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DJ Doktor Leary
DJ Doktor Megatrip
G.P. Orridge & Psychic TV
Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV
Luv Bass
Mistress Mix
Psychic T.V.
Psychic TV
Psychic TV and Genesis P-Orridge
Psychic TV Groupe musical (Musical group or band)
Psychic TV Musical group (Musical group or band)
Psychic TV (Musical group or band)
PTV3 (Musical group or band)
began 1981
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Balance, John (hasMember)
Ball, Dave (hasMember)
Ball, Gini (hasMember)
Best, Matthew (hasMember)
Campagna, Michael (hasMember)
Chatterley, Andy (hasMember)
Christopherson, Peter (hasMember)
Erb, Philipp (hasMember)
Fergusson, Alex (hasMember)
Genesis P-Orridge
Giannelli, Fred (hasMember)
Gosling, John (hasMember)
Hyde, Danny (hasMember)
Key, Cevin
Longden, Hugo (hasMember)
Maher, Sean (hasMember)
Martin, Dave (hasMember)
McDowall, Drew (hasMember)
Meat Beat Manifesto
Norris, Richard (hasMember)
P-Orridge, Genesis
P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer (hasMember)
Plastikman (04.06.1970-)
Schiessl, Richard (hasMember)
Spahn Ranch
Thomas, Ken (hasMember)
Thrasher, Larry
Thrasher, Larry (hasMember)
Tibet, David (hasMember)
Valls, Jordi (hasMember)
Xperimental Knowledge Project
1983 Interview I
1983 Interview II
Abstract Reality (Godstar Movie mix)
After You're Dead, She Said
Al - or - al thee transmutation ov mercury
Alien Be-In (Towards the Infinite Beat album mix)
Alien Brain, The
Alien Brain Vs. Maggot Brain
Alien Lightning Meat Machine, Part II
Alien Sky
Allegory and Self
Allegory & Self - Thee Starlit Mire
Always Is Always
Am Making a Mirror, I
Amazing Vibrations
Ancient Lights
Aquarius Rising, Part 1
Are You Experienced?
Are You X'Spear Incense?
As Tears Go By
Astru Naming Ritual for Caresse 1
Astru Naming Ritual for Caresse 2
Astru Naming Ritual for Caresse 3
Astru Naming Ritual for Caresse 4
Astru Naming Ritual for Caresse 5
Astru (Pagan) Marriage
Atmospheric Eye, The
Attraction Romana
Attraction Romantique
B-Earth / "Whatever You Are Is a Mirror ov What We Are" / Ajna Command Centre
Baby's Gone Away
Back to Reality
Balkan Red Alert (Dave Ball Gridlock mix)
Ballet Disco
Be Cool
Beauty from thee beast thee best ov Psychic TV and Genesis P. Orridge
Being Lost
Being-On-E (Adam and Eve Sperm mix)
Believe What You Said (Leæther Strip remix), I
Believe What You Said (Leæther Strip version), I
Believe What You Said (Oneiroid Psychosis mix), I
Believe What You Said (Spahn Ranch mix), I
Best Ov: Time's Up
Beyond Thee Infinite Beat: Ravemaster Mixes
Black Cat
Black Moon
Black Paint Box
Black Rainbow (Towards the Infinite Beat album mix)
Black Raincoat
Blinded Eye in Thee Pyramids
Blinded in Thee Eye of a Pyramid
BLISS (Andy Falconer remix)
Bliss I.T. Persisting?
