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Morcheeba (Musical group or band)
began 1995
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Godfrey, Paul (hasMember)
Godfrey, Ross (hasMember)
Martey, Daisy (hasMember)
Skye (hasMember)
Almost Done
Am the Spring (acoustic), I
Ambient lounge
Antidote (Sampler), The
Aqualung (instrumental)
Au Dela (instrumental)
Baby Sitar (Drummer of Your Dreams mix)
Back to Mine: Morcheeba
Bar lounge classics summer edition
Bar lounge classics weekend edition
Be Yourself (Bloodshy remix)
Be Yourself (Creators Frontline remix)
Be Yourself (Creators instrumental)
Be Yourself (Electro Folk remix)
Be Yourself (radio edit)
Beat of the Drum
Beats & B-Sides
Best of Morcheeba 1995-2003, The
Best Trips
Big calm ; Fragments of freedom
Blaze away
Blindfold (KCRW Session / Live at Kampo Studios, NYC 26/7/02)
Blood Like Lemonade (acoustic)
Blue Chair (instrumental)
Boule Noire, La
Bounce music from and inspired by the Miramax motion picture
Bullet Proof
Café Ibiza
Call It Love
Can't Stand It (Jony Rockstar radio mix)
Charango / Fragments of Freedom
Charango (instrumental)
Coming Down Gently
Cool vibes
Crimson (acoustic)
Crystal Blue Persuasion (Cheeba Blue Persuasion mix) (album mix edit)
Cut to the Bass
Daylight Robbery
Diggin’ a Watery Grave
Digital beauties
Dive Deep (instrumentals)
Do You Good
Don't Let It Bring You Down (live)
Dyslexic Porn Star Who Funked in Her Space, The
Easier Said Than Done
End Theme
Enjoy the Ride (instrumental)
Enjoy the Ride (Jason Bentley mix)
Enjoy the Ride (Silver Saver mix)
Enjoy the Wait
Erotic lounge deluxe edition
erotic sessions, The
Even Though (acoustic)
Even Though (Mustang dub remix)
Even Though (radio edit)
Even Though (Surfing Leons Afternoon remix)
Even Though (Surfing Leons Evil remix)
Everybody Loves a Loser
Extended Trigger Hippie (Glide Sitar mix)
Fear and Love
Finally Found You
Find Another Way
Flowers (instrumental)
Fragments of Freedom Mix: World Looking In / Let It Go / In the Hands of the Gods / Coming Down Gently / Fragments of Freedom
Frea and Love
Free of Debris
Frogmarched to Freedom
From Brixton to Beijing
Gained the World (instrumental)
Gained the World (Serious Music remix)
Get Along (album version)
Get Along (instrumental)
Get Mashed!
Gimme Your Love
God Bless and Goodbye
Good Girl Down (Bahomadin)
Great London Traffic Warden Massacre (instrumental), The
Ground Zero
Head up high
Hemphasis (instrumental)
Hubert Laws- Summertime
I'd Rather Kill Us (Than Watch You Leave)
I’ll Fall Apart
In the Hands of the Gods (Cheeky Cheeba Chainsaw mix)
In the Hands of the Gods (Cheery Cheeba Chainsaw mix)
In the Hands of the Gods (Tumbleweed Gunslinger mix)
It’s Summertime (acoustic version)
It’s Summertime (instrumental mix)
It’s Summertime (single version)
Killer Hippie (Bad Vibrations mix)
Killer Hippie (Hipstrumental mix)
Ledge Beyond the Edge (instrumental), The
Let It Go
Let Me See (album version edit)
Let Me See (Circa 1963 Lounge mix)
Let Me See (Magnus Fiennes mix)
