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Martin, R M
Martin, Richard
Martin, Richard M
Martin, Richard Michael
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University of Bristol
Absence of association of a single-nucleotide polymorphism in the TERT-CLPTM1L locus with age-related phenotypes in a large multicohort study: the HALCyon programme.
Absence of Association of a SNP in the TERT_CLPTM1L locus with age-related phenotypes in a large multi-cohort study: the HALCyon program
Age and gender differences in physical capability levels from mid-life onwards: the harmonisation and meta-analysis of data from eight UK cohort studies.
Age-related increases in DNA repair and antioxidant protection: A comparison of the Boyd Orr Cohort of elderly subjects with a younger population sample
association of atopic diseases with breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers: a meta-analysis., The
Associations of adiposity from childhood into adulthood with insulin resistance and the insulin-like growth factor system: 65-year follow-up of the Boyd Orr Cohort.
Associations of Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF)-I, IGF-II, IGF Binding Protein (IGFBP)-2 and IGFBP-3 with Ultrasound Measures of Atherosclerosis and Plaque Stability in an Older Adult Population
Associations of lower urinary tract symptoms with prostate-specific antigen levels, and screen-detected localized and advanced prostate cancer: a case-control study nested within the UK population-based ProtecT (Prostate testing for cancer and Treatment) study.
Blood pressure and risk of prostate cancer: cohort Norway (CONOR)
Breast-feeding and cancer: the Boyd Orr cohort and a systematic review with meta-analysis
Breast feeding and cardiovascular disease risk factors, incidence, and mortality: the Caerphilly study
Breast-feeding and childhood cancer: A systematic review with metaanalysis.
Breast feeding in infancy and social mobility: 60-year follow-up of the Boyd Orr cohort.
Breastfeeding and atherosclerosis: intima-media thickness and plaques at 65-year follow-up of the Boyd Orr cohort.
Breastfeeding and cardiovascular mortality: the Boyd Orr cohort and a systematic review with meta-analysis.
Breastfeeding in Infancy and Blood Pressure in Later Life: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Carotid and femoral arterial wall changes and the prevalence of clinical cardiovascular disease.
Childhood body mass index and later cancer risk: a 50-year follow-up of the Boyd Orr study.
Childhood circumstances and anthropometry: the Boyd Orr cohort.
Childhood dairy intake and adult cancer risk: 65-y follow-up of the Boyd Orr cohort
Childhood socioeconomic position and objectively measured physical capability levels in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Childhood stature and adult cancer risk: the Boyd Orr cohort
Circulating insulin-like growth factor peptides and prostate cancer risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Cohort profile: The Boyd Orr cohort--an historical cohort study based on the 65 year follow-up of the Carnegie Survey of Diet and Health (1937-39).
Components of the metabolic syndrome and risk of prostate cancer: the HUNT 2 cohort, Norway
Continuing controversy over monitoring men with localized prostate cancer: a systematic review of programs in the prostate specific antigen era.
Could associations between breastfeeding and insulin-like growth factors underlie associations of breastfeeding with adult chronic disease? The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.
Development of a New Method for Monitoring Prostate-Specific Antigen Changes in Men with Localised Prostate Cancer: A Comparison of Observational Cohorts
Did intense adverse media publicity impact on prescribing of paroxetine and the notification of suspected adverse drug reactions? Analysis of routine databases, 2001-2004.
Do infants who are breast-fed have an altered risk of developing cancer?
Does breast-feeding in infancy lower blood pressure in childhood? The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC).
Does breastfeeding influence risk of type 2 diabetes in later life? A quantitative analysis of published evidence
Does current evidence justify prostate cancer screening in Europe?
Does initial breastfeeding lead to lower blood cholesterol in adult life? A quantitative review of the evidence [Erratum: 2008 Dec., v. 88, no. 6, p. 1707.]
double jeopardy of clustered measurement and cluster randomisation., The
Early nutritional infuences on later health : breastfeeding and cardiovascular disease risk : the Boyd Orr cohort study
effect of breastfeeding on mean body mass index throughout life: a quantitative review of published and unpublished observational evidence., The
Effect of Infant Feeding on the Risk of Obesity Across the Life Course: A Quantitative Review of Published Evidence
Effects of prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding on child height, weight, adiposity, and blood pressure at age 6.5 y: evidence from a large randomized trial
Empirical evidence of bias in treatment effect estimates in controlled trials with different interventions and outcomes: meta-epidemiological study.
Feasibility and cost of obtaining informed consent for essential review of medical records in large-scale health services research
Genetic variants in the vitamin d receptor are associated with advanced prostate cancer at diagnosis: findings from the prostate testing for cancer and treatment study and a systematic review.
Haemoglobin A1c is not a surrogate for glucose and insulin measures for investigating the early life and childhood determinants of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes in healthy children. An analysis from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC).
Height and prostate cancer risk: a large nested case-control study (ProtecT) and meta-analysis.
How much loss to follow-up is acceptable in long-term randomised trials and prospective studies?
Infant feeding method and obesity: body mass index and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry measurements at 9-10 y of age from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
Infant nutrition and blood pressure in early adulthood: The Barry Caerphilly Growth study
Interleukin-18 polymorphism and physical functioning in older people: a replication study and meta-analysis.
International impacts of regulatory action to limit antidepressant prescribing on rates of suicide in young people.
Life course sun exposure and risk of prostate cancer: Population-based nested case-control study and meta-analysis
Lower urinary tract symptoms and risk of prostate cancer: The HUNT 2 Cohort, Norway
NHS waiting lists and evidence of national or local failure: analysis of health service data.
Oxycodone for Cancer-Related Pain: Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Parents' growth in childhood and the birth weight of their offspring.
Population Impact on Incidence of Suicide and Non-Fatal Self Harm of Regulatory Action Against the Use of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors in Under 18s in the United Kingdom: Ecological Study, The
Randomized Breast-feeding Promotion Intervention Did Not Reduce Child Obesity in Belarus., A
Secular trends in prostate cancer mortality, incidence and treatment: England and Wales, 1975-2004.
What was the immediate impact on population health of the recent fall in hormone replacement therapy prescribing in England? Ecological study