Bliss (Remix by Andy Falconer)
Bloodstream (instrumental mix)
Blue Dawn, Ordeals Ov Innocents, Bewedding, Land Escape, Separation&Undressing, RiscoPravity, Immune Deficiency Zones, Zenith Extremis Pantagruel
Blue Heart (Mistress Mix mix)
Blue Hot
Blue Pyramid (Virginia & Mista Luv mix)
BonE (Do E Rave Mix)
Boys are girls and girls are boys
Burn Again Fear
Burn Again Fears
Burning the Old Home
But Remember Youth in Nots
C Water (Evil Eddie mix), I
Can See Your Eye Can I, I
Candy Factory
Candy Says
Caresse Song
Cathedral Engine : Mark Cold Stone
Chemical Surprise Rap
Child's Surprise, A
City Ov London + City Ov Glasgow
City ov Paris
Clouds Without Water
Cold blue torch
Cold Dark Matter
Cold Steel
Colour Climax
Constant High
Coumpletion 4a
Crazy Vibes
[data track]
Day in the Life (The Ecstasy Boys mix)
Dead Air
Dead Cat (BBC Telepathic edit)
Dead Cat (long version)
Dead Cat (short version)
Decoder 1: Music for Frogs
Decoder 1: Muzak for Frogs
Decoder 2: Dream
Decoder 3: Main Theme
Decoder 4: Sex and the Married Frog
Decoder 5: Information Bank
Decoder 6: Muzak De-File
Decoder 7: Grim Rieperbahn
Detri-Mental Gain
Disc-Omen (DJ Doktor Megatrip & Mista Luv mix)
Discopravity (Fish Mix)
Do Me (Glen Meadmore mix)
Don't Think So, I
Dreams less sweet
Drone Zone (Towards the Infinite Beat album mix)
E-Male (Ha Hahahahheee Oh That's Funny)
Eagle Has Landed, The
Ecstacy In The UK
Edad de Oro (Red Ritual Film), La
Eden 1
Eden 2
Eden 3
Electric Newspaper Issue One
Electric Newspaper, Issue Three
Electric Newspaper Issue Two
Eleusis (alternate mix)
Elipse of Flowers
Elipse Ov Flowers
Enjoy Your Body
Enochian Calls
Eve Ov Destruction
Ever Experienced?
Everything Has to Happen.
(Fast Interlude)
Feet of Broken Glass / New Regeneration
Fenris Wolves, The
Fire Woman (cEvin Key mix)
Fire Woman (Fabrique Club Mix by Martin Atkins)
Firewoman (Exhuma Exhortation)
Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights - Mixtape Volume 1
Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights - Mixtape Volume 2
Foggy Notion
Force the hand of chance
Forced S.M.I.L.E.
Forked S.M.I.L.E.
Full Pack (alternate mix), The
Genetic Resolution (live)
Gilt Siren
God's Blood
God Star: The Singles Part Two
Goddess / Priestess / Endless
Godstar (7" mix)
Godstar (7" version)
Godstar (BJ mix)
Godstar, Bryin Meets Brian (Suffering Clown Re-Mix)
Godstar (California Mix)
Godstar (Cotchford Farm mix)
Godstar (Hyperdelic mix)
Godstar (Monterey Pop Festival mix)
Godstar (Never Forget)
Godstar (Ready Steady Go mix)
Godstar (Tangiers mix)
Godstar (Thee Brian Meets Bryin mix)
Godstar: Thee Director's Cut
Godstar ( Ugly Mix )
Godstars Never Fade They Merely Re-Incarnate
Godzilla 'Return to the Sea' Psychic TV (remix)
Godzilla V the Space Mutants
Good Vibrations (7" version)
Good Vibrations (Kundalini mix)
Greyhounds of the Future / Alien Lightning Meat Machine Part II
Groove On (Love in Life mix)
Groove to Get Down (Sugardog)
Guilt Siren
Guilt Syren
Hear Voices / Three Leg Song, I
Hell Is Invisible... Heaven Is Her/e
Hex Sex ('90 Remix)
Hex Sex (Voodoo mix)
Higher and Higher
HOH Skinhead
hollow cost [a spoken word revelation], A
Hookah Chalice
Horror House (DJ Sugar Jay remix)
Horror House (Monitor mix)
Horror House (Remix by DJ Sugar Jay)
Horror House (Sugardog remix)
How Does E Feel?
How Does It Feel?
Hymn 23
I.C. Water (Evil Eddie remix)
I.C. Water (live)
I.C. Water (LP version)
I.C. Water (Remix by Evil Eddie)
I'm Making a Mirror
Iceland Saga
Immune Zone, The
In Solitude of Memory
In the Beginning
In the Nursery
In Thee Body
In Thee Nursery
In to the mix
Infinite Beat
Infinite (remix), The
Intoxication (live From NYC)
Iron Glove
Iron Pirates
Issue One
Issue Three (Gysin Interviewed by GPO)
Issue Three (Part 1)
Issue Three (Part 2)
Issue Three (Part 3)
Issue Three (Part 4)
Issue Three (Part 5)
Issue Three (Part 6)
Issue Three (Part 7)
Issue Two
It's L.A. (L.A. Connection)
It's LA (Too See Bee mix)
(It Was) Never Enough
its clean it just looks dirty vr
Jack The Tab
Japan Boy
Je T'Aime, Moi Non Plus / Brian Jones' Visit to Jajouka Is Described by Brion Gysin to Genesis Beyer P-Orridge in Paris in 1985
Je T'amie ( Menstrual Mix )
Jesus Please Us
Joy (Joy-Orgasm-Youth mix)
Joy (Joy-Orgasm-Youth) / Sandoz Tabman / Wicked / Groove to Get Down / Blue Pyramid / Godzilla V the Space Mutants / Liquid Eyeliner / Disco-Men / Tune In (Turn on the Acid House) / Neuropolitiks
Jump into the Fire
Jump Thee Gun
Just Because
Just Drifting (For Caresse)
Just Drifting (Frnglais mix)
Just Drifting (Midnight)
Just Like Arcadia
Just Relax
Ketameaner Kat (Mindfeeled mix)
Kinda Groovy (Ultrahouse mix)
Kiss me (maggot brain)
Kondole / Dead Cat
L.A. Angel (For Jim Morrison)
La La Song, The
Lady Maybe (Dub Me Maybe mix)
Last Night (Wolves of the Sun mix)
Laughing Gasp (live)
Lies and Spies
Lies, and Then
Like My Holidays (A Children's Story), I
Like You Even More (For Heidi & Simon), I
Like You (For Heidi Woodgate), I
Listen Today...
