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O'Reilly, D.
O'Reilly, Dermott P J
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Queen's University Belfast
Accuracy of hospital discharge data for cancer registration and epidemiological research in Northern Ireland.
Are cities becoming more unhealthy? An analysis of mortality rates in Belfast and Dublin between 1981 and 1991 to illustrate a methodological difficulty with ecological studies
Can diagnostic triage by general practitioners or rheumatology nurses improve the positive predictive value of referrals to early arthritis clinics?
Can rheumatologists agree on a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis in an early synovitis clinic?
Chlamydia pneumoniae antibodies are associated with an atherogenic lipid profile.
contribution of migration to changes in the distribution of health over time: Five-year follow-up study in Northern Ireland, The
Effect of fundholding on removing patients from general practitioners' lists: retrospective study
effect of superstition on the day of discharge from maternity units in Northern Ireland: "a Saturday flit is a short sit"., The
Evidence of prostate cancer screening in a UK region.
General practice out-of-hours service, variations in use and equality in access to a doctor: a cross-sectional study.
Increasing inequalities in health: Is it an artefact caused by the selective movement of people?
Influence of prolonged hospitalization on overall bed occupancy: a five-year single-centre study.
Influenza vaccinations in Northern Ireland: are older patients missing out?
Is caring associated with an increased risk of mortality? A longitudinal study
Mental health in Northern Ireland: Have "the Troubles" made it worse?
More equitable systems for allocating general practice deprivation payments: financial consequences.
Perceived and reported access to the general practitioner: an international comparison of universal access and mixed private/public systems.
randomized controlled trial using instant photography to diagnose and manage dermatology referrals., A
Religious affiliation and mortality in Northern Ireland: Beyond Catholic and Protestant
removal of patients who live outside the practice boundary: a study of outside-area removals in Northern Ireland in 2001-2002., The
Risk adjustment for hospital use using social security data: cross sectional small area analysis
Selective migration from deprived areas in Northern Ireland and the spatial distribution of inequalities: implications for monitoring health and inequalities in health.
Self reported health and mortality: ecological analysis based on electoral wards across the United Kingdom.
Socio-economic gradients in self-reported health in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Standard indicators of deprivation: do they disadvantage older people?
study of patients in N. Ireland who have been removed from the GP's list at the practitioner's request, A