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Szmigin, I T
Szmigin, I. T.D.
Szmigin, Isabelle
Szmigin, Isabelle Teresa Danuta
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University of Birmingham
Advertising in an ageing society
Beyond recycling: 'commons-friendly' waste reduction at new consumption communities
Branding and relationships: Customer and supplier perspectives
Broadening the Focus of Public Service Consumerism
Caring for the community: An exploratory comparison of waste reduction behaviour by British and Brazilian consumers
Challenge of Sustaining the Relationship Approach: Financial Supplier Perspectives, The
Cognitive style and the use of payment methods : an interpretive study of consumer initiator behaviour
Conceptualising community consumption: Farmers' markets and the older consumer
conscious consumer: taking a flexible approach to ethical behaviour, The
Consumer equity in relationship marketing
Consumer-managed profiling: a contemporary interpretation of privacy in buyer-seller interactions
Consumption and community: choices for women over forty
Customer perspectives on the role and importance of branding in Irish retail financial services
Customer Relationship Typologies and the nature of Loyalty in Irish Retail Financial Services
Death and disposal: The universal, environmental dilemma
Defying marketing sovereignty: voluntary simplicity at new consumption communities
Designing and conducting online interviews to investigate interesting consumer phenomena
Does advertising in the UK need older models?
Electronic cash: a qualitative assessment of its adoption
Empowerment, waste and new consumption communities
Ethics and international marketing: Research background and challenges
'Every Time I Do It I Absolutely Annihilate Myself': Loss of (Self-)Consciousness and Loss of Memory in Young People's Drinking Narratives
Explicit, non-integrated product placement in British television programmes
External and internal accountability of financial services suppliers: current paradoxes in managing expectations and experience
From relationships to experiences in retail financial services
Handling customer complaints effectively. A comparison of the value maps of female and male complainants
'I'll always be in debt': Irish and UK student behaviour in a credit led environment
In pursuit of youth: what's wrong with the older market?
Integrating ethical brands into our consumption lives
Internet community bonding: the case of
Interpretive consumer research: how far have we come?
iPod phenomenon: identifying a market leader's secrets through qualitative marketing research., The
Learning to love the older consumer
Leisure and tourism services and the older innovator
Managing quality in business-to-business services
Managing routine food choices in UK families: the role of convenience consumption.
'Mothers of invention': maternal empowerment and convenience consumption
Online community: enhancing the relationship marketing concept through customer bonding
portrayal of older characters in magazine advertising, The
Re-framing 'binge drinking' as calculated hedonism: Empirical evidence from the UK
Regulating ageism in UK advertising: an industry perspective
representation of older people in advertisements, The
Revealing the expectations and preferences of complaining customers by combining the laddering interviewing technique with the Kano model of customer satisfaction
Service quality in higher education: The role of student expectations
Shopping for a better world? An interpretive study of the potential for ethical consumption within the older market
Students and the Consumer Credit Market: Towards a Social Policy Agenda
Thinking locally, acting locally? Conscious consumers and farmers' markets
Three forms of innovation resistance: the case of retail payment methods
Time, consumption, and the older consumer: An interpretive study of the cognitively young
Time, Uncertainty and the Expectancy Experience: An Interpretive Exploration of Consumption and Impending Motherhood
usage and portrayal of older models in contemporary consumer advertising, The
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