Live at the Berlin Wall, Part 1
Live at the Berlin Wall, Part 2
Live At Thee Circus
Live in Berlin II
Live in Bregenz
Live in Glasgow Plus
Live in Gottingen
Live in Heaven
Live In Reykjavik
Live in Russia
Live in Thee East Village
live in toronto sound recording
Loaded Angels
Look at That Picture
Looking for an Angel
Looking for You
Loops of Mystical Union, The
Loose Nut (One Foot in the Grave mix)
Looser Nut (Deep Fried version)
Lost Angeles
Love Damage
Love War Riot (Dogon-Nogod Vocoder Message mix)
Love War Riot (Fon Force Vocoder Mixes)
Love War Riot (Priestly Intervention mix)
Love War Riot (Unlisted version)
Love You, I Know, I
Luvzya (Mistress Mix and the King Cut Groovers)
Mad Organist, The
Maggot Brain
Magick Defends Itself
Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P. - Good Vibrations + Roman P., The
Manoevre Plagues to Stand : Alone in Madness
Maximum Swing
Meet Every Situation Head On (Noise & Mista Luv mix)
Mein Göttingen
Mental Mental
Message from the Temple
Message From Thee Temple
Milk baba
Mind Blown Is a Mind Throne, A
Mirrors, Parts 1, 2 & 3
Mistress Mix
Molecular Uprising (Castalia Breakfast mix)
Money for E... (Dave Ball remix)
Money for E (Jack the Tab extended mix)
Money for E. (Jack the Tab remix)
Money for E (Remix by Dave Ball)
Money for E (Remix by Jack the Tab)
Mother Jack (A Children's Story)
Mother Sky VS Alien Sky
Mouth of the Night
Mouth Ov Thee Knight
Mr. Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers
Mylar Bees (Part 3)
Mylar Bees (Parts 1 and 2)
Mylar Breeze, Part 3
Mylar Breeze, Parts 1 & 2
N.Y. Scum
New Regeneration
New Sexuality
New Will
New York Sin
New York Story (Michael Gira mix)
No Go Go
No Good Trying
Not a Godstar, an Oddstar
Nothing Song (live), The
Nursery Times
Nursery With a Scar
Oi You Skinhead!
Om Acid
Only Human
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
OR-AL: Thee Transmutation Ov Mercury, AL-
Orchids, The
Ordeal of Innocence
Origin of the Species, Volume III. The Final Supply of Two Tablets of Acid
Origin of the Species Volume Too! A Second Supply of Two Tablets of Acid
Our Eyes Still Turn : Choice Hard as Tooth
Outclass Death : Assembled Razors Stifle Breath
Ov Power Corruption and Magick
Ov Power (radio promo mix)
Over Painted Smiles (Mysterious Well)
Overdriven Overlord
Oxygen (Smoggy Notion mix)
Pagan Day (Pages From a Notebook), A
Papal Break-Dance
Papal Breakdance...
Papal Bull / Unclean (As a Whistle version) / God's Blood Never Failed Me Yet / New Will and Test Is Meant
Paradise Lost
Part I. Piano and Clarinet.
Part II. 23 Tibetan Human Thigh Bones.
Part III. Cowbell, Bicycle Wheels and Vibes.
Part IV. New Guinea Headhunters Pipe, Large and Small Drum.
Part V. Piano and String Machine.
Part VI. Recording Made at Jonestown, Guyana at the Time of the Suicides.
Part VII. African Initiation Drum and Animal Tusk Horn.
Part VIII. Various Temple Bells, Gongs, Cymbals and Vibes.
Peak hour
Pickles and Jam
Pig Snout Rap
Prayer for Derek
Pregnant Pause
Project! Expect!
