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Gray, L
Gray, Lyle S.
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Glasgow Caledonian University
Accommodation dynamics as a function of age
Contour interaction for high and low contrast optotypes in normal and amblyopic observers.
effect of abnormal fixational eye movements upon visual acuity in congenital nystagmus., The
Effect of exercise on intraocular pressure and pulsatile ocular blood flow in a young normal population.
effect of modulating ocular depth of focus upon accommodation microfluctuations in myopic and emmetropic subjects, The
effect of monocular and binocular viewing on the accommodation response to real targets in emmetropia and myopia., The
Evaluation of the international standards organisation/draft international standard model eye for use with automated infra-red optometers
Functional visual loss in amblyopia and the effect of occlusion therapy.
Improving the reliability of visual acuity measures in young children.
influence of tinted lenses upon ocular accommodation., The
Investigating the mechanisms that may underlie the reduction in contrast sensitivity during dynamic accommodation.
Magnitude and distribution of open-loop accommodation using three different methods of opening the loop
New type of perceptual suppression during dynamic ocular accommodation.
Reflex and volitional control of ocular motor function
Refractive group differences in accommodation microfluctuations with changing accommodation stimulus.
relationship between object spatial profile and accommodation microfluctuations in emmetropes and myopes., The
Retinotopic accommodation responses in myopia.
Technical Note: Effect of contact lenses on measurement of the accommodation microfluctuations
Visual adaptation to interocular brightness differences induced by neutral-density filters.