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Drummond, M. F.
Drummond, Michael
Drummond, Michael F.
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University of York
Analytic choices in economic models of treatments for rheumatoid arthritis: What makes a difference?
Another Special Relationship? Interactions between Health Technology Policies and Health Care Systems in the United States and the United Kingdom
Applying health economics for policy decision making: do devices differ from drugs?
Are Key Principles for improved health technology assessment supported and used by health technology assessment organizations?
Are the best available clinical effectiveness data used in economic evaluations of drug therapies?
Assessing the appropriateness of combining economic data from multinational clinical trials
Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of New Pharmaceuticals in Epilepsy in Adults: The Results of a Probabilistic Decision Model
Assessing the economic challenges posed by orphan drugs
Barriers to Generalizability of Health Economic Evaluations in Latin America and the Caribbean Region
Better analysis for better decisions: facing up to the challenges.
Can NICE Be Nicer? In a World of Budget Constraints There Are No Easy Solutions
Common Methodological Flaws in Economic Evaluations
Comparison of anticancer drug coverage decisions in the United States and United Kingdom: does the evidence support the rhetoric?
Conducting economic evaluations alongside multinational clinical trials: toward a research consensus.
Conflict of interest in industry-sponsored economic evaluations: real or imagined?
Considerations and preliminary proposals for defining a reference case for economic evaluations in ankylosing spondylitis.
Current trends in the use of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research in europe.
Do health-care decision makers find economic evaluations useful? The findings of focus group research in UK health authorities.
EBM, HTA, and CER: Clearing the Confusion
Economic appraisal and health service decision making
Economic endpoints in clinical trials
Economic evaluation databases as an aid to healthcare decision makers and researchers.
Economic evaluation for devices and drugs--same or different?
Economic Evaluation in Health Care: Is It Really Useful or Are We Just Kidding Ourselves?
Economic evaluation of health interventions.
Economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals: science or marketing?
economic evaluation of sequential i.v./po moxifloxacin therapy compared to i.v./po co-amoxiclav with or without clarithromycin in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia, An
European perspective on the costs and cost-effectiveness of cancer therapies.
Evidence for coverage decisions: the need for a reality check.
Explicit incorporation of equity considerations into economic evaluation of public health interventions - reply to Richardson and Shiell
Funding processes for new vaccines: the need for greater understanding of the economic issues
Guidelines for authors and peer reviewers of economic submissions to the BMJ. The BMJ Economic Evaluation Working Party.
Health-care decision-making processes in Latin America: Problems and prospects for the use of economic evaluation
Health technology assessment for resource allocation decisions: are key principles relevant for Latin America?
Health technology assessment in the United Kingdom.
[High class of Swedish health economics seen from the international point of view. Continuous progress demands economical and political support according to an evaluation].
HTA in the United Kingdom: Response
In search of power and significance: issues in the design and analysis of stochastic cost-effectiveness studies in health care.
Increasing the generalizability of economic evaluations: Recommendations for the design, analysis, and reporting of studies
Influencing prescribing in English primary care: the views of primary care organisations
Introducing economic and quality of life measurements into clinical studies.
Key principles for the improved conduct of health technology assessments for resource allocation decisions
Medication management in English National Health Service hospitals.
Method without madness.
Methods for assessing the cost-effectiveness of public health interventions: Key challenges and recommendations
Moving beyond the drug budget silo mentality in Europe.
Nasty or nice? A perspective on the use of health technology assessment in the United Kingdom.
NICE: A nightmare worth having?
Pharmacoeconomics: friend or foe?
Prescribing incentive schemes : a useful approach?
Public funding of new cancer drugs: Is NICE getting nastier?
rational framework for decision making by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), A
Rationing new medicines in the UK.
Reappraisal of Economic Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals, A : Science or Marketing?
reappraisal of economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals. Science or marketing?, A
Reimbursement of pharmaceuticals: reference pricing versus health technology assessment.
Response from the authors of "Key principles for the improved conduct of health technology assessments for resource allocation decisions"
Stapled haemorrhoidectomy (haemorrhoidopexy) for the treatment of haemorrhoids: a systematic review and economic evaluation.
Systematic reviews and economic evaluations conducted for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the United Kingdom: A game of two halves?
Toward a consensus on the QALY.
Transferability of Economic Evaluations Across Jurisdictions: ISPOR Good Research Practices Task Force Report
use of health economic information by reimbursement authorities., The
Use of pharmacoeconomics information--report of the ISPOR Task Force on use of pharmacoeconomic/health economic information in health-care decision making.
Using QALYs in Cancer: A Review of the Methodological Limitations.
Variability of cost-effectiveness estimates for pharmaceuticals in Western Europe: lessons for inferring generalizability.
What Do International Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines Say about Economic Data Transferability?
When is it cost-effective to change the behavior of health professionals?
When is it cost-effective to change the behaviour of health professionals?
Whither trial-based economic evaluation for health care decision making?
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