Proof on Survival
Psychedelic Violence
Raft of Blood Meets a Riot in Their Eye
Rare and Alive
Re-Mind (Red Jerry mix)
Re-United Mix 4 (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Re-United (Sabres of Paradise mix)
Real Swedish Live Show, A
Really Real
Red Lion and White Tiger
Revenge on God
Riot in Thee Eye of Sky
Riot in Thee Eye Ov Sky
Riot in Thee Isle Ov Skye
Rites of Reversal
Rites ov Reversal (Al II. 19)
Roman P. (Fireball mix)
Roman P. (For Polanski)
Roman P. (live in Basildon, 13 July 1986)
Roman P (Long Folk mix)
Roman P (Rehearsal)
Roman P. (short version)
Roman P. (Sordide Sentimental version)
Root Base / One's Own Place / Jewel City / Unstruck Sound / Rub Out
Rope Your Self
Russian Disko
S.M.I.L.E. (Greedy Beat Syndicate remix)
S.M.I.L.E. (Remix by Greedy Bead Syndicate)
S.U.C.K. or Know! (White Stains Trip)
Sandoz Tabman
Satan Is a Bishop ov Rome
saucerful of Pink a tribute to Pink Floyd, A
Scared to Live (PTV mix)
Secret Tabman (Telepathica Sexualis mix)
Seduce Me
Separation and Undressing
Serious Noise
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (radio edit)
Shame : Makes Two Late
Shango and Come Back!
She Touched Me
She Was Surprised (Disco mix)
Sheathed in Moons
Short Sharp Taste of Mistress Mix (album mix)
Short Sharp Taste Ov Mistress Mix, A
Side A
Side B
Silver and Gold
Silver Sundown Machine Vs. Alien Lightning Meat Machine
Simple Story, A
Sir Frances E. Dec (Kitten Sparkle mix)
Skinhead 2
Skinhead Moonstomp 84
Skinhead Sunstomp!
Slave Priest / Priest Slave
Slow Gems in a Hurricane (live)
Slow Motion : Flood : Opens Thee Gate
Smile (Greedy Beat remix)
Soul Eater (For K.W. Jeter)
Southern Comfort (For Brian Jones)
Speaking With Angels
Spin the Blood Red Thread
Splinter Test 1
Splinter Test 2
Stained by Dead Horses
Star Too Far (Lullaby for Syd Barrett), A
Starlit Mire
Stick Insect (DJ Global remix)
Stick Insect (Monitor mix)
Stick Insect (Remix by DJ Global)
Still Tempted (Phallic Rub mix)
Still Walking
Stolen Kisses
Stolen Lightening
Stolen Lightning
Suspicious (edit)
Suspicious (T.H.D. remix)
Suspicious (Unfaithful mix)
Suspicious (West Coast Experimental Pop Art mix)
Tape Sex
Tarot Ov Abomination
Temporary Temple
Temptation / Let's All Make Love Tonight in Thee East Village
TEMPTER (Hard Dub Mix)
Tempter (Homeboy Posse mix)
TEMPTER (Phallic Rub Mix)
Terminate (Over the Brink mix)
Terminus (Never Want to Leave Rendition)
Thank You (Part One)
Thank You (Part Two)
Thee Blood : Thee Room
Thee City Ov Tokyo / Thee City Ov New York
Thee Degenerate (For Terrence Sellers) / Dark Powers / She Touched Me / Jesus Please Us / Riot in Thee Eye vv Sky / Thee Fault Line / Gilt Siren / Soul Eater
Thee Dweller
Thee Eagle Has Landed (White Dove mix)
Thee Full Pack (For Bachir Attar)
Thee Induction Ov Trance
Thee Infinite Beat
Thee Leg Song
Thee Legge Song
Thee Lie / Thee Truth
Thee Mountaineer
Thee Politics Ov Ecstasy
Thee Sensible Squirrel Story
Thee Shadow Creatures
Thee Shadow Wood : Refuse This Laughter
Thee Shining
Thee Starlit Mire
Thee Whale
Thee Wolf Pack
Thee Wolf Tracks
Themes 2: A Prayer for Derek Jarman
Themes 2 Part One
Themes 2 Part Three
Themes 2 Part Two
Thin Garden, The
This Is the Final War
Those Who Do Knot...
Those Who Do Not
Time Tries to Trick Us
Topi Spokesman
Towards thee infinite beat
Trance Atlantic
Translucent Carriages
Tribal Analogue Sex Mix
Tribal (Apply Within)
Tribal Coinci/dance mix
Trip Reset
Tune In (Greedy Beat Syndicate remix)
Tune in Turn On (High Jacked mix)
Tune In (Turn On The Acid House) To All The Young People
Tune In (Turn On Thee Acid House)
Tune In, Turn Out
Turn On (To Thee Acid House)
Turn On, Tune in to the Acid House (original PTV mix)
Turn the Golden Thread
Twisted/Only Human
Ultrahouse: The Twelve Inch Mixes
Unclean (Bring Out Your Dead)
Unclean (Dead Dog River)
Unclean (Gen's mix)
Unclean (live in Basildon, 13 July 1986)
Unclean Monks
United 94 (Mix 2)
Voodoo Acid
Wanderer, The
We Kiss
Wedding, The
Were You Ever Bullied at School... Do You Want Revenge?
What Goes on Go Go
What's a Place Like You...
What What What
White Nights
White Sky
Wicked (Mistress mix)
Wrongs of Spring (Paul Raven mix)
Yes Hello (Infinite Hypno mix)
Yes Hello (Vocal mix)
Yes It's the B-Side
Your Body (Psychedelic Violence mix)
Youth (Vernon Castle mix)
Contributed to or performed: 
3x20 (Colours): Music From British Independent Record Companies 1980 - 1990
Arachniac Resurgence
Arcadia Too
Asleep in the Hay
At Stockholm
B-on-E (Do E Rave mix)
Back to Reality
Berlin Atonal Vol. 2
Berlin Atonal, Volume 1
Better an Old Demon Than a New God
Better Living Through Circuitry
Black Box: WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years
Bloody Skin, The
Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young, The
Cage 25
Casa Delerium
Chemical Warfare (Mix Mix Bang Bang)
Constant High (Groove On)
Correctum Profundis
Darkest Hour, The
Dossiers II
Drug Test Three
Earthen: A Cold Spring Sampler
Electrocity, Volume 8
Eve Ov Destruction
Excerpt From “A Hollow Cost”
Fabric 95: Roman Flügel
Fifty Years of Sunshine
Flesh, Fangs and Filigree
Flores Monstrosi E.P.
From Here to Tranquility, Volume 1
Godstar (California mix)
Godstar (Hyperdelic mix)
Gone but Not Forgotten: A Tribute to Those Who Rocked
Gone Paranoid (Freak Tent Freak)
Good Vibrations
Goth Industrial Club Anthems
Gothic Compilation, Part III, The
Gothic Erotica
Great Soundclash Swindle, The
Hagseed (Slageseed Slagadelic mix)
Hex Sex
Hex Sex: The Singles Part One
High Jack: Politics of Ecstacy
High Priests of Electronic Dub
Hydros Amarita
If You Can’t Please Yourself, You Can’t Please Your Soul
In Dust We Trust
In to the Mix
In'sh Allah!
Industrial Madness
Industrial Mix Machine
Industrial Revolution: 3rd Edition
Invisible Route SixSixSix
Jack the Tab: Tekno Acid Beat
Je T'aime
Loose Nut (Deep Space Vision)
Lords of Chaos: The History of Occult Music
Love War Riot
Magick Defends Itself
Many Faces of Pink Floyd, The
Matter Of Matter, The
Mysterious Encounters
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 11
No Hallucination
Occult Box
Occult Box (Deluxe Edition)
Once in a Lifetime, Volume 2
Other Side of Pink: A Tribute to Pink Floyd, The
Paple Breakdance
Papua New Guinea / Neurology
Pink Box: Songs of Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd: Greatest Hits Covered
Razormaid! m-6
Re‐United (mix 1)
Re‐United (mix 2)
Re‐United (mix 3)
Re‐United (mix 4)
Redefining the Prologue: 1981-2006
Roman P.
Rough Trade Shops: Heroes Vol. 1
S.U.C.K. or Know!
Saucerful of Pink: A Tribute to Pink Floyd, A
Scoring (Tapping You Up)
Sex & Bestiality
Shamanarchy In The UK
Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to the Monks
Space Daze
Star Too Far (Lullaby for Syd), A
Stiletto Vamp
Still B-ON-E (Candy Flip)
Street Mix: Music From Volkswagen Commercials, Volume 1
Swallow (It's L.A.)
T.O.P.Y. Mass
Tekno Acid Beat
Tempted (Phallic Rub mix)
Tempter (Trip Reset mix)
Testicle Waltz
Thee Eagle Has Landed
This Is Industrial
Titans of Industrial
Trance Atlantic
Trip: Curated by Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey, The
United '94
Very Best of Razormaid! V, The
White Sky
Wired Injections
World's Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute, The