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Smowton, P. M.
Smowton, Peter
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Cardiff University
650-nm lasers with narrow far-field divergence with integrated optical mode expansion layers
Carrier distribution, spontaneous emission, and gain in self-assembled quantum dot lasers
Comparison of experimental and theoretical optical properties of GaInP lasers
Determination of the Piezoelectric Field in InGaN Quantum Wells
Dynamics of the wetting-Layer-quantum-dot interaction in InGaAs self-assembled systems
effect of cladding layer thickness on large optical cavity 650-nm lasers, The
Energy distributions of carriers in quantum dot laser structures
Experimental analysis of self-pulsation 650-nm-wavelength AlGaInP laser diodes with epitaxial absorbing layers
frequency stabilisation of laser diodes for industrial applications, The
Gain in p-doped quantum dot lasers
InP-GaInP quantum-dot lasers emitting between 690-750 nm
Low-Temperature Nonthermal Population of InAs-GaAs Quantum Dots
Measurement of modal absorption, gain and recombination in p-doped and intrinsic quantum dot structures
Minority carrier effects in GaInP laser diodes
Nonradiative Recombination in Multiple Layer In(Ga)As Quantum-Dot Lasers
Optical absorption cross section of quantum dots
Optical Gain and Spontaneous Emission in GaAsSb-InGaAs Type-II "W" Laser Structures
Optimisation of high power AlGaInP laser diodes for optical storage applications
Performance of lasers containing three, five and seven layers of quantum dots
Polarization Properties of Columnar Quantum Dots: Effects of Aspect Ratio and Compositional Contrast
Random population of InAs-GaAs quantum dots
Random Population of Quantum Dots in InAs-GaAs Laser Structures
Spontaneous Radiative Efficiency and Gain Characteristics of Strained- Layer InGaAs-GaAs Quantum-Well Lasers
State filling in InAs quantum-dot laser structures
Study of dual-valley transport across a multiquantum barrier to enhance carrier confinement
Temperature Dependence of Threshold Current in p-Doped Quantum Dot Lasers
Temperature-Dependent Gain and Threshold in P-Doped Quantum Dot Lasers
Thermal performance investigation of DQW GaInNAs laser diodes