudier
Nordisk Institut for Asienstudier København
Nordiska institutet för Asienstudier
Pohjoismainen Aasiantutkimusinstituutti København, 1988 -
Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies
Location / Nationality: 
Denmark Kobenhavn
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Language material
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Cederroth, Sven
Centralinstitut for Nordisk Asienforskning København (see also from)
Centralinstitutet för nordisk Asienforskning (see also from)
Gatu, Dagfinn
Kalland, Arne
Leijonhufvud, Göran
Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies (see also from)
Taillard, Christian
Tønnesson, Stein
Wanek, Alexander
Aiding Afghanistan : the background and prospects for reconstruction in a fragmented society
Asia insights
Atlas of Laos : the spatial structures of economic and social development of the Lao People's Democratic Republic
Belief systems and state power in Indonesia
Cambodia, 1999-2000 : land, labour, and rural livelihood in focus
Catalogue of oriental manuscripts, xylographs etc. in Danish collections.
Cultural politics in New Order Indonesia
Danmai yu Zhongguo de guan fang guan xi, 1674-2000
Democracy in Asia series.
Democracy in Vietnam? : Report commissioned by the teh Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA)
Development, decentralization and democracy : exploring social capital and politicization in the Bengal Region
Development research and development aid. How to make alternative aid projects? Challenge to the bi-lateral agencies and the NGO:s : proceedings from the workshop : April 12, 1991, University of Copenhagen
Development research and development aid : proceedings from the workshop : how to make alternative aid projects? Challenge to the bi-lateral agencies and the NGOs
dynamic psychology of early Buddhism, The
Fertility and familial power relations : procreation in south India
Folk tales from Kammu : a teller's last tales
Going against the tide : on dissent and big-character posters in China
house in Southeast Asia, The : a changing social, economic and political domain
How to make alternative aid projects? Challenge to the bi-lateral agencies and the NGOs
iChina : the rise of the individual in modern Chinese society
Identity in Asian literature
India and China : technology & science in development : a selective bibliography
Indian art worlds in contention : local, regional and national discourses on Orissan Patta paintings
Indonesian politics in crisis : the long fall of Suharto, 1996-1998
Islam, human rights and child labour in Pakistan
Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and the evolution of the Chinese communist leadership
Mission and Tamil society : social and religious change in South India (1840-1900)
Modernization and effeminization in India : Kerala cashew workers since 1930
Mongolia in transition
Muslim diversity : local Islam in global contexts
Natural resources and cosmology in changing Kalasha society
NIAS preprints
NIAS report (Copenhagen, Denmark : 1991)
NIAS reports
NIAS review : a report on the activities of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies.
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies monograph series.
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies nytt
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies report
Occas. pap. - Scand. Inst. Asian Stud.
Peace and friendship : Denmark's official relations with China, 1674-2000
Performing the nation : cultural politics in New Order Indonesia
Perspectives on Japan and Korea : 2nd Nordic Symposium on Japanese and Korean Studies
Power and political culture in Suharto's Indonesia : the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) and decline of the new order (1986-98)
Quan qiu Hua ren shang mao lian xi de bi jiao yan jiu lun wen ji
Redesigning the cosmos : belief systems and state power in Indonesia
Royal Palace Museum of Luang Prabang, The : general condition, conservation and restoration needs, 1991
Saying the unsayable : monarchy and democracy in Thailand
state and its enemies in Papua New Guinea, The
Studies in Asian topics
Studies in contemporary Asia series.
Studies on Asian topics
Technology in a controlled economy : the match industry in India
Towards a feudal mode of production : West Java, 1680-1800
UP saga, The
Village China at war : the impact of resistance to Japan, 1937-1945
village concept in the transformation of rural Southeast Asia, The
War or peace in the South China Sea?
will send my song, I : Kammu vocal genres in the singing of Kam Raw
Women's political participation and representation in Asia : obstacles and challenges
丹麦与中国官方关系, 1674-2000
和平与友谊 : 丹麦与中国官方关系, 1674-2000