Let Me See (QDIII Soundlab mix)
Let Me See (Reflection Eternal 'Hip Hop' mix)
Let Me See (Sonic Warrior 'Beats' mix)
Lighten Up (album version)
Lighten Up (radio edit)
Lighten Up (Solasso radio remix)
Lighten Up (Super Discount club mix)
Lighten Up (Superdiscount instrumental mix)
Lighten Up (Superdiscount radio mix)
Like a Military Coup
Live Sessions
Living Hell
London chill
Love Is Rare
Love Sweet Love (The Nextmen's Bigfoot dub)
Love Sweet Love (The Nextmen's Full vocal remix)
Make Believer (Ben Gomori's Fantasy Trip remix)
Make Believer (Don La Maison instrumental)
Make Believer (Don La Maison vocal mix)
Make Believer (Psychmagik remix)
Make Believer (Remixes)
Make Believer (Timo Maas remix)
Making of Fragments of Freedom, The
Military Coup, A
Mo' Cheeba
Moog Island (Omni Trio mix)
Moog Island (Recorded live for GLR)
Moog Island (The Music That We Hear)
Morcheeba: Exclusive CD
Morcheeba: The Platinum Collection
Music That We Hear (Arthur Baker's Blowout Express dub mix), The
Music That We Hear (Arthur Baker's Blowout Express Music mix), The
Music That We Hear (Moog Island) (Omni Trio mix), The
Never an Easy Way (Apopalyptic mix)
Never an Easy Way (long mix)
Never an Esy Way
Never in Easy Way
Never Undo
Nulle Part Ailleurs LIVE 05
Ocean men extreme dive ; music from and inspired by the movie Ocean men
On the Rhodes Again
One Love Karma (instrumental)
Otherwise (KCRW Session / Live at Kampo Studios, NYC 26/7/02)
Otherwise (Sunship dub)
Otherwise (Sunship remix-radio edit)
Otherwise (Un-cut dub)
Otherwise (Un-cut radio edit)
Otherwise (Un-cut remix)
Otherwise (Uncut 12" edit)
Otherwise (Uncut remix) (instrumental)
Over and Over (demo version)
Part Of The Process Americruiser (The Americruiser Morfeedback Mix)
Part of the Process (live at Glastonbury 2000)
Part of the Progress
Parts of the process
People Carrier
Platinum Collection, The
Post Houmous (live at the Mackie)
Post Humous
Public Displays of Affection (instrumental)
Public Displays Of Affection (KCRW Session / Live at Kampo Studios, NYC 26/7/02)
Ray Payola (Curly Wurly mix)
Recipe for Disaster (acoustic)
Riverbed (instrumental)
Rome Wasn't Build in a Day
Rome wasn't built in a day
Rome Wasn't Built in One Day
Run Honey Run (instrumental)
Sao Paolo
São Paulo (instrumental)
Sao Paulo (Live at The Union Chapel)
Sea (12″ version), The
Sea (album version), The
Sea (KCRW Session / Live at Kampo Studios, NYC 26/7/02), The
Sea (maxi cd), The
Sea (studio), The
Self Made Man
Set Your Sails
Shallow End
Shoulder Holster (Diabolical Brothers mix)
Shoulder Holster (Diabolical Brothers remix)
Shoulder Holster (DJ Swamp mix)
Shoulder Holster (instrumental mix)
Shoulder Holster (Low Pressure mix)
Shoulder Holster (Nation of Teflon Souls mix)
Shoulder Holster (radio mix)
Shoulder Holster (Rolling Boulder mix)
Sleep on It (instrumental)
Slow Down (instrumental)
Small Town
Sod It! (Diabolical Brothers mix)
Straight Ahead Master
Summertime (C12 mix)
Summertime (Rhapsody mix)
Summertime (with Hubert Laws)
Sweet L.A.
Tape Loop (album version)
Tape Loop (Diabolical Brothers mix)
Tape Loop (Diabolical Brothers remix)
Tape Loop (radio edit)
Tape Loop (Shortcheeba mix)
Tape Loop (Shortcheeba remix)
Ten Men
Three Orange Whips (maxi cd)
Thumbnails (instrumental)
To the Grave
Trigger hippie [19]97
Trigger Hippie (album version)
Trigger Hippie (Diabolical Beats)
Trigger Hippie (Diabolical Brothers mix)
Trigger Hippie (Glide Sitar mix)
Trigger Hippie (live at the MacKie)
Trigger Hippie (Morslide mix)
Trigger Hippie (Newcheeba mix)
Under the Ice
Undress Me Now (instrumental)
Washed Away (instrumental)
Way Beyond (Enhanced video)
Way Beyond (instrumental)
Way Beyond (KCRW Session / Live at Kampo Studios, NYC 26/7/02)
Way Beyond (radio edit)
Well Deserved Break, A
What New York Couples Fight About (instrumental)
What New York Couples Fight About (KCRW Session / Live at Kampo Studios, NYC 26/7/02)
What's Your Name (album mix)
What's Your Name (instrumental)
What’s Your Name (radio edit)
What's Your Name (rap mix)
Who Can You Trust / Beats & B-Sides
Women Lose Weight (a cappella)
Women Lose Weight (album version)
Women Lose Weight (Alchemist instrumental)
Women Lose Weight (Alchemist mix)
Women Lose Weight (Morcheeba Spare Tyre remix)
Wonder Never Ceases
Wonders Never Cease (A Chicken Lips Special 12" version)
Wonders Never Cease (Black Grass vocal mix)
Wonders Never Cease (Chicken Lips Dub Delite)
Wonders Never Cease (Diabolical Brothers remix)
Wonders Never Cease (Soulseekerz club mix)
works, The : A 3 cd retrospective
World Looking In (a cappella)
World Looking In (album version)
World Looking In (Bent remix)
World Looking In (instrumental)
World Looking In (radio edit)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Chillout Classics: The Ultimate Chillout Collection
100 Greatest 90s
100 Hits Lounge
100 Hits: 90s
100 Hits: 90s Dance
100 Hits: Chilled
100 Hits: Mum
100 Hits: Summer
100% Chilled
100% entspannt
100% Hits V5.0
100% Hits, Volume 33
100% Hits: The Best of 2000
12 Inch Dance: Chilled
12 Inch Dance: Indie
1st Transmission
35º Festivalbar 98: Compilation blu
4 in the Morning
40º Festivalbar 2003: Compilation blu
Absolute Dance (Trip-Hop)
Absolute Music 33
Acoustic 05
Acoustic 07
Acoustic 3
Acoustic Love
Afrekening, Volume 23, De
All That Chill
Alternative Moments II
Ambient Lounge 10
Ambient Lounge 11
Angel Beach: The Fourth Wave
Asia Lounge: Asian Flavoured Club Tunes: 3rd Floor
Bar Lounge Classics: Oriental Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Summer Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Weekend Edition
Be Yourself
Beijing 2
Best Chillout & Lounge... Ever!, The
Best Ever Chillout Mix, The
Best Ever Time to Relax, The
Best of Acoustic
Best Of Bside, The
Best of Classic Chillout, The
Best of Lounge Music
Best of World Music, Volume 4
Bite Back & Boogie
Blaze Away
Blue Chair
Boom Selection
Booty Breaks, Volume 1
BP Presents World Tour 00
Britpop Anthems
Buffy's Second String
Café del Mar, volumen veinte
Café del Mar: 21st Anniversary
Café Ibiza, Volume 4
Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2005, A
Candy Lounge: The Bedroom Tapes
Chant des rêves : Harmony, Le
Chill Factor
Chill Pill, The
Chilled Ibiza Gold
Chilled Ibiza II
Chilled Ibiza III
Chilled Summer
Chilled: Acoustic
Chilled: The After-Hours Sessions
Chillenundgrillen Zwei
Chillout Album 2: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Chillout Album, Volume 2: Soft Mixed, The
Chillout Album, Volume 3: Soft Mixed, The
Chillout Album, Volume 4: Soft Mixed, The
Chillout Mix, The
Chillout Moods
Chillout Room 2, The
Chillout Room, The
Chillout Session, The
Chillout Sessions
ChillOutMix 2000
City Lounge 7
Classic Chilled Ibiza
Classic Chillout Album, The
Classic Chillout Album: A Collection of Classics for a Modern World, The
Classic Dinner Party
Club Awards: 16 Top Hits - Original Versions, Volume 2
Clubbed Out
Clubbed to Death
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 57: May 1998
Coastal Chill: The Collection
Coffeeshop, Volume 3
Cold Feet
Cold Feet: The Official Soundtrack to the Series
Come Dine With Me Presents: Dinner Party Songs
Compact Disc Club - Gold
Complete Chillout
Cool Vibes, Volume 2
Cool: Chillout
Cosmo's Soundtrack to Summer
Cream of Trip Hop 5, The
Cream of TripHop, The
Deconstructed: An Acoustic Album
Dermot O'Leary presents The Saturday Sessions 2015
Devastate (Capricorn 2 mix)
Digital Beauties .001
Dinner Party Songs
Dreamworld: Essential Late Night Listening
Dyslexic Porn Star..., The
Eccleston Square Hotel London SW1
Electronic Charts
Embrace the Ems
Emotions (New Edition 2010)
Enchanted Tour
Ensemble c’est tout
Erotic Lounge 2
Erotic Lounge²
Erotic Lounge⁷: Finest Pleasure
Escape: The Classic Chillout Album
Espresso Café: Chill Out 2005, Volume 2: Chilling Out, L'
Esquire Playlist, Volume 2: Hip Parade
Essential Blu
Essential Chill Tonic
Essential Lounge
Essential Lounge Volume I
Essential Sounds, CD#1
Essential Sounds, Volume 1
Essential Tracks
Extreme Soundtrack (IMAX)
Extreme: Music From the Motion Picture
Face of Danger
Family Man, The
FCD (FreeCompactDisc)
Female Touch, The
Femme Nikita Ultimate Soundtrack, La
Femme Nikita, La
Festivalbar 2005: Compilation rossa
Fierce Angel Present Angels Fall II
FM4 Soundselection: 3
Fresh Hits 2000, Volume 2
From Trip Hop to Nu Jazz: A Smooth Transition, Volume 1
Future Groove: Sounds of the New Generation
Gained the World
Gala City Sounds: London Chill
Get Along
Glorious …Mud
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 7
Good Girl Down
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Great London Traffic Warden Massacre, The
Green Room (Summer 2005), The
Hangover Cure: Time to Chill, The
Hear Music, Volume 2: Songs for Long Narrow Stretches
Hed Kandi: Nu Cool
Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled
Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled 2
Hed Kandi: Winter Chill
Hershey's Premium Selection
Hidden Treasures
Hit-Giganten: Best of Summer Chill, Die
Hit's Virgin Now! Volume 1: 1997
Hits 54
Hits 56
Hits, The
Hits, Volume 5, The
HMV Playlist April 2005
Holiday 40 Hot Hits for the Bar and Beach
Hot for ’98
Hot Summer 2004
Ibiza: The History of Chillout
In the Hands of Gods
In the Hands of the Gods
In the Hands of the Gods (Tumbleweed Gunslinger mix)
Indie Top 20, Volume 23
Indie, Volume 8
Indoormusic, Volume 1
Indoormusic, Volume 2
Inhaled 2
Instant Karma: Invigorate Your Mind, Body & Soul
Intelligent Music Favorites, Volume 2
Island 4
Jazzadelic 10/03
Johnny Boy Would Love This... A Tribute to John Martyn
Johnny Boy Would Love This…A Tribute to John Martyn
Journey Into Drum 'n' Bass, Volume 2.0, A
Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story
Karma Lounge: Chilled Global Beats
Keep Calm and Relax
Keinijg 2
Kink Live 2
Kontor: Sunset Chill
Kuscheljazz 7
Kuscheljazz, Volume 8
Kuschellounge 2
Kuschellounge 3
Laços de Família: Internacional
Ladykillers 2
Landmark Music
Large - Sticky Flavours
Late Night Moods 2
Latest & Greatest Indie Anthems 2015
Latest & Greatest Indie Love
Latest & Greatest Relaxing Songs
Latest & Greatest: Indie Anthems
Lazy Hours, Volume 4
Let Me See
Lifestyle2: Chill Lounge 1
Lilith Fair 98: A Starbucks Blend
Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music, Volume 2
Lost in Space Drum 'n' Bass Phase 00:03
Lounge Anthology: Relaxing Music
Lounge Classic, Volume 2
Lounge for Lovers 2
Loungin’: Music to Watch the World Go By
Love Indie Rock 2
Love Sweet Love
LoveLounge Vol. 2
Mad for It
Martha - Meet Frank, Daniel & Laurence
Massive Hits: Songs
Mastermix: Pro Disc 3
Mastermix: Pro Disc 9
Mein Leben und ich
Melt: Godiva Mix
Mezcal Dream
Mijn Restaurant!
Military Coup, A
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Classics
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions 4
Ministry of Sound: Late Night Sessions
Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session 2
Mission Mini
Moods 3
Moods: A World of Emotions
More FM Mix Tape
Morning Becomes Eclectic
Mosquito Bar: Chill Out Sessions
Mr Music Hits 2000-11
Music for Cocktails, Part 3
Music@Work 2
Narcosound: Trip Hop
Neon Magazine: 15 Great Movie Tracks
Nightripping (by 88.5)
No Diggity (Capricorn 2 mix)
No.1 Ibiza Chillout Album, The
Now That's What I Call Music! 5
Ö3 Greatest Hits, Volume 12
Ocean Men: Extreme Dive
Ocean Men: Extreme Dive: Original Soundtrack
On the Mountain 4
One Billion People Can't Be Wrong
One Night at McCool's: Songs From the Motion Picture
One Shot 1998
One Shot 2000
Only Pleasure
Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album
Paris Lounge
Paris sur mer
Passion, Volume 2, The
Pavarotti & Friends for Afghanistan
Perfect Feeling
Perfect Harmony
Permanent Midnight
Pioneer: Summer Lounge
Playing by Heart
Playing God (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Pop 101 Collection '00 Volume
Pop Culture Press: CD Sampler #23 (Fall & Winter 2005)
Pop Rock Station
Pop: The Collection
Post Houmous
Prinz Massive Beats
Privé II: The Lounge Anthology
Promo Only Canada: Rhythm Radio, January 2003
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, April 1998
Pukkelpop Skynet Sampler
Q Presents: Glastonbury 2003
Q the Music 5
Q the Music 8
Q: The Music 2
Quiet Night in... Stay in Chill Out
Radio ZET: To Co Lubisz: Więcej Muzyki
Red Hot + Rhapsody: The Gershwin Groove
Redhot and Rhapsody
Relax and Unwind: Summer
Release Me Now
RFM - Deep Feelings
RnB Platinum
Roadtrip 1: Banana Republic
RTL Sommer Hits 2010
Run Honey Run
Russian Roulette (Aroe vs. Capricorn 2)
Saved by the Girl
Selected Mixes (That's What Friends Are For)
Simply Everyone Takes Cocaine
Sinners Lounge: The Erotic Sessions
Sleep on It
Sleep on It Tonight
Songbirds: A Celebration of the Female Voice
Sounds of Mystery
Spin This 8
Spot Collection Summer 2002
Strange and Beautiful
Summer Lounge: A Chill Out Trip to the Beach
Summer Moods
Sundown: Music for Unwinding
Sunset to Sunrise
Superhits Now 1998
SWR 3 New Pop Festival, Volume 1
Tatler Sounds Fantastic
This Is... Trip Hop 2
To Be
Top 100 90s
Top of the Spot 1997
Top of the Spot 2010: New Collection, Volume 4
TOTP: The Cutting Edge
Traffic: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tribute to Female Vocals, A
Trip Hop Music
Trip-Hop Anthology
Trip-Hop: The Best Of
Turn It Up & Pass It On, Volume 10
TV 2000
Ultimate Collection: Acoustic - 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Easy Album, The
Ultimate Hit Collection: The Hits Vol. 5, The
Ultimate Smoochy Album, The
Ultra.Chilled 01
Ultra.Chilled 06
Uncut, 2002.07: Neat Neat Neat
Underwater Love
Upload Halogen
Urban Moods
Villa Mercedes Ibiza Lounge
Virtually Alternative, Volume 74
Viva Diablo Blanco: Freestyle Beats Volume One
Volume 3: Afternoon Delights
Vox: Spring Collection
Walk on the Moon, A
Warner Music Hultsfred 2000
Washed Away
What New York Couples Fight About
What New York People Talk About
What's Up 4
What's You Name
What's Your Name (radio edit)
What’s Your Name
What’s Your Name (radio edit)
Winter Music Conference 2008
Wired: New Directions in Dance
Woman III
Women Lose Weight
Word of Mouth: June 2005
Your Generation
Zen 3
Zen x Zen