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Bower, R. G.
Bower, Richard
Bower, Richard Gwyn
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Durham University
University of Durham
2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey - The environmental dependence of galaxy star formation rates near clusters, The
Accretion shocks and cold filaments in galaxy formation
Breaking the hierarchy of galaxy formation.
Bubbles, feedback and the intracluster medium: three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations.
case for AGN feedback in galaxy groups, The
clustering of the first galaxy haloes, The
colour-magnitude relation for galaxies in the Coma cluster, The
Colour-Magnitude Relation of Early-Type Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field North, The
Colour-magnitude relations and spectral line strengths in the Coma cluster
colour of galaxies in distant groups, The
colours of satellite galaxies in groups and clusters, The
Deep SAURON spectral imaging of the diffuse Lyman a halo LAB1 in SSA 22
Deficit of distant x-ray-emitting galaxy clusters and implications for cluster evolution
deficit of faint red galaxies in the possible large-scale structures around the RDCS J1252.9-2927 cluster at z= 1.24, A
difference between clusters and groups: a journey from cluster cores to their outskirts and beyond, The
Diffuse X-ray emission from late-type galaxy haloes
discovery of a galaxy-wide superwind from a young massive galaxy at redshift z 3, The
Discovery of a very extended X-ray halo around a quiescent spiral galaxy - The "missing link" of galaxy formation
Dissecting the Lyman a emission halo of LAB1
Dissecting the Lyman [alpha] emission halo of LAB1
early-type galaxy population in Abell 2218, The
entropy-driven X-ray evolution of galaxy clusters, The
Evolution in the discs and bulges of group galaxies since z= 0.4
evolution of [O ii] emission from cluster galaxies, The
Evolution of the Star Formation Activity in Galaxies and Its Dependence on Environment, The
evolutionary status of early-type galaxies in Abell 2390, The
Exploring the evolution of spiral galaxies
first generation of star-forming haloes, The
flip side of galaxy formation: a combined model of galaxy formation and cluster heating, The
Formation Epoch of Field Early-Type Galaxies
Galaxies under the cosmic microscope: resolved spectroscopy and new constraints on the z= 1 Tully-Fisher relation
Galaxy bimodality versus stellar mass and environment
Galaxy ecology: groups and low-density environments in the SDSS and 2dFGRS.
Galaxy formation spanning cosmic history
Galaxy groups at 0.3 ,z, 0.55 - I. Group properties
Galaxy properties in low X-ray luminosity clusters at z
Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph Integral Field Spectroscopy of a Merging System with Enhanced Balmer Absorption
Global Star Formation History in Rich Cluster Cores
Grand unification of AGN activity in the [Lambda]CDM cosmology
halo mass function from the dark ages through the present day, The
impact of galaxy formation on the X-ray evolution of clusters, The
Large-scale structure and dynamics of the most X-ray luminous galaxy cluster known - RX J1347-1145
Luminous red galaxies in hierarchical cosmologies
mass assembly of galaxy groups and the evolution of the magnitude gap, The
Measuring Omega(0) from the entropy evolution of clusters
Modelling shock heating in cluster mergers - I. Moving beyond the spherical accretion model
Models for jet power in elliptical galaxies: a case for rapidly spinning black holes
On the evolutionary status of early-type galaxies in clusters at z
Optical and near-infrared integral field spectroscopy of the SCUBA galaxy N2 850.4
Quenching cluster cooling flows with recurrent hot plasma bubbles
Ram pressure stripping of spiral galaxies in clusters
Reconstructing the history of star formation in rich cluster cores
representative XMM-Newton cluster structure survey (REXCESS) of an X- ray luminosity selected galaxy cluster sample, The
Resolved spectroscopy of a gravitationally lensed L* Lyman-break galaxy at z
Resolved spectroscopy of a gravitationally lensed L* Lyman-break galaxy at z~ 5
Revisiting the baryon fractions of galaxy clusters: a comparison with WMAP 3-yr results
Revisiting the cosmic cooling crisis.
ROSAT International X-ray/Optical Survey (RIXOS) - Source catalogue, The
ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Deep Survey, The
second-generation VLT instrument MUSE: science drivers and instrument design, The
Self-similar shocked accretion of collisional gas with radiative cooling
spectroscopic measure of the star formation rate density in dwarf galaxies at z a14 1, A
spectroscopic measurement of galaxy formation time-scales with the Redshift One LDSS3 Emission line Survey, A
star formation histories of low surface brightness galaxies, The
stellar mass content of distant galaxy groups, The
stellar populations of early-type galaxies in groups and clusters, The
stellar populations of low surface brightness galaxies, The
study of satellite galaxies in the rich cluster A2029, A
Towards a holistic view of the heating and cooling of the intracluster medium
X-ray spectra of the RIXOS source sample
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