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Baker, J S
Baker, Julien
Baker, Julien Steven
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University of Glamorgan
University of South Wales
Anabolic steroid use: patterns of use and detection of doping.
Brief high-intensity exercise and resistive force selection in overweight and obese subjects: Body mass or body composition?
Catecholamine responses to high intensity cycle ergometer exercise: body mass or body composition?
Changes in Blood Markers of Serotoninergic Activity Following High Intensity Cycle Ergometer Exercise
Determination of aerobic work and power on a rope-braked cycle ergometer by direct measurement
Does physical inactivity in children transcend educational background and physical ability?
Established and recently identified coronary heart disease risk factors in young people: the influence of physical activity and physical fitness.
Hand grip contribution to blood lactate production and leg power during high-intensity cycle ergometry
Handgrip contribution to lactate production and leg power during high-intensity exercise
High-Intensity intermittent cycle ergometer exercise: Effect of recovery duration and resistive force selection on performance
Hypertension prior to athletic events: are we heading for a disaster?
Mechanics of a rope-braked cycle ergometer flywheel and its use for physiological measurement.
Metabolic consequences of resistive force selection during cycle ergometry exercise
Metabolic implications of resistive force selection for oxidative stress and markers of muscle damage during 30 s of high-intensity exercise
Obesity and related medical conditions: a role for functional foods
Optimisation considerations for the measurement of human muscle power
Steroid and prescription medicine abuse in the health and fitness community: A regional study
Upper Body Contribution During Leg Cycling Peak Power In Teenage Boys